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The Outlook What’s New 6707 North Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302 ■ Phone: 708.848.1700 ■ Fax: 708.848.3701 ■ Spring 2017 ■ Volume 12, Issue 3

The Year of Increase (2017) AACF implemented a new plan this year designed to enhance the organizations current services and include new educational opportunities, direct transportation and in-house job fairs to create a viable foundation for learning and career opportunities for Youth Participants. AACF enrolled youth in the customer service cohort

New Programs:    

Customer Service Cohort Digital Manufacturing Bridge Program Direct Transportation Services In-House Job Fairs

to reinforce customer service skills and to teach youth participants Adobe and Microsoft Office Suites 2013.The organization rolled out the new Digital Manufacturing Bridge Program this year to teach 3D printing, fabric design, practices for industrial manufacturing and to provide the tools necessary to enhance the Youth Employment Entrepreneurship Program.

Inspiring Youth to Succeed Andrea Robinson

Table of Contents The Year of Increase …………..1 New Programs ………………….1 Working with the Partnership … 1 Department of Human Services, AACF Youth Job Fair, June 2017

AACF values the opportunity to continue working with the Partnership on the Youth Employment Entrepreneur Program (YEEP) and the organization implemented a new program this year, the Community Youth Employment Program (CYEP). AACF enrolled youth in the Customer Service Cohort classes’ simultaneously with Paid Work Experience to enhance clients’ technical skills and to increase their opportunity to secure employment. AACF hosted 3 job fairs in June 2017, employers interviewed youth during the event and twenty clients were hired to work in various positions at companies such as Green Core, Avon and Gategourmet.

AACF Supports Single Working Moms AACF is honored to continue working with the Sherburne M. Earling Working Mothers Fund to provide financial support to single working Moms. Andrea Robinson is among a large number of our clients who received financial support to pay utility bills, help with child care cost and transportation support.

the Community Youth Employment Program ………….1 Sherburne M. Earling Working Mothers Fund ….1 Success Stories ………….2 Workshops ……………….2 Orientations ………………2 In the News……………….2 Workforce …………......…3 Cohort Registration ……..4 Life Transforming Skills ...4

Success Stories, Core, Avon and Gategourmet.

Never Give UP and Never Quit!

Toisheva B.

Cashier at Leaminton Foods Toisheva’s goals included finding a job and enrolling in a CNA program at Triton College. Her Case Manager enrolled her in tutoring to increase her basic skills; she completed a paid work experience and began her CNA program. Toisheva slipped into a coma during a medical procedure for weeks, Triton dropped her classes and Toisheva was devastated, her Case Manager assisted her with the paperwork to return to school. Toisheva continued looking for a job, so her Case Manager placed her in a paid work experience at Leamington Foods. Toisheva was a Cashier, but handling cash was challenging, she wanted to give up after management warned her about her performance. The Case Manager counseled Toisheva and encouraged her not to give up; she took the advice which resulted in a full-time job at Leamington Foods. Toisheva is also taking pre-requisite classes at Triton College to prepare for the CNA program.

AACF/CCWP Workshops

The job readiness workshops prepare youth for jobs in the top Career Clusters such as healthcare among others, clients also learn entrepreneur skills and the basic marketing principles for starting a business.


Rolonda J.

Joleen L. Joleen L.

Play Expert

Food Assembler

Wonder Works Museum Rolonda informed her Case Manager she was looking for a job at 5 months pregnant, so her Case Manager arranged a paid work experience that consist of light duty with Wonder Works Museum. Rolonda was a Play Expert, she told her Case Manager that she loved the job and asked if the company would hire her. The Case Manager informed Rolonda that Wonder Works is a nonprofit organization that normally does not hire Interns, but the worksite is valuable to AACF for training youth participants. However, her Case Manager advised Rolonda to maintain good punctuality, attendance and outstanding work ethics to position herself for a job. Rolonda took the advice and the feedback regarding her performance was excellent and the Museum hired Rolonda at 5 months pregnant.

Gategourmet When Joleen enrolled in the program her goal included obtaining her GED and finding employment. However, without a stable place to live and a 6 month old baby it was difficult for Joleen to achieve her goals. Joleen’s Case Manager provided her with services such as housing assistance, help with childcare and arranged a meeting with a tutor to plan for her GED. Joleen applied for several jobs including Gategourmet. Eventually Gategourmet responded, scheduled an interview and hired Joleen to work at O’Hare Airport.

In the News Registration is open for the AACF/CCWP Youth Program, the program offer youth participants paid internships, and vocational training and clients have the opportunity to enroll in the Digital Manufacturing Bridge Program or the Customer Service Cohort. Orientations are conducted every Tuesday at 10:00 am, Call 708.848.1700 to register. Congratulations to clients who completed the Customer Service Cohort Savannah Arroyo ▪ Robert Lewis ▪ Gabrielle Marshall ▪ Drasha Henry AACF supports our GED participants and graduates Marciana Gray ▪ Paris Sargent ▪ Stephanie Treadwell ▪ Elise Vaughans AACF continue to encourage our youth who are in school Alejandra Delgado, Alexandra Pates/Phlebotomy ▪ Toheeb Longe, Dondre Mullen/CDL training ▪ Nia Jones/CNA


Preparing for the Workforce in the Future


Workforce in the Future


Employer Engagement

Advancements in technology is awesome, but it is rapidly changing the world, from the rise of robotic technology to the onset of start-up/on demand services such as UBER and Airbnb and modern medicine, change is here.

AACF collaborated with management at various worksites to determine the most vital skills necessary to serve a new generation of clients whose shopping and buying habits are vastly different from previous eras. As a direct result, AACF implemented a new program, the Customer Service Cohort to provide youth participants with advanced customer service practices, Microsoft Office 2013 and adobe reader training to compete as entrants in the new workforce. AACF also started the new Digital Manufacturing Bridge program in June, 2016 to teach youth 3D design, fabrication and 3D printing.

Employer engagement is a central part of building a stronger workforce as well as building alliances with educational institutions including apprenticeship programs and vocational training facilities to ensure youth are prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities in the labor market. Changes in the environment that occurred as a result of advanced technology among other factors require new marketing approaches through communication channels such as social media. AACF work with the youth interns to gain insight into the millennium generation perspective to provide a better experience for them and the business.

The top career cluster industries remain in demand such as information technology, health science, hospitality, transportation and manufacturing among others, but the workforce community must use reskilling and retraining strategies to prepare entrants for workforce in the future.

Thank You to Our Sponsor and Supporter A Change of Plans

The Dr. Scholl Foundation, thank you for the grant you provided AACF with that is an extension of your mission to improve the world. AACF was able to provide many of our clients who are homeless with housing assistance, which was instrumental in assisting clients in acquiring a level of dignity and put our youth participants in a better position to find employment.

Cohort Registration Form Name


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Sign up for one of AACF’s Cohorts, please check one: (Must be a current youth participant to register)  

AACF is a proud member of the America’s Workforce Network. Funding for AACF programs are made possible by the generous support of The Partnership, Department of Human Services, Dr. Scholl’s, and the Chicago Community Trust.

Digital Manufacturing Bridge Program Customer Service Training

Please return form to: AACF, 6707 North Ave. Oak Park, IL 60302 For more information, contact us at: Phone: 708-848-1700 Fax: 708-848-3701

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Life Transforming Skills to Embrace and Develop

Creating skills for a better future

Employment Assistance Computer Learning Center Youth Services 6707 North Ave. Oak Park, IL 60301 Phone 708.848.1700 Fax 708.848.3701 Please donate to our cause


Planning: Set short and long-term goals for your career and personal life and refine as necessary, because one must be adaptable to meet the ongoing changes in technology and to overcome challenges in life. Fear Not: The only way to conquer fear is to face your problems or you will never rise above them, and it may be difficult or impossible to accomplish your dreams. Build Self-Confidence: Believe in yourself, learning builds confidence, seek wisdom consistently. Persistence! Never give up and never quit just because some endeavor appears to be impossible. Discipline: Sacrifice is a part of anything worth having, so we must be fully committed and willing to alter our behavior and habits to align with our objectives and goals. Love! Of course, no one is perfect, but walking in a certain level of love, integrity and forgiveness opens the door for opportunities and prosperity.

The Outlook Q2 2017  

The Outlook is the quarterly newsletter of AACF, a youth workforce development center providing job training and job placement services to y...

The Outlook Q2 2017  

The Outlook is the quarterly newsletter of AACF, a youth workforce development center providing job training and job placement services to y...