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6TH May to 16th May, 2016



Deadlock over IEBC; as police teargas CORD Supporters By Africaworld News Team


Several groups have supported the calls for disbanding the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission before the 2017 elections. Among them Western Envoys, church leaders and COTU; citing their is need for dialogue to raise its credibility issue.

pposition leader Raila Odinga has vowed to boycott next year’s elections if the electoral commission is not constituted, even as 11 envoys urged dialogue. Raila warned that there would be “no reason for us to participate” if the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), over which he is leading protests to oust the commissioners, was not overhauled. “We need to address factors that may lead us to a state of violence that we witnessed in 2008. We will not go into the gallows. If the electoral commission is not properly reformed, there would definitely be no good reason for us to participate in the coming elections,” Raila told Al Jazeera’s TV in an interview. Continued on Page 4

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CLergy support IEBC removal as it states they wont Resign - P5

Because Am a Man Passionis what drives me


Secretary-general of Central Organization of Trade Unions (Cotu) Francis Atwoli camera during the Labour Day Celebrations at Uhuru Park in Nairobi on May 1, 2016

Substandard Buildings to be demolished in Nairobi By Our Correspont


bout 500 buildings in Nairobi County that do not meet construction standards are now set to be demolished following the collapse of a residential building in Huruma, Nairobi on Sunday night that led to the death of 21 people. Speaking to the press, The building inspectorate secretary in the Public Works Ministry, Moses

Nyakiohoro, told the press that several buildings have been

and will be demolished by tuesday .

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero AtKenyatta National Hospital Consoling one of the Victims whose house Collapsed in Huruma Photo:Coutesy inspected in a bid to clear the Nyakiohoro has revealed county of dangerous structures that in Nairobi 2507 houses

were inspected , 221 were earmarked for demolition. Huruma alone, 57 out of nearly 500 buildings already inspected don’t meet structural standards and face demolition if they fail further tests that are expected to be done soon. Institute of Engineers of Kenya chair, Eng Michael Okonji, has accused private developers of using shortcuts by hiring quacks during construction and ignoring licensed engineers. Eng Okonji pledged to take action by revoking the license See More page 3


General News:

6 th - 14th May 2016


Why Parliament shot down the Gender Bill for the second time By Correspondent


t is now evident that the gender bill as stipulated in the constitution will not be achieved. This is aftter the members of the national assembly on last Thursday failed to pass it for the second consecutive time. The bill which had proposed that several seats be set aside for women in various respec-

tive constituencies at a given duration so as to achieve the gender balance. It is ow clear that male chauvinism, Political intrigues and apathy contributed to the shooting down of the bill sponsored by Majority leader Aden Duale. During the voting exercise members who were oppossed to the bill ganged up and boycotted the voting exercise despite the intensive lobbying by

Uhuru signing past bill their fellow female Mps. acording to Article27 of the contitution, it is required that Legislature pass the bill to comply with gender represantation in both elective

Diplomats urge for Dialogue on IEBC By Eric Bosire


he Western diplomats h ave urged the Kenyan Government and opposition to talk so as to build confidence in the electoral system. While the responsibility for doing so rests first with elected and appointed officials, this is a challenge for all Kenyans and everyone should join in good faith,” the envoys said. In a terse statement couched in diplomatic language, the envoys from US, Canada, Britain, Norway, Finland, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark criticised the countrywide demonstrations against IEBC by the Opposition. “Everyone must reject rhetoric or actions that incite violence,” said the envoys in their joint statement. meanwhile, Raila’s lieutenants in ODM under the banner of the ‘Firimbi Movement’ insisted that ‘Occupy IEBC’ will resume next Monday. The Opposition has also joined the churches and the civil society in warning that if the electoral commission was not disbanded and a new one picked, then the next polls would be a recipe for chaos.

“Decisions on questions such as the future of the IEBC’s leadership must be broadly acceptable, achieved through dialogue, and made in accord with Kenya’s constitution and laws,” said the diplomats. The envoys asked President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government to speed up the issuance of national identity cards to ensure all Kenyans above 18 years get a chance to participate in the next General Election. “All eligible voters must have the opportunity to vote. Also they warned that all efforts must be made to avert political strife before, during and after the 2017 polls. “It is the shared responsibility of the Government, the Opposition, and the people of Kenya to ensure a free, fair, and peaceful election in 2017,” they said. In a rare united response to a foreign assessment of a locals situation, both the Jubilee and CORD leaders in the House welcomed the statement. However is a press conference by the Commisions chair on thursday the said they are not resigning an dwill stay put. He accussed the Opposition leader Raila to table claims of partisan .

and appointed seats. The female Mps were defeated and left to move to the next step as their male counterparts said it would provide them with “free Seats”. As the speaker declared the loss, in the process which failed to garner the two thirds as required by the constitution, few mps were heard agitating for fresh and younger women into the said seats. Out of the 198 members

present 178 voted yes, 16 voted no and five abstained from the voting as others left the chamber ealrier. Several People have argued that the ammendments if passed they way they are it will create a burden to the tax payer as the house is already bloated. However the bill can be reintroduced after six months, or an alternative by seeking legal reddress from the courts. The law was meant to comply with the 2010 constitution.

Workers frustrations and mixed reactions By Africaworld


enyan workers, on this years Labor day

celebration got no adjustment on minimum wages from the Jubilee administration under which they have had mixed fortunes of average wage growth and stagnation, and

will be no change in their buying power. In 2014, inflation and average wages per worker in the formal employment sector remained unchanged at Sh30,862 per month, according to the latest in the recent official data, that leaves

marginal salary increments among workers . The research further states that, Kenya’s cost of living rose to 6.9 per cent in 2014 from 5.7 per cent in 2013, annulling the nominal average wage increase from Sh41,672 to Sh44,807 during the same period among the middle

Kenyans follow proceedings of the Labour day celebbrations at at Uhuru Park productivity in the past three years of its administration.

leaving workers with no extra

In The Presidential speech,

space for surplus spending and saving.

delivered by Labour secretary Phyllis Kandie at Uhuru Park in Nairobi it didn’t mention wage increase, leaving the formal sector workers’ average earnings static for a period of time. The average

inflation rate which stands at 5.27 percent, eaning there

In 2015 the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS economic research it stated that: the near stagnation in average wages was linked to the rise in inflation rate during the period under review, significant with rare and

earners. In 2014 there is a sharp contrast to 2013 –the first year of the Jubilee coalition’s government in power — when workers recorded one of the largest gains in recent years. Where average wages in 2013 jumped 11 per cent to Sh30,723 per month from Sh27,765 in 2012.The increase

General News: the troubles bedeviling Nairobi County.

6 th - 14th May 2016


How to control Floods in Nairobi

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Tens of families that were living in condemned buildings in Support for victims Huruma have resorted to Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans move out over safety Kidero has promised to give concerns. ‘Theofdeath toll from Ksh 2 million to victims Meanwhile the collapsed building in tragedy, the which the Owners of the ill fated house has surrendered Huruma Estate. Speaking on on Friday occurred Sunday when he visited the himself to the police. The risen owners were later released on site, Kidero said theevening, amount has a Ksh. 1 to 33 would be used to cater forwith 137 Million each. burial arrangementspeople and having been ‘The death toll from logistics. “rescued so far with the tragedy, which 67 still uncounted The Governor further appealed to Nairobifor. Six days occurred on Friday 29th april evening, residents to vacate houses downtow more that have been constructed has risen to 49 with in flood-prone areaspeople and were 140 people and 5 rescued relocate to safer ground to animals Rescued. avoid the recurrence of such tragedies. On thursday 6 days He noted that he would take after the incident 3 action against county more were rescued. officials who are in charge of approving construction - 47 are reported work, blaming corruption for missing Continued from Page 2

By Leah Muthoka


robbed of its beauty as over the years the vibrant dam has

he best way to hold l large amounts of water on a flowing river is by constructing a dam. We build reservoirs to hold water for generating electricity, fishing and other recreational activities. However, building a dam in a river in the city, especially one that flows near a slum, is not the brightest or most successful of ideas. The Nairobi dam us an embarkment on the Nairobi river constructed in 1953. Its major inflow is from the Nairobi river, rainfall, and waste water from the unsewered kibera settlement. The Nairobi dam was once a haven for fishing and recreational activities. However, this sweet haven has been

been transformed into a huge uncontrolled open sewer which constitutes a major threat to the locals in the neighbouring kibera slums and the entire city of Nairobi. Kibera slums heavy waste release has been cited as the major challenge at the efforts made to rehabilitate the dam.

among the firms that have

of 18 per cent average

companies to enumerate employees based on

unions that negotiate better terms through collective

new CBA the retailer signed with the Kenya Union of

wage increment to Sh41,672, beat the

productivity while factoring the overall cost of doing and

bargaining agreements (CBAs).A total of 328 CBAs

Commercial, Food and Allied Workers (Kucfaw) in March

prevailing inflation rate that declined from 9.4 per cent

sustaining business.Currently the rate of inflation is stagnant

were registered by the Industrial Court in 2014,

this year. Thus the amount will rise further to

to 5.7 per cent in the same year Jubilee Coalition

29,041 next year, according to the

thatis expected to have caused a general rise in

at single digit on counts of low prices of fuel and food prices , has a powerful argument for all employers to root for zero marginal wage increaments to its workers.

2015 wages. by the The Central Organisation of

For instance, The cost of

Trade Unions (Cotu) and other workers unions, have

living last month fell to a new record low of 5.27 per cent,

consistently pushed for double-digit increases in the

boosting workers’ spending power and giving employers

minimum wage, citing the need to protect workers

an upper hand in any upcoming negotiations for

from inflation. Productivity

wage increments as this depends on the bargaining for

However, Employers on the

most of the trade unions basisFor workers paid above

administration . During last year’s Labour Day celebrations, the government announced a 12 per cent increase in the minimum wage, a move

other hand have argued against culture of raising

A number of industries also channel their industrial waste to the dam adding up to the kibera waste. Efforts by NGO’s and the Nairobi city council to rehabilitate the dam have proved futile given the absence of proper waste management. With the rainy season on and seemingly not making the situation better, keeping in mind that the concentration of coliform bacteria is 10 times higher in the dam than allowed by national regulations, and it being feared yo be a major origin of cholera outbreaks, its the high time the rehabilitation of the dam was made something more than just a NGO and Nairobi city council affair.

CBA which covers two years.

recently cut jobs in response to depressed earnings among other costs of operations and citing competitive business and poor market. Flouspar Limited on early march announced its closure citing poor markets and working relations with the government. From Counties

Financial services sector managers have on the other hand emerged among the

Labour Cs Phylis Kandie at Uhuru Park during the Labour Celebrations PHOTO: Africaworld

the minimum wage, growth in wages has primarily been

covering 90,856 employees who were entitled to an average monthly basic pay of Sh32,210 and an average monthly housing allowance of Sh5,700.Workers in the retail sector have been among the biggest beneficiaries of the CBAs where the total pay of a section of workers at major stores . Newly-employed

the minimum wage each year, by propagating for a

driven by

cashiers at Tuskys, for instance, have seen their basic

formula that would allow individual organisations and

competition for skilled talent and the growing power of

monthly pay rise to Sh26,889 from Sh24,898 following a

top beneficiaries of talent wars where highly qualified employees are lured

by larger salaries and bonuses.

Meanwhile, Most workers in Kisii expected the president would talk of an increment in minimum wages as has been the norm but most of them were disappointed yesterday when the president’s speech ended without a hitch about wage increment.

Due to the profitable nature

“I expected from the president’s

of the financial sector, such as bankers, insurers, asset

speech that there would be an increase in minimum wages for

managers, analysts and investment advisors rank as

us but that was never the case,” said Lydia Nyaboke.

the highest paid professionals in the private sector with an

He also declared that his

average monthly remuneration of Sh125,000 as of 2014.However in the past few months Kenya Fluorspar Limited and Standard Chartered Bank Kenya are

government will create and ensure a favourable environment for gainful employment.



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Having more kids keeps ageing at bay aging.

By Leah Muthoka


ife history theory claims that there is a tradeoff between reproductive effort and the pace of biological aging. It claims that energy invested in reproduction is not available for tissue maintenance, thus having more off spring is expected to lead to accelerated aging. However, recent studies having been proving the contrary. According to a study done by Simon Fraser University, Canada, having more children could lead to slower rate of aging. The study looked at the length of each woman’s telomeres. Telomeres can briefed be explained as the region of repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration. They can also be referred to as the protective tips found at the end of each DNA strand that indicates how cells are

Ukachukwu Okorie Editor At Large

Africa Rich Culture and aspirations

6 th - 16th May 2016

The longer the cells, the better it is for aging and longevity. Each time a cell divides, the telomeres get shorter, when they get too short, the cell can no longer divide, it becomes in-active or it dies. This shortening process is associated with aging, cancer or a high risk of death. Contrary to the life history theory, women with fewer children exhibited shorter telomere lengths than women with more children. Moreover, women who gave birth to more surviving children had longer telomeres, going against former theories that producing a larger number of offspring speeds up biological aging

Fare thee well Mama Lucy, tributes from Leaders Fare Thee Well Mama Lucy

By Eric Obocyreh


ensational and emotional tributes from politicians and family characterised the funeral service of mamaLucy Kibaki ‘s funeral on saturday at his home in Othaya. among the top leaders who eulogized her is President Uhuru who expressed his gratituted for the support when he was facing crimes against humanity at the ICC.

President Uhuru Comdoling former President Kibaki

“Things had turned out to be worse for me, but were it not for her, i dont know where i could be”, he said. The former president of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete said Tanzanians were shocked to hear tha mama Lucy was dead, because they knew not of her sickness. President Uhuru also said that she was dedicated and had the nations interest as she fought for the betterment of the less privilliged in the society. Mama Lucy during her lifetime , she was the head of First Ladies of Africa for Hiv and aids fight. The deputy President Ruto

also revealed how Mama Lucy enaged hima. She told him way in 2010 to work with Uhuru and that is why he is the Deputy president today In Politics Jimmy Kibaki, the eldest son revealed how her mother persuaded her not to contest for the Othaya Seat beacause if various reasons “ I had made my mind to contest fro the Othaya seat but she told me the ground was not forme”, he said. It was widely speculated that statehouse had supported Mary Wambui to succeed President Kibaki. Also Jimmy revealed how at

one time we were barred by security of Statehouse form seing their Dad. Its at this time that Mum called and told the Security that we didnt need any appointments to see our dad Among the top dignitaries inthe Sermon include Cabinet Secretaries General Nkaiseri( Interior), Dan Kazungu(Minining), Raychelle Omamo(Defense). Peter Kennet, Mukhisa Kituyi- United nations and trade development, Secretary General, Nyeri Deputy governor, Women Represantative Kiambu Priscilla Nyokabi, Former First Lady Magret Kenyatta among other Members of parliament.


6 th - 16th May 2016


Continued from Pg 1 Raila spoke even the ruling Jubilee coalition and the

scandal of ballot papers, for which the givers of the bribe

Opposition’s Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) welcomed the proposal by the envoys in Nairobi for talks for electoral reforms ahead of the next General Election. But the rival coalitions clashed bitterly over the agenda of those talks. Jubilee wants the talks to deal with electoral reforms, agree on pending issues ahead of the next election, but not the removal of the commissioners. On the other hand, has in its agenda the removal of the commissioners named in the multi-million procurement

“Its the responsibility of the Kenyan leaders to come together to ensure a credible peacefull poll in 2017” EU Envoys

dialogue but that has to be done in a “structured

priorities of the commission. We need to build a political

manner”. The commission has called a press conference

environment that inspires public confidence in the

tomorrow. Yesterday, IEBC Chief Executive Officer Ezra

electoral process,” Mr Chiloba told The Standard.

Chiloba reiterated the commission’s position that all political parties were free to engage the commission in a structured manner but if they have queries about the commissioners, then the Constitution had an elaborate

have been jailed in the UK.

procedure for their removal. The sentiments which were

CORD remains adamant that the current commissioners

echoed by the chairman Isaac Hassan on Wednesday at a

have to go before the next elections. But for the IEBC,

press conference in his office. “In our electoral road map,

the doors are open for

we are very clear on the

The IEBC and politicians spoke shortly after the US Ambassador Robert Godec, British High Commissioner Nic Hailey and nine other envoys from Western countries issued a joint statement that called for dialogue to build confidence in the country’s electoral commission. “To ensure a credible, peaceful poll in 2017, we call on Kenya’s leaders and citizens to come together through dialogue to dialogue.

Clergy, governors support IEBC removal By Correspondent


he clergy has supported the Council of Governors (CoG) and foreign envoys in Kenya in calling for dialogue to ease tensions between Government and Opposition over disbanding the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). Speaking on Thursday, Bishop Kiogora Magambo supported CoG chairman Peter Munya, who said there is need for the government, opposition and other stakeholders to agree on the composition of IEBC as the country gears towards 2017 elections. “An election is a sensitive exercise and before it is conducted, the people in charge must be credible and trustworthy, to all parties. It is just like during examinations where the students always trust the examiners to fairly award them their dues,” said Bishop Kiogora of Jesus House of Praise in Meru.

Kiogora said all suspicions surrounding the current IEBC commissioners must be eliminated before next election to dispel any suspicion that they would not

support from all parties would be a recipe for disaster. Raila Odinga vows to boycott elections if IEBC is not overhauled Samburu

CoG Chairman Peter Munya, who is also the Meru governor said, “There are people who support the present IEBC and those against it.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga in a brief Consultation. They have been Urged ensure a credible 2017 Polls PHOTO: COURTESY be free and fair. “The Government, Opposition and other stakeholders should sit down and dialogue on the way forward. All of them must believe in the process, meaning that the institutions must be strong and nonpartisan,” he added. He said an electoral body lacking

leaders reject Jubilee, vow to support Mudavadi in 2017 elections “We don’t know who will win the election. Maybe the (current) government will win or lose. If someone says they are smelling a rat, then that smell must be eliminated before the election,” Kiogora said.

All should sit down and come up with a common resolution, because nobody wants to go into an election with fear of being rigged out, including me.” “It is clear the IEBC is getting a tainted image, so it is imperative for all stakeholders to deliberate, so that we conduct a credible election,” Munya added.

KNHCR Launches insecurity inquiry in Northern Kenya By Dominic Kirui


he Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) today announced that they will conduct a public inquiry to determine the causes, nature and consequences of conflicts in the northern region of the country. In a statement read out by Chairperson Ms. Kagwiria Mbogori, the Commission pursuant to its constitutive Act, will conduct a public inquiry from May 9th to June 10th 2016. The inquiry will have sittings and hearings in various centers in Baringo, West Pokot, East Pokot and Turkana Counties and seeks to ensure the enjoyment of fundamental freedoms as envisioned in Chapter Four of the Constitution of Kenya. “KNCHR aims to raise public awareness, promote the debate on the obligations of the state as the right to security of the person and property, draw national attention to the human rights situation in the region and highlight the intersection between the North Rift conflict and the threat to security in other parts of the country”, She said. This comes as many questions still go unanswered as to who really are the perpetrators of these conflicts with others claiming that politicians are behind the said conflicts, fueling them by inciting the locals and turning them against each other for their own political gains. The Kenyan judicial system has also since been put on the spot for their reluctance to prosecute these politicians. KNCHR therefore has a challenge to address the same issue and restore Kenya’s confidence on these governmental organs as far as

Business News

6 th - 16th May 2016


New CBK board to push for more banking reforms

By Africa World


he incoming board of the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) will push for more reforms and sound policies in the banking sector, chairman Mohammed Nyaoga has said. He said this as his board is finalizing on the full list of whom will be appointed soon. “When fully constituted the board will in line with its legal mandate, put in place structures, systems and procedures that will enable the regulator to deliver more effectively on its roles’, said Nyaoga. “The role of the CBK board is clearly codified under the Central Bank of Kenya Act. It is predicated upon best corporate governance practices globally. Good governance is not only important for CBK as an institution, but it is crucial for the entire banking industry,”

Mr Nyaoga told the Africaworld.

accountability. We have policies, processes and procedures backed by the

The term of the board ended last year but only chairman Nyaoga has been appointed. The board will help the CBK Governor Central Bank of Kenya board chairman Mohammed Nyaoga during veting Patrick in Parliament on June 16, 2015. PHOTO | NATION Njoroge in cleaning up Bank of Kenya Act (Cap. relevant structures and the banking sector. 491), the responsibility for systems currently that of determining the policy of the “We will fully support the course will require bank, other than the governor in his efforts to strengthening and review to formulation of monetary clean the banking industry keep in line with requirements policy, is given to the board because this has been part of of the moment and this I see of directors. the objectives of the bank as the requirement of the new and it is in broad public “The fact that there is no board,” he said. interest. We are in era where board does not pose any Treasury Cabinet Secretary we have increased level of threat to the sector. The Henry Rotich said nominees public scrutiny and names would be forwarded

Kenya aims to complete $2.1b crude oil pipelineby 2021 By Eric Mwengei


to the President who would in turn appoint them before seeking approval from Parliament. Under the Central

enya will start a search next week for companies to design a crude oil export pipeline. The $2.1 billion (Sh212 billion) pipeline should be completed by 2021, Energy and Petroleum Minister Charles Keter has said. Tullow Oil and partner Africa Oil first struck oil in Lokichar in northwest Kenya in 2012 and Keter said the pipeline between Lokichar and Lamu on Kenya’s coast would be 891 km long . “In our estimation, if all goes well, the pipeline should (be ready) in the second quarter of

2021,” he said. “The capex, I mean the cost, which can either come down or up, is $2.1 billion,” Keter told reporters. Uganda is also looking to build a pipeline to export its oil and originally favoured a route though Kenya. But last week, East African leaders said at a summit Uganda would build its pipeline through Tanzania rather than Kenya. France’s Total, one of the oil firms developing Uganda’s fields, had raised security concerns about the Kenyan route. Tullow Oil, with stakes in both countries, had backed the Kenyan route.

board is only for making policy. The CBK management is fully in charge. What has happened so far isn’t systemic,” said Mr Rotich. He said the financial sector had become complex in the last three decades prompting the need to improve supervision, especially in view of banks’ regional expansion. Mr Nyaoga, however, said the CBK board would only provide oversight in line with its mandate. “The incoming board will not micro manage the bank. We shall keep away from day to day raw issues of CBK because if we do so we will be stepping outside our mandate. It would also cause confusion and a governance challenge within the institution. It would be crucial to have an elaborate induction programme for the new members,” he said.

15 roads to avoid in Nairobi during rainy season By Our Reporter


he National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) have issued a warning over sections of Nairobi roads that residents should avoid as the rainy season continues. The 15 roads include; Lower Kabete/ Brookside Drive junction , Jogoo Road near the Makadara Law Courts, Lang’ata Road at T-Mall, and James Gichuru Road at Olenguruone Junction and near Convent Drive junction. Lang’ata South Road at Tangaza College and near Lang’ata Road, and Lenana Road next to Department of Defence (DoD) gate have also been listed as other risky areas to avoid. Motorists and other road users have also been advised to avoid using

Muhoho Road/Popo Road Junction, Muhoho Road at Ngong River crossing, Lusaka Road, and Baricho Road. According to a statement from the a NTSA and KeNHA, roads such as Jakaya Kikwete Road, Marcus Garvey/Chania Avenue junction and Kipevu/Ushirika Road junction are also risky and motorists must be careful when using the roads. For the past week, more than 30 people have lost their lives in different incidents across the City as a result of heavy downpour which has caused traffic snarl ups and accidents. the rainfall has displaced thousands within the city.

6 th - 16th May 2016

7 General News

New tussle for Governor Ruto, Dp Ruto over IEBTenure

By Our Correspondent


omet Governor Isaac Ruto has called for reforms in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) before the 2017 General Election. Speaking during Labour Day celebrations at Bomet Green Stadium on Sunday, Ruto stated that a reformed IEBC would instill confidence in all parties that are interested in taking part in the elections. The governor stated that the recent uproar by CORD and a section of church leaders in the country is justified, saying there is need for the commission to heed the call and vacate office. “We cannot go into the next General Election with the serious issues that have been raised against IEBC commissioners. There is an urgent need for them to leave office so as to allow room for a new team of professionals to preside over the elections.” He further claimed that the commission’s conduct in the Kericho Senatorial by-

election, where Jubilee candidate Aaron Cheruiyot was announced winner, did not reflect the true situation on the ground following cases irregularities that were reported.


The pronouncement is expected to cause a new tussle between Governor Ruto and Deputy President William Ruto, a one-time ally in URP. Governor Ruto and the deputy president fell out last year following calls by the former to the government to increase the amount of county allocations and the push for the Pesa Mashinani referendum. DP Ruto has severally lashed out at CORD for calling for the disbandment of IEBC saying the coalition’s priorities are misplaced. DP Ruto stated that Jubilee does not need IEBC to win the next elections, noting that they have the support in the country to beat CORD.

DP Ruto (right) and Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto in a past meeting. [Photo/Courtesy]

Coalition leader Raila Odinga has restated that they will continue with their push for the removal of IEBC, saying they will stage protests every week until the commission vacates office.

On Sunday, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka called on President Uhuru Kenyatta and other Jubilee leaders to support CORD’s push for the removal of IEBC to ensure a free and fair 2017 elections.

This has also been supported by the civil society and the National Churches council of Kenya- NCCK, by calling of reforms in the IEBC so as to instill confidence of the body in the run up for the 2017 polls.

Raila Odinga to Uhuru,Burning Ivory, Rhino horns was wrong By Our Reporter

In his address at the event, attended by Gabon President Ali Bongo, President Kenyatta told off his critics saying despite being poor, Kenya has a rich heritage that should be preserved.


he CORD leader Raila Odinga has hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta over Saturdays’ burning of ivory and rhino horns at the Nairobi National Park. Speaking during his visit of Meru, Raila said that the exercise of torching ivory was an exercise in futility and public relations, urging the governments to go after the cartels running the ivory business because they are all known. The exercise, saw 105 tonnes of elephant tusks and 1.35 tonnes of Rhino horns worth close to Ksh 15 billion set

The President also announced that the gates of the Nairobi National Park will be opened for youth aged 17 years and below for free and be able CORD leader Raila Odinga addressing residents of Meru to witness the historical PHOTO : NATION event. ablaze, has been considered historic since it is the biggest haul ever torched in the worlds conservation history. “There is no need to burn ivory since elephants have

already been killed by poachers. The only solution to poaching is to go after the poachers and those behind the ivory trade,” Raila said.

“For us ivory is worthless unless it is on an elephant. I will rather wait for the judgment of the future generations who I am sure will appreciate the action we

have taken,” said the President. The President of Gabon Deputy President William Ruto, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, Environment Cabinet Secretary Judy Wakhungu and Chairman of the Kenya Wildlife Service Dr. Richard Leakey were also present. Despite Uhuru’s insistence that burning the ivory and rhino horns was the best decision, critics claim that the government should have sold off the ivory and channel the money to the economy or station the stack in national museums. BUSINESS NEWS

6 th - 16th May 2016

Treasury gives hints of issuing another Eurobond

By Correspondent


reasury CS. Henry Rotich The Government has given yet another hint that

a Sukuk, a Shariah-compliant sovereign bond.

plug using a combination of

it may issue another sovereign bond in the coming

Non-concessional borrowing

The Government plans to borrow Sh241 billion from

financial year as it moves to plug a budget deficit. In the Budget Summary for 2016/17 presented to a parliamentary committee, the National Treasury noted the Government is still committed to accessing the “international capital markets” to diversify its sources of financing. . Recently, international news agency Reuters reported that Kenya would soon be returning to the international market to issue a Eurobond after “finding strong interest at a roadshow in London on Tuesday (April 5, 2016)”. In 2014, Kenya issued a debut $2.75 Eurobond (Sh250 billion). Expenditure of a part of these funds has been at the centre of a huge political storm with the Opposition claiming that about Sh102 billion never reached the

such as the Eurobond, would be approached with caution and would be “limited to development projects and the stated ceiling in the Medium Term Debt Strategy (MTDS),” according to the budget summary. In the 2015/ 16 financial year, the Government paid an interest

domestic and external debt.

the domestic market. However, the Government has made it clear it would borrow to the domestic market with caution to avoid triggering a spike in interest rates and thus crowding out the private sector.

of Sh16 billion on the Sh250 billion Eurobond. This interest is projected to rise by 18 per cent to Sh19.4 billion in



he One UN Global Coalition campaign that aims to raise awareness and reduce demand for illegal products will be

launched in Kenya later this month. Speaking during the Giants Club summit on Saturday when tonnes of ivory were burned to dissuade poaching, UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Deputy Executive Director Ibrahim Thiaw said the Wild for Life Campaign, which will be launched next month at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Kenya, unites a range of UN agencies, partners and UN Goodwill Ambassadors. He added that people will be making pledges of personal action in

know then, but it was possibly one of the last elephants in Mauritania. It taught me that extinction is not about the dinosaurs

external debtors including China was Sh34.6 billion.

of the past or the watch-lists for tomorrow: extinction is already happening, has already happened, in my own lifetime, before my

This is projected to increase to Sh53.5 billion in the 2016/

eyes,” he said.

17 financial year. Kenya also paid a total of Sh187 billion worth of debt to its internal debtors in the current financial year. Treasury CS Henry Rotich Government projects a budget deficit of about Sh513 billion, which it plans to Ivory carvings and elephant tusks in a pyre before the first the ivory burn in Palais des Congres Cameroon, on April 19. Thiaw says the campaign launches later this month. Photo/]

“I am warning members who

brokers, reminding them that such a move will lead to

benefited from the CoDF loans against engaging in

Farmers Co-operative Society in Sameta Sub-

defaulting in repaying their loans from the CoDF.

illegal coffee hawking to middlemen. They should

county who benefited from the Coffee Development

Speaking to this writer at

Fund (CoDF) loans have been warned against

Nyakegogi shopping centre, the society’s headquarters,

ensure they deliver their produce to the co-operative

hawking their coffee beans.

Oroko decried cases where some members from the

The farmers were advised to deliver their coffee to the

society engaged in coffee hawking after benefiting from

co-operative society to facilitate recovery of the

loans, making it difficult for the financial institutions which


lent them the loans to recover their money affecting

members against hawking

By Eric Bosire

“My own first encounter with an elephant was a carcass. I didn’t

their coffee to middlemen and

Nyamonya FCS Chairman Mr Moses Oroko warned

launches in Kenya in June

financial year 2017/2018. Total interest paid to

Farmers in Kisii CountyWarned against hawking Coffee mall scale coffee growers from Nyamonya

One UN Global Coalition campaign

the lead up to World Environment Day on 5 June, which will be hosted in Angola.

Consolidated Fund. But the Government might also go for

By Eric Bosire



society to facilitate Wakenya Pamoja Sacco Society which

He added, “What has been made eminently clear at the Giants Club Summit is that efforts to tackle this crisis are increasingly backed by a growing public, political and private sector force for change, and that we, as an international community, are prepared to face these challenges with an unprecedented level of commitment, dedication and passion. It will take nothing less to end this crisis,” he added. Thiaw said people must remember that wildlife has more value alive than dead and that wildlife can generate sustainable revenues to fund the education, healthcare and infrastructure that will lift people out of poverty and drive economic growth.

was channelling the loans to the members to recover the

“By reconciling social, economic and environmental interests,

loans from their coffee payments,” said Oroko.

Africa can harness its natural heritage to help deliver the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

Oroko clarified that, the management was concerned

President Uhuru Kenyatta led a team of leaders in ivory burning

with the move by some members who are selling their coffee to middlemen.

in a show of the government’s stand on poaching. He urged an end to Africa’s illegal ivory trade, saying it means death for elephants and tourism. Already, experts have warned that Africa’s elephants could be extinct in a few decades. MADE IN AFRICA

Iam me. unique

By Susan Kikami


am unique. Not because I look different physically. I am something else; in many but what others would consider peculiar ways. When I buy candy, I don’t discard the

wrapper on the ground. I look for the nearest bin and dump it there because it is trash. Even if a kidero tomfool passes by with his Tasmanian devil pong and my saliva chokes me, I don’t spit on the street. I spit in my pocket tissues and dump them in the litter bins. I am inimitable because I always follow rules; traffic lights rules included. I’d rather be labeled uncivilized by waiting for the road to clear then cross than getting dispatched to the next world in my age because of heedlessness. I am uncommon because I don’t eat road side meals and fruits. Oh yes; ask Prince Jahmoh. He got tired long time ago of asking me if I’ll eat miwa because he always got the same answer; NO. I have my reasons. The other time a coffee hawker got run over by a speeding car and the coffee spilled. To the uttermost fright of the passersby, the contents of the coffee were not only two ingredients; coffee and water but a woman’s ‘dirty’ underwear. Her colleague who had rushed to rescue her, still clutching her coffee tank was compelled by mbunge la mwananchi to pour her drink and if they did not find suruali ya mwanamuke, they’d compensate. A little hesitation made matters worse as the coffee was poured and the same scenario witnessed; a woman’s panty and it was time for explanations; forced ones. The hawker put in plain words that, business was bad until a friend introduced her to a witch doctor who recommended that, a woman’s panty (soiled one) was the accurate answer to dwindling client base. True to the witch doctor’s counsel, after using this channel, she always went home loaded. In fact, one time she failed to add the suruali tonic and her clients complained the coffee wasn’t as yummy as before so she resumed the savor. I am distinctive because, I don’t cut my nails nor cough with my mouth open whether in private or public place. I always sit on my space in public transport and don’t place my elbows on people’s chest or sit on their thighs because I am fat and cannot simply use my brain to pay for double seats. I am matchless because, I don’t smell from my armpits or other body parts; I don’t use perfume; I simply take a bath and brush my teeth; twice a day. I am unreal because I don’t offer sadaka in church. Hell no. If that sadaka helps the unfortunate, I am surrounded by so many so I find it a waste of time and energy giving it to the church (priest) who in turn will give the ‘unfortunate’. Instead, I give it directly to the needy. I am weird because I don’t get swept off by currents. Even if tights and fishnet stockings and ridiculous high heels are the in thing, I don’t own any in my wardrobe. I am very unique because even if I get extra change, I return it. I am not a thief and I believe if someone gives you more change, it’s very fair to return it. Don’t start saying God is so good amekuonekania. That is how Matheri, Wacucu and Wanugu started. I am very particular because I laugh at the most twisted happenings. If you happen to step on a banana peel and somersaulted to the ground, I’ll laugh my ribs out. If you walk with your fly open, I’ll giggle for two straight days and don’t ever make a mistake of breaking the wind in my presence. Susan is a Creative Writter. You can Read more of her articles on

6 th - 14th May 2016




When Nairobi Floods Sweep Away the ‘Woman’ in Our Girls


By Dominic Kirui

he saying goes that when it rains in Nairobi it pours. And that cannot be subject to debate if you didn’t land the other day in this beautiful city in East Africa.

Last Friday saw many Nairobians battle it out with the heavenly wrath that seemed to remind them that not only does it flood in the Western part of the country but also does it right in the heart of the city where they think has the best infrastructure. The drainages seemed to also be on leave at the time or, in some sense were protesting the long negligence they have faced over the years without anyone in the city county government bothering to unblock them. Now, that being the case, so was locomotion around the city paralysed. Those who had been in the comfort of their cars were ‘levelled’ to the same place with the hustlers who awakened their entrepreneurial spirit and turned the flooded zones into business premises. They would carry you on their backs for a few hundred shillings. Kenya has been on the map for entrepreneurship, hasn’t it? The flooded streets of Nairobi. PHOTO:AS But it was not the case for Carson, a friend of mine from high school who decided to ‘reside’ in the office until the rain sunsided, no matter how long it would take. In the same office, he had a workmate who needed to go the same route being Friday to prepare for her cousin’s wedding the next day. Each one found an ally in the other and they decided to leave ‘at the rain’s own pleasure’. Though some parts of Thika Road was also hit by the floods, it subsided later and they were able to steal their way through at around 10pm. On Fridays as usual, dinner is at my place, so they drove all the way, with a promise that he will drop her later in Juja where the wedding was to take place. When they finally knocked on the door, I went to answer it and man oh man, daaamn!!! One of the angels had broken out of heaven and that was why there was this heavy downpour! She had them all. That is an understatement. Look, this lady was beautiful. That’s the least I could say. Anyway, they came in and I offered them a cup of black coffee to warm up before embarking on our super supper that we make on Friday to say a little sorry to our bodies for the rock-hard hustle all week through. Walking out of the kitchen, I was very keen to sit very strategically where I could face her and drool. She was jovial, always laughing about the rain predicaments in town and what friends were able to capture and send all over the social media (one wonders where these guys get all this time when others are scampering for safety. But this is Kenya anyway... ) Suddenly, she frowned and as I had gone to the kitchen to finally bring the meal to the table for feasting. I was very keen and asked her what was up. “Cookie”, she said. “ What is cookie?” I also asked. “Cookie is my dog and am worried whether she is okey! I am not sure whether she has eaten or has even been kept warm”. I looked at my friend Carson and he was also looking at me. Normally he always could laugh very heavily but he kept his guts tight. We kept mum! Nyawira, as I finally came to learn her name was, still insisted that she was never going okey not knowing whether her ‘dog’ was doing well wherever she was. Now, if you’re reading this and just landed from the US, please keep your opinions to yourself. This is Africa. I also have had a dog for a pet in my childhood and the case was different from this. Not to say that I am also backward and do not know that there are people who keep pet dogs even in their bedrooms. I know that. But hers was different. This was someone absolutely nuts!

The Nyawira I had known from the doorstep left without goodbye as I was now in the same room with a woman I had never seen before. She refused to eat, started wiping her tears and just kept cool. First things first. We were hungry, so the best we could do was solve our problems first before we listen to hers. After all she did not have a problem. We went to the sink, washed our hands nicely and sat down, descended on that ugali until we were ‘okey’. That was 11 and our Nyawira was still sitted, mourning the comfort of her pet. All the time I wanted to remind her that whatever breed she was keeping, that was a dog. When we were done eating, Nyawira was still mourning, saying that she would not eat unless she was taking her supper with Cookie. Carson was curious and wanted to know how much she was attached to her Cookie. She said that one day Cookie fell sick and all she could do was cry and lay beside her all night. The next day she missed going to the workplace just to take her to the vet. It happened that Carson had been the one who she called and said she was not feeling well, she wouldn’t go to work that day and he should tell their boss, which he did. I was also curious to know what happened at the vet’s and she said that Cookie was treated and given some medicine to take home with them for her. . then the question of whether she had a boyfriend and how she takes all this is what I asked next. She replied that she loves Cookie more than her boyfriend and he has to live with it. That sometimes when he visits they must always share her bed with Cookie. At that point I wanted to look for that burgher and tell him to grow up, be a man! But anyway, aren’t we told to mind our own businesses? That I did. It was time for them to leave and I escorted them to the car and excused myself saying that I had some assignments with a deadline to beat. They left and I went

back to the house, just to take a deep sigh and wish I had called my mother to show me a girl from the village who was well mannered that I could take .down the aisle when the day comes.

Because am a Man : Upclose with award winning Journalist - Kismir

Our Editor Eric Bosire caught up with the United Nations For Population Awareness 2015 Television Producer in the following Interview. Here is what he had to say regarding various issues Briefly tell us who you are?

Life’s most remarkable moment

Am Saning’o ole Kismir , Am a young ambitious man, A trained and AWARD WINNING JOURNALIST, OF UNFPA- UNITED NATIONS FOR POPULATION TELEVISION CATEGORY, for health and human rights and HIv & Aids category of 2013 November and 2015 December.

My most remarkable moment is back in MEDEVA the producers of Tazama TV show, when I won my first award as a video Photojournalist in 2013 August, coz I never thought that the story will give me an award. Since I had heard of the selection and I believed that this was a long process that was always biased. We were in the same category of like more than 80 in my category all from established media houses and I never thought that I could be the finalist. That made me happy up to now. I remember when I did the HIv aids story and I was sure I could win the story out of it and also as I beat several established Tv journalists to win the Population UNFPA Television category of 2015 December. This has lifted me up upto now. And in life is when I met my beautiful wife Sanaipei back in 2013, she is always the best because she inspires me a lot. My worst subject in high school ie sciences and mathematics turned out to Saning’o Ole Kismir, with one of the 2015 UNFPA Trophie that he won as be her best and by that we the best Tv Camera category. Below Kismir and best Female Category ehave respect for each other Winner during the awards Photo: Kismirphotos

Your Likes and dislikes I like music and photography for fun. I also like young people who think out of the box by inventing new things so as to improve their lives. I hate people who don’t respect someone’s opinion and professions’ and those who duel much on negatives. Also have passion for entrepreneurs’, Hon. Memusi Mp kajiado Central as his story is such interesting. What do you hate I hate Hypocrisy and people who demotivate you and those who use shortcuts in life to excel. It’s a common among the youth. I dislike drunk women? Because it seems rather awkward to me for a woman to be drunk and I don’t like irresponsible men and those who don’t love their wives. I hate politicians coz they are never reliable and they always take advantage of peoples situation to their benefit. What’s your typical day starting from the time Wake up at 6 and by 8 I leave the house, since am a freelancer, I plan up my schedules to and from Kajiado county and Nairobi. Then I close my job at around five before I join friends for recap and refreshment. Am Working on Several projects like ; On the television category and soon u will have a glimpse on them. What are your future plans Planning to have a vernacular Tv that will broadcast and give info to the people as this has been my dream plan since my childhood. Am organizing talks with like-minded people over the project and currently am training young people on television production and instill some passion to them. Also am encouraging and working with others who have passion in tv regardless of their education and we will get things going. \What drives you? Am driven by Passion and this makes what u want to do in life. And I do it out of my heart and that makes me happy.

Your regrets having done or missed at one point in life Its when I left Hapa kule and Househelps of Kawangware – Proten studios crew in 2014. I respect what they were doing and thought that moving out to join the Kajiado county government was a best choice, but unfortunately it turned out to be my worst . I worked for one year after lots of frustrations as a producer and most of my colleagues were reluctant on their jobs and these frustrated me. I had to leave them also. What do u think a man or woman be like? Should be god fearing and committed to the Lord, be responsible and friendly. He should use all means possible to make sure that his or her dreams come true no matter how long it takes him or her to achieve. Also women should avoid drinking alcohol at all costs. Your favorite book or movie?

What’s your best moment at job?/life My best mom in job is when am in the field shooting i.e. , I was shooting this when were shooting a film that gave me an award of health as I shot a naked women in theatre In Eldoret who was suffering from Fistula, and this gave me an award and was happy that the woman successfully was operated and recuperated. Also there is story we shot in mau forest in 2013 , my director Maurice Oniang’o, got sick and we were doing the story about ogiek culture and wedding, the residents gave him herbs and the director turned to be the story himself. This was so interesting. We did the story despite these and I was grateful that he healed afterwards. But finally, we were so resilient and our series producer was shocked at what we did it. What defines you as a man My relations to people is good as I am social and friendly to people and always I expose what I love doing and share ideas consultatively.

I usually like watching movies- and my best is; Let it shine directed by Trevor Jackson and Paul hoen- from the Us which promotes music. The story is so interesting and its encouraging you should watch it. Never allow someone to determine your future. And I usually don’t much but I like entertainment news and I read the Nairobian How do you chill out? I usually spend and like having fun with my wife at home or anywhere that we might decide to go. And I don’t like football and I could love to watch Liverpool and Chelsea. Locally I hate how they have managed the local game. Hope it will turn out to be the better on day. Final word to all out there Just prove to the world that they are capable of doing what they do. And also avoid any kind of drugs and alcohol hen you will succeed. Never allow anyone to choose for you what you want to be. And also for parents should listen to their children and enhance their dreams so as to make their countries working nations.

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