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Shaping Africa – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


In positioning the university to effectively build that vision into the future, several key priorities have emerged. ese include: n Growing AU’s permanent endowment fund to at least $100 million to provide more scholarships and greater flexibility in maneuvering through unstable economic times n Making AU accessible to more students through robust IT and online learning capacities n Enhancing the campus environment through the provision of world class facilities n Leveraging relationships to generate additional

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Congregations Maintain Strong Support for AUF in 2016


upport for Africa University continues to grow among the local congregations of e United Methodist Church, (UMC). In 2016, the Africa University Fund (AUF) apportionment was number one among the Bishop Debra Wallace Padgett seven general church funds. United Methodist congregations invested close to $2.2 million into Africa University in 2016. Earmarked for operational expenses, the gifts to the AUF represented 94.85 percent of the goal set in the church-wide budget for last year. ere were several appreciable gains for the AUF, including an overall positive trend in giving. e number of annual conferences investing 100 percent of their asking to the AUF in 2016 rose to 34, its highest level to date. Four annual conferences — Indiana, Texas, North Alabama,

and California Nevada — invested in the AUF at 100 percent for the first time. For Indiana United Methodists, realizing this breakthrough whilst also completing a $1.6 million campaign to endow a chair in agriculture and scholarships at Africa University was especially gratifying. “We see the connectional witness of United Methodists increasing as a result of the good work of Africa University,” said Indiana Bishop Julius C. Trimble. In the Texas Conference, where year-on-year giving climbed from 88.13 percent to 100 percent, Bishop Scott Jones commended the university for “providing wonderful leaders for the whole continent ... well-educated, committed leaders with a strong foundation in Wesleyan tradition.” Five annual conferences — Eastern Pennsylvania, West Michigan, New York, Oklahoma Indian Missionary and North Alabama — gave more than 100 percent. North Alabama congregations increased their year-on-year giving

by 29 percent in 2016. ey invested 113.80 percent of their asking to the AUF. “Investing in the ongoing ministry of Africa University is a way to make a profound impact on today’s and future generations," said Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett, who leads the North Alabama Conference. In the California Nevada Conference, giving to the AUF increased from 64.75 percent in the previous year to 100 percent in 2016. All but one of the eight conferences in the Western Jurisdiction gave at 100 percent. California Nevada’s dramatic shift put the Western Jurisdiction within $456 of the goal of 100 percent across the board. “United Methodists see Africa University as a tangible success — a story of impact and hope — that they can all unite around and help to grow well into the future,” said James H. Salley, associate vice chancellor for institutional advancement. Andra Stevens, Director of Communications

25th Anniversary Issue!

hroughout 2017, Africa University will focus on the future and the past as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. e vision came alive in 1988 when United Methodists voted to establish the institution. It is still powerful and relevant. “Africa University is equipping current and future leaders of Africa to be hope, however and wherever hope is needed,” said Bishop Marcus Matthews, interim chair of the Africa University Board of Directors and executive secretary of the Council of Bishops.

AU Today - Winter 2017  

Special issue celebrating AU's 25th anniversary in March 2017. Publication highlights global contributions to AU's development and future ou...

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