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December 2011

Dear Supporters and friends, The year 2011 is coming to an end and Christmas has set in. We hope that all is well with you and you have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2012! In this edition, we are delighted to share with you some of our achievements, challenges, lessons in 2011 and plans for the future. Director’s message As FABIO we strive to strengthen and shape our advocacy and lobby for a favorable environment for non-motorized transport users. This year we continued with our Bicycle repair days, the Cycle to school, and Climate Change awareness project. Through our efforts and stewardship, we are proud that non-motorized transport (NMT) unheard of before in the entire transport related documents and programs is now heading to development creation of a National NMT policy. As a result, FABIO is to facilitate the National NMT policy development process with a contract already signed with UNEP Nairobi. The process shall be finalized by June 2012. Content: FABIO has continued to network productively with other organizations such as DENIVA, JIDNET, ECE, ECOVIC, and 1. Car free Day African Bicycle Network- ABN on issues ranging from 2. FABIO and international NMT, corruption, climate change, and policy advocacy. conferences All the above have been achieved with a dedicated FABIO 3. BRT team and Volunteers. We appreciate the efforts and the 4. Cycle to School support of the Board of Directors particularly Mr. Justine 5. Climate Change Activity Ojambo, the Iganga Foundation -Netherlands, Cycling out 6. Bicycle Hire of Poverty, Barbara Kipke and Jurgen Persochen of 7. FABIO Volunteers EURIST. 8. Hosting Visitors 9. Plans for 2012 Once again, merry Christmas and happy New Year! Kayemba Patrick

1. Car-free Day Kampala The Car-free Day, the first of its kind in Uganda, took place on Saturday, 10th December 2011. It was organized by FABIO together with its partners Goudappel Africa, TAFMOD, Teens Uganda, Kampala Cycling Club and Kampala Capital City Authority with financial support from Iganga Foundation, Netherlands. It was aimed at sensitizing the public and policy makers on the value of cycling and walking in the city. Bicycle riders were allowed to cycle freely and comfortably for a period of two and half hours without risk of being knocked by vehicular traffic. The car free day was also an opportunity for the public to meet with the policy makers and further demand for a city, where cyclists and pedestrians are recognized and are part of the planning.

Yusuf Lule road, Wandegeya, Kampala road, and straight on to Kyadondo rugby grounds through Jinja road.

About 200 people participated.

The fun trip started at Makerere university swimming pool area heading to Wandegeya, Bombo road, Kampala road, Jinja road,

The event was officiated and flagged off by KCCA physical planner, Mr. Agaba. In his remarks he commended the initiative, thanked the organizers and promised to include NMT in the new physical strategic planning for Kampala city.

The event was officially closed at Kyadondo rugby ground by the KCCA Lord Mayor his

worship Erias Lukwago, who in his remarks promised total support for NMT and successive Car-free Days.

2. FABIO and international conferences Among others, the following conferences notable impacted on our work: SPAIN: Patrick Kayemba, the Executive Director was privileged to speak in a plenary during the Velo City Global 2011 in Sevilla on the 23rd-25th March. The Bicycle in the African perspective was the underlying basis of the paper presented. During this tour in Europe Mr. Kayemba made presentations for feed backs to Goudapple Coffeng, Iganga Foundation, EURIST, Artefact and Iganga partnership among others. ISRAEL: With support from Iganga foundation Mr. Kayemba was able to attend a one month intensive course in Transport planning and Management (Galilee College) GERMANY: The Bonn Symposium on Mobility and Culture for developed and developing cities was held on the 1st-3rd December 2011 and it provided an opportunity for FABIO to remind the participants who were mainly Consultants, planners and NGOs from the North, about the different context and perspectives of transport in the South. ECOSOCC-AU: Mr. Kayemba has represented the civil societies of Uganda in ECOSOCC for over the last five years. At this level FABIO has influences the civil society on the Continent on issues affecting the poor and towards transformation and prosperity.

3. BRT At local level, FABIO for the last five years has kept on sharing with our readers about Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) for Kampala City. Being part of the process from the inception to date at least we can see light at the end of tunnel. The GEF clean Transport for Nairobi, Kampala and Adis Ababa. The consultant for the BRT Feasibility study and detailed design has been procured and work is likely to commence early next year 2012. 4. Cycle to School In 2010 the Cycle to school project, funded by Cycle out of Poverty - Netherlands, was initiated in two schools in Iganga, namely: Iganga Comprehensive Secondary School Busei and Country Side Secondary School Namungalwe. The project purpose is to reduce the time spent by students and teachers while going to school.

A total of 50 bicycles were given to students after each paying an initial deposit of 50% of the total cost. The remaining 50% was to be paid in installments. Results from the project show an improvement in the academic performance of the beneficiaries and their home welfares. In September this year basing on the lessons and experiences,

FABIO got on board a 3rd school in Nakigo sub-county.

to rouse community voices and actions in communities where it passed. In addition, it solidified civil collaboration on common climate advocacy demands in preparation for COP17 in Durban. FABIO organized this event in Jinja and about 150 people participated in various activities among them, Demonstrations on Energy saving cookers and drama skit.

So far 14 bicycles have been purchased and distributed to the beneficiaries.

5. Climate FABIO in partnership with Youth Policy Network Uganda Organized and welcomed the CAN U Climate Caravan in Jinja, which began its way from Bujumbura, Burundi, to Malaba and to Kenya. This caravan helped 6. Bicycle Rental To give the work of FABIO some financial support, we offer bicycle rentals at our office in Jinja since 2009. At the moment FABIO has 10 bicycles.

These bicycles are hired mostly by tourists, who like to explore Jinja and the surroundings by bike. For instance, many visitors make the rather long but beautiful trip to the former Bujagali Falls north of

Jinja. Some bicycles are hired out on a long term basis to volunteers working for organizations in Jinja. However, most of the bicycles are old and quite often need repairs; therefore new bicycles would be needed to reduce on the recurrent costs of repair. 7. FABIO Volunteers For this year FABIO has hosted three volunteers from Germany: Franka, Nils and Alma. Franka successfully worked on the climate change project for one year. Nils joined the FABIO team for about 4 months; he reorganized the outdated website and repaired bicycles for hire. This saved a lot of money for FABIO, which would have been spent on a technician. We at FABIO will miss him and thank him for his good work.

A voice from Alma: As the year comes to an end, the end of my stay in Uganda and of the work with FABIO draws nearer. I’ve been in Uganda for almost three months now and during this time I researched about the transport system in Kampala and especially on nonmotorized transport. Particularly getting an inside view on the transport planning 8. Hosting Visitors FABIO was privileged to host a number of delegates of different capacity, notable was Ing. Marcel van Lieshout, the Chairperson of Iganga Foundation. His visit helped all parties to plan for the Kampala Car free day and also enhance the working relationships with TAFMOD. Marcel himself had this to say: “Marcel van Lieshout, the chairman of the Dutch based Iganga foundation visited Kampala and Jinja this October. The Iganga Foundation has been a partner and supporter of Fabio since many years. The Iganga Foundation was established in 2008. In that year one of the professionals of the leading Dutch consultancy firm on traffic and transportation Goudappel Coffeng participated in the Bicycle Partnership workshop of the I-Ce Interface of Cycling Expertise held in Jinja and Iganga. It became clear that it is a huge challenge to promote cycling and Non-Motorized Transport in Uganda but that the bicycle can play a major role in dealing with problems like congestion, easy and cheap access to services like schools, markets, offices and reduce air-pollution. Also global issues like climate change have to do with choices made within the transport sector and by the transport policy makers. Fabio with its small and professional staff is addressing these issues since the start of the organization.

process and the difficulties occurring in a city like Kampala was very interesting. It showed me that it is still a long way to go before Kampala becomes a city enjoyable for cyclists and pedestrians. I’m very thankful to FABIO for having me as an intern; I enjoyed my time in this beautiful country with all the FABIO members.

We, dealing on a day-to-day bases with transport related issues in the Netherlands knew that a partnership with Fabio could create a win-win situation. For Dutch transport planners it is really useful to not only work from a western perspective but also the work on issues more related to development and advocacy in far more challenging situations. After this first visit the Board of Goudappel Coffeng established the Iganga Foundation. The mission of the Iganga Foundation is to support organisations like Fabio in order to promote NMT in the transport policy making process and provide knowledge and best-practices on NMT-inclusive urban planning and road design. Thus far the Iganga Foundation supported projects in India, Brasil and Kampala. Together with other partners we have established a good working relation not only with NGO’s like Fabio but also with KCC and other stakeholders like UN-EP en UN-Habitat. The Iganga Foundation provided technical and financial support in the progress of designing and promoting a NMT-pilot project in Kampala. Fabio was off course one of the partners involved. The next challenge is not only to get financial support for the pilot project but also to gain more popular support for the bicycle as a means of transport in the urban environment. Events like a Carfree day can be of great

help in getting the support. The Iganga Foundation is facilitating the process and during Octobers visit several meetings regarding this subject have taken place. For the Iganga Foundation Fabio is a vital partner and an important stakeholder in promoting NMT in Uganda (and beyond).

We know that only by working together and with are common goals in mind we can reach our objectives. The Iganga Foundation is, as Fabio, committed to hat goal of promoting NMT in order to get a better world for all people.” (30th of October)

9. Plans for 2012 FABIO is operating a Five years strategic plan 2009-2013, the year 2012 is a year planned for consolidation of the different programs among others.       

The work started on the strengthening of the Kampala pedal cyclist will be enhance in the other areas of Divisions of the Kampala Cit Council Authority. Institutionalize the Car free day ideology beyond the one day a year to two separate days in the second quarter and the last quarter of the year. Support the BRT processes under the GEF clean Transport Project and the NMT National Policy development. Consolidate the FABIO Kampala Office Intensify the advocacy work with the Ministry of Works and Transport for the conducive NMT environment. Re- introduce the Health car access project for Iganga, Bugiri and Mayuge districts through the MAKE a MOVE Campaign of EURIST. Enhance the cycle to school, Bicycle credit, Climate change awareness and Community bicycle repair days.

Thank you for reading our newsletter!

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Newsletter FABIO december 2011  

Newsletter FABIO december 2011