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2ND PAN-AFRICAN LECTURE HELD Cultural dances, singers, performers thrill, Community Service Awardees recognized


L-R Dr. David Nyaluke receive his Lecture certificate from Cllr. Rotimi Adebari, former mayor of Port Laoise



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AFRICAWORLD NOV 01 - 15 2013


EDITORIAL THANKS FOR SUPPORTING US AT THE PAN-AFRICAN LECTURE As an African proverb clearly states, “ when you thank the oil-bean-salad woman, she gives you more”, We at AfricaWorld thank you immensely for all your support towards our developments. On this note, we thank you for supporting us at the Pan-African Lecture. Your attendance, moral and material support are of great value in our desired objective which is partly contained in our condensed message “Unless the hunted give his account, the story of the hunt will always favor the hunter.” It was a memorable occasion with lots of activities marked : Dances, singing, poetry, lectures and more. The panAfrican lecture afforded all the opportunity to learn, meet, greet and mingle. Paul Kelly , our Chief Reporter captured activities of the day in our lead article. Julius Nyerere and the path towards Africa’s sustainability in the 21st century, as a topic, was dealt thoroughly by Dr. David Nyaluke, at the occasion, to the admiration of all that attended. Our main story add impetus to it and the activities that happened on that day.



By Paul Kelly

n Saturday, the 19th of October, the 2nd Pan-African Lecture Conference was launched in Wynn’s Hotel, Dublin. The event focused on former Tanzanian President, Julius Nyerere, following on from last year’s lecture on former Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah. Hundreds of people attended the event which was also held to mark AfricaWorld’s second anniversary and to recognise significant contributions from within the African community.

The event was organised over a period of 2 – 3 months and featured the best entertainment in Dublin. Over half a dozen singers performed at the event, including music from Pamela Umeh, M.A.I, Sho Biz, Justine Nantale and Innocent Mathews. A traditional ‘Dance of Seduction’ from Rwanda was also performed, as was a dance from the Botswana Dance Group, who has

performed all over Ireland. There was even a spontaneous performance by attendees from the South African community. The guest lecturer at the event was Dr David Nyaluke who holds three Masters Degrees and a PhD in Tanzanian politics. He spoke passionately about Nyerere’s contribution to Tanzanian democracy and to African sustainability as a whole, describing him as a humble man who “did not rule by decree, but ruled by convincing the people.” Indeed, “Under Nyerere,” he argued, “the foundation was laid down for Tanzania to become a sustainable country.”

This was done through Nyerere’s commitment to building a democratic system, an equitable economic system and a unifying ideology. Indeed, Dr Nyaluke argued that these are things which are still required in Africa today and which can only

come through the continued hard work of those across Africa: “a democratic system, an economic system and a system that unites the people are not things which we can take from outside, they are things which are fundamental to the fight for African independence,” he said. Nyerere, Dr Nyaluke told the audience, was also a very honest man, whose incorruptibility provided an example for all Tanzanian leaders who would follow him. This was embodied in the Arusha Declaration, a law that prevented Tanzanian leaders from being involved in business of any form. He envisioned a country where all the leaders were either workers or peasants, where they were “servants of the people”. In contrast, Dr Nyaluke condemned today’s leaders for having made themselves “kings” through corruption.

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We also congratulate all award recipients especially winners of the Editors Award - for their qualities. The Pan-African culture is sine-qua-non for all who claim to love the continent and wish it well. This culture is the driving force behind our desire to reach our destination and desired goal. As usual, this edition, is filled with your favorite columns, opinion and articles. It is as interesting and amazing as ever. Come in. Uka.

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The Editorial team at AfricaWorld would like to point out that it is aware of the Millennium Development Goals and seeks to Published by Uyokanjo Media Services Ltd. 46 Parnel Square West 3rd Floor +353 87 637 3210 Dublin 1, Dublin City +353 1 873 0123 Republic of Ireland E-mail:

synergise its work in accordance with those aims wherever possible. Those goals are to improve issues of Education,

Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender Equalit y, Environmental Sustainability and Global Partnerships.

NOV 01 - 15 2013 AFRICAWORLD



DJIBOUTI A Chinese company, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries, on Sunday (October 27) delivered a consignment of heavy port equipment to Doraleh Port in Djibouti.

EGYPT Eight people have died, including six Egyptian soldier, in a fresh series of attacks across the country.

TOGO The Federal Government Nigeria has disclosed plans to make Lome, Togo a trade hub for Nigerian manufactured products in the West African subregion.

Controversially, Dr Nyaluke also argued that Nyerere’s one-party state was an essential aspect of Tanzanian democracy. Although multi-party democracy only began in 1992, Dr Nyaluke claimed that Tanzania had been democratic since independence. “Democracy is about discussion,” he told AfricaWorld. “It’s about people having the opportunity to participate and discuss, so if you have an open party where everyone can come to give their own ideas and discuss and they can put their name forward to be voted on, there is no difference between it and a multiparty democracy.” Indeed, he argued that it was this system that prevented conflict erupting in Tanzania after independence, as it did in so many other countries, including both Ireland and Nigeria. Concluding, Dr Nyaluke challenged the audience to continue to work towards Africa’s sustainability in the 21st Century. “Why can’t Africa be the best?”

he asked the packed room. “The first contribution of the first generation of pan-Africanists was to bring down slavery. The second contribution was to remove colonialism. Our contribution must be to bring sustainable development to Africa. We have to rise up to that challenge”. After the lecture, AfricaWorld’s 2nd Anniversary was celebrated, with speeches from the editor, Ukachukwu Okorie, and from notable figures in the community, such as the Vice-President of the Igbo Union. A brief history of AfricaWorld was also read, including how its founding was inspired by a walk through Glasnevin Cemetery, at the height of the recession. There was also an awards ceremony for influential figures within the community, including awards for industry, community work, fashion and ethnic societies such as the Zimbabwe

Heritage Trust. Emer Costello, MEP, also attended the event, a fact which resonated with all those who appreciated her presence during AfricaWorld’s founding in the Irish Writers Centre two years ago. She too congratulated AfricaWorld on its success and described how “it’s really important that we make sure that African community leaders represent Ireland at the very highest levels at local level, at national level and at EU level”. Even after the conference ended, however, the festivities continued as an after party was held next door in the Grand Central Bar well into the early hours of the morning. Similarly, AfricaWorld will continue until every story is told. As our motto says, “Unless the hunted are allowed to give their account, the story of the hunt will always favour the hunter”.

ERITREA Eritrea is said to be on the brink of a mining boom; it is heavily dependent on earnings of the diaspora.

Singer Pamela Umeh

ETHIOPIA The Ethiopian football team has denied that there was an attack on the nigerian team in Addis Ababa after their world cup play-off first-leg tie.

Pan-African Lecture Committee Chairman - Nossa Joel

GABON A family of nine gorillas has been released in the forest in Gabon after having been flown there from the UK by a conservationist organisation.

Pan-African Lecture Committee Vice Chair - Nokhutokoza Mdluli confers with the editor, Ukachukwu Okorie during the ceremony

ZIMBABWE 21 people headed to a funeral died when their open truck collided with a tanker carrying ethanol fuel in southeastern Zimbabwe.

Pride of Africa: Ann Omini reading a short history of AfricaWorld Newspaper

Dr. David Nyaluke stress a point during his lecture


AFRICAWORLD NOV 01 - 15 2013


noted that AkiDwA sought partnership with the ICI. With the aim of finding a solution to women experiencing GBV due to various Algeria’s president was in immigration controls, the formation of the France on Saturday where NGO domestic violence forum was called by the Joint Committee on Justice, Defence he was being treated for a and Equality. This forum took place in “mini-stroke,” medical and October 2011. AkiDwA presentation focused government officials told on finding a remedy for the barriers that are the state-run Algerian perpetuating the experience of GBV by news agency. women seeking asylum and protection living ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF AKINA DADA WA AFRICA in direct provision hostels. On this issue the LIMITED last comment made was the awareness that Welcome/Introduction AkiDwA sought to make around the issue of Date: 16th November 2013 Salome Mbugua, CEO of AkiDwA and GBV during 2011, achieved mainly through engaging the issue with all stakeholders: the vice chairperson theStreet, national women Venue: Dublin Central Mission, 9C Lower of Abbey Dublin 1 ANGOLA council of Ireland welcomed attendees of the community, religious organisations, and Angola’s president jose 2012 AGM to the NWCI offices and thanked men’s groups. Time: 10.00-2pm The review of 2011 continued with Eduardo santo.s said them for their presence. She commented on the varied work the organisations have comments on AkiDwA work on Employment. announced that their Time Agenda Item by CEO cited that three main projects in partaken in over the past year. She thanked Lead The relation with portugal in the area of employment have been delivered members for their participation in all activities unhealthy, reflecting of the organisation over the past year at local, over the past two years: Information Booklet tensions in 11.00a planned Welcome & apologies Chair on YacefAccessAkiDwA to Employment and Education for national and international levels. In particular Amel strategic partnership Migrants (2010), Multiple Discrimination of she welcomed men into the AGM whose between africa’s number Migrant Women in Education and attendants was remarkable 11.10 and Minutes year’s AGM and Matters arising AkiDwA in Ireland (2011) and The Door Employment 2 oil producer its of lastFollowing Salome, Tina Akinola Jinad the Chair to Work Programme. The Multiple former colonial ruler. Chairperson of AkiDwA, also welcomed and Salome Mbugua-CEO, thanked all for their attendance and Discrimination of Migrant Women in 11. 20 Annual Report for the year 2012 Education and Employment in Ireland participation. She briefly mentioned that AkiDwA BENIN involved a series of focus groups and onewhile 2012 had been a successful year for David Mc Donnell -AkiDwA to-one interviews with migrant women which AkiDwA it had also been a difficult one due At a news conference later, 11.35 Financial Report for the year 2012 formed a survey report that explored the to sharp decreases in funding and therefore Accountant Boni said it was tough for multiple forms of discrimination experienced financial security of the organisation. She Helen Bakali-AkiDwA Benin to compete with by African and migrant women in education, spoke of the situation of the staff members 11.50producers Children of Migrants in State care Asian cotton labourWaterford market programmes and employment whose hours have consequentially been cut. Member, because of their superior in Ireland. ThisGrowing report raised awareness of Lastly Tina commented on theWhat delayed Improving Democratic Participation of migrantsis Neltah Chadamoyo, the serious issue of discrimination. It was infrastructure and with starting time of the AGM and proposed that 12.20 growers our role as Migrants words then mentioned that AkiDwA is a member U.S. cotton proceedings move swiftly ahead. ofRuth, the Equality Authority’s Subcommittee on because of government Lora Ireland Sickle Stereotyping. Next the Door To Work Adoption of 2011 Minutes subsidies. 12.50 Be aware, know your Gene Type Cell, Awareness The minutes of the 2011 meeting were programme was referred to. This was 1.05 proposed by Jules Buckley and seconded by explained as a placement scheme which involved migrant women being mentored, Mheret Loftus. The 2011 minutes were then Amel Open Discussion Yacef and placed in various businesses supported BOTSWANA formally adopted. and organisations in Dublin. Out of all Botswana’s Independent applicants 22 migrant women entered the AkiDwA End of Year Report 2011 Electoral Commission (IEC)meeting The CEO of AkiDwA explained that while Amel programme. 1.15 End Yacef The last aspect of the 2008-2011 strategic announced on Tuesday it was the 2012 AGM currently in progress, that it has no choice but it was the activities, events, achievements plan- Gender based discrimination work-was to engage in and difficulties of the year 2011 that would then addressed. The CEO stated how this be discussed presently. As such, the 2011 End area involved a lot of policy work at regional, supplementary voter of Year Report was presented and reviewed national and international levels. In this regard registration early next year by the CEO in summarised form (referring it was stated that AkiDwA has worked to to be able to meet the specifically to the information booklet highlight the need for a gender sensitive targeted voters for Celebrating Strength and Struggle- A Decade asylum process in Ireland, along with registration. of AkiDwA making a difference). Attendees domestic gender guidelines. The CEO talked were informed that this review would end of the importance of making the reception with the brief presentation of AkiDwA 3 year and asylum system gender sensitive. BURKINA FASO During 2011 AkiDwA strengthened its plan, 2012-2015. Doctors in Burkina Faso The work throughout 2011 strongly links with the Office of the Refugee are using a simple and progressed the achievement of AkiDwA three Application Commissioners Policy Unit, low-cost method to main objectives of the organisations 2008- leading to increased collaborative work with 2011 Strategic Plan, namely Gender Based the Office. One example of such was a detect cervical cancer at Violence, Migrant women and Employment submission for an update of ORAC’s internal clinics throughout the gender guidelines which was submitted to and Gender discrimination. country. Doctors say that ORAC’s management committee for review Firstly the CEO talked of the introduction the test, which uses of the FGM bill in the Dail on the 20th in 2011. plain, white vinegar, can The issue of safety and protection within January 2011, marking a particularly save thousands of lives significant achievement of a crucial element Direct Provision hostels has been an important each year. of AkiDwA work since 2005. During 2011 one for AkiDwA. In 2011 the organisation training based on the 2010 publication Female made a submission to the Irish Council for Genital Mutilation: Information for Civil BURUNDI Healthcare professionals working in Ireland Liberties and the Irish Penal Reform’s Trust was delivered to 230 people and groups. The “Politics takes up 80% of my time” declared Kieran Migrant Women’s Health Coordinator of shadow report highlighting this issue, along Holmes, Commissioner AkiDwA attended the partner meetings with with the need for FGM legislation with General of the Office Amnesty International in the END FGM extraterritorial effect. The CEO then pointed Burundais des Recettes (OBR), speaking at an European campaign in both Rome and to how this issue of safety and protection in direct provision accommodation was further event in London hosted Brussels in by Africa Research perused in March 2011 with the submission Institute which 2011. Lastly, the CEO also stated that the to the UN Office of the High Commissioner examined how tax collection and Steering Committee on FGM reunited in 2011 on Human Rights. This submission was administration has been with AkiDwA taking on the position of Chair. documented in the summary stakeholder reformed in one of Most notably, in the NSC review of the report of the of the Universal Periodic Review Africa’s poorest nations. National Action Plan to Address FGM, it was (UPR) in July 2011. Lastly, in 2011 a new research project was positively revealed that three of the five key aims of the Plan have been greatly advanced embarked on which looked at issues of sexual LESOTHO as the lifespan of the plan has progressed, an harassment in direct provision settings. The outcome that owes itself much to the work CEO informed the attendees that her fellow Snow fell on the highest and achievements of AkiDwA in the area of staff member Kerry would talk specifically mountain of Mokhotlong on this study later in the meeting. Gender Based Violence. and the surrounding areas The CEO then went on to talk of the Next discussed was a review of Domestic in northern Lesotho on Violence Work carried out during 2011. commitment AkiDwA have to providing Tuesday, WeatherSA said. Reference was made to the issue independent information, support and opportunities to status and domestic violence- with migrant empower migrant women. During 2011 this women encountering much difficulty in commitment was not only further enhanced accessing this independent status and thus but also successfully delivered in many being reliant on a husband/partner’s status, different ways: training sessions on sexual very often resulting in the perpetuation and reproductive health were organised by the prolonging of migrant women’s experience organisation in various Direct Provision of domestic violence. On this issue the CEO hostels, in all 100 women received training, a very positive achievement as the CEO ALGERIA


acknowledged. In March 2011 computer classes were delivered with over 32 women attending. The CEO then spoke of various meeting that were held with migrant womenthree with migrant women leaders on topics such as health, leadership strategies. Moving from the national level, AkiDwA participated in the Grundvig European Partnership exchange programme with Maisha in Germany and ESK Czech Republic. Women from various migrant groups around Ireland were engaged in this programme and Exchange Programmes were held in all three countries. Lastly but importantly, the CEO talked of the organisations work with Young Migrant Women. Three meetings were held throughout the year with young migrant women. Training programmes were delivered in Galway and Cork on FGM and working with Doras Luimni, training exercises on the health needs of migrant women was carried out in Limerick. This presentation of the 2011 Annual Report was concluded with some comments on the organisational capacity. With funding being significantly cut during 2011 there were much limitations placed on the organisation. Nonetheless, the Board of AkiDwA had 12 members at the beginning of 2011 (numerous meetings throughout the year took place). The organisation had 8 staff employed throughout the year. Further, 2011 being the year marking AkiDwA decade of existence a 10 year fundraising and recognition dinner was held in September 2011 in Dublin. Accounts Report 2011 The 2011 Financial Report was presented and explained by Catherine Mahoro (Income breakdown, Expenditure breakdown, Presentation of Balance Sheet). Appointment of new Auditors In 2011 AkiDwA auditors Thomas Sheehy and Company of many years were replaced by Derivan & Company, based on recommendations from 2010 AGM of appointment of new auditors. Derivan & Company were appointed to remain Auditors for AkiDwA. The adoption of the 2011 accounts and Appointment of auditors was proposed by Yasmin Kutub and seconded by Valerie Molay. Presentation of Motions The first motion presented was on the Subject of Young Migrant Women, put forward by Maria Onyelekwe. The motion proposes a Showcase by Young Migrant Women displaying their 4 talents and enabling change within Irish Society. Maria expressed how this showcase would not only expose young migrant women’s talents but also promote young migrant women within Irish Society. What this project requires is (a) funding (b) promotion of YMW and (c) increased research, specifically with other NGOs and agencies. Maria then proposed that Amaka Okonkwo take charge of the Young Migrant Women’s project The second motion presented was on the subject of Migrant Women and Homelessness, put forward by Nobuhle. This motion proposes the exploration into the situation and prevalence of migrant women in homeless situations. Nobuhle cited various issues around this situation such as difficulties and complications around the Habitual Residence Condition, status of women, and knowledge of the system, particularly rights, poverty, mental health and malnutrition. Nobuhle commented on the importance of exploring exactly how prevalent this issue is. Attendees voiced their agreement, commenting specifically on the situation of those in the asylum process, where they potentially face deportation which if ordered can result in homelessness, in a bid not to return to country of origin, and the many consequences of this (for example, exploitation of the migrant person). What the project requires is (a) a mapping experience/baseline survey on migrant women and homelessness, (b) liaise with organisations, state departments etc. such as the HSC and the Department of Social Protection to deal with the situation of migrant women and homelessness, along with the related issues ranging from health to protection.

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MOROCCO President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Frente Polisario Mr. Mohamed Abdelaziz has urged European Union Member States to refrain from signing and formalising the new EU Fisheries Protocol with Morocco because it does not explicitly exclude the territorial waters of Western Sahara

MOZAMBIQUE Mozambique’s state radio says fighters from the main opposition party have attacked a convoy of vehicles in a central province, wounding four people.

NAMIBIA The Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (Manwu) says workers in the sector are being treated like slaves because they work under dangerous and inhuman conditions.

NIGER Thousands of residents of the remote mining town of Arlit in Niger took to the streets to protest against French uranium miner Areva and support a government audit of the company’s operations in the desert nation.

The third and final motion presented was on the subject of Migrant Children in State Care, put forward by Binta Obola. This motion proposes an exploration issues surround migrant children in State Care and what avenues of engagement must be perused with migrant women and other stakeholders in order to tackle the large number of migrant children that are being placed in foster care. ? Commented on the importance of educating both migrant and indigenous groups on the issue of children, child protection, children’s rights etc. so that both perspectives come into light and effective interventions can be made. She voiced the need for both groups to come together, understand together and support each other.

Direct Provision accommodation was highlighted, calling for the need for these children to be specifically dealt with, the reason cited for this relating to these Children’s parents and their experiences (victims of trauma, trafficking etc.- all have consequential effects on children). Considering the strong response among the attendees of the meeting and obvious strong feelings on this issue, Tina proposed a further formal discussion on this debate to be organised in the coming weeks. Retirement and Election of Director

The Chairperson presented those nominated to the Board for the following 2 years. The current members of the Board were thanked and their contributions Required actions that were cited included acknowledged. An additional nominated on (a) educating migrants about the Irish system the day was made, that of Valerie Molay. relating to Children (rights and protection) (b) the exploration of avenues of engagement Launch of AkiDwA report with migrant women and stakeholders at the level of migrants themselves- i.e. so that Next the report No Place to Call Home culture, religion etc. is taken into was introduced by the CEO. She briefly consideration (c) for key stakeholders to informed attendees of the subject of the meet with migrant women and their families report- exploring sexual harassment of directly in an effort to better understand women living in direct provision issues and with the overall aim of reducing accommodation. She then handed over to the number of migrant children in foster Kerry O’Leary who made a full presentation care. Attendees of the meeting spoke on the report. passionately about this motion. Some points voiced included the need for a forum of Ethnic Equality Monitoringmediators, where an assigned mediator Presentation by Diane Nurse, Social works between parents and children; the Inclusion Unit, HSE While introducing discord between African way of being Diane Nurse, AkiDwA CEO Acknowledge brought up and Irish way- which can be of HSE’s collaborative work with AkiDwA confusing for migrant children; the need for over the years. Salome referred to the children to have access to someone outside importance of the work of Diane and the of the family circle to discuss issues. The HSE-Social Inclusion Unit in developing coincidence of the AkiDwA AGM and the better services for migrant populations and Children’s Referdum happening on the same for their support in AkiDwA FGM work. day was acknowledged, particularly in light of this motion. Some voiced how there is Diane Nurse then proceeded with her anxiety among the migrant community on presentation entitled Implementation of an the Children’s Rights referendum, with fears Ethnic Identifier into Healthcare Datasets. that its result could place more power in the Most significantly, this presentation sought hands of the state. The issue of children in to highlight the importance of an intercultural

NIGERIA More than 70 members of the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram have been killed during a Nigerian military operation in the northeastern state of Borno.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF AKINA DADA WA AFRICA LIMITED Date: 16th November 2013 Venue: Dublin Central Mission, 9C Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1 Time: 10.00-2pm

health strategy within the Irish Healthcare system. This is reinforced in light of much research that has shown that unequal health outcomes may often occur on the basis Ethnicity- in other words- people from minority ethnic groups may experience poorer health outcomes than the general population. Diane highlighted the need for further equity and equality in provision of health care so that the health needs of diverse groups are met. Key to implementing this requires increased research and subsequent data in relation to the health needs of diverse groups. This research and data will also give a clear picture of the extent of health inequalities and inequity in health service provision. Further, collecting and using ethnic group data will not only expose inequalities but allow for measures to be taken to address them. Diane also referred to the importance of training of health care professionals to be able to deal effectively with needs of members of diverse groups. This presentation was closed by the CEO of AkiDwA who acknowledged the further discussion of ethnic Identifier monitoring with Diane later during the group discussions section of the AGM. Migrant Project Active- Presentation by Marzia Baldassari, Volunteering Centre This presentation served to highlight the importance of volunteering work in society generally but within the migrant community specifically. Mariza explained what the letters ACTIVE stood for- All Can Take part in Volunteering Equally. The key activities cited were the delivering of outreach information sessions among migrant communities, the establishment of Failte Isteach English classes for Asylum seekers and the development of a leaflet and online resources available in various languages. Marzia passionately spoke about the importance of volunteering and in encouraging migrants to really get involved. The positive outcomes, she stated, were endless and broad. She talked of home volunteering within communities can bring about stronger relationships despite culture differences that now exist between Irish communities. In encouraging migrant women to get involved in volunteering, Marzia also expressed the aims of the project- for migrants to be facilitated in meeting new people, gaining new skills, experiences and further encouraging positive exchanges between those of different cultures and backgrounds, all of which creates more understanding and stronger communities. This presentation was closed by commenting on how diversity must be brought to volunteering so as to reflect the diversity of the current Irish community.

Agenda Item

Lead by


Welcome & apologies

Amel Yacef- AkiDwA Chair

Group Discussions: Ethnic Identifier, FGM leaflet


Minutes of last year’s AGM and Matters arising

Chair AkiDwA

Diane Nurse led the discussion on Ethnic Identifier and Alwiye Xuseyn on the FGM leaflet

11. 20

Annual Report for the year 2012


Financial Report for the year 2012


Children of Migrants in State care

Member, Waterford

Improving Democratic Participation of migrants- What is

Neltah Chadamoyo, Growing

our role as Migrants


RWANDA Some child soldiers received training from the Rwandan Defence Force for up to two weeks before being handed over to the rebel group, with some of the children believing mistakenly that they were joining the Rwandan army, the chief of child protection at the U.N. peacekeeping mission in the country said.

Salome Mbugua-CEO, AkiDwA David Mc Donnell -AkiDwA Accountant Helen Bakali-AkiDwA

TUNISIA Six Tunisian national guard officers and two militants were killed Wednesday in clashes between government forces and an “armed terrorist group” in the turbulent North African nation, a state-run.

The CEO then thanked Marzia for her presentation and informed attendees of the next item on the agenda.



Lora Ruth, Ireland Sickle 12.50

Be aware, know your Gene Type

Cell, Awareness

Open Discussion

Amel Yacef

End meeting

Amel Yacef



Open Discussion: Opportunity was given to members to share information and highlight issues not covered

Close of meeting Tina Akinola closed the meeting by thanking all present, she invited people for lunch Next AGM will take place on 16th November 2013


AFRICAWORLD NOV 01 - 15 2013



Max okafor

latitia chinelo igwe

Roland olatunji idowu

NOV 01 - 15 2013 AFRICAWORLD





LIBYAN Heavily armed men have reportedly made off with U.S.$54 million after attacking a van transporting the funds to the central bank’s branch in the coastal city of Sirte.

MADAGASCAR Madagascar has become one of the world’s poorest countries since a coup in 2009.


he Irish Naval Service has sold its vessel the LE Emer to a Nigerian businessman for €320,000. The new owner told reporters that it may be assigned to protect oil and gas interests in the Niger Delta. Mr. Cyprian Imobhio, CEO of Uniglobe Group, outbid two other contenders to purchase the 35 year old off-shore patrol vessel, which has played a crucial role in policing Irish waters since being commissioned in 1975. Earlier this year there had been speculation the Nigerian Navy would buy the ship. Mr. Imobhio said he will consider whether to use his new acquisition for commercial or leisure purposes after the boat undergoes upgrade works to prepare it for its future in civilian hands. He expressed happiness at

beating the other bidders, but regretted that he couldn’t acquire it for €200,000 after bidding increased once the auctioneer Dominic Daly put it for grabs at €50,000. He went on to praise the quality of the vessel which has been maintained to a high standard and is in fully functional order. UNIGLOBE Industrial Services Limited (UNIS) already has seven ships working in the Nigerian marine and industrial services sector. From its offices in Lagos and Port Harcourt the firm provides logistics, marine and offshore patrol vessel support services. It also has interests in the repair and maintenance of security equipment as well as procurement and supply of safety materials to the oil and gas sector of the Nigerian economy. Prior to being decommissioned on

By Nigel Ryan

September 20th this year, the LE Emer was the oldest ship in the Irish Naval Service with a distinguished history in maritime affairs. Built in Verlome Cork Dockyard, she was used to intercept IRA maritime gun running, recovered bodies after an Air India flight was bombed in 1985 and resupplied Irish UN troops serving in Lebanon. As with the Irish Naval Service’s other vessels the LE Emer’s main role was patrolling the substantial Irish waters and enforcing Revenue & Customs rules, EU fishing quotas and supporting anti-drug smuggling operations. The LE Emer has a maximum speed of 17 knots and accommodates a crew of 46. The Irish Navy will replace the Emer and other vessels with two new tailor-made ships costing 180m.



MALAWI Joyce Banda, the president of Malawi, has sacked her entire cabinet amid a corruption scandal, dubbed cashgate by the media.

MALI a suicide bomber killed two Chadian troops from the U.N. in Mali and also injured about six others in an attack at a checkpoint at the entry to the northern town of Tessalit.

MAURITANIA Maalouma Mint El Meidah is one of the most prominent Mauritanian artists to garner local and worldwide acclaim. Her genre of music rebelled against tradition and spread her liberal ideas in culture and art.

ZAMBIA zambian immigration will Maalouma Mint El Meidah further question on is one of the most We d n e s d aMauritanian y three prominent Zambian international artists to garner local and players who have had their worldwide acclaim. Her passports confiscated. genre of music rebelled against tradition and spread her liberal ideas in culture and art.

CAPE VERDE Aid group Save the Children is highlighting progress in combating child mortality in many developing nations in Africa, while also warning of the need to address inequalities to help children have a better chance of surviving.

s reported by a reliable source, the Zimbabwean president has advised his counterpart,the Kenyan leader not to go to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague to answer to charges of crimes against humanity. PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Saturday advised Kenya’s leader Uhuru Kenyatta not to go to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague to answer to charges of crimes against humanity which he faces together with his deputy William Ruto,a stance likely to place the veteran leader on a collision course with the ICC. JOHN NYASHANU In an interview with a newspaper outfit on Monday,Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba said the President did not mince his words over the ICC’s alleged intransigence saying it was heavily biased against African leaders and Kenyatta could not reduce himself by appearing before it when no western leader had been subjected to such treatment. “What we are opposed to is for a sitting head of state to be hauled before the ICC. He (Mugabe) also advised Uhuru not to go and said Zimbabwe would back him. Robin Cook ((former British Foreign secretary) is on record as saying no British leader would appear before the ICC. So where is the

fairness there Charamba queried. His statements came amid reports that Mugabe had dressed down United Nations Secretary-General Ban-ki-moon after the UN boss phoned him at the African Union (AU) special summit in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia in a last minute bid to persuade African leaders not to pull out of the ICC. AU member states convened the special summit to deliberate over withdrawal from the ICC after some countries including Zimbabwe,accused the international court of alleged bias against African leaders. According to Kenya’s daily nation newspaper,Mugabe was livid when Ban phoned him trying to persuade him to change his hardline stance and refused to ratify the Rome statute,which gave birth to the ICC,without amendments to it. “It is understood that President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, a strong supporter of severing links with the Hague,reminded the UN boss that he has no “teeth to push for the amendments”. Sources told the Daily Nation. The leaders remained sharply divided over the proposal of withdrawal from the ICC with most francophone countries allegedly opposed to the suggestion. Those reportedly pushing for ICC withdrawal include Kenya,Uganda,Rwan

da,Ghana,Southern Ethiopia,Nigeria,Mala wi,Tanzania and Algeria. The Daily nation reported that the UN chief phoned each of the presidents in attendance to persuade them against withdrawing from the ICC. According to the paper,Ban promised to use his position to amend the Rome statute to bring on board the concerns that were being raised by the continent. After failing to find common ground,the African leaders issued five demands to the ICC and its guarantot,the United Nations Security Council,to meet and pave way for new relations with the court on crimes against humanity and high level impunity. They were also said to have warned that that should their list of demands not be met by November 12, the date set for Kenyatta’s trial at the Hague,they would convene another AU special summit to make farreaching resolutions. Some sections of Zimbabweans were pushing for Mugabe to be taken to the ICC over numerous alleged atrocities. In particular,the 2008 killings in the run-up to parties election run-off in which an estimated 200 mainly NDC-T supporters were murdered by alleged Zanu-PF activists. Many more lost their limbs at the hands of suspected Zanu PF activists.



t has been reported by an online reliable source that has began in Madagascar’s presidential election on friday. In Antananarivo,counting began on friday in Madagascar’s presidential election,which voters hope will encourage investors and donors to return to the indian ocean Island,four years after a coup sent its economy reeling. Madagascar,famed for its wildlife and eyed by foreign firms for its minerals,has struggled to lure back tourists and court oil and mining giants since street protest and mutinous troops swept former disc jockey Andry Rajoelina into power in 2009. The economy has slumped and poverty has deepened. “The vote was an opportunity to show how fed up we had become”,said English teacher Loretter Rasoafara as the tallying started,adding she had voted for a new political face.” If you wanted to go back in time you voted for the old guard”. It could be more than a week before the election result is clear. There are no exit polls and while partial results were expected to trickle in overnight,the electoral commission(cenit) has until 8 November to announce a provisional result. There were no initial indication as to how high turnout was. EU observers said there had been some problems with voter registration and voting materials had been missing at some of the 20000 polling stations. But there has been no signs of voter intimiditation,they said. “The conditions are there for a transparent and credible vote”,said Maria de Urquiza

head of the EU mission. Rajoelina said the people’s choice should be respected. He was barred by an electoral court from running for president,as was the wife of the man he ousted Marc Ravalomanana. The election is not expected to produce an outright winner from among the 33 candidates,meaning a likely run off in December. SHORT OF CASH Donors such as the EU,international monetary fund(IMF) and world bank have frozen funds since the coup. In an interview with Reuters,finance minister Lantoniaina Rasoluelison said the Island would find it hard to meet its spending needs unless foteign donors resumed support within three months of a president being elected. Nine ouut of 10 people in the country of 22million live on less than $2 a day. Election monitors said voting was calm and orderly. A local chief was killed was killed in a polling station in the Island’s south but the attack was lknked to cattle rustling gangs. In the grounds of a secondary school in Antananarivo,capital of the french colony,supporters of rival candidates cheered as election officials chalked up the results on the blackboards and on official electoral commission documents. Armed police kept a low profile in the capital,where some eligible voters said they had been unable to register. “We don’t understand why it’s frustrating. There are many people like me,”said one woman hawking second hand clothes.

By Mordi.I.Michael

Presidential hopefuls have criss-crossed the vast island off Africa promising tax cuts,better management of the island’s oil,nickel,cobalt and gold and. Crackdown on corruption. Many Malagasy,however,fear the result will be disputed,keeping investors at bay. Foreign direct investment into Madagascar has slumped to a projected $460m this year from $1.36bn in 2009. World bank data shows Rajoelina urged candidates to accept the vote’s outcome. “We will take all necessary precautions to avoid anyone causing trouble”,he said after voting without elaborating. Rajoelina rose to power after galvanising popular anger at Ravalomanana’s percieved abuses of power. He spearheaded violent street protests in early 2009 and toppled the self-made millionaire after dissident soldiers swung behind him. Diplomats said they were watching the response of the military still headed by a general who backed the removal of Lina Ravalomanana and whose commanders are seen as loyal to Rajoelina. Rajoelina and Ravalomanana agreed with regional states not ti run for the presidency in order to help restore order,but remain influential in the voting,analyst say. Ravalomanana,who has fled to South Africa,has backed Jean Louis Robinson,a former minister during his presidency. Publicly Rajoelina has not endorsed a candidate. But Hery Rajaonarimampianina,a former candidate and Edgard Razafindravaly are widely seen as his political associates.


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GAMBIA Gambia’s president warned the United Nations General Assembly on Friday that gays were a threat to human existence, along with excessive greed and obsession with world domination, and criticized other countries for regarding homosexuality as a human right.

GHANA The United states is urging Ghanaians to accept the results of Ghana’s recent elections, even though the main opposition challenger for president has not conceded defeat.

GUINEA Guinea’s president has dismissed accusations of electoral fraud lodged by the opposition, as the government continues to disallow protests against the election results.

GUINEA BISSAU The vast Gulf of Guinea which is nearly as big as the Gulf of Mexico is now one of the most dangerous bodies of water in the world, home to pirates that attack oil tankers and other cargo vessels at will, raising fears that shipping lanes that have existed for 500 years could be permanently disrupted.

KENYA Kenya’s interior minister said Friday that the country’s refugee camps were havens for Somali extremists and called for hundreds of thousands of refugees to return home, amplifying anti-Somali sentiment sparked by the Westgate mall attack in September.

LIBERIA “Private sector development in Liberia is brimming with great promise. Over the last eight years, Liberia has maintained positive growth in real GDP. In 2011 the real GDP grew by 6.9 per cent, contributing to significant optimism about the future of the country.

WESTERN SAHARA An African conference of solidarity with the Saharawi people, jointly organized by the Nigerian Labour Congress, civili society organizations and association of friendship, kicked off Monday in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.


nyi Anyado is a double awardwinning Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and Life Coach who specialises in leadership development, entrepreneurship and youth impact coaching. As a young man, Onyi lived a life called the ‘street life’. This destructive lifestyle resulted in six of his friends being murdered, two spells in prison and Onyi nearly getting shot dead too. After turning his life around, Onyi founded two companies, self-published two books, host his own radio show on entrepreneurship and now goes to schools, prisons, colleges, universities, conferences and seminars challenging, teaching, empowering and inspiring people to become students, leaders or entrepreneurs of distinction



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SIERRA LEONE A Leading Human Rights G r o u p, Rightsway International, Has Made an Unprecedented Appeal to President Ernest Bai Koroma for the Immediate Release of the Two Detained Journalists and Stop the Crackdown On Press Freedom.

SOMALIA Journalist Mohamed Mohamud, commonly known as “Tima’ade,” succumbed to gunshot wounds on Saturday and died at Medina Hospital in the capital, Mogadishu, local journalists told CPJ.

SOUTH AFRICA Two girl cousins, aged two and three, were taken from their doorstep -kidnapped in broad daylight.

SUDAN AND SOUTH SUDAN Northern Bahr El Ghazal Governor Rejects Parliamentary Changes. The Misseriya tribe announced Tuesday, the organisation of an unilateral referendum to determine the fate of the disputed area of Abyei in riposte to the process organised by the Ngok Dinka who prepare to announce the results of their vote.

SENEGAL Senegal is reviving plans to issue its first Islamic bond through a 100 billion CFA franc (200 million) sukuk programme that would be launched next year.

SWAZILAND He is the flamboyant, public-school educated southern African king whose enjoyment of an annual “Reed Dance”, in which bare-breasted virgins dance before him and his cabinet, is also shared by thousands of tourists.

UGANDA Congolese M23 rebel leader Bertrand Bisiimwa is in Uganda for peace talks between his group and the Congolese government.

By Abdul Yusuf



ow, there is a common mindset among y’all (men of course). You believe that being male is the only qualification you need, so even if you are; an insensitive bore, less educated, earn less, less experienced, inactive in your religious life, you still believe you are a great catch. I am not shallow enough to think that these are the only things that define a person; they are simply a few common and salient definers. It’s baffling that you think you deserve the great women you’re with. A female white female friend of mine once said “I wish African guys will take a look at themselves, they will realize that they are just not all that and calm down” (Paraphrased). I laughed so much but there is some truth in it. It’s amazing how lazy many of you men are. You pass on the responsibility of making the relationship work to the woman. Thinking about all the articles dedicated to women made me decide to write a one to men about their responsibilities to women. Emotionally: I cannot count how many times I’ve been told by older African women that African men never mature and I should stop waiting for that. Most African men are so protected and cuddled by their mothers and society. Your emotional needs are always catered to that you completely forget about women emotional needs. Men quickly point out the ways they are emasculated, do you think of the ways you mock the feminity of the woman you are with. You understand your emotional requirements but are quick to laugh with derision when women express their desires. Financially: Do you just talk about being the man of the house or do you put your money where your mouth is? Yes, it’s 2013 and the Christmas is just around the corner and most women work, however, if you want to claim boss man then you need to pay the bills or preparing to awash your woman with lovely Christmas gifts to prove to her how you truly love her. Or better yet, do you have a modern relationship with regards to financial responsibly, yet expect a traditional approach to decision

making? Do you consciously or unconsciously expect a woman to share certain responsibilities but you don’t want to change diapers. Don’t shake your head at me, a number of men still feel this way and would act on it if the women in their lives allow it Protectiveness: It’s so common for women to think they have to protect you from encroaching women. If I were a woman, I won’t even attempt to address that mindset, anyone who has been cheated on knows it’s not you or what you do or don’t do. A real man will walk away from a relationship that can’t be fixed; not cheat. As a man, are you protecting your wife (or girlfriend) from her inlaws, your

mother, other women, people, positions and emotions that might hurt her? Do you think she must deal with everything you and your family dish out? Or do you realize that she is worthy of your support in life. Are you protecting her from yourself? As women we are raised to know men don’t like nagging, don’t hit your man, don’t swear at him and so on. Women break these rules, but most people are aware of. Do men realize that women have a right to be protected from your churlish moods, anger and cutting words? Sexually: Many of you are so sexually selfish. It’s all about you, you, and you. You never take the time to learn what pleases the woman you are with.

Unfortunately, too many women let you get away with it. You move from woman to woman using the same tired moves that made the last woman fake orgasms. Or better still you come up with a list of one sided rules, like, no oral sex from you, but you want it from her. Seriously, wake up and smell the coffee. Spiritually: You quote the Bible, Koran or any other religious book when it suits you. Are you living by the principles, are you ensuring that you fulfill your God given role in her life before demanding for hers? Are you fulfilling your part of the charge you were given by those books? Are you cherishing, honoring her with your body, sharing your worldly goods or just expecting her to be an obedient wife. And even if you haven’t taken the vows of marriage, these vows are still a clear example of how we should conduct relationships. Final note to you men: I know many of you suffer from a false sense of entitlement and discontentment. And yes you are right; there will always be someone prettier, sexier, smarter, sweeter, funnier, more adventurous and more religious, than your current girlfriend or maybe even wife. There is always the chance that there is someone out there who you’ll connect better with. True, your mother is a paragon of everything a Psalm 31 woman should be, yet I can assure you she wasn’t that when your father married her. Newsflash: Most men are not who women envision when they dream about their ideal man, but, they are willing and happy to work with a man but they’ve got to give them something. To the women: These are just a few examples, this is certainly not an exhaustive list. Ultimately, a man who has a good woman AND recognizes her worth will do these things and more. But ladies, desperation is never cute. If you have a man who doesn’t call or text, make time for you and ultimately make you a priority …he isn’t worth fighting for. In summation, men, get off your high horse and do some work to get and keep a woman.

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CAMEROON Women are increasingly challenging the traditional male monopoly of African politics. In Cameroon, campaigners have worked tirelessly to boost the chances of women standing in the country’s pending elections.

By Uchenna Onyenagubo

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC At least 30 people have died and dozens wounded in clashes in the Central African Republic, officials say. The fighting between former rebels and local civil protection groups broke out on Monday and continued on Tuesday.

CHAD An emergency operation is under way in the Salamat region of Chad after an “alarming” rise in cases of malaria.

CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE Alain Mabanckou, a novelist of exuberant originality, started a literary festival in CongoBrazzaville this year.

Free Online File Converter


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CONGO-KINSHASA Congolese M23 rebel leader Bertrand Bisiimwa is in Uganda for peace talks between his group and the Congolese government.

COTE D’IVOIRE Yaya Toure Condemns the Killing of Elephants

TANZANIAN Tanzania Youth Start Well Africa Zone V Golf Meet


ostello urges local authorities to make particular effort to register new citizens People who have been recently been awarded Irish citizenship should ensure they are included on the electoral register to enable them to vote in the European elections which will be held in May. That’s according to Dublin MEP, Emer Costello, who is also encouraging the Dublin local authorities to make particular effort to ensure that the new citizens are registered. Ms Costello said: “The deadline for inclusion in the electoral register that will be used for the European and local elections is just over a month away. In

(order to be included on the full register, new voters must register by 25th November.” “Huge progress has been made recently in clearing the backlog of applications for naturalisation. The new citizenship ceremonies - where applicants pledge their allegiance to the state and are awarded their certificates of citizenship - have been a great success. A total of 77 ceremonies have been held to date involving 38,400 persons. “All of these new citizens are now entitled to vote in any European or general election, but they may not be aware of the requirement to be included on the electoral register and the looming

deadline of November 25th. “I am urging all those who have recently been awarded citizenship to check if they are on the electoral register and, if they are not, to take steps to ensure that they are registered over the next four weeks. Copies of the electoral register are normally available in local authority offices and libraries. In addition, anyone can check if they are on the register through the website: www.<http://www.> Ms. Costello said that she was also making an appeal to the Dublin local authorities to ensure that all new citizens are aware of their entitlement to vote and the requirement to be on the register. “Local authorities normally run advertising campaigns in the run-up to the deadline for registration and this year any advertising campaign should particular target our new citizens. “There are no figures available as to what proportion of Ireland’s new citizens are resident in the Dublin area, but it could be as much as 50% or more. This would give them a powerful voice in the Dublin constituency for the European elections, but if they are to exercise that voice they must be on the register,” she added. 4th from left: Emer Costello MEP with leaders of migrant community at the occasion

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s m e o HUK WU BY UK AC

Sun Set At Noon

While it falters before the call the road was straight and to a snake it became as it goes Flesh and blood like the abattoir gluttons prowling like the lion pride devouring the land and the soul

When will it be? a march for tomorrow a call for believers a place hail home as sun sets at noon

a spot to stay time to gather all in the city When the streets boozed lazily liquid filter off boys pine on post where ever it is your gaffe is final

Street Boy

In A Manger

On the roll-call i hit the plains where they gather good, ugly, bad I took in a few casuals and cool

Fresh breath of sweet air half into the new millenium bitter cry but a patient dog in the strand beside annesly Herald heralded the birth cycling and fasting the growth

OKORIEwithout it’s consent.

Wisdom Bits

getting bigger for fairview to see shinning with the ink Born in the celtic turf nativity in old age animal with a mission design in eireann. Kpeke Steeped into a ritual all for the sake let Caesar be live and let be Just a few bottles scattered on the sink cheeks warped in smile smartness begot ruff-coin benevolence and notes

- You can know a ripe corn with a glance Meaning: Good behaviour is noticed

- No matter how much you eat, hunger will still come knocking Meaning: Nature is stronger than man

- If a snake refuse to act like one, it will be used to tie firewood Meaning: If you do not know your right, you will be trample upon

- A new day bring service for the mouth, not otherwise. Meaning: Humanity is bigger than all

- Why we pound fufu in a mortar is to attract soup, our teeth does better Meaning: Humility do not mean being cheap

- Despite the fact that tongue is meat, our teeth refuse to chew it Meaning: Carefulness is a law of preservation


Once upon a time in the land of Ngooma, there was a successful hunter named Ikemefula. He had 10 children and slew more animals than all of his fellow hunters in his village. He even single-handedly killed a lion that had terrorised the village for many years. This act of bravery earned him the title of ‘Ogbuagu’, meaning “Lion Killer”, the greatest honour for any member of his family to have received in over 100 years. The title was so special that it was conferred on him by the elders of the Traditional Council, and his proficiency made many people to revere him, yet created many enemies among his peers. When Ikemefula was 25 years of age, he married Agbomma who bore him five children before accidentally drowning at Umungooma River where she went to fetch water. He then got married to a second wife who was his dead wife’s maid and a very attractive but controversial servant called, Adamma. She was rumoured to be wicked and despite all the warnings from Ikemefula’s friends and family against marrying his onetime servant, Ikemefula went ahead and married her. They later had five more children. One night Ikemefula went out to hunt for a caracal and his eyes were struck by a tree branch that instantly rendered him blind. Fortunately, he was out with his dog, Anwu-Anwu and he rushed to rescue him from the tree and then led him home. When they arrived in his compound, Ikemefula’s family took him to Traditional Doctors for treatment but all attempts to heal him and recover his vision failed. Suddenly, life became difficult for Ikemefula, and his peers who were jealous of his achievements, were delighted about his mishap and failed to assist him. For many months, he was unable to regain his sight and his wife, Adamma became his main carer. However, Adamma quickly transformed from a caring and loving wife, to a neglectful one and began to maltreat her disabled husband and his first five eldest children. She assigned them to take up the roles of maids and servants, and rationed their food portions. When this was not enough, Adamma started having sexual relationships with other men. When she was confronted by her husband on these despicable changes, Adamma snapped back with hate and anger. Not willing to take any more instructions or criticism from her now disabled husband, she decided to do the unthinkable. She made up her mind to kill him so as to put an end to his confrontations. Adamma poisoned her husband’s food that was cooked by her second and favourite daughter from his first marriage. Ikemefula died a short time later and Adamma drove the orphans away from their family home onto the streets. Meanwhile, the life of a onetime proud and brave hunter and father, was once again brought to an abrupt end by the iniquity of a woman.

A modern sacrifice in smelly rest-rooms the ritual clean-up a black man cross in struggle to survive annoying but humble-hearted a nauseating smell The Craic Sitting with them mates presence matters with a pint glasses surffocating bubbles twinkling cream on lips It’s a national thing a sip bring forth craic as it was in our back.


ISI EWU RECIPE by Genevieve Agorua


-1 Goat head -1 cup palm oil -1/2 table spoon gounded potash -Tsp grounded efuru seed -Dried pepper

-Two leaf of utazi -Two cubs of maggi of knor -Salt to taste


Cut the goat head into pieces, season with salt and a cube of maggi or knorr. Cook until the goat head is tender then set aside. Pour the red oil in the pot and reduce your heat. Add potash, using a wooden spoon to stir, then add the onions, pepper and seasoning cube. Stir and allow to cook for 3 minutes. While stirring, pour in the seasoned goat head with the stock. Then add efuru seeds and the chopped utazi leaf, stir and allow to simmer for 2 minutes. Finally, add salt to taste then serve with local palm wine.

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Friends and family members of Hyacinth and Vivian Kanu Orji joyfully celebrated the dedication of twins - Dera & Ebube at New Heaven Citizens Church of Christ at Clonsilla on 27-October.

NOV 01 - 15 2013 AFRICAWORLD 13


PRETTY ZANELE TSHUMA CELEBRATE BIRTHDAY Friends and family members gathered to celebrate with Zanele on her birthday.

14 AFRICAWORLD NOV 01 - 15 2013


By Fr. Vincent Ezeoma Arisukwu

WHY INTIMIDATION DOES NOT WORK IN MARRIAGE loves discipline loves knowledge, stupid are those who hate correction” (Prov. 12:1). The intimidator is always incorrigible. He usually shuns correction. He lacks discipline. He is ruled by arrogance and only follows the instincts of his impulse. The intimidator feels he knows everything and acts without consultation or the contribution of his/her partner. And because the partner fears the intimidator, she is scared to make inputs even when there is looming danger in the house. Ideas are not dissected together. Projects are not corporately executed. Each person operates from his/her own convenience. The home is a bit chaotic.


arried life with an abuser/intimidator is characterized by constant criticism over matters of small consequence, blames, false accusations, threats and malicious humour. According to the Psychologist Steven Stosny, Founder, Compassion Power in Washington D.C., “this behaviour is designed to make you feel unworthy, fearful, ashamed and mentally unstable”. Intimidation does not work in marriage for the following reasons: It breeds tension/fear: Any marriage relationship characterized by intimidation is filled with constant tension. Intimidation makes the victim fear his/her partner. Since the relationship in this case becomes one of master/ servant, one party is always in charge, the other is like a personal aide. Many wives today simply dread their husbands, some

Intimidation encourages pretence: It is difficult for marriages built on intimidation to be real. The victim of intimidation is always pretentious. He/she does not open up fully to the partner while the partner does not include him/her in his/her projects. He/she only tries to please the intimidator. Oftentimes wives who are victims of intimidation in marriage find themselves telling lies, so also husbands. They resist saying what they do for fear of the consequences. They paint pictures that make their man excited even for the wrong reasons. Such persons only try to satisfy the partner even if that means cooking up stories. The relationship is characterized by pretence. husbands also fear their wives. They are not themselves because the husband/wife could become infuriated at the slightest provocation. The man’s actions cannot be predicted and as a result the wife avoids him. She is always apprehensive, and some times gets scared at the arrival of the intimidator in the house. Discussions are not palatable, meals are not shared. Such wife dares not appear in the presence of the husband’s visitors except on strict invitation from the husband oftentimes to serve kola and then disappear. She does not have her own visitors at all because that would mean invoking the wrath of the “Oga” in the house. Some wives too, are the ones who intimidate their husbands. They derive joy making their husbands play second fiddle. It promotes indiscipline: The book of Proverbs says, “Whoever

Intimidation g ro o m s unfaithfulness: No woman would want to be with a man who always frightens her. Most women who suffer intimidation in the hands of their husbands always look for a way out. The reason is that they have the feeling of being unloved. The consequences are dual in nature: First is that such a woman creates a lot of imaginations in her head. She imagines that she cannot appeal to her husband in so many ways. She can fall prey to any act of love and care from another man that tickles her fancy. The second is that such a woman also imagines that the husband derives his own satisfaction elsewhere since it becomes difficult for her to believe that the reason for abuse from the man is unfounded. “Why can’t I please my husband” is always the question. What is it that he needs I don’t have?” When the man himself loses sight of the point of

attraction in his wife and concentrates on scolding and harassing her, he himself can become a victim of sexual attraction outside of the marriage.

It generates low esteem: Any spouse who undergoes intimidation in the hands of the partner can easily develop low esteem. This is because his/her suggestions are regarded as inferior. For instance, the wife who feels intimidated believes she is in the house merely to cook and prepare domestic affairs. Even in the company of her fellow women such person hides and shies away from taking up responsibilities because of the uncertainty of the husband’s reactions. There is no need accepting responsibility because the man of the house may not allow her to move out freely to accomplish such. She cannot open up either to her fellow women since that would mean washing her dirty linens in public. So the way out becomes to hide and possibly avoid any occasions that would expose her to being appointed to positions of leadership among her peers. Nothing also kills a man psychologically as when he is made to feel that he has nothing to offer. The resultant effect of intimidation is a feeling of low self esteem. Intimidation results in domestic violence: Intimidation in marriage can give rise to domestic violence. For instance, in many cases, husbands and wives who have been victims of years of mental torment at the hands of their domineering mates shut down emotionally and have the tendency to display aggression. This is as a result of accumulated tension which unfortunately explodes at the wrong and unexpected time. Domestic violence can easily be the consequence of inability to accept abuse and intimidation from one’s partner. Intimidation dries up affection: One of the signs of abuse in marriage is alienation of emotional affection. Once a person becomes a victim of intimidation he/she becomes disgusted about the relationship. A man cannot love a woman who continues to intimidate him, so also a woman cannot love a man who continuously abuses her. In some marriages the man feels he knows so much that he regards the wife

as completely empty. He does not only disregard her contributions but consciously flaws and denigrates her in public. Some men suffer humiliation in the hands of their wives especially when their powers to perform have waned. This power includes both financial ability as well as sexual prowess. While some women suffer intimidation from their husbands for certain superiority syndrome, some women intimidate their husbands for some unpronounced reasons. In any case however, intimidation leads to loss of marital affection. Intimidation infects children: Families with history of tension in the homes usually produce children with some form of complex. Psychologists have discovered that children from such background suffer some psychological and mental instability in their relationships with others. Owing to their unstable backgrounds most of them are always suspicions and exhibit mistrust. Some manifest gross timidity and lack of self confidence. They feel threatened by the environment while some become highly incorrigible as a result of the conflict- driven environment they emanate from. Intimidation ends in break up: The holy writ says, “No one is made secure by wickedness” (Prov. 12; 3). Most marriages that have broken up today are as a result of intimidation. This is because intimidation contradicts God’s original intention for marriage. Again, no man/woman would want to live in bonded slavery in the hands of another. Freedom is a natural gift to humanity, and invariably everyone wants to have his/her freedom. It becomes unthinkable when marriage is made a prison yard, when marriage becomes an avenue for exploitation, when the bond is characterized by greed. It becomes ridiculous when marriage becomes only a means for making a person realize his/her emptiness and irrelevance. Marriage in its true sense should be an opportunity for filling a gap, one’s lack by his/her beloved partner. It becomes unfortunate when it is only explored to make a person subject of ridicule, mockery and constant victim of fear. This makes the marriage union suffer break ups.

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Inauguration of Owerri People’s Assembly

The Owerri People’s Assembly, Ireland marks the inauguration and launching of their first Owerri Meeting / Almanac in the Republic of Ireland.

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By Dunstan Ukaga



mericans love freedom. Indeed all men love freedom even though some are not free. Americans love their freedom and the basic tenets of freedom is enshrined in the American constitution. While the world is happy the US government shut down is over and the world’s biggest economy is back on track adding new jobs as shown by August, September and early October job indexes, most Americans are scared of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare. The fear of the Obamacare ranges from personal, spiritual, politics and tech glitches which endangers the health-reform law, there is also a crisis of confidence. As days roll by we have understood that the government shutdown is a direct conflict over the Affordable Care Act, or the Obamacare. As Republicans want to fund the entire government except for this program, the Democrats are willing to keep the entire government shut down rather than see The Affordable Care Act unfunded. Three years after passage, Obamacare remains a program most Americans are scared of. One thing I found out as I spoke to most American friends is that everyone thinks the Obamacare deprives them of their freedom and accesses their personal and private lives and dealings. This is one fear too many expressed by Americans against the Obamacare. The Obamacare is hated most especially by the Republicans that they shut down the government because of it. Still many have their fears about the Obamacare. Writing on Polling and Politics Harry J. Enten states:” I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much passion over an issue about which so few (myself included) know as much as we should. I wrote about this divide when Obamacare was in front of the US Supreme Court. Americans were opposed to “Obamacare”, or the Affordable Care Act, yet they were in favor of many of its provisions. Not surprisingly, Americans lacked knowledge of what exactly the law the political fight has intensified, on the eve of implementation of one of the ACA’s key provisions, the creation of new health insurance pools, how

much has changed? Does the noisy debate on the ACA mean Americans are better-informed than before about Obamacare? Here are five ways Americans’ opinions about Obamacare have and have not evolved over the past year... Americans have grown more negative in their views The Huff Pollster chart tells the story fairly well. It includes polls that ask about Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 52.2% Americans oppose it. While 37.6% are in favour of it. Last June, the split was about 47% opposed to, and 40% in favor of,

Obamacare. That gap narrowed, after the Supreme Court upheld the law’s constitutionality. The difference between those for and against the law dropped to only 2 percent by the election. Since the election,.. the people’s opinion has changed drastically: 52% of Americans now oppose Obamacare – that’s tied at the record high. A little less than 38% are in favor of it, according to the Huff Pollster aggregate. The Obamacare versus the Affordable Care Act difference still exists, though may be overblown A few weeks ago, a CBNC poll

purported to show major differences when asked about the law in different manners: 46% were against Obamacare, while only 37% were opposed to the ACA. Importantly, support for the healthcare law also dropped from 29% to 22%. What’s happening is that Americans have heard a lot about “Obamacare”, but not much about the ACA. The key is the difference between those who favor and those who oppose for each question, which is about 15 percent.Most of the polls that show the best numbers for Obamacare (that is, the margin of opposition at 10percent or less) don’t mention Obama’s name. These include the

Kaiser and ABC/Washington Post surveys. A Fox News poll found the gap was slightly wider, with the margin between favorable and unfavorable towards Obamacare at 26 percent, and just 16 percent for the ACA. Some, such as the Uconn/Hartford Courant poll, use similar wording and find the largest gaps. There is a percentage of Americans who oppose the law for not going far enough, though this, too, is likely overblown Democrats like to point out that even as a majority opposes Obamacare, a certain percentage of Americans think it’s because

the law is “not liberal enough”. A new CNN poll puts that percentage at 11%. When you add those who favor Obamacare to those who regard it as “not liberal enough”, you have a near-majority. The actual percentage who don’t like Obamacare because it’s not liberal enough is probably closer to 7%, if not lower. That’s the percentage Kaiser found when they asked if Obamacare went “far enough” in changing the health care system. Americans continue to like the individual provisions, except for the individual mandate While only 37% of Americans viewed the ACA favorably in a March 2013 Kaiser poll, most liked what the healthcare bill is scheduled to do. Over 55%, and up to 88%, of Americans regard the following facets of Obamacare at least somewhat favorably: tax credits to small businesses to buy insurance, closing the Medicare “doughnut hole”, creating insurance exchanges, giving rebates to customers of insurance customers that spend too much on administrative costs, and the employer mandate. Even Republicans like all of them except the Medicaid expansion, increase in Medicare tax, employer mandate, and individual mandate. Indeed, the only requirement of Obamacare most people didn’t like was the mandate for all people to

join it. Americans still don’t seem to know what Obamacare means for them Given the discordance between Americans’ feelings on the individual parts of Obamacare and the law as a whole, it’s not that surprising that a striking 41% of Americans don’t feel they have enough information about the ACA, per the UConn/Hartford survey. Only 19% say they are very familiar with the law. The individual provision questions strike the same chord. More than a third of people are unaware of the health insurance

exchanges, subsidy assistance to individuals, or the Medicaid expansion. The latter two provisions of the law have actually seen a decrease in the percentage of people who knew these policies were in the bill, since it first passed. The only part of Obamacare that Americans seem to know really well is the individual mandate, which has also seen the largest percentage-point increase in awareness.’’ New polls suggest it is not just tech glitches endangering the health-reform law, but also a crisis of confidence. Kate Picket commenting on this writes:” The recent government shutdown may have distracted some Americans from the bungled roll out of Obamacare, but a new Pew survey shows many people are well aware of just how bad things are for the law’s new insurance websites. Forty-six percent of Americans polled on Oct. 9 to 13, while the shutdown was in full swing, said the Affordable Care Act’s online insurance exchanges were working “not too well” or “not working at all.” While about 41% of Americans approve of the ACA, according to Pew, negative public perception of the exchanges could hinder the administration’s plan to enroll 7 million people in private health plans through the exchanges by the end of 2014. Before the errorriddled launch on Oct. 1, the White House promised the exchanges would be easy-to-use tools, allowing consumers to compare and buy insurance policies in the same way they book travel or buy books online. The harder the exchange websites are to use or the harder consumers think they are to use, the less likely people are to log on or sign up. These persistent problems mean many of those who have enrolled so far have done so only after making multiple attempts to navigate slow and crash-prone websites.’’ Yet President Obama sought to reassure the public in a speech on that exchange-website malfunctions were being fixed, a separate poll found that many believe technical problems plaguing the websites may indicate that the entire law is broken. A Washington Post–ABC News poll conducted Oct 17 to 20 and released Oct. 21 found that 56% of those surveyed believed the “website glitches” are “part of a broader problem with the health care law.” Indeed there are lots of confused and confusing data here, and it’s difficult to say anything definitive about how Americans feel about the healthcare law signed by President Obama in 2010. As I found out most Americans feel the law will rob them of their rights and expose their private dealings to the government. Others feel the law forces them to be chipped. Which ever way, for now the Obamacare has come to stay and the Republicans, the Tea party and anyone scared must accept it for the good of the whole.

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SOLIDARITY WITH THE ROMA COMMUNITY AND NO TO RACISM Call to support Protest on 5th November Dear Friends, The removal of two Roma children from their families by the state earlier this week has left us feeling deeply shocked and angry but has also served as a reminder that racism is very present in everyday Ireland including institutions of state, and that the government needs to do more to curb it and to protect minority groups like the Roma (see the attachment on the attacks on Roma community in Belfast).

Campaigns and calls for inquiry are already underway from many groups. We think that we can compliment these initiatives by taking actions to keep racism at the center of the debate about what happened. We can already see the public debate shifting from racism and racial profiling to issues of procedural failings.

many groups as possible so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to support such a protest. On Tuesday 5th November Minister at 2pm , Minister for Justice Alan Shatter will face questions in the Dail and we are calling a lunchtime protest to call on Minister Shatter to address the following issues without delay:

The ARN would like to call a pubic mobilisaton to show solidarity with the Roma community and against Traveller racism and all forms of racism. We would like to do this in co-operation with as

1. Ethnic profiling should be illegal - ethnic profiling must be made illegal, with proper sanctions and monitoring systems put in place.

2. Make racism a crime - Ireland must recognise racist crime in Irish law What happened this week showed us that racism is prevalent in institutions of the state. We need to look squarely at this and make sure that institutional racism is challenged and that steps are taken to stamp it out and ensure such incidents don’t happen again. We know such things can happen again. One of the problems with racist practices by authorities is that it effectively gives others permission to be racist. There is a justified fear of a rise in racist crime -look at Belfast- and we

must have the legal means to sanction and deter such crimes. We invite you to join this call for a protest come and if you support this idea please come and join us to discuss how we can approach this together and collectively push for a focus on racism and the role of state . We will be meeting on Thursday 31st of October 2013 at 11 am in the Central Methodist Church on Abbey Street, Dublin 1.

Belfast R o m a Northern I re l a n d : Belfast Roma attacks, new Council of Churches Human Rights in ... attacks highlight European Racist attacks force angle? - racism issue | Amnesty 100 Roma out of Belfast ... › Forum › Regional roma-families-in-belfast › Commentary‎ roma-j04.html‎

Jun 17, 2009 - Around 20 families of Roma people from Romania were forced to flee their homes in Belfast after coming under sustained attack for a number...

Jul 4, 2009 - Over the course of several days in June, violent attacks on the Romacommunity in Belfast forced at least 20 families to flee their homes and ... roma_families_attacked_in_belf.html › ... › World news › Roma, Gypsies and Travellers

Jun 17, 2009 - photo by WMUD, used under a Creative Commons License) Oh it just makes you proud to be Irish, doesn’t it? From The Guardian: ‘More than ...

Jun 20, 2009 - ... week Belfast was shocked by last week’s assaults on Roma families. ... were attacked, then the Poles and Slovakians, and latterly the Roma.

Discussion › Northern Ireland The recent attacks on Roma families in Belfast have, quite rightly, been given air time right across Europe and beyond. The connection ...

Jun 19, 2009 - We received the news of the attacks on the Roma families in Belfastwith shock and dismay as were about to conclude a conference on Racism ...

Belfast Roma Attacks: The Assembly’s Response. October 8, 2009 Colin ... Whilst most of the families immediately affecte Roma Attacks d by June’s violence ...

Jul 1, 2009 - Local residents in Belfast opposing the attack organised a rally in support of the Roma families. Whatever their effectiveness in providing ...

Jun 18, 2009 - Another Romanian family came under attack in Belfast last night, ... girl is removed from Roma family on suspicion of child abduction… in

Belfast attacks on Roma Fresh racist attack on families - Racism and violence in Romanians as families are I re l a n d : forced to flee Belfast w w w . f t . c o m / Northern Zeitgeist: Roma Families ‘Romanian gypsies beware cms/s/0/915043e6-5b59-11de-be3f- Romanian Roma driven ... Attacked In Belfast - beware. Loyalist C18 are 00144feabdc0.html‎ w w w. d a i l y m a i l . c o . u k / n e w s / Blather coming to beat ... in-northern-ireland-romanian-rom article-1193571/ Jun 17, 2009 - Roma gypsy families in Northern Ireland have been forced to leave their homes after racist attacks that are being blamed on rightwing elements ...

Attacks on Roma Belfast Roma Attacks: The families in Belfast — World Assembly’s Response |

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united Youth of Ireland

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Zephrynus Ikeh

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