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International Organisation for Migration Accused of Project Theft The International Organisation for Migration is accused of stealing a project designed by a former asylum seeker in the Irish Republic because of his status. To make matters worse as the victim claimed, the staff lied on the origin, pretending and baptising the project before going ahead to source substantial fund from the European Union. Cont. P2

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Alpha Gassama Happy Birthday Dad



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We are very optimistic that 2014 shall be a good year for all especially Ireland. As usual, our target this year is to keep our readers extremely busy and informed as we were created to. This 2014, we are poised to expand our services to our local community in Ireland and others in diaspora. AfricaWorld Newspaper will be making use of it’s online networks which include; Facebook TV Page, Fan Page, Friendship Page, Folktale Page, Cartoon Page and Website to educate younger ones and all that thirst for knowledge and information. Our quality writers and columnists are well geared towards delivering as usual. Thank you dear smashing reader for your support in 2013 - it means the world to us. On behalf of the entire AfricaWorld Newspaper team, I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. Let it be the best year of your life. Come in. Uka

International Organisation for Migration Accused of Project Theft Mr. Alpha Gassama is a native of Republic of Guinea in West Africa who was once shortlisted for the Ireland Volunteer Awards in 2012. He is a graduate in sociology from the university of Gamal, Abdel Nasseer in Conakry, Guinea. In his native Guinea, he was also teacher by profession and later became a union member and activist politician against the military dictatorship before his arrival in Ireland in 2004.

After Gassama’s arrival in Ireland in 2004, he sought asylum and was first sent to Balseskin Accommodation Centre and then to Kinsale Road Accommodation in Cork City. He has been active all his life and could not stay without being active in the host community as he was exempted from study or work. He eventually got involved in volunteering with an Irish organization dealing with migrants called NASC for two years and later moved to Knocklasheen in Limerick centre for just two months and then to Clyde House in Limerick City. He has been residing in Ireland over the past 10 years now and is enjoying the friendship of various community members. He is also a very active volunteer with the Clondalkin Tidy Town and the initiator and Coordinator of iVOSTA Project. Alpha Gassama was among the volunteers that volunteered with New Communities Partnership (NCP), Cork branch for two 2 years under the leadership of Jacque Lobe. He was finally moved to Mosney Accommodation Centre in Co. Meath. However, despite his neighbourly attributes, he eventually set up a group called iVosta, for people like himself to get involved in positive community work. He had once been granted grants from South Dublin County Council in the Social Credits Scheme to remove graffiti in Clondalkin. His 10 years in the Republic include stints at asylum centres in Mosney, Clondalkin Towers Hotel, Limerick and Cork for years. When AfricaWorld Newspaper correspondent demanded to know how did iVosta Project come into existence, Alpha Gassama has this to say… “The system of direct provision is to prevent asylum seekers to integrate. Why is it that most of accommodation centres are in remote places, isolated from the rest of the population and they have their own contracted bus driver that works on scheduled time to shuttle them back and forth? This will never enable asylum seekers

AFRICAWORLD & MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS Editor Ukachukwu Okorie News Director Abdul Yusuf

Graphic Design Mirco Mascarin Leandro Tonetto Oliveira Jana Veverkova

Chief Reporter Paul Kelly

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to know anything about the country’s history, politics or economic situation and hence they are left in the dark. Asylum seekers thus cannot move because of lack of fund and also they do not know anybody neither know anywhere… and after so many years quarantined, it will then be too late for asylum seekers to restart from the scratch

iVOSTA Project launched in Ireland by Alpha Gassama.

By Abdul Yusuf

living witnesses and ready to attest to this. They all discussed how to commence with the action in Mosney but in 2010, he was once again moved from Mosney to Clondalkin Towers Hotel in South County Dublin. While in Clondalkin Towers Hotel, Gassama fell in love with Clondalkin, an amazing and beautiful village with traces of historical and glorious past but still he soon found out that there were some problems; the first problem were litters and secondly, graffitis on walls and around the accommodation centre. Gassama immediately arranged to meet the authorities in South Dublin County Council (SDCC) to provide cleaning materials such as pickers ,gloves and bin bags and also to organized a group of asylum seekers from Clondalkin Towers Hotel called ClondalClean to clean up the area every fortnight from 9am to 12am.

before becoming good citizens tomorrow. He sees the inhumane treatment as totally ClondalClean is a part of iVosta, targeting unjust and against integration”, he said”. asylum seekers.The local media outlet later informed the local population about the From Gassama’s basic experiences for being work of ClondalClean and the group started moved all the time and as a volunteer, he to get recognition and appreciation from finally transformed the negative effect of local politicians and was later invited by Direct Provision system and initiated the local Sein Fein Representative Mr. Oein iVOSTA which means Immigrant Broin to visit the Dail. During the visit, Volunteering Skills and Training Agency. members of iVosta was very delighted to In other terms, iVosta is aims to use meet with the Sein Fein President Mr. Gerry ‘volunteering is an engine for integration’, Adams, Robert Dowds (TD) and Joe because the Project was routed from the Costello (MEP). most vulnerable people in the community to the top and not like other organizations After few months the local population of that chose to route theirs from the top to the Clondalkin got inspired by the actions of grassroots because iVosta knows the ClondalClean to form Clondalkin Tidy immigrant community situation better as it Towns in 2012, with Alpha as inspiring and is also forms part of it. Being moved many founding member of Clondalkin Tidy towns. times, Gassama learned and developed skills of adaptation and was always able to In relation to Gassama’s romance with volunteer and the skills helped him to know International Organisation for Migration many towns, people and lots about Ireland (IOM), he claimed that IOM asked him to from accumulated experiences as an engage in an outreach assignment and to immigrant looking for future in the Island try to get enough contacts with asylum of Ireland with dignity. This prompted him seekers willing to return back to their home to find out the possibility of utilizing the countries on voluntary basis. This was one time wasted in Direct provision to come up of his first encounter with IOM. He became with the iVosta Project. astonished what has the IOM been facilitating since 1951 of its existence? He Mr. Alpha Gassama drafted iVosta plan and also wondered their exposure over the crises. structure not only for Asylum seekers He accepted IOM invite because he was because that is a temporary status but for then in need of guidance and some financial all migrants in Ireland. This drafting assistance to drive his iVosta Project occurred while he was still living in Room forward. GL166 in Mosney Accommodation Centre in Co. Meath during the Easter break in In 2011, Gassama had an interview in Irish 2009. He seek the indulgence of his two Times office with Jamie Smith about iVosta male friends, a Cameroonian and Togolese Project, he sent the copy of the letter of citizens the following day who were also appreciation from Irish Times for him

The Editorial team at AfricaWorld would like to point out that it is aware of the Millennium Development Goals and seeks to Published by Uyokanjo Media Services Ltd. 46 Parnel Square West 3rd Floor +353 87 637 3210 Dublin 1, Dublin City +353 1 873 0123 Republic of Ireland E-mail:

synergise its work in accordance with those aims wherever possible. Those goals are to improve issues of Education,

Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender Equalit y, Environmental Sustainability and Global Partnerships.

JAN 16 - 31 2014




ALGERIA Chaos in Libya has prompted Algerian authorities to step up security presence along the border between the two countries and strive for better co-operation against terrorist threats. A high-ranking official of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is the latest terrorist to be taken out by Algerian troops. Khalil Ould Addah (aka Abou Bassen) was the 39-year-old leader of the Ennour brigade.

ANGOLA Kenya and Angola last evening launched bilateral relations with the signing of three key agreements.The bilateral agreements were signed by Kenya’s Foreign Affairs cabinet secretary Amina Mohammed and her Angolan counterpart Georges chikoti at Talatona Conference center in Luanda.

BENIN A French appeal court has ruled against the extradition of Beninese businessman Patrice Talon, who is accused of plottting to kill President Thomas Boni Yaya.

BOTSWANA Botswana’s president Ian Khams has received two stitches in his face after being clawed by a cheetah,this was reported by a Government spokesman on Monday.


The spokesman of the Ministr y of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador AbuBakr Al-Siddiq, has described opening a Sudanese Embassy in Burkina Faso as step complying with the policy of openness to the African states.


An Italian expatriate has b e e n a r re s te d o n suspicion of attempting to smuggle two human skulls through airport security to Thailand. Giuseppe Favaro 56,was stopped at the international airport of Bujumbura in Burundi after authorities found packaged human skulls in his luggage.

CAMEROON Cameroon’s Mefou water treatment plant near the capital Yaounde has started operating and will supply an additional 50000 cubic meters of water a day thereby increasing supply by 50%,the director General of Cameroon Water Utilities said.

CAPE VERDE The presidents of Cabo Verde, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, and of Niger, Issifou Mahamadou, stopped over in Luanda this Monday, en route to South Africa

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC A senior UN envoy has called for a huge international effort for the central African republic stressing that the country was in a mega crisis.

honoring and attending the interview to Mr. O. and the said Mr. O forwarded the said letter to his colleague which perplexed him later when he received a follow-up complimentary emails congratulating him for the recent interview he had with Irish Times. The two officers were desperately looking forward at this time to organize a meeting with him and finally they met on 28 July, 2011 at 3pm in IOM’s office located on 7 Hill Street, Dublin 1. This was Gassama’s second encounter with IOM. On arrival at the IOM office for the meeting, Gassama was received warmly by Mr. O. who later introduced him to Ms A. This Ms. A. presented Gassama with IOM objectives in 5 minutes and went on to confirm receipt of his interview with Irish Times and asked Gassama to talk more about his iVosta Project. I tabled all about iVosta Project and Ms A further asked Gassama on the present situation of his asylum case and will in turn again asked him to talk more again about iVosta Project. At a point, he was left with no option than to hand her documents about iVosta with the thoughts that IOM probably wanted to understand well before assisting him. The said Ms. A. went on further with her enquiries and demonstrated her questions like that of a banker wanting to grant some loans to her client for a project or business. This was the point IOM got hold of my iVosta Project and since then, yours truly, nothing was heard from the said Mr. O and Ms. A. In Gassama’s response to a follow-up question on if he believes that his idea of the project was stolen by IOM and how? He confirmed that the iVosta Project was stolen from him and renamed GIVE Project by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). Gassama would be very pleased to engage in a public debate with IOM about this to prevent this type of abuse resurfacing again. He honoured the meeting with the officials of IOM to discuss about his iVosta Project in order to find possible ways for IOM to encourage and assist him in moving the project forward but only for them to hijack it. Gassama vehemently persisted that GIVE Project is photocopy

of his iVosta Project. The GIVE project was never imported but rather 100% an Irish Project. He is ready to prove his claims anywhere and whenever. When AfricaWorld Newspaper asked Alpha Gassama why was he treated in this way by IOM? He was treated this way because IOM found a very good opportunity to gain some funding from the EU to drive the project - “for money”, he said. As previously reiterated, iVosta Project was born and bred in 2009 in Direct Provision in Mosney Accommodation Centre. IOM stole the project and used it to gain funding from the EU and later exported and launched it in Austria, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and finally in Ireland on 17th October, 2013. IOM pretended to have brought the new system of integration from other EU countries to Ireland while it was originally from Ireland. This is a ploy hatched to confuse iVosta team and to claim paternity of the Project. It might have surprised most that in an interval of 3 months, all the four projects were hastily launched in the four EU Member States in a panic as soon as they received the hints of Gassama’s status (Stamp 4) after 10 years residing in Direct

contacted him since their last encounter? He claimed to have been contacted by the current Project Manager of IOM and they both arranged to meet at the Gresham Hotel in Dublin City Centre. The meeting which was scheduled at 4pm Friday 10th January, 2014 did not yield any success as both were caught up in heated argument and did not arrive at any common ground. The Project Manager was furious at the beginning due to the fact that Alpha Gassama attended the meeting in company of one of another member of iVosta staff without his consent. The Project Manager did not fancy the presence of a third party. During the meeting, the Project Manager totally refuted Gassama’s allegations. Finally, when Mr, Alpha Gassama was asked about what his plans were and if he felt robbed? He said, “This interview was just the first round and the more reason why he failed to mention names of IOM staff that he had contact with so as to create some space for honest and sincere dialogue, if IOM so wants. If not, the next revelation would be more striking. Let him leave me with one proverb don’t release an elephant from a trap in your backyard where you were expecting a bird’. Mr. Alpha Gassama is the initiator of iVosta, Clondalclean and Vice Chairman of Clondalkin Tidy Town. In response to AfricaWorld Newspaper enquiry of the 10th January, 2014 from the Project Manager regarding the Grassroots Integration through Volunteering Experiences (GIVE) Project, the, Project Manager of IOM unequivocally refuted Mr. Alpha Gassama’s unfounded claim that the GIVE Project was his concept and was undertaken without his permission.

GIVE Project launched in Austria by IOM.

Provision. And of course most might question the reason(s) why should such a leading intergovernmental organization in the field of migration with 155 Member States, with a further 11 States holding observers status and offices in over 100 countries undertook a former asylum seeker’s concept for their benefit without first seeking his permission? Gassama seeks to challenge this. At the time of this incident, Gassama felt that it was because of his status as an asylum seeker and he was merely nothing but an atom then for IOM to handle and as such IOM was a big organization and is still a big organization and could easily crush him easily beyond recognition. He promised to go to any length to see that justice is done re stolen concept.

Alpha with the Mayor

“The concept of migrants volunteering in their new communities as a vehicle of enhancing and promoting their integration is not unique and in fact there have been several programs of this nature in Ireland and around the world. It is therefore very clear that Mr. Gassama’s claim is totally without merit and has no basis, in fact, especially his assertion that his project is a unique idea that only he has come up with”., he said. “Although Mr. Alpha Gassama’s claims are without merit whatsoever, IOM would still be open to working with Gassama and anyone else, for that matter, who has genuine interests in the wellbeing of migrants in Ireland and around the world, particularly with regard to their integration, which is GIVE Project’s main aim.” “As the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration in the world, IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all, a mandate which IOM undertake very seriously”, he added.

In conclusion, IOM would like to invite all to visit their website at where all will find comprehensive information on their mission, values and A f r i c a W o r l d details of their work all over the world and N e w s p a p e r for further information not he GIVE furthermore asked Project, please visit Gassama if IOM ever


AFRICAWORLD JAN 16 - 31 2014


While an Asylum Seeker, Alpha inspiring. Accolades and re

Alpha with Minister Frances F.

Frances, Breeda, Alpha

Chamber of commerce 2013

JAN 16 - 31 2014




ha Gassama was examplary and recognition are numerous. Volunteer Ireland Awards 2012

Dear Alpha,

Dear Mr.Gassama, Congratulations on being shortlisted for the Volunteer Ireland Awards 2012!

I am pleased that Clondalkin Tidy Towns has been acknowledged for all your hard work and have emailed Ronan my congratulations to the group.

As you know, 30 of you outstanding volunteers have been invited to be honoured at the gala ceremony. The postal invitations have been delayed but the meantime, we wanted to send you on the details and we have attached a pdf of the invitation. Here are the details:

I understand that my office is still waiting for details regarding your application for leave to remain. If you could call at 457 7712 to make an appointment to clarify the situation and to enable me to make further representations on your behalf.

Wednesday 5th December Dublin City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2 – shown on map here

Yours sincerely,





● ●

Reception from 6.30pm to 8.00pm: wine, food and live music. There will not be a sit-down meal but we will be doing our utmost to ensure no guests are left hungry! The ceremony will take place between approx 8.00pm and 9.00pm. ● There will be another celebratory reception after with wine, Baileys and ● desserts with more live music (until approx. 10.30pm)

Minister Frances Fitzgerald T.D. Department of Children & Youth Affairs 43- 49 Mespil Road Dublin 4

Dress Code The dress code is formal, but not black tie – we calling it “cocktail” for want of a better word.

Constituency Office Laurel House New Road Clondalkin Dublin 22


Guests / Tickets Each nominee’s invitation allows for 2 other guest – a friend or family member, and a member of the organisation you volunteer for. If you would like to bring more guests, please just let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. There is a limited number of seats but you are our priority. Please email with the number of extra guests you would like spaces for.

Ph: 01-457 7712

Oireachtas email policy and disclaimer. about/oireachtasemailpolicyanddisclaimer/ Beartas ríomhphoist an Oireachtais agus séanadh. beartasriomhphoistanoireachtaisagusseanadh/


Accomodation and Parking – information attached.


Dear Minister Frances, Thanks for your support to clondalkin Tidy towns and for my case for leave to remain in Ireland.

Best regards,


Kate McDonagh Events Coordinator Volunteer Ireland

I'm blessed to have the support of all the communities and authority in Clondalkin and South Dublin Council,my full gratitude to everybody. +353 (0)1 6369446

It a pleasure for me to meet you,I will call for that immediately.

Follow us on Twitter // Like us on Facebook



Alpha Gassama

Volunteering Ireland, trading as Volunteer Ireland, is a company limited by guarantee and with charity status (CRO 362625/CHY 15474). Our registered address is 18 Eustace Street, Dublin 2.

32 Newlands Road


Clondalkin Dublin 22

17th December 2013

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

MEETING OF SOUTH DUBLIN COUNTY COUNCIL Monday, November 12, 2012 HEADED ITEM NO. 2b) Report of Clondalkin Area Committee held on 17th October 2012

REPORT: The following report was presented to the Clondalkin Area Committee held on 17th October 2012:REQUEST TO APPEAL ON BEHALF OF ALPHA GASSAMA It was proposed by Councillor G. Kenny, seconded by Councillor T. Ridge: “That this Committee requests the Council to write to the Minister for Justice Alan Shatter to appeal on behalf of Alpha Gassama who resides in the Tower Reception Centre Clondalkin. We are appealing to the Minister to let Alpha stay in Ireland on the grounds that his life would be in danger if he was to go back to Guinea. Alpha has been in Ireland for the past eight years and has done numerous voluntary works since his arrival here in 2004.” The following report by the Manager was READ: “If the Members agree with the sentiments of the Motion then a recommendation will be brought to the full Council in the context of a report from the Area Committee.” A discussion ensued in relation to the Motion with contributions from Cllrs Kenny, Bonner, McDonagh & Ridge. Ms E. O’Gorman, Senior Executive Officer responded to queries raised. In line with the Manager’s Report, and as there was consensus from the meeting that a recommendation be made to the Council to write to the Minister to appeal on behalf of Alpha Gassama, this matter is now before the Council.

I have known Alpha Gassama for the last 18 months. In that time Alpha has not only been a dedicated volunteer with Clondalkin Tidy Towns but has also been an inspirational leader to many people who otherwise may not have volunteered. He has developed many skills in the short space of time I have known him. Alpha’s commitment to Clondalkin is evident in him singlehandedly eradicating graffiti from the village and the surrounding areas. Since the inception of a Clondalkin Tidy Towns Alpha has been an integral member of the committee. He has contributed much to the achievements of the Tidy Towns. His contribution resulted in him being nominated for Volunteer of the Year sponsored by In November this year Alpha was elected Vice Chairman of Clondalkin Tidy Towns. Alpha is a very amiable, enthusiastic, reliable, trustworthy and punctual member of our community and I willingly endorse his application for employment in your company.

Should you wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0851645582

Yours Sincerely,

____________ Pat O’Sullivan. Chairman Clondalkin Tidy Towns.


AFRICAWORLD JAN 16 - 31 2014

NEWS/COLUMN S. We grew up singing in the church from a young age. We always Knew we wanted to sing and be entertainers when we got older and finished school. We constantly sang around the house mimicking famous people and writing our own songs. It was after finished University that our Mom suggested we team up as a group and that’s how we formed SHiiKANE.

By Martin Ekeocha

KENYA The trial of four men over the deadly Westgate shopping center siege in Kenya starts in the capital, Nairobi. The four suspected foreigners deny charge of aiding a terrorist group and being in Kenya illegally.

D. What would you call your type of music?

LIBERIA USAID Global Water Coordinator in Liberia to Assess Water Strategy

LIBYA Nokia solutions and Networks has opened a new office in Tripoli Libya in a bid to improve delivery of it’s mobile broadband infrastructure to support operation in the North African country.

“SHiiKANE” the name of music’s new International Super Girl Group, consisting of twins HRH Shay, Princess Annamay and sister Baby-Kay. Beautiful ladies hailing from Asaba Delta State, born and raised in London UK. They started their professional career in 2009 by releasing their debut Mixtape “SHiiKANE Touched This” and haven’t stopped since. I caught up with the lovely ladies for a quick chat. D. How did you start doing music?

S. We sing Afro Pop Music. “Afro” because we sing from an African perspective. “Pop” because our music is popular in its appeal and has an international flavour to it. D. As sisters, how do you find working together? S. Working together works well for us. HRH Shay and Princess Annamay are Twins and Baby-Kay is our younger sister. We come from a close nit family of 7 siblings. losing our mother at a young age even made us closer. Of course we disagree at times but we resolve it just as quickly as it started. Being so close also makes


Frenchman burned alive by Madagascar mob pleaded innocence in recording of last words

MALAWI The “cashgate”scandal is threatening President Joyce Banda’s chances of winning elections in May as the state battles to pay it’s bills following aid cuts and public anger over official corruption mounts.


Authorities have questioned Mali’s coup leader Sanogo over army violence linked to a counter-coup shortly after he siezed power in March 2012.

MAURITANIA Mauritanians Condemn Call to Kill Author

MOROCCO King Mohammed VI Convenes al-Quds Committee Meeting in Support of Middle East

There has been a lot of talk in the media about the taxi industry in Dublin. AfricaWorld will be having a 3 part report, starting next publication, where we took a look at different aspects of the taxi industry covering both the drivers and passengers. Here’s an excerpt: “Everybody has entered this

business; but this job is not for everyone. This is one business I have seen where some people do not get all the facts before jumping in. Do you know how many people are driving taxis in Dublin city? Take a guess.... I don’t work days anymore. It does not suit me. I can’t make a decent living from it. I work nights. The best days are towards the weekends. But they are also the toughest days. You have to be tough to survive. And you have to have protection.” Read part 1 of our 3 Taxi stories in the next edition. Just fasten your literary belt for a journey into the entertaining Taxi world.

the creative process much easier because we have similar ideas and outlooks on how things should be. D. What are the major influences or inspiration on your music? S. We grew up listening to R&B Soul from Stevie Wonder to the Jackson’s and always wanted to be like them. Our musical influences and tastes are quite eclectic. We are influenced by a lot of Old school artists from Fela Kuti, Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, The Beatles, David Bowie, Micheal Jackson, Teddy Riley to the current like Cold Play, Beyonce, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Bjork and Flavour N’abania D. What are you currently working on? S. We just released our current single “Omo Shelen Geh” Produced by Tee-Y Mix its doing very well and we are in the middle of promoting it. We are working on our Album which is scheduled to be released by the summer of 2014. SHiiKANE will be touring worldwide in 2014. For bookings: or twitter@shiikane

JAN 16 - 31 2014



COLUMN/NEWS now creating captivating PowerPoint designs has been very hard work but now , Slideshop brings you a vast collection of PowerPoint presentation templates from which to choose.

MOZAMBIQUE Death Toll From Ambush Rises


Bidvest Namibia Cup action resumes this weekend

New way to make p r e s e n t a t i o n e a s y, faster and professional BY UCHE ONYENAGUBO

NIGER Niger orders closure of migrant camps after Sahara deaths

NIGERIA An Islamic court in Northern Nigeria has put on trial 11 Muslim men accused of being homosexuals, a crime punishable by stoning to death, an official says.


was faced with a task to import an audio to a PowerPoint project for school Christmas party. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the ideal tools for presenting projects of all types. Using recorded audio to narrate a presentation brings out the reality of the demonstration; therefore, completing the import task was important to the final production of the plan. During the brainstorming on how to deliver this assignment t, I encountered challenges which led to a search for solutions and that prompted the write up on this edition of Tech_Pilot. In brief, to import a recorded audio to a presentation, simply follow these steps: 1. Go to the menu bar, select “Insert” then choose “Media” and click on audio.

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RWANDA Four Rwandans have been detained in connection with the apparent murder of Rwanda’s intelligence chief Patrick Karegeya, Mozambican police say.

SENEGAL Russia accuses Greenpeace of pushing Senegal to arrest trawler

SIERRA LEONE Transforming a Nation and Addressing Fragility

relationship heading to marriage to see that marital issues are real and to prepare them to know how to deal with it. Kindly add friends, family and colleagues to Loving & Affectionate Couple Forum on facebook. The purpose is to Celebrate Marital Life & Healthy Relationship. Please feel free to bless people with your advice or tips according to the word of God.

SOMALIA Al-Shabab: Guardians of Somali identity?

Also find below the Mission and Vision events in order to have a healthy YOU ARE WELCOME TO THE relationship & successful marital life. LOVING & AFFECTIONATE COUPLE of the Organisation; FORUM Mission: To facilitate a godly open Vision: To see couple enjoying a healthy marital discussion & to guide people to relationship and successful marital life. choose the best way to address a situation via an online forum & social Also this forum can help those in a


AFRICAWORLD JAN 16 - 31 2014


Pride of


Stephanie Ntonye, our Pride of Africa is from Ivory Coast. She is a student of Psychology and Theology at the Dublin City University. Stephanie’s achievements include contesting for Miss Ethnic Ireland in 2013 and Miss Bikini Ireland. She is a Fitness Model and has won Laurels at Poetry Ireland. Her hobbies include football, horror movies, gymnastics, music and she loves to dance.

ie n a h p Ste e Ntony

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The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has long threatened to withhold UK financial aid from African governments that do not reform legislation banning homosexuality. On 30 October 2011, Cameron was reported to have said, “Britain is one of the premier aid givers in the world. We want to see countries that receive our aid adhering to proper rights. Those receiving UK aid should adhere to proper rights.” Britain has threatened that if Malawi did not legalise homosexuality and same sex marriages, Britain would withdraw its aid which has been reported as being in the order of 19 million pounds. Uganda has become a recent victim of British intimidation, after it passed in its parliament, a Bill making homosexuality and same sex marriage a criminal offence. African leaders must take up pending serious African issues with Europe, the colonial under-developer of Africa. I will elaborate on this later. For now, let me remind that the first same sex marriage on this planet, took place in the Netherlands on 1 April 2001. Was this April Fools day joke? No, Belgium followed in 2003, Spain in 2005, Canada in 2005, Norway in 2009. In America at that time out of 52 states that constitute the USA, only six had legalised same sex marriages. In Africa out of 54 African countries, only South Africa has allowed homosexuality and legalised same sex marriages. I was a Member of the South African Parliament for ten years. When I spoke in the debate on homosexuality, I said among other things, “Only those who have sold their souls to cultural imperialism will support this obscenity. It is hypocritical to talk of ‘moral regeneration’ and ‘African Renaissance’ and turn round and surrender to this cultural aberration. It is no excuse that it is in the constitution. It should never have been there in the first instance. The burning issues in this country are landlessness [of the African people], inhuman squatter camps, unaffordable education and unemployment, lack of good health care [for Africans] and eradication of poverty….A large body of scientific researchers on homosexuality has established that there is no scientific basis for homosexuality. There is no gay gene.” [Interjections]…..Population is a very important national asset,

especially for Africa. Africa has more resources than the so-called “first world” which incidentally, is much younger than Africa, especially on matters of morality. Precolonially, African laws never clashed with moral issues. In African societies morality was synonymous with legality. Law is a natural product of a people…… This African principle of law-making was long appreciated by Frederick Karl von Savigny, who was incidentally an outstanding German jurist. He pointed out that “law must develop naturally. Law is a unique creation of each nation and race. Laws must be adapted to the spirit of each nation because rules that apply to one nation are not valid for another nation…. This is correct. That is why there has to be respect for the national sovereignty of every nation, except where there is gross violation of human rights, for example, situations of genocide…… Friederich Puchta, another eminent European jurist said, “Law grows with the growth of a people.” To Puchta, a nation was a community of people linked together by historical, geographical and cultural ties.”…..Puchta elaborated on the theory of jurisprudence known as volkgeist. He said that volkgeist is the broad principles of the legal system that are found in the spirit of the people and become manifest in customary rules. He concluded by saying that “legislation must conform to the popular consciousness of the people.”

Africa must therefore not adopt European laws that are in conflict with the moral values of the majority of Africans and could cause political instability in an African nation, causing violence and even reducing the African population dangerously. AIDS has decimated millions of young Africans who are the future and source of Africa’s population and its perpetuation. Thousands of young people are buried every week in Africa living older people behind. There are other diseases such as TB and Malaria that are contributing to Africa’s population decline. It has also been found that the fertility of women in South Africa, for example is declining. If Africans are not vigilant and play down the importance of population, soon a depopulated Africa shall be a dumping ground of over-populated countries from elsewhere outside Africa. This will have suicidal consequences for the African people.

By Mordi.I.Michael

Population is an important national weapon, politically, professionally, industrially and militarily. One of the main factors that led to the demise of apartheid colonial South Africa is that the international community found it repugnant that a tiny settler colonial minority could bully 80% African indigenous majority with the assistance of many Western European countries. Nations that practise homosexuality will disappear from the face of the earth. Africa must not be among them. The pressure on Africa to go homosexual is coming from Europe. This is from the British government and its allies that have not accounted for their role in the Slave Trade of Black human beings (Africans). Through the Berlin Act of 26 February 1885, seven European countries stole the whole of Africa except Ethiopia. They sliced this African Continent among themselves like a cake at a royal wedding. They used the “cheap native labour” and looted the riches of Africa to develop Europe and under-develop Africa. They practised unprecedented racism in human history. They treated Africans as sub-humans. Paradoxically, they are today lecturing Africans on how they must live and govern themselves. These self-appointed “teachers” may have the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction in the world, but they know very little about morality. Speaking about the barbaric enslavement of Africans by Europeans in Senegal in February 1992, Pope Paul John II pleaded with Africans “to forgive all those who during those 500 years [of European slave trade] have been the cause of pain and suffering for your ancestors and for yourselves.” Writing about the inhumanity of the European slave traders with the full support of their governments, the Rev J.H. Soga said, “Murder was the order of the day. Men and women and children were massacred, and the captives sold without regard to the ties of fatherhood or offspring. The one ruthlessly torn from the other as if the bond of love…had no existence. Family upon family, tribe upon tribe was often completely swept away not even an infant being spared. Millions upon millions of the sons and daughters of Africa were sent to destruction as if they had been wild animals.”

These were the days when the Right Rev. Mead, Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia in America, then a British colony, could preach to the African slaves and say, “Almighty God has been pleased to make you slaves here, and give you nothing, but labour and poverty in this world, which you are obliged to submit to, as it is His will that it should be so. Your bodies…are not your own: they are at the disposal of those you belong to.” A Swiss missionary Henri Junod proclaimed, “The Blacks…despite all that has been written on the fundamental axiom of absolute equality of mankind, are an inferior race, made to serve….Everyone… is deeply concerned that the Blacks should accept the position assigned to them by physical and intellectual faculties. Without the arms of the natives the gold mines in Johannesburg which have built up the prosperity of South Africa would cease to exist from one day to the next for it is the native arms which accomplish the entire manual labour in the extracting of gold…the white man’s role is that of the organiser, the master under whose watch; must work million arms of the native population.” A British philosopher Betrand Russell has written about European atrocities in the “Belgian” Congo. “Each village was ordered by the authorities to collect and bring in a certain amount of rubber – as much as the men could bring in by neglecting all work for their own maintenance. If they failed to bring the required amount, their own women were taken away and kept as hostages of government employees. If this failed…troops were sent to the village to spread terror, if necessary by killing the men…they were ordered to bring one right hand amputated from an African victim for every cartridge used.” According to Sir H.H. Johnston the Congo population was reduced from 20 million people to nine million in fifteen years. These Are Matters African Leaders Must Discuss with Western Europe and its allies, NOT HOMOSEXUALS AND SAME SEX MARRIAGES. The worst genocide occurred in Namibia in 1904. Namibia was then a German colony. A well armed German colonial army under

General Lothar von Trotha drove the Hereros to the Kalahari Desert where there was no water. 80% of the Herero people died of dehydration in that desert. African people must raise this debate to a higher level where it really belongs. All imperialist countries that colonised Africa must pay reparations for the TransAtlantic Slave Trade in African human cargo as well as reparations in looting African riches after the Berlin Conference. European museums are full of artifacts that were looted from Africa by European colonial governments. Their home is Africa. European countries must repatriate these artifacts to their African owners in Africa. On the repatriation of these African artifacts from European museums, UNESCO DirectorGeneral, Amoude-Mahtar M’Bow wrote, “The return of a work of art or record to the country which created it enables its people to recover part of the memory and identity and proves that the long civilisation which shapes the history of the world is still continuing in an atmosphere of mutual respect among nations.” Africa has never dictated to Europe what laws Europeans must or must not make. It is therefore, very impudent of Britain and its allies to want to bully Africa into making laws that suit Europe and threaten withholding financial aid to African countries that refuse to legalise homosexuality in their own countries. Anyway, let it never be forgotten that Western Europe and its allies accumulated its wealth from the enslavement of Africans and underdevelopment of the African Continent through the barbaric and inhuman Berlin Act of 26 February 1885. Unfortunately, while there are attempts to divert this serious issue to homosexuality and same sex marriages; the neo-colonial exploitation of Africans by former architects of slavery and colonialism goes on unabated. In the words of Pope Benedict XVI, “Our Western way of life has stripped Africa’s people of their riches and continues to strip them.”



ulti-talented but uncelebrated Godfrey Chimbganda bares his mind on the journey so far for the African entertainment market in Ireland. Take it or leave it, he knows the genesis of showbiz for the African immigrant even as a teenager in Ireland. The Artiste’s Manager bares his mind to AfricaWorld Newspaper. Tell us a bit about your background I grew up singing in church at the age two I would sing in front of hundreds and thousands. So I loved music from a very very young age. Coming to Ireland you would think I will get a break or so better opportunity but that was not the case. No one was there to help. So I managed and created my own buzz from the age of 18. I learnt PR but then you meet the barrier setter people who thought a person not born in Ireland can’t make it. These made me fight but I was young and

you know what I had to get done people on it so I got networking. I got into managing acts from my experiences especially after I put 32 acts on one stage in 2004 which was never done before. Most of those acts are looked up to today like Nucentz, DJ Mok with the Elementz, Luke Thomas, Marcus Valentine, Collie the late lunatic and Mista B. It was a very mixed crowd and so were the acts. I managed a number of artist over the years and some went international. I had to stop managing cause... well, they were immigrants and had travel restrictions which has a whole different story. Over the last 12 years I have managed about 21 acts, been involved with hundreds of acts in dance , comedy, music , poetry, and well, I work averagely on about 30 events per year in the last 5 years. I currently manage 7 acts. So I have great experience as a foundation. Though I have promoted oscar, Grammy, Emmy ...award winners. Unfortunately none of TGIF acts I

have developed have got there yet but it’s coming. I don’t manage established artists I like developing because it make me creative and it’s more challenging. You have been involved with many artiste in Eireann, enlighten us more In relation to Artists in Ireland, I have worked with hundreds. I mean a Frank Jez was my poster boy..true story in 2004/5 so imagine how far back that was. The history of the Dj’s is something I can lay claim to especially with Afro ethnic Dj’s. I will tell you that it begins with hustler, funk master lee and DJ Eddy just before them is the guy who has a reggae shop in temple bar. I was there when all city records, the true Hip Hop shop first opened. I can tell stories about so many people, just need to drop a name. I used to be called the Godfather you know, and I was just 18. Anyway Artists in Ireland need to raise the standard to be better than the United Kingdom,

it’s the only way... No other way. As we are for the events like the MOBO awards to come to Ireland, we all know the factor will not produce urban acts here so we need to do it the traditional way: tours, great music, great videos, political views, publicity stunts...the usual. As a music scene or urban scene people need to really be creative. Can you name some Ireland based stars you have worked with? Marcus valentine, Fabu d, No limits, Chris Kabs, Geneseas, Joe Chad, Proud, Pstarz etc... Tell our readers more of what you do or are you a manager I am involved in a lot some say too much. I am at the moment a Family Man, Financial Advisor, PR Machine, Promoter, Entrepreneur, Music Executive, Community Activist, Artistic Director, Radio Presenter, Media Consultant.

What are we expecting this 2014? We are expecting a lot of events. I am working on a TV show for safari and that I think is the most exciting thing I have this year. I am looking forward to an album from Tunde Esho by the way. Would you say Irish based performers have come of age? Irish based artists are not there yet in our community because we need to shine out. We can do it but we really need to work and be creative. We also need funding ... Does the government know we are worth billions if they fund us. The amount of African kids that are talented but just don’t have the money is amazing.

Mr. Chimbganda with Enda Kenny TD, Irish Prime Minister

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Nigeria’s ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ireland Women Leader, Joyce Ibrahim hosted stalwarts, followers, friends and relatives in a private birthday bash.

JAN 16 - 31 2014





Family, friends, associates and parishioners of Dublin based singer Debsandy held a service of songs for departed Dad, late Engr. Frank Musa

JOE COSTELLO LAUNCH THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT PHOTO EXHIBITION Paul Loughran and Joseph O’Connor’s ‘The Butterfly Effect’ photo exhibition was launched by

Irish Minister for Trade and Development, Joe Costello TD yesterday. The Tanzania project funded by the Simon Cumbers Media Fund also attracted Emer Costello MEP.


Pastor Evangeline Omini hosted a New Year feast for members and well wishers of Christ Vineyard Bible School Naas.


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COLUMN what went wrong instead of using sex as a tool to punish one another.

By Abdul Yusuf



he question I want answers to is; is it right for someone to deny his/her spouse of the enjoyment of marriage, I mean s*x? Or should it be used as a weapon to punish your partner? So many people are encountering this issue in marriage and there are lots of couples that are facing this problem in their matrimonial homes as too. Well, on a couple of occasion I have touched on this topic hopefully one day, we can all find a way forward on this issue. It is often difficult for the sufferer be it man or woman to make his/her voice heard when faced with the situation in his/her matrimonial home. But I will not comment on whether it should be used as a weapon or not until we both read and reason together on this. I will try and keep the tenses very simple for others to understand vividly.

The Almighty God who had created us never encouraged one to deny his or her spouse of this important act of lovemaking in marriage. This can only happen between spouses after several steps have been taken to resolve an issue(s) in their marriage. Such issues that might be unresolvable can lead to separation either temporary or permanent or even divorce. Let us move forward on this issue; in the beginning when two lovers meet and eventually get married, it is always ‘me and you, no one but you, it is you I love, without you I am nothing or lifeless.’ These and many other sweet words are what sweet lovers will always want to say or hear from each other. They will always want to be together, take and taste the uncooked but memorable and sweetest part of their fleshes without restriction as it is always difficult for platonic lovers to take away their hands from each other. This does not only happen to husband and wife alone even between unmarried couple that are dating. Every opportunity that avails itself to them, they want to make the best of it because they will desire themselves beyond imagination. It is always, ‘I miss you’! Relationships can sometimes take a U-turn if your partner who initially couldn’t keep his/her hands off you becomes less or not interested in intimacy with you anymore. This always happens especially when there is a misconception or minor misunderstanding between you. Not that the feeling is gone because you are still attractive, adorable or even more appealing at that time. Based on understanding, your spouse or partner who was once overly attracted to you sexually,

automatically becomes selfish and stingy with sexual affections.

One of the pleasurable parts of a healthy marriage is sex. It is a healthy means to a good and everlasting communication in any relationship, which is why the unmarried crave for it but not a visa to marriage. It is part of living and loving and growing together. The lack of it through refusal may signal a problem, especially if the couple have been living together for quite some time, and if one of the partners is truly dissatisfied with the current arraignment and sees the lack of good sexual communication as a weapon that is being used by one of the partner to punish the other when things are perceived to be going wrong in the relationship. There is no schedule or law that determines how much sex and how

Anyhow, withholding sex for whatever reason in marriage is all about control, even when the excuse may be religious like fasting or being told by a religion to stay away from sex without the consent of one’s partner. I believe no true religion will allow that without the permission of your partner. It is a passive/aggressive way of expressing a deep seated anger that is being directed at the partner one is refusing to have sex with. Refusal or denial of sex implies that one has something precious to give and is refusing to give it to show displeasure at the partner on the receiving end. People who refused to give sexual pleasures to their partners for reasons best known to them or for any frivolous excuse do it to feel in control because they will feel they have the upper hand sexually.

On this there might be excuse(s). So, if the partner’s excuse is work related or tiredness, then the partner can give valuable suggestion that might help the situation. This is because any excuse or reason given can be addressed through communicating with each other. An open communication is good for any successful relationship. One funny thing is that men will always claim superiority when it comes to sex while women are ready to be on strike when they are ready to deal with their men. It is not ideal for spouses to deprive each other with sex for any reason whatsoever. The right for sexual intercourse is the right that a husband or wife is entitled to in any marriage and should be consensual, especially the right to have sexual relations with his or her spouse. Once two people exchange marital vows and become one, their bodies and other possessions which were personal prior to marriage, immediately convert to mutual possessions. Everything becomes jointly-owned; the man’s body becomes the woman’s property while the woman’s body becomes her husband’s. Because most men are egoistic, they rebel against the idea that their bodies belong to their

quickly look for another bedmate. On the other hand, a wife may not make a big issue of the man’s “no” to sex at the initial stage; instead, she could make excuses for him. However, it becomes another ballgame when his direct/indirect refusal becomes a trend. The danger signals become more apparent and she starts to sense a big problem. This will make her become very insecure and suspicious towards her husband in any move. In order to decide whether sexual refusal/ denial is okay in marriage, we need to consider why a spouse would do so and how the other is likely to react. A man could have several reasons for depriving his wife of sex, for instance: she is no longer attractive, boring and unappealing, nags a lot; he is tired of the marriage. But the woman’s reason for saying “no” to her husband’s advances is very simple: she is upset. That’s it! Maybe she doesn’t feel loved anymore, she feels used, and he has refused to give her something she asked for, or has not played his role as the provider. Men have sex with their heads while women do so with their hearts. Therefore, if a woman is not happy with her husband, sex would be a difficult task. A woman’s long-term reaction, however, is primarily emotional – she would either be confrontational by querying him and nagging or she may give the man “silent treatment.” Only a few women indulge in extra-marital affairs because of sexual deprivation. A woman suffers most when she refuses to accord her husband his conjugal rights. Clearly, except a man is spiritually sound and has very high moral standards, for example, he is bound to go ‘shopping’ elsewhere whenever his wife closes ‘shop’. However, men should also know that they can never have a peaceful home when their wives are unhappy. Therefore, if a woman wants her husband not to get on the path of infidelity, she should not deprive her husband of sex. This is because there are many other ways of letting him know you are upset. In the same vein, a man who wants peace in the house as well as a submissive and loyal wife should not deprive his wife of physical intimacy.

often or when, even how to have or make it, but it is obvious that it is a sign of a good and healthy relationship. If it makes relationship healthy then I will say good sex is the glue that holds a marriage together and this is true, whether you like it or you want to believe it or not. Refusal or denial of sex in marriage for any reason that is not mutually agreed upon by both parties is wrong. Yes, I can say what is going on in your mind. Some ladies out there are saying ‘I have the right to open and close it at my own pleasure.’ While the guys are saying ‘I can take it to anywhere to enter and go out for my own satisfaction.’ I know everyone, man or woman in this racket is saying ‘I owned my body or thing and I have a right of refusal or denial at a time when I do not feel like doing it or so.’

The psychological effect of rejection when it comes to sex is very devastating to the partner that is being refused or denied. It leaves the partner feeling unattractive and undesirable. And this always brings effect and when the effect starts it will affect the relationship and can almost make it collapse. It can make a partner to feel depressed and inadequate as a human being with a very low self-esteem and damaged self-image. If there is problem between partners or husband and wife that will warrant refusal and denial, both partners should have a dialogue about it to make the relationship work. All partners should be aware or understand that they are both upset with each other for whatever reasons and both deserve to know

wives but to them, it does not sound right. In honesty, it is a fact! I must admit that deprivation of sex is more of a weapon for women than for men. But the truth is that men are as guilty of the crime as women. Sex is a married man’s greatest need in marriage, while most women are not so crazy about sex. Therefore, a wife may not necessarily whine when her husband directly or indirectly refuses to have sex with her. But the man is very likely to fume when his wife says “no” to his advances towards sex. Why? The answer is simple: a man’s interpretation of his wife’s “no” to sex is that, his wife does no longer recognizes his authority over her. And such a man will instantly react. The wife’s refusal need not be more than once for him to reach his conclusion and

The bottom line is: sex is one of the rights each spouse should accord the other, no matter the circumstances. It is not a weapon for communicating anger that could lead to deprivation or otherwise. Mature people should be able to resolve differences lovingly. In my opinion and conclusion, sexual deprivation is a childish act and a distasteful form of emotional abuse and manipulation in marriage. So, if you my lengthy opinion which seem like a lecture, it is therefore absolutely not right for spouses to use sex as a weapon of discipline for each other. Partners should cast their mind back and remember the good old days when their sex initially started in a robust and desirable manner. Take care of yourselves and each other.

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am Kibacha is the leader of the Tanzania community in Ireland. AfricaWorld caught up with Nam at the Butterfly Project Photo Exhibition at the Irish Aid. A journey embarked by Nam as a student has metamorphosed to other things so important in her life. Below is our interview with the Tanzania leader: WHEN DID YOU COME TO IRELAND AND HOW DID YOUR ORGANISATION EMERGE? I came to Ireland at the end of 1996 as a student. Presently i am a software Engineer and consultant with years of experience working on different software computer companies in ireland. I am married with children. Our organisation is not as active as others compared to others. Like I said earlier, I was formerly a student before becoming a full time resident so one need time to settle. However, we organise events like independence new year day with support of Irish Council for international students. But as years go by we are trying our best to get as many as possible involve. For Tanzanians settled here, it seem less important unlike the students who feel lonely and need interaction.

Nam Kibacha

By Ukachukwu Okorie

WHAT IS A ROUGH ESTIMATE OF TANZANIANS IN IRELAND? I say 1000 or m ore than that. There are students who leave after their studies, however, many are permanent residents in Dublin, Galway and Cork so the number could be more. IRELAND HAS BEEN I N VO LV E IN D E V E L O P M E N TA L ACTIVITIES IN YOUR COUNTRY, CAN YOU EXPLAIN BRIEFLY? Yes! Tanzania has good relationship with ireland in so many ways especially in development activities. The partnership is strong and dated since 1975. Irish Aid is an important player in aspects of Tanzania developmental program. A key focus of Irish Aid’s work is its support for the Tanzanian Government’s Agricultural Sector Development Programme. The Government of Ireland launched innovative Africa Agri-Food Development Fund. The fund is part of Ireland’s overseas development cooperation programme and is designed to support the development of new partnerships between the Agrifood sectors in Ireland and the African continent which focus on Tanzania and Kenya. Irish Aids also works for improvements in the areas of

governance and health, education and nutrition programmes. In the area of my expertise - ICT, the Embassy of Ireland in association with the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) and the Tanzanian Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), organised the First Tanzania ICT Summit 2013 tagged ‘ICT Skills of Tomorrow’ which took place from 19th - 20th November 2013 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The event aimed to promote links between ICT sectors in Ireland and Tanzania and to share Ireland’s experiences as a global ICT hub. TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT THE TANZANIA YOU LEFT AND NOW Tanzania is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. We have experienced very high average growth between 2000 and 2012. However, this has not reduced poverty drastically. There are fast growing sectors like construction and finance but still it can not employ as many people as agriculture which has been a net employer in the past decade. The tourism and mining sectors have become leading industries in terms of exports and foreign exchange earner.

The telecom sector in Tanzania is growing very fast as mobile penetration now stand at about 28 million sim-cards which is really very attractive. As 80% of the Tanzanian population live in the rural areas, transfer in money and commodities alike go through via mobile banking. DO YOU CELEBRATE TOGETHER IN IRELAND? Yes we try our best to have a yearly celebration. We mark our independent day which is usually on December 9th by having a gathering with music and the best of Tanzanian food. TANZANIA IS ONE OF THE MOST PEACEFUL COUNTRIES IN AFRICA, WHAT IS THE SECRET? I would say Our former President Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, he played a vital part that people see today by laying a foundation. Despite being a diverse mix of ethnic groups,Tanzanians are united by a common language ‘Kiswahili’, and a strong sense of national community. We can differ politically or disagree between parties but when it comes to supporting each other in difficult times or defending the country and culturally, we are all Tanzanians.

HOW CAN IRELAND AND TANZANIA RELATE MORE ESPECIALLY IN TRADE? Tanzania and Ireland relate much in area of agriculture. The sector has played a bigger role since the country got its independence. For Ireland the most significant cross government initiative has been undertaken in co-operation with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine. With the establishment of the Africa Agri-Food Development Fund (AADF) which combine the expertise and experience of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine and Irish Aid, there have been progress in the development of agriculture. The objective is to develop partnerships to support sustainable growth of the local food industry, build markets for local produce and support mutual trade between Ireland and Tanzania. The pilot phase of the AADF which concentrate on Kenya and Tanzania boast significant potential for agri-business. ANY MORE INFORMATION ON YOUR COUNTRY? Our Tanzania High Commission is in London and the contact is 3 Stratford Pl, London W1C 1AS, United Kingdom +44 20 7569 1470

Dr. David Nyaluke with Nam and her daughter

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IMMIGRANTS CELEBRATE A DECADE OF WORSHIP AT ST. PETER Francis Okosun is the general coordinator of St. Peter’s Africa mass centre, AfricaWorld asked him questions over the forthcoming 10years anniversary. Can you briefly enlighten us about the history of immigrant worship in St. Peter’s Church Phibsborough? The Vincentian centre for asylum seekers in Phibsborough under the management of Very Rev Brian Moore CM and Very Rev. Sr. Breege Keenan DC aided the establishment and growth of St. Peter’s mass centre. In 2003, Very Rev Brian Moore CM, the parish priest of St. Peter’s Phibsborough opened St. Peter’s Mass centre for

the immigrants. Originally, mass was celebrated at 2pm by Revs. Vincent Ikhalia CM and Daniel Okechukwu but later changed to 2.15pm. The Vincentian centre for asylum seekers and the mass centre in Phibsborough helped to meet both the spiritual needs of the African immigrants and the needs of those who are homeless. This gesture attracted practicing Catholics to worship in the African mass and equally attracted nonCatholics. In 2007, His Grace, Most Rev. Dr.Diarmuid Martin, the Archbishop of Dublin appointed Fr. Sylvester Achonam as Chaplain of a new African Chaplaincy. During his time, centres were opened in Clondalkin, Lucan,

Blanchardstown and Balbriggan. In 2009, the Archbishop asked the Vincentians to be in charge of the five new centres with Fr. Lazarus Iwueke CM as the Chaplain. In 2012, Rev Fr. Cornelius Nwaogwugwu CM was appointed to the seat of Chaplain of the African community. Today, there are seven mass centres in the African Chaplaincy Archdiocese of Dublin. Who worship at the African mass in St. Peter’s?

The African Chaplaincy serves people from many African countries and non Africans countries and the eucharistic mass is open to all. Our African mass is

very lively, expressive and unique for its songs and dances. Everybody is welcome to worship with us.

Where is the location of the Phibsborough centre? St Peters Catholic Church is located at the junction of the New Cabra Avenue and the North Circular Road in Phibsborough, Dublin 7. Public transport to the church are: Buses: 10, 38, 38a, 120, and 122 What will be the highlights of the anniversary? The highlights of the Anniversary include the followingThanksgiving Mass at 2.15pm in St Peter’s parish;

General Coordinator. Francis Okosun

Reception follows immediately after mass at the scout hall nearby. During the reception- we shall have: Cultural Dance by the women / Gospel Music, Ballet Dance, Irish Dance, and Fashion Parade When is the occasion coming up? The Anniversary date is 19th January, 2014. All are welcome. By Francis Okosun, St. Peter’s centre coordinator.

Patrick Edokobi leads the Church Chair

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COLUMN/NEWS challenges, and victories. We encouraged your contribution to the never ending struggle of standing you for ourselves.

By Lihle



ith the New Year already in full swing, hope your spirits are high and your souls ready for the dreams. 2013 was a year of great things, talents were discovered and nurtured. Young people stepped

out and made themselves visible and the older generation shared their wisdom and experience. With great pleasure we marvelled as we shared in your dreams, aspirations, ambitions, experience, disappointments, struggles,

2014 promises to deliver growth, maturity, hard work and humour to it’s best as you have given us your word that you will stay on the fight till the end. Ladies and Gentlemen this is a platform where you can have your way “well not literally of course”. We take on issues from every angle of life with the staunch stance of remaining Africanists. A place where young people can come in and talk about their dreams, promote their talents and discuss issues they feel are relevant to them and of course Africa is a large part of the conversation. A place where the older generation



atherine Wanbui is the maiden Miss Kenya Ireland. AfricaWorld News spoke to the beauty queen on her Christmas celebration and plans for 2014 How was your Christmas and New Year celebrations?

My Christmas and New Year was awesome, I was with my family and we had a great days full of blessings


What are we expecting this 2014 from the office of Miss Kenya Ireland?

I will be doing lots of charity and voluntary works and related organisations, infact i want to give lot of attention to this areas. Can you tell us your key plans for 2014? 3: I’m hoping to go to Kenya this year. Over there, I have plans to

visit the slums and feed as many homeless people as I can. I will be visiting my local church too too. I am hoping to ganner blessings as I take on this journey as Miss Kenya Ireland As the 1st Beauty Queen from Kenya in Ireland, how are you planning for your successor? 4:I will be planning a completion late this year together with the Kenyan embassy. We will be

can spread their wisdom and teach with their experience. As my people say “the route of the journey is known by those that have gone ahead”. A place where your relentless contribution to the development of our community is recognised in every way possible, be it through the Arts, Education, Industry, Trade and so on and so forth. This is a platform open to the young and old from all walks of life, with the common goal of telling your side of the African story. We make it our business to hunt you down wherever you are, you are 100% welcome to hunt us down if you feel you have something burning inside of you and will serve best shared. A journey of a thousand miles begins having an event to bring Kenyans close and celebrate together , and the next Miss Kenya Ireland will be chosen in a competition there. Tell us a little about your country and its tourist attraction 5: Kenyan tourism is none like other , we got the big five. The most beautiful safaris and the people in Kenya are very friendly, that’s one of the reason I am so passionate about my country. Every time I am home or even here in Ireland and happen to meet someone from Kenya, I feel like

with one step, nothing is too little to change the course of history, and alone you might run faster but together we can run far as we will be able to carry each other along. Take on 2014 with full force leaving no stone unturned because we are behind you all the way. We shall converse about it through the REEDS. Remember to stop along the way to share a smile and laugh as they say “laughter is the best medicine”. Remain humble and meek while not forgetting to be steadfast too. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIMIT YOU, BUT YOURSELF .

we are a family though we are not blood related. We are Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s family What is your message for your fans? 6: To all my fans out there, thank u so much for your support. I am honoured to be representing our country here in Ireland and all over the world. I will always hold our flag high in the air with pride, determination and passion. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for your support and prayers. Thank you and Happy New Year.

Pretty and Smiley: Miss Kenya Ireland - Catherine Wanbui (R) and current Pride of Africa Stephanie Ntonye.



housands of professionals from around the world including key mining analysts, fund managers, investment specialists, financiers, mining company executives and government officials are preparing to arrive in Cape Town in just a few short weeks for four days of unparalleled deal-making and discovery in African mining. Investing in African Mining Indaba is the world’s largest mining investment event and Africa’s largest mining event. For 19 years, Investing in African Mining Indaba along with its partners in Africa have channeled billions of dollars of foreign investment into the mining value chain. Mining Indaba is the world’s largest gathering of

mining’s most influential stakeholders and decision-makers vested in African mining. 2013 was a record breaking year, with more than 7,800 individuals representing more than 1,500 international companies from 100 countries and approximately 45 African and non-African government delegations. This is where the world connects with African mining. Global professionals including key mining analysts, fund managers, investment specialists, and governments clearly define Mining Indaba as their preferred venue for obtaining the most current economic and mining developments from the world’s

leading experts on African mining. It is held annually at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa and is organised by Mining Indaba LLC.

Who Attends Mining Indaba?

If you are looking for a global perspective on African mining and would like to build and maintain cross-continental business relationships, then you need to attend the 2014 Investing in African Mining Indaba. According to Roger M. Solomon, a 2012 delegate Global Consultant with Assa Abloy Hospitality“I have attended numerous conferences, forums and

expositions in the past 38 years as a buyer, exhibitor and speaker. Mining Indaba 2012 is the best conference as far as the caliber of the attendees and exhibitors that I have ever experienced. The level of executives at the exhibit stands was outstanding. The networking opportunities were also excellent. We met many people attending the conference just walking around. This was our first time to attend Mining Indaba and it will not be the last time. It would have taken us 3 to 5 years to make the contacts

we did at the conference.” The event runs from 3-6 February 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa with selected speakers cutting across all spectrum of business field particularly mining.

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WESTERN SAHARA “European Union (EU) must be part of the solution, rather than be a part of the conflict of Western Sahara,” said Mr. Mohamed Ali Zerouali, Polisario Front’s Representative in Brussels.

YEMEN Ultraconservative Sunni Muslim militants and rebels belonging to a branch of Shiite Islam battled each other in northern Yemen with artillery and machine guns Thursday in clashes that killed more than 40 people, security officials said.

ZAMBIA Ailing dictator Michael Sata has continued experimenting with his government by continuously shuffling Permanent Secretaries.

By Ukachukwu Okorie

Dick Tiger

Originally Richard Ihetu was born on August 14, 1929. A pugilist from Amaigbo in eastern Nigeria who emigrated to Liverpool and later to the United States of America. Tiger was a member of the Igbo ethnic group. Tiger was a talented boxer, commercial venturer and Biafran nationalist. Dick Tiger made his way to the all time boxing great from a humble beginning in his homeland in 1952. Punching his way to the Nigerian championship in the middleweight before moving to England in 1955. On March 27, 1958, he knocked out Pat McAteer to be crowned the British Commonwealth middleweight champion. In 1959 Dick Tiger moved his boxing career to the United States, and on October 23, 1962, he took the World Boxing Association (WBA) middleweight title after

defeating Gene Fullmer. Tiger retained the title with a 15-round draw with Fullmer again on Feb. 23, 1963, and with a seventhround knockout of Fullmer on Aug. 10, 1963. On Oct. 21, 1965, Tiger regained the championship by defeating Giardello in a 15-round decision. He lost the title again on April 25, 1966, when Emile Griffith of the U.S. Virgin Islands, the world welterweight (147 pounds) champion, moved up in weight class and won a 15-round decision. Tiger himself moved up in weight class for his next bout, on Dec. 16, 1966, in which he won a 15-round decision for the world light heavyweight title over Puerto Rican José Torres. The following year, Tiger was

ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe Economic Decline Worries Tsvangirai MDC

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successful in two light heavyweight championship matches, outpointing Torres in 15 rounds on May 16 and knocking out American Roger Rouse in 12 rounds on Nov. 17. Dick Tiger retired in July 1971, after living a life of pugilist champion. Tiger was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991. During the Nigeria - Biafra war, Dick Tiger served with the later and lost his property and money in the war. He later returned to New York to make ends meet after the war. When he became terminally ill with cancer, he returned to Nigeria to live out the remainder of his life. Dick Tiger is reputed as one of the best fighters to grace the pugilist profession, even helping boxing recover during its era of recession. He won lots of global recognition too numerous to mention

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10 Tourist Attractions in Tanzania


Selous Game Reserve


Pemba Island


ounded in 1964 from two separate nation-states, Tanzania is home to Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, and is one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations. The country also has dozens of beautiful white sandy beaches such as those found in the island of Zanzibar. Here are some of the most unforgettable tourist attractions in Tanzania.


Ruaha National Park

Savanna animals can be found in this reserve in greater numbers than in any other African game reserve, thanks to stringent regulation by the Wildlife Division of the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. Most visitors arrive by aircraft, and walking tours or river trips are permitted, though no human habitation or permanent structures are allowed.


Known as the Green Island in Arabic, Pemba Island lies in the Indian Ocean and is part of the “Spice Islands”. As neighboring Zanzibar is becoming more and more popular with tourists, more adventurous travellers are seeking out the less-crowded Pemba. The island is especially popular with divers who come here for the untouched coral and very abundant marine life.


Mafia Island

Lake Manyara

Located in the middle of Tanzania, the Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in the country. The park is named after the Hehe word “ruvaha,” meaning “river.” Filled with wild dogs, lions, leopards, elephants, cheetah, giraffes, zebras, impala, bat eared foxes and jackals, the park offers visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. Due to the parks somewhat rnemote location visitors can enjoy viewing the wildlife without competing with hordes of other tourists.


Tarangire National Park

Also part of the Spice Islands, but smaller than Pemba, Mafia Island has a population of around 40,000 people. Don’t expect organized crime: the name derives either from the Swahili “mahali pa afya,” meaning “a healthy dwelling-place,” or from the Arabic “morfiyeh,” meaning “archipelago”. The island attracts scuba divers, game fishermen, and people wanting to relax on one of the island white sandy beaches.


In the wet season Lake Manyara is home to almost 300 different species of migratory birds, including thousands of flamingos. In the dry season, alkaline mud-flats take the place of the waters. This is the best time to see large mammals such as hippos, elephants, wildebeest and giraffe. A number of safari lodges provide tourists with lodging and day and night safaris to see the wildlife.


Mount Kilimanjaro

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Smaller than Ruaha, this national park is a paradise for bird watchers as more than 550 different species frequent the park. Tarangire is also known for its huge number of elephants, baobab trees and tree climbing lions. Huge termite mounds can be found all around the park.



Mount Kilimanjaro is an inactive volcano in north-eastern Tanzania, near the border with Kenya. At 5,892 meters (19,331 feet) above sea level, Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak and the world’s highest free-standing mountain. Although positioned close to the equator, Mount Kilimanjaro is famous for its snow-capped peak looming over the plains of the savannah. The mountain has become a major tourist attraction for mountaineers and trekkers from around the world.

BARE IT ALL: The island of Unguja, part of Zanzibar, makes up the final Spice Island. Once part of the British Empire, today Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. The African island has been for centuries an important trading center, a melting pot of African, Indian and Arab influences. Zanzibar’s major tourist attraction is Stone Town, with its whitewashed coral rag houses. Another big draw are its beautiful white sandy beaches.


Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is among the best-known big game safari destinations in Africa and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tanzania. It is famous for its annual wildlife migration of wildebeest and zebra. One of the best times to visit the park is in May when the grass becomes dry and exhausted and the wildebeest and zebra start to mass in huge armies offering a spectacular wildlife show.

Ngorongoro is formed form a volcano erupting two to three million years ago which has collapsed and formed a crater. The steep sides of the crater have become a natural enclosure for a wide variety of wild animals. It is also presently one of the most likely areas in Africa to see the endangered Black Rhino. Local Maasai people are permitted to bring cattle to graze in the crater but are required to leave at the end of each day.

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according to disclosures made in Abuja on Monday. It follows similar legislation recently adopted by parliament in Uganda. Nigerian presidential spokesman Reuben Abati said Monday Goodluck Jonathan had signed the

new Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill bans gay encounters and clubs and threatens public displays of same-sex relationships with up to 10 years in prison. Persons who “enter into a same-

“Only a marriage contract between a man and a woman shall be recognized as valid in Nigeria,” the new law states. This is what a typical African person accepts and recognizes as marriage. According to our belief and thinking, marriage should be contracted between a man or woman or between a man and women. This is the Africa world view. The west cannot change it. As the law was signed in Nigeria, there were condemnations. But it has come to stay as a law. Condemnation came from US Secretary of State Kerry, who said the new law “dangerously restricts freedom of assembly … and expression for all Nigerians.”

bill. The news agency Associated Press said it had obtained a copy dated Tuesday, January 7. Nigeria’s

sex marriage contract or civil union” face 14 years prison if convicted.

Amnesty International had previously urged Jonathan to reject the bill, saying it would have

By Dunstan Ukaga



s a Christian kid, I was taught to see homosexuality as an abomination that destroys a nation. Primarily I was taught by the church that homosexuality is a sin hated by God and a sin hated by mankind too. As my catechist would ask then:’’Had any man produced a child by marrying another man?’’ We shouted ARU(Abomination) Such picture scared the hell out of us. We never forgot the scary pictures of a burning Sodom and Gomorrah as often read from the bible. What was their action? Homosexuality. As an African child, we have respected culture, customs and traditions which also support the mainstream biblical point of view against homosexuality or sodomy. Simply put, no African society, culture or tradition accepts homosexuality as a way of life. No matter what the politicians may say in its favour, no matter what the west offers to support homosexuality, Africans see it as an abomination that causes desolation. Should the west not respect us to practice our culture, customs and traditions? A ban on gay marriage and gay clubs with penalties of up to 14 years jail was signed into law by Nigeria’s president last week,


he place for you to say your mind on anything anywhere that you are not happy about. 1. “Giving €50m to consultants by the new Irish water Board is scandalous” Jimmy Byrne 2. “ Why should the Chairman of a charity board earn more than the Taoiseach? Why?” E. Okafor

“catastrophic” consequences for Nigerian lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender community. But where is this community of gays in Nigeria found? I do not know yet. Nigeria was breaking not just its own constitution but a raft of international agreements said veteran gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell. The executive director of the progay Initiative for Equality in Nigeria, Olumide Makanjuola, recently warned that “poor, gay Nigerians” would suffer under the law. Many rich Nigerians with gay tendencies had already left the country, or said they would fly elsewhere to have sex, she said. Sincerely, I do not know about which African parents even those domiciled in the west who would love his son or daughter to be gay. This is one taboo an African cannot accept no matter how much you brainwash him or her. It is unAfrican. Anti-gay sentiment is rife in Nigeria and Africa. Abati said 90 percent of Nigerians were opposed to same-sex marriage. “So, the law is in line with our cultural and religious beliefs as a people,” he said. Of Nigeria’s 170-million population, roughly half are Christian and half Muslim. Others follow traditional religious beliefs and none of these beliefs accept homosexuality. Since the approval of gay rights, marriages and in the west, a lot of my peeps are asking questions. Are these not the same people that brought us Christianity and taught us to see homosexuality as an abomination? Has biblical truths become moribund and archaic? Are truths now subjective? Is the west really playing on our intelligence? Shall we discard the bible? The same people that taught me to flee from homosexuality now want me to accept it as a way of life. These are what I need answers to.

Happy Birthday Dad

Marcel Codjie and family. L-R : Estimee, Marcel, Yvette and Prestige.

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