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Please Remember Africa University in Your Will Issue: 06 Vol: 19

November - December 2014

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Couple Reaps Joy from Endowed Scholarship Gift When Marcia of Congo, and Zimbabwe—to get Heidenreich first a first-rate education at Africa spoke about making University. a major gift to Africa The gift, made in memory University, it seemed of Marcia’s parents, Karl G. and an unlikely prosSaradora D. Plitt, has grown to more pect—even to her. than $143,000. This year, interest She had read about income from their endowed scholara couple who had ship is supporting a young man who endowed a scholaris in his second year of a four-year ship and remarked to business degree.. her husband Duane, “More than a legacy, it has been a that if she ever ‘won great joy for us, knowing that each Mr. Duane O. Heidenreich and Mrs. Marcia P. Heidenreich, (left), invested an the lottery’, that’s year a student is attending college what she would do. inheritance. They’ve made education and leadership training accessible to persons who would not otherwise be able like Dieu-Merci Lomani Shutsa, (right), the son of a retired pastor from the Duane and Marcia to,” said Marcia Heidenreich. “And Democratic Republic of Congo who could not afford to pay university fees. Heidenreich had the this will continue year after year. Heidenreich. “Every penny of the inherdesire, but not the There is nothing else we could have financial means. Growing up in Idaho itance went toward the endowment, used that money for that could have and Missouri, they say their parents and it turned out to be almost exactly brought us that much pleasure.” modeled generosity. Their opportunity the amount needed.” For more information about Over the past 10 years, the scholar- endowed scholarships and other to honor their families’ values and ship that the Heidenreichs’ endowed opportunities to invest in the ministry leave a legacy arose in 2003. “When her mother died, Marcia with their gift of $116,000 has helped that is Africa University visit: supportrealized that her inheritance could six students—talented young people be the ‘lottery’ money,” said Duane from Angola, the Democratic Republic

New Effort Launched to Clean Up the Environment Fifteen seniors who are specializing in Natural Resources Management, and their lecturer, Mrs. Zanele Furusa, have launched a campaign to clean up and build awareness of environmental stewardship. Their main focus is the area around the Africa University campus. “It is a call to all stakeholders to practically engage hands-on in such projects and not just talk about what needs to be done,” said Mrs. Furusa. The AU community—the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Munashe Furusa, deans, faculty, administrators, students and their families—turned out on October 18th for first phase of the campaign. The students and staff are working with a diverse group of partners including national environmental groups, local government, and area businesses, to collect and dispose of litter along and around the intersection of two roads in a 10-mile radius of the campus entrance.

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Phase One: The students and their families, and faculty and staff, cleaning up the roadway.

Two more clean-up days are planned. The group also hopes to erect roadside billboards carrying anti-pollution messages, reach out to the business and transportation sectors regarding their role in pollution control, and engage the AU community in the search for sustainable solutions to waste management on the campus.

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Giving Thanks at Year’s End You need to know, friends, that thanking God over and over for you is not only a pleasure; it’s a must. We have to do it...Why, it’s only right that we give thanks. 2 Thessalonians 1:3-4, (The Message) As we come to the close of another year, it is imperative that we stop and take the time to thank all those who have made such a big impact in the lives of so many. This past September, the Planned Giving Office celebrated fourteen years of ministry. During that time, we have welcomed and inducted into the Richard E. “Dick” Reeves Legacy Society 351 faithful supporters. It has been said that those who believe in the present leadership of an institution make current gifts, and that

those who believe in its future leadership make planned gifts. Our planned gifts donors have included Africa University in their wills and trusts agreements; have established gift annuities with the institutions; have designated Africa University the beneficiary of IRA accounts, retirement benefits, and Ms. Elaine Jenkins, life insurance policies; and have made cur- director of Planned Giving rent gifts of at least $10,000.00 designated for the endowment fund.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Board approves AU’s first PhD program “The program is aimed at those involved in building peace in ways that foster human-centered, inclusive development and those working in development and policy-oriented spheres who want to ensure that their work supports and contributes to peace, and democratic governance and leadership,” said Dr. Pamela Machakanja, the institute’s director. Next steps include the submission of the PhD program to the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE), for accreditation. Once accredited, the university plans an initial pilot phase of two years. About five students will be enrolled each year, beginning in 2016.

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry The United Methodist Church P O Box 340007 Nashville, Tennessee 37203-0007

Africa University is moving forward with implementation of a PhD program in Peace, Leadership, Governance and Development. Members of the AU Board of Directors approved the university’s first PhD program in October 2014. The program targets the more than 300 graduates who currently hold master’s degrees from AU’s flagship unit, the Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance, (IPLG). AU’s pan-African ethos and growing reputation in the area of Peace Studies is expected to help the program to attract policy makers, mediators and leaders from across sub-Saharan Africa.

It is these planned gifts that will ensure the long-term sustainability of Africa University. So, as we come to the close of another year, you need to know that thanking God over and over for you is not only a pleasure; it’s a moral imperative. We must do it, for it is only right that we give thanks to you for your continuing generous and steadfast support of Africa University’s transforming ministry. For more information about the planned giving program, please visit the planned giving website at http://www. or call or write our Director of Planned Giving, Elaine Jenkins, Africa University Development Office, P. O. Box 340007, Nashville, TN, 37203-0007, 615/340-7428 (telephone), 615/340-7290 (fax), (e-mail address).

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