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Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1982.


Our annual Christmas Tree celebration.



®1|E Nnnuegtan S’Ettlers, Marburg, Natal

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Aagot Gulbrandsen Borghild Cawdry M erle Kjonstad

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Foreword. 1967 — 1982 Development in the M arburg Settlers’ Area. U pdated list of Settler families and their descendants. Exerpts from “The N atal M ercury”, September, 1882.


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Published by the Marburg Norwegian Church. Printed by the South Coast Herald (Pty.) Ltd. Port Shepstone, Natal All rights reserved. f55252S2SHSH52SaWS2SHS2S2S252S252SH5H52S2SH52S2WSHSJS2S25H52S2SHSHS2S?SHS5S2S2S2SHS2S2S2SH52SHS2SHSHSHS25HSHS2Sa] 3

Foreword The compilers of a supplement such as this will inevitably find that in spite of conscientious efforts, something is unwittingly omitted, someone is forgotten. The task of collecting and collating the material for the list of family names has been even more difficult and time-consuming than was anticipated. We apologise for any inaccuracies or omissions that may have occurred. Our thanks go to Maureen van Blerk for her help in proof-reading. Our history is rich in heart-warming anecdotes which should be preserved for posterity. Indeed, another book could be written, and a large one at that, recounting the many unsung acts of heroism, of devotion to the continuing work of the Church, by the settlers, from that first pioneer group down to the present generation. Picture old Nils Oie, that very first year, walking late at night by the light of his lantern, to cover the bricks and protect the new church walls from the coming storm. Think of our old faithful bellringers, Kvalsvig, Brauteseth, and then the Brauteseth grandsons carry­ ing on the family tradition — what a contribution the regular, solemn tolling of that old church bell has made to the Marburg way of life. August 29, 1982 is an important date and a significant milepost in the history of the Norwegian Settlement at Marburg. As we celebrate the centenary of the arrival of the 34 families from Norway, it is desirable to pause and reflect on what has taken place in this little comer of South Africa. Throughout the world during this century, there has been such amazing and unparallelled progress in all scientific fields. Looking back at the primitive conditions and hardships that faced our ancestors in their new homeland, we salute their pioneer fortitude, and acknowledge our debt to their courage and faith in God. So many of their high hopes ended in disappointment and disillu­ sionment, and as we read of the gradual moving away from the farms, to the goldfields, to industry in the larger towns, even to other countries that offered better prospects, we realise that the whole Marburg story could have ended in obscurity and failure, with that once tight-knit, hopeful little community scattered far and wide. Thanks however to a small group of dedicated people, mostly 3rd and 4th generation descendants of the original settler families, v » find at this historic Centenary Celebration that where long ago those early pioneers fought a losing battle against arid soil, drought and locusts, the rolling hills are now emerald-green with sugar cane; there is a thriving, prosperous community, and the beautifully maintained old church will, we hope, soon be declared a National Monument. It is not possible to mention by name every person who has contributed to the maintenance and smooth running of the church and community at Marburg. The task of planning and organising the Centenary Celebrations has involved much hard work and sacrifice, and we hope that the sense of a job well done, and the appreciation of the many visitors present on the jubilee day, will make it all seem worth while. High praise must go to our extremely competent ladies who cope with catering and the hundred and one details which help to create that welcoming atmosphere and the wellknown Marburg hospitality. And what about the lovely gardens which have blossomed on the once bare hillside round the church? We all offer our profound admiration and thanks to Audrey Bate for her labour of love. We must also mention the many years of faithful service given by Andrew and Sarah Vinjeveld, who quietly and unobtrusively supervised the cleaning of the church and maintenance of the graveyard. Bjorseths, Kvalsvigs, Holtes, Huffts — down the years they have played their part, with the succeeding generations taking over as the old ones fade away. In the Nero family the outstanding name is that of Oscar Nero, whose leadership and service to the whole life of the community cannot be over-estimated. His touch and his influence can be felt wherever one looks. How fortunate Marburg was to have the devotion and service of a Chairman of the calibre of Oscar Nero, and how grateful we are that his daughter Merle has the same interest and enthusiasm. Last but not least we thank the Brauteseth family for all they have done for Marburg down the years. Indeed, what would we have done without their willing hands, their practical solutions to problems, the example they set in devotion to duty? Whenever any building project has been launch­ ed at the church, the Brauteseths have been there (from the older brothers, Ernest, Rolf, Ronnie and Trygvar, in the past, down to our present stalwart members), giving freely of their time, labour and 4

expertise. Year after year Brauteseths have been largely responsible for the creation of the truly spec­ tacular Marburg Christmas Tree, remembered and beloved by hundreds, young and old. Nils, our tower of strength, is a tireless worker, and a leader who inspires hope and confidence. To Arne we owe a special debt of gratitude for building our Museum. We feel this is an acquisition of great historical as well as sentimental value, and we appeal to all readers for contributions, be it old let­ ters, documents or articles relating to the life of the Marburg settlers. It was singularly fitting that from the Brauteseth family should also come the pastor Marburg has wished for so long. We all sincerely welcome Sven Brauteseth (B.Sc., Hons. (Geol.) B.Th., B.I.Dip.) and his family, and hope their stay amongst us, in the newly-built manse, will be a happy and rewarding one. Though we are naturally grateful to all the visiting ministers who have helped us in all the years we have not been able to have our own pastor, it clearly means a great deal to us to finally have our very own regular church service and Bible study groups. Sven, we pray for God’s richest blessing on your ministry. What of the future at Marburg? The surge of interest and vitality during the period of planning for the Centenary must be fostered and not allowed to wither. An exciting new venture is the intend­ ed development on the church land below the manse. Small lots will be immediately available for the construction of privately funded cottages for the aged and needy. The road ahead is an open one. A rather unusual and interesting situation exists in the present congregation, where Baptists, Methodists and Anglicans work side by side with Lutherans in Christian brotherhood and love. This is the challenge of the future, and wisdom and God’s guidance are needed as urgently now as at any time during the hundred years’ history of the Settlement. With thankfulness we see the younger generation stepping forward to take over the reins. In the hands of able and enthusiastic young leaders like our pastor Sven Brauteseth and our chairman Michael Hansen, we can surely look to the future with confidence. We have our Sunday School; we have our choir, started by Mr Utgaard; we also have an enthusiastic young group learning to speak Norwegian, and to sing the old songs, under the tutelage of Borghild Cawdry. May we long continue to uphold the traditions and keep the simple faith which was the comfort and strength of our forefathers. AAGOT GULBRANDSEN

The Church from the Memorial Gardens, 1982. 5

1967 — 1982

90th ANNIVERSARY 1972 The moving service was taken by Pastor Monstad of Durban, followed by a Service of Remem­ brance at the cemetery taken by Mr Victor Brauteseth. It was a great pleasure to have the only two surviving Settlers to share the day with us — Mrs Anna Halland and Mrs Magda Jacobs. They were presented with beautiful bouquets from the Mar­ burg Church Community. A gift from the Durban Norwegian Church Council was presented to the Church by Mr Egeland of Durban. The Festival Programme consisted of musical items led by the Durban Norwegian Choir and in the Festival speech, Rev Ron Brauteseth paid tribute to our forefathers and their faith, and our need to follow in their footsteps. Among the many greetings, Consul Larsen conveyed greetings from H. M. King Olav of Norway. The celebrations ended with supper and a film evening. It was a really memorable day of thanksgiving and praise. 94th ANNIVERSARY 1976 The Morning Service was taken by Rev Ron Brauteseth. After the service, the Norwegian Settlers’ Memorial Park was dedicated. The oldest living Settler’s son, Mr Gustav Kjonstad, planted a tree on behalf of all the Settlers’ children. After a delicious lunch, the Festival programme consisted of musical items and then Mr N. F. Rowe, the Principal of the Port Shepstone High School gave a very interesting talk on Norway and his interest in the Norwegian Community. 95th ANNIVERSARY OF THE CHURCH 1978 The Morning Service was taken by Pastor J. Nesvaag of Durban. After lunch the Anniversary Pro­ gramme consisted of speeches and musical items. Mr Mike Danielsen paid tribute to the faith of the early Settlers, and Mr Hjalmar Skorpen spoke on the life in the early days of the Settlement and district in a talk entitled “Those Were the Days”. Olga and Harry Mowat entertained the gathering with some lovely duet singing. Rev Flowerday brought greetings on behalf of the other churches in the district.

A section of the “Hall of Memory”,


97th ANNIVERSARY 1979 The Divine Service was taken by Rev J. Nesvaag of Durban. After lunch, the afternoon pro­ gramme consisted of musical items — a clarinet solo by Mark Forrester, the Children’s Choir and the Marburg Adult Choir, and duets by Olga and Harry Mowat. Mr Nils Brauteseth gave the Anniversary speech, and Mr Morton conveyed greetings on behalf of the other churches in the district. The highlight of the day was the Dedication of the Museum building for our “Hall of Memory”. Tribute was paid to Mr Arne Brauteseth for his magnificent ef­ fort in building this extension for the museum. A gift was presented to him from all the members of the Church Council and the Congregation. INDUCTION OF THE NEW MINISTER 1981 On January 15th, we welcomed our new minister, Pastor Sven Brauteseth and his wife Michele from Cape Town. The Induction Service was taken by Rev R. Ford assisted by Col Mead, Rev Nicholson, Canon Kriel and Mr John Harman.

Pastor Sven Brauteseth with his wife Michele and daughter, Keryn


99th ANNIVERSARY 1981 The Anniversary Service was taken by Pastor J. D. Solhaug of Durban and Pastor Sven Brauteseth. After the service the children of the community gave a display of Norwegian folk dancing. The afternoon programme consisted of children and adult choir singing and the Festival speech was given by Pastor Solhaug. Mr Nils Brauteseth spoke on the preparations for the 100th Celebrations. The highlight of the day was the dedication of the newly built Manse, which was built by Mr Nils Brauteseth. The Dedication Service was taken by Rev R. Ford and the Manse officially opened by Mrs Inga Skorpen, a Settler’s daughter.

The newly completed manse, 1981.


Development in the Marburg Settlers’ Area 1882 — 1982 (With acknowledgments to Marburg Immigration Settlement Board) IN 1882 the Norwegian immigrants settled on fifty one-hundred acre lots, and they were given 2 000 acres of commonages for the purpose of grazing. When the promised harbour at Port Shepstone did not materialise, many of the settlers found themselves in financial difficulties. There was no market for their crops, and before long, some of the original farms were sold, or sub-divided. In 1929 the constitution of the Marburg Immigration Settlement Board was authorised by the Government, for the management of the area and the commonages. One of the first actions of the M.I.S.B. was to sub-divide a strip of commonage on the sea-front into township lots. The revenue obtained was used for the efficient functioning of the M.I.S.B. This was the commencement of the sub-division of the commonages. The settlers jealously guarded their grazing rights on the commonages, but later, with the planting of sugar cane on most of the farms, the need for grazing diminished. This fact, together with the progress and development in the area, resulted in further portions being developed and disposed of. When land was made available for industrial development, there was a growing demand for land. This has resulted in a rapid development of the area into residential and industrial townships, which fall under the Local Authorities of either the Borough of Port Shepstone, or the Marburg Town Board (Indian Local Authority). There are now 111 proclaimed industrial lots, on the edge of which a new freeway and a major interchange have been planned, which will shorten the distance to Durban. In consultation with the Department of Community Development, the M.I.S.B. donated about 45 acres of commonage north of the Harding Road for industries and residential sites for the Indian Group. This adjoined the already proclaimed Indian Area. Land has also been donated for the establishment of a Technical Institute for the training of In­ dian artisans and semi-skilled labour. At the time of going to press, the building is nearing completion. A large portion of farmland (approximately 300 acres) adjoining the industrial area was pro­ claimed a coloured Group Area in 1973. A large school has been erected here. The Department of Community Development is in the process of establishing economic and subeconomic housing in the Coloured, and in the Indian Group areas. Eventually ways and means were investigated in order to dispose of the commonages to the benefit of the individual lot-holders. Through an Act of Parliament, the M.I.S.B. was empowered to dispose of the commonages. Registered owners of the original lots were issued with shares based on acreage owned, which entitl­ ed them to either an allocation of commonage land, or a cash payment equal in value to the value of the shareholding. Any commonage land not required for land allocation will be sold, to the benefit of the shareholders. At present, this is being carried out, and once all assets owned by the M.I.S.B. have been disposed of, this Board will be dissolved. Credit must be given to the early Norwegian and present Norwegian descendants, together with the other settled people of this area, for having achieved so much, with due consideration for the various race groups, during the 100 years since the immigration of the settlers.


Updated list of Settler families and their descendants

LOT 1. Rasmus Sandanger, wife Helena Peter Knotten, wife Maren, one son, Anders.

LOT 2. Mathias Holte, wife Karen, 3 children:1. Monrad, married Marion Procter-Parker, 3 children:A. Monrad. B. Gloria, married Dennis Tarboton, 3 children:(i) Merle, married Kevin Scott-Hayward. (ii) Brian, married Marcia Morgan, 1 son, Clynton. (iii) Beryl, married Ivor Bliss, 1 son, Warren. C. Arthur. 2. Edwin, married Gloria Allen, 5 children:A. Rosmena, married Eugene Swart, 4 children:- Denis, Alan, David, Carol. B. Irenie, married Wilton Attwell, 3 children:- Stella, Lynette, Richard. C. Antony. D. Thelma, married Michael Danielsen, 3 children:- Helen, Diane, Darryl. E. Quinton, married Shirley Dwyer. 3. Kedar, married Phillipa Allen, 3 children:A. Daphne, married R. Weston Steyn, 3 children:- Lynette, Carol, Kevin. B. Sylvia, married Ludick Botha, 4 children:- Colin, Glenda, Lesley, Martin. C. Priscilla, married Sarel Nel, 2 children:- Anton, Deon. LOT 3 Isak Igesund, wife Dorethea, 5 children:1, Anna, married Anders Lind, 13 children:A. Andrew, married Louise Stewart, 3 children:(i) Richard (ii) Mike, married Joyce Madgewick, 4 children:- Andrew, Gavin, Rodger, Stephanie. (iii) Harry, wife Minnie, 4 children:- Rene, Deborah, Tania, Colette. B. Annie, married Rob Henry, 4 children:(i) Pearle. (ii) Denise, married Robert Morton, 3 children:- Tony, Gavin, Mark. (iii) Trevor, wife Irene, 3 children:- Michael, Richard, Carol. (iv) Barbara, married Dennis Weston, 3 children:- Jennifer, Dorothy, Grant. C. Edward. D. Isaac, wife Peggy, one adopted son:(i) Ira Sankey, married Pam Williams, 2 children:- Bryan, Tracey. E. Oscar, wife Carmen, emigrated to U.S.A. F. Esther. G. PvUth, married Gunnar Syren, 5 children:(i) David, married Pauline Hillary, 2 children:- Gary, Dean. (ii) Esther, married Monty Mills, 3 children:- Diane, Stephen, David. (iii) Winnie, married George Palmer, 2 children:- Sharon, Graeme. (iv) Victor, married Bella Holmes, 3 children:- Heather, Neil, Samantha. (v) Carol, married Trevor McPherson, 3 children:- Nola, Paul, Mark. H. Peter, married Nancy Larsen, one son:(i) Anders, married Prudence Shaw, 4 children:- Sharlene, Justin, Rene, Robin. After Nancy’s death, Peter married Edith Larson. I. Paul, married Trixie Graham, 2 children:(i) Isobel, married Brian Paverd, 3 children:- John, Bruce, Heather. (ii) Graham. J. Dinah. K. Inga. 10

L. Jenny, married Eric Langton, 6 children:(i) George, married Pat George, 4 children:- Rosemarie, Phillip, Barry-John, Duane. (ii) Geoffery married Paddy Kelly, 3 children:- Colin, Paul, Shaun. After Paddy’s death Geoffery married Maida Parsons. (iii) Keith married Joyce Behrends, 3 children:- Sandra, Deborah, Michael. (iv) Jennifer married Andrew Munro, 3 children:- Eric, Neil, Jenny-Alma. (v) Sydney married Erica Wardle, 2 children:- Janine, Matthew. (vi) Lynette married Desmond Morgan, 2 children: Bevyn, Gareth. M.Daniel married Jean Ashington, one adopted son:(i) Ronnie, wife Lynn, one child:- Kim. 2. Ida married Hans Hansen, 8 children:A. John married Betty Steyn, 2 children:(i) Michael married Deanne Casey, 4 children:- Sevrin, Mel, Perrin, Clint. (ii) Brian married Doreen McKenzie, 4 children:- Tania, Jodi, Cuan, Arne. B.Ivan. C. Dorothy married Thomas Hack, 3 children:(i) Ernest married Joyce Johnson, (ii) Priscilla. (iii) Terrence married Susan Meyer. D. Walter married Grace Forrester, 4 children:(i) Victor married Cheryl Meikle. (ii) Sharon married Eddie van den Berg, 2 children:- Bronwyn, Carolyn. (iii) Felicity married Malcolm Macintosh, 2 children:- Dohnavur, Cleah. (iv) Stephan. E. Ruby. F. Hilda married Howard Penton Andrews, 3 children:(i) Avril married Jonathan Josephson, 2 children, Nicole, Suzanne. (ii) Sheila married William Edgerton, 3 children:- Jacqueline, Faye, Gregory. (iii) Rodney. G. Olga married Henry Mowat, 4 children:(i) Marilyn married Rodney Fick, 3 children:- Michelle, Jo-Anne, Kevin. (ii) Shirley married Mark Tucker, one child, Dunstan. (iii) Gavin married Joy Huntingford, 2 children:- Cristelle, Brett. (iv) Leonard. H. David married Ruth Hognestad. 3. Isak married Lizzie Lloyd, 1 son, Ira Sankey (adopted by Isaac Lind) 4. Sigvald married Nora Lloyd, 7 children:(i) John. (ii) Mervyn married Mary Barnard, 3 children:- Sharon, Leanne, Terence. (iii) Derrick married Peggy Bauser, 3 children:- Kim, Keith, Liesl. (iv) Clifford. (v) Rhoda. (vi) Dane (emigrated to Australia) (vii) Leonard. 5. Daniel married Eleanor Getkate, 3 children:A. Daphne married Roy Harrison, 4 children:(i) Desmond married Antoinette Botha, 2 children, Greta, Pendraw. (ii) Brian married Brenda Haggeman, 2 children, Ronald and Grant. (iii) Lynton married Antoinette Pretorius, 3 children:- Neil, Melissa, Darryl. (iv) Graham married Jean Roderick, 1 son, Clive. B. Errol married Mavis Worthington, 3 children:(i) Cynthia married James Erasmus, 2 children, Sean, Tracy. (ii) Neville. (iii) Ruth. C. Maureen married Ken Templeton, 2 adopted children, Timothy, Nadine.

LOT 4 Johan Nero, wife Karn, 7 children:-

1. Anna married A.W. Halland, 4 children:A. Carl married Joy McDougall, 3 children:(i) Margaret married Piers Whitwell, 2 children, Richard, Miriam. (ii) Robert married Yvonne Botes, one son, Nils. (iii) Anne Marie married Neil McDougall. B. Aagot married Casper Gulbrandsen, 4 children:(i) Hildur married Robert-Louis Amato, 4 children:- Ruben, Justine (died early) Bianca, Carlos. (ii) Arne married Sally Geach, 2 children, Matthew, Briony. (iii) Astra married Ronald Andrews, one child, Kari. (iv) Mignon. C. Rolf married Elaine McDougall, 5 children:(i) Beryl. (ii) Lorraine married Ronald Kinsella, one son, Reuben. (iii) Norman married Gloria Rennie, 2 children, Lisa, Ange. (iv) Linda. (v) Kenneth. D. Bernice married William Trollope, 4 children:- Paul, Karen, Leonard, Andrew. 2. Dorthea married John Tvedt. 3. Noralf married Lena Johnson, 6 children:A. Sidney married Thelma Allen, 3 daughters:(i) Jillian married Knud Scheiby, 4 children:- David, Karen, Judith, Jonathan. (ii) Barbara married Neville Barnard, one daughter, Sonja. Barbara later married Michael Bass, one son, Nicholas. (iii) Colleen married Richard Oxtaby, 2 sons, Christopher, Oliver. Sidney later married Elleanore Mahon. B. Ralph (Leslie) married Marion Beckwith, 2 children:(i) Deone married Hamish Gerrard, 4 sons, Tom, Andrew, Stephen, Mark. (ii) Daryl. C. Doris married Douglas Darby, 3 children:(i) Ian. (ii) Margaret married Peter Sellick, 3 sons, Neil, David, Brian. (iii) Alison married William Brown, 3 sons, Greg, Derek, Colin. D. Natalie married Raymond Fish, 2 children, Nigel, Rosalind. E. Kenneth married Alice Bradley, 2 children:(i) Deborah married Steve Vrdoljak, 2 children, Sven, Peter. (ii) Richard married Carolyn Whittington. F. Cynthia married Cedric Taylor, 4 children:- Geoffrey, Brian, Bronwyn, Megan. 4. Johannes married Gustava Paulsen, 4 children:A. Solveig married Arthur Candy, 3 children:(i) Christopher married Helen Walsh, 2 children, Sinead, Nicholas. (ii) Priscilla married George Finch, one son, Paul. (iii) Jonathan married Gay Crocker. B. Ernest, wife Joy, one daughter, Ingrid. C. Charlotte married William Schwim, 4 children:(i) Shirley married Ken Gerrard, 2 sons, Mark, Ross. (ii) Sylvia married Gem Studholme, 3 children, Caroline, Lorna, Tracy. (iii) Walter married Elizabeth Dunn, 2 children, Terry Leigh, Nicoline. (iv) Cedric married Lynette Maaske. D. Pauline (Emilie) married David Holt, 4 daughters:(i) Wendy married Steve Field, 2 children, David, Kevin Ian. (ii) Fleur married Anthony Blick, 2 children, Margaret, Cindy. (iii) Heather married Peter Gau. (iv) Hazel.


5. Inga married Ole Haajem, 2 children, A. Anton (died early) B. Borghild married Harold Cawdry, 5 children:(i) Inga Leigh married Peter Guest, 3 children, Kenneth, Allayne, Davin. (ii) Marilyn married Nicole Grieshaber, 2 children, Denver, Beverley. (iii) Frederick married Jennifer McGregor. (iv) Harold married Frances Raubenheimer. (v) Alan married Irene Heppes, 2 sons, Neil, Ian. Inga later married Peter Skorpen. 6. Bertha. 7. Oscar married Maria Hufft, one daughter. A. Merle married Douglas Kjonstad, 3 daughters, Sonja, Karen, Ingrid. LOT 5. was vacant (Later sold to English people) LOT 6. Kristian Hojem, wife Lisbeth, 5 children:1. Gustav married Marie Oftebro, 3 children:A. Ragnhild married Thomas Harle, 2 children:(i) Joseph married Jean Brown, 3 sons:a. Stephen married Jane Niven. b. Andrew. c. Christopher. (ii) Jeanne married Ernest Harcourt Tyrrell, 3 sons:a. Joseph married Lucinda Hamilton, 1 daughter, Jessica. b. Simon, 3 children:- Dorian, Justine, Sheridan. c. Timothy. B. Katrine married Ernest Clayton, 4 children:(i) Deena Married Frank Streek, 2 children:a. Barry. b. Jocelyn married Iain Craib, 3 children:- Duncan, Alistair, Claire. (ii) George married Ruth Freedman, 4 children:- Rodney, Christopher, Antony, Catrione. (iii) Ian. (iv) Carl married Catherine Hogg, 5 children:- Graeme, Sandra, Glenda, Colin, Deena. C. Kristian married Nora Clayton, 3 sons:(i) Rodney married Mary Campbell, 4 children:a. Kevin married Sally Hillsdon, 2 children:- Lauren, Claire. b. Garth married Naomi Hellier, 1 son, Jason. c. Clive. d. Gail. (ii) Nigel married Ronel Pieterse, 2 daughters, Chantal, Giselle. (iii) Colin married Joy Blackwood, 3 children:- Warwick, Tessa, David. 2. Karl. 3. Johannes married Alice Mills, 3 children:A. Carol. B. Antony married Molly Marais, 2 sons, Peter, Paul. C. Harold. 4. Ragna married Olaus Skjerve. (died soon after). 5. Anton (fell in the Boer War). 13



7. Christian Rodseth, wife Christianne, 4 children:1. Peder Aage married Ragnhild Harem, 9 children:A. Esther. B. Fredrik married Esther Schram, 6 children:(i) Norman married Nadine Dodd, 2 children:- Duncan, Michael. (ii) Roy married Margaret Forsyth, 3 children:a. Caroline married Petrus van Niekerk, 2 children:- Johann, Roy. b. David married Annabel Weideman. c. Richard. (iii) Sylvia married Bernadus Pekelaar, 3 children:- Andre, Karin, Erik. (iv) Elna married Gerald Webb, 2 children:- Malcolm, Hilary. (v) Ivor married Denise Evens, 4 children:a. Anthony Ivor. b. Wendy Ann, married Michael Richard Newham. c. Clive John. d. Keith Leonard. (vi) Julius married Wendy Sturgeon, 3 children:- Phillipa, Alison, Mark. C. Helga. D. Peter married Rhoda Drury, 4 children:(i) Helga married Donald Bruggeman, 2 children:- Paul, Inga. (ii) Vida married Geoffrey Johnson, 3 sons:a. Geoffrey Mark married Jane Ladlau, 2 sons:- Andrew, Timothy. b. Peter Charles. c. Nevil Bruce. (iii) Inga Esther married Michael Jager, 3 children:- Sven, Aage, Karen. (iv) Jorgen married Jennifer Payn, 2 sons:- Peter, Neil. Jorgen later married Beverley Pope. In 1969 Peter Rodseth married Doreen Mary Monk (nee Hogan). E. Ragnar married Margaret Scode, 3 children:(i) Jeremy married Maeve Brown, 2 children:- Jackie, Martin. (ii) Olaf. (iii) Helga married Peter Spitzer, 2 children:- Andrew, Sharon. F. Aage married Marjorie McNally, one son, Christopher Peter. G. Margrethe married Charles Edward Mackeson, one son:(i) Peter married Sheila Dorothy Gray, one son, Stephen. H. Claus married Cynthia Gerard Nolan, 3 children:(i) Peter. (ii) Susan married Michael Vernon Rigby. (iii) Kenneth. I. Haakon. Peder Aage later married Marit Sodahl, 6 children:A. Eilif married Karen Brun. B. Ingeborg married Raymond Gorven, 6 children:(i) Naomi. (ii) Lydia married Raymond Harvey Weight, 2 sons:- Craig, Rolf. (iii) Dorothy. (iv) Priscilla married Ronald George Jonnes, 3 children:- Tracey, Sheila, Brian. (v) Julia married Douglas Victor Norman. (vi) Desmond Anthony. C. Liv married Karl Solberg, 3 children:(i) Harald married Johanna Pronk, 2 children:- Andrew, Timothy. (ii) Else married Leslie Athol Hobbs, 2 children:- Ruth, Lydia. (iii) Ingrid married James Charles Moore, 3 children:- Sharon, Hilton, Carolyn.

D. Kirsten married Victor Brauteseth, 3 children:(i) Sonja married Michael Tarr. (ii) Sven married Michele Sher, one daughter, Keryn. (iii) Norman married Claire Jagger, one son, Evan. E. Nils married Lettie Goldie, 4 children:(i) Arne. (ii) Roald married Lydia Hylkema, 2 children:- Reitze-Nils, Christian-Hendrik. (iii) Istine married Pieter Conradie. (iv) Marit married Peter Harold Greenwood. F. Lars married Brenda Winnifred Wood, 3 children:(i) Mark married Maxine Slatten. (ii) Kirsten married Oistein Foss, one son:- Tor Magnus. (iii) Jonathan Lars. 2. Anna married Alfred Hoyer, one son:A. Anton married Gwen McRitchie, 2 sons:(i) Michael married Ann Brown, 2 sons:a. John married Judy Ballard, 2 children:- Craig, Catherine. b. Bruce married Bridget Rogers, one son, Steven. (ii) Ian married Dorothy Johnston, 3 children:a. Rosanne married Hilton Petters, 2 children:- Mark, Karen. b. David married Susan Milne. c. Peter. Anna later married Sigfrid Friis-Nielsen, 3 children:(i)Randi (Rene) married Edward Jones, later married Vasco Alexander. (ii) Fredrik married Edna Swales, 2 children:a. Wilma married John Reeves, 3 sons:- Allan, Owen, Kevin. b. Reece. (iii) Leif married Yvonne Oosthuizen, 4 children:a. Anton married Shirley Bjorseth, one son, Leif. b. Yvonne married Athol Wallace, 2 children:- Terry, Lesley. c. Roslyn married Richard de Louette. d. Gary. 3. Marie. 4. Elisabeth married Jorgen Philipsen, 4 children:A. Ella married Haagen Morch, 3 children:(i) Bodil married Borge Jensen, 2 children:a. Kirsten married Anders Kaerbaek, one son, Peter. b. Bente married Jorgen Jensen, one daughter Jane. Bodil later married Ejner Jensen. (ii) Else married Jorgen Andersen, 3 children:a. Lena married Niels Honore, one daughter, Maja. b. Keld married Annelise Persson, one son, Thomas. c. Hanne married Michael Larsson, one daughter, Maria. (iii) Jorgen, wife Vesla, one son Rolf, who married Britta Molgaard. Jorgen later married Ruth Bruun, 3 children:- Henrik, Ulla, Flemming. B. Thelma. C. Victor. D. Ernst married Emmy Friees, 2 children:(i) Karen Lisbeth married John Staarup, 3 children:- Michael, Frank, Ulla-Bibi. (ii) Bens married Margit Nielsen, 2 children:- Claus, Vibeke. 15

LOT 8. John Kipperberg, wife Gurine,5 children:1. Hanna married John Kvalsvig. 2. Olga married Alfred Anderson, 2 children:A. Clifford married Moira Jamieson, 3 children:(i) Fiona married Richard McDowall, one child, Jaclyn. (ii) Hugh married Pam Skewis, one son, Lee. (iii) Sonja married George Hendry, one son, Jason. B. Iris. 3. Jenny married Jack Boswell, one son:A. Mervyn married Barbara Gray, one daughter, Pamela. 4. Dorothy married George Webber, 2 sons:A. Edgar married Sheild Williamson, 3 children:(i) Merle. (ii) Michael married Shelagh Masson, 2 children:- John, Nichola. (iii) Penny married Gerald Blom. B. Colin married Lola Lane, 3 children:- Claude, Ingrid, Andrew. 5. John married Phyllis Williams, 3 children:A.John. B. Joan married Richard Oddy, 2 children, Janette, Carol. C. Jill married Roy Gallop, 2 sons, Richard, Francis.

LOT 9. E Pahr, wife Anna, 7 children:1. Olava married Capt. Jacobsen, 6 children:A. Gertie married Harris, 2 children:- Vivian, Thelma. B. Alma. C. Jessie married Henry Trestrial, 6 children:(i) Gwen married Steve Nel, 2 children:a. Raymond married Gertrude Uljie, 2 children:- Rory, Kevin. b. David married Wendy Smith, 3 children:- Jacqueline, Shaun, Davlyn. After Steve’s death, Gwen married Vincent Doller. (ii) Phyllis married Percy Scott, 1 child:a. Noel married Stella Carr, 2 children:- Mitchell, Terrylea. Noel later married Vera Kluke, 3 children:- Tyrone, Ursulla, Nicholas. (iii) Clifford married Monalisa Westhuizen, 1 child:a. Lynette married Clive Revell, 1 child:- (born 1981) (iv) Harold. (v) Kenneth married Phyllis Nortjie, 2 children:- Kenneth John, Catherine. (vi) Ivor married Faith Wesley, 1 child:- Henry. D. Oswald, 7 children:- Albert, Frederick, Thelma, William, Vivian, Maureen, Kathleen. E. Annie married Cecil Jones, 4 children:(i) Pernella married Dick Soehr, 3 children:- Patricia, Leslie, Theresa. (ii) Corallie married Jeff Ward, 2 children:- Bryce, Daryl. (iii) Sybil married Ray Smith, 5 children:- Shirley, Cheryl, Michelle, Brett, Jacqueline. (iv) Garth married Lorraine Heard. F. Violet married Dan Barrett, 1 child:(i) Sheila married Dennis Carter, 4 children:a. Margaret Ann married Colin Peckham, 2 children:- Tracey Leigh, John. b. Jacqueline. c. Sandra. d. Carolyn Leigh. Olava later married K Buttgereit, 2 children:- Lottie, Phillip. 16

2. Pernille married Rasmus Nilsen, 1 daughter:A. Andrea married John Wade, 5 children:(i) Joseph married Bell Park Bristow, 3 children:(a) Denise married Arthur Galanos, 3 children, Christopher, Sally Ann, Beverley. (b) Sherlee Ann married Donald Wade, 3 children:- Paul, Helen, Susan. (c) John Bristow Wade married Rosemary Fisher. (ii) Pernelle Gwendoline married Eric Cross, 3 children:(a) Andrea Colleen married Douglas Irvine, 2 children:- Andrea Mary, Mark. (b) Jennifer married Martin Lund, 2 children:- Jane, Margrete. (c) Jill married John Spencer, 2 children:- Robert, Bronwyn. (iii) Alice married John Albers, 2 children:(a) David married Iris Schefferman. (b) Deanne married Theo van Wyk, 1 child:- Pierre. (iv) Vicar. (v) Inga married Johannes Vermaak, 2 children:(a) Coenraad married Dawn Forsyth, 2 children:- Eileen, Johannes. (b) John married Lynne Hazel, 3 children:- Brenda, Sheryl (twins), Tracey. 3. Christine married J. Morrison, 9 children:A. Isabella. B. Archibald. C. Edwin, married Laura Davies. D. William. E. Jessie married Francis Deme, 5 children:(i) Daphne married Trevor Momple, 5 children:(a) Linda married Colin Melson, 2 children:- Gregory, Bronwyn. (b) Marcelle married Donald Lamont, 2 children:- Andrew, Bruce. (c) Laurence. (d) Grant. (e) Duncan. (ii) Lionel married Hazel Hamegold, 3 children:- Shane, Pierre, Debbie. (iii) Laura married Bonnie Reeve, 4 children:(a) Barbara married Eric Thorpe, 1 child:- Lauren. (b) Cheryl married John Wahl. (c) Diane married Dave Marais, 2 children:- Kathy, Dillion. (d) Ellenor. (iv) Cynthia married Rodger Cowan, 2 children:- Jenny, Sharon. (v) Archie married Lorna Stevens. F. John married Francis Baker. G. Cathrine. H. Roderick. I. Lillian married Charles Haslam, 3 children:(i) Terence married Iris Hornigold, 3 children:(a) Gary married Wendy O’Connell (b) Tracey Lynn. (c) Wayne. (ii) Trevor married Pamela Simcox, 2 children:- Paige, Julie. (iii) Dawn married Alastair Pyper, 2 children:- Jason, Candice. 4. Anna married J. Lind, 1 daughter:A. Agnes married Claude Bamford, 3 children:(i) Hilde married Jeff Slinger, 3 children:- Janet, Greta, Johanathan. (ii) Else married Dr G. Radloff, 4 children:- Godfrey, Hilda, Brenda, Carla. (iii) Clive married Anne Bakkevig, 2 children:- Agnes, Erik. 17

5. Marie married Arthur Andreasen, 2 sons:A. Gilbert married Grace Holliday, 3 children:(i) Inga married Dave Sellick, 3 sons:- Noel, Grant, John. (ii) Joan married Bob Key, 2 children:- Anthony, Catherine. (iii) Greta married Henri Joubert, 2 children:- Brian, Dale. B. Roy married Maureen Trundle, 2 children:(i) Gail married Adrian Capper. (ii) Shaun. 6. Peder. 7. Eilert. LOT 10.J. Lillebo, wife Kanutte, 5 children:1. Peder married Laura Haajem, 4 children:A. Karl, emigrated to Australia. B. Alf, emigrated to Australia, but subsequently returned C. Hilda married Leif Wesley, 2 girls:(i) Elna married Brian Sanders with stepchildren Michael, David, Terry, Lee. (ii) Agnes married Jack Robertson, 2 children:- Clifford, Lynette. D. Jorgen, emigrated to Australia. 2. Anna married Joseph Sarsons, 2 children:A. Mabel married Ian MacDonald, 3 children:(i) Kenneth married Marion Baker, 3 children:(a) Sharon married Leslie Masterson, 1 child:- Ryan. (b) Elize. (c) Ian. (ii) Norma married Charles Masterson, 2 children:(a) Donald married Maureen Thomson, 2 children:- Dax, Tarin. (iii) Heather married Dave Rees, 1 son:- Graham. B. Albert married Nonnie Davies 3. Pernille married George Boyd, 2 children:A. Phyllis married Dan Smith, 4 children:(i) Merle married Roy McIntyre, 3 children:(a) Gordon. (b) Lorna married Raymond Tink, 1 child:- Tenille (c) Derick. (ii) Addieiris married John Treble, 3 children:(a) Clifford married I.aurian Mossman, 1 child:- Natasha (b) David (c) Bridget (iii) Jennie married Alan Smith, 1 child: Lyle. (iv) Zola married Graham Kerr, 2 children:- Bronwyn, Andrew. After Dan Smith’s death Phyllis married Lawrence Lester, 3 children:(v) Barbara married Bob Dixon, 1 child:- Lisa. (vi) Donald. (vii) Lorraine married Brian Futter, 3 children, Deborah, Charmaine, Linda. B. George married Muriel Smith, 2 children:(i) Kelsay married Guy de Wet, 4 children. (ii) Kevin married Ailsa McMillan. 4. Andreas married Marie Borchard, 3 children:A. Sylvia married Patrick Horner, 5 children:- Richard, Michael, Pearl, Ethel, Jean. B. Eileen, 1 child:- Anne. C. Erik married Louise Brewis, 3 children (i) Bruce (ii) Lynette married Gordon McLaren, 2 children:- Bryan, Kyle. (iii) Michelle. 5. Louise. 18

LO T 11. Knut Standal, wife Johanne, 3 children:-

1. Inga married Alexander Forbes, 4 children:A. Doreen married Walter Hesom, 3 children:(i) Alan married Jean Wend. (ii) Peter married Tass Raath. (iii) Glen married Mary Hamer. B. Cyril married Marie Charlotte Johnson, 3 children:(i) Ian married Betsy Ann Lap, one son, Warren Alistair. (ii) Rory married Judy Mann, 2 children, Graig, Catherine. (iii) Gail. C. Clifford married Joan Ingram, 3 children:(i) Andrew married Maryanne Marshall, 2 sons,Keith, Gordon. (ii) Jil married Gary Hailstone, 2 children:-Kerry, Leigh. (iii) Caryl married Ian Smith (Australia) one child, Joleen. D. Alan married Margaret Kenyon, 2 children:- Colin, Robin. 2. Jenny married Percy Richard Mason, 4 children:A. Joyce married Edward Fulton, 4 children:(i) David married Sheryl Lundine, 2 children:- Wayne, Angela. (ii) Trevor, married Fay Sydenham, 3 children:- Tanya, Warwick, Brendon. (iii) Maureen married John Harris, 3 children:- Verne, Jenni, Cheryl. (iv) Patricia married Michael Boast, 3 children:- Christopher, Kevin, Michelle. B. Arthur married Cynthia McCillough, 2 children:(i) Richard married Eldene Braak, one son, Christopher. (ii) Diane. C. Ophelia (Peggy) married Harold Oellermann, 2 children:(i) Stephanie married Bernard Anderson, one son, Bruce. (ii) Blake married Joan Roberts, 3 children:- Steven, Ross, Kim. D. Dora married Dooley Gold, 4 children:(i) Gavin married Celia Vlok, 2 children:- Melanie, Warren. (ii) Jenny married Ian Moore. (iii) Bruce. (iv) Rex. 3. Edwin. When Standals moved to Durban, Lot 11 was taken over by:- O.J. Brauteseth, wife Johanne, 4 children:1. Ole married Elizabeth Viljoen, 2 children:A. John married Josette Seneque, 2 children:(i) Sven Erik. (ii) Louise married Edward Reiche. B. Kathleen married George Fairfield, 6 children:(i) Rosemary married Beresford Brook, 4 children:- Carl Ivor, Robyn, Kim, Ingrid. (ii) David. (iii) Ronald married Cynthia Bell. (iv) Lorna married Trevor Sourgen. (v) Ingrid. (vi) Douglas. Kathleen later married John Edwards. 2. Kristian married Ruth Larsen, 8 sons:A. Ernest married Una Cairns. B. Ludvig married Hazel Seaward, 2 children:(i) Brian married Wendy Morley. (ii) Barbara. 19

C. Rolf married Gwendoline Pleass. 4 children:(i) Colin. (ii) Michael married Sandra Clayton, 3 children:- Derek, Lisa, Sharon. (iii) Cheryl married Rodney Hall, 2 children:- Brett, Candice. (iv) David. D. Victor married Kirsten Rodseth, 3 children:(i) Sonja married Michael Tarr. (ii) Sven married Michele Sher, one daughter, Keryn. (iii) Norman married Claire Jagger, one son, Evan. E. Nils married Lilias Abrams, 6 children:(i) Joyce-Anne married Rob Westbrook. 3children:- Wayne, Craig, Bernice. (ii) Kenneth married Lesley van Rooyen, 3 children:- Janine,Claire, Bronwyn. (iii) Allen married Yvonne Gretton, 3 children, Deborah-Lee, Heidi, Carl. (iv) Karen married David Samuel. (v) Ingrid. (vi) Nola. F. Ronald married Paddy Goodes, 6 children:(i) Jonathan married Brenda Maclachlan, 2 sons, Rolf Johan, Bruce Peter. (ii) Paul married Marianne Leonard, one child:- Tanya. (iii) Peter married Sandra Moore. (iv) Mark. (v) Martin. (vi) Timothy. G. Trygvar married Anne-Marie Holte, 3 children:- Leif, Karl, Ruth. H. Arne married Marjorie Radford, 5 children:- Carolyn, Clive, Lynton, Beverley, Terrence.

3. Otine married Clarence Riggien, 6 children:A. Doris married Ronald MacPherson, 2 children:(i) Colleen married Johnny Coetzee, 2 children:- Wayne, Cindy. (ii) Dawn married Laurie Smith, 2 children:- Paul, Bridgette. B. Leonard married Doreen O’Connor, 4 children:(i) Denise married Leon de Villiers, 4 children:- Eugene, Jeanette, Shane, Duane. (ii) Bruce married Suzanna van der Walt, 2 children:- Leonard, Angie. (iii) Barbara married Terrence Morrison, 3 children:- Mandy, Mark, Marshall. (iv) Patricia married Herman Leach, 3 children:- Herman, Elize, Linda. C. Clarice married William Behrens, 2 children:- Lynn, Gary. D. Enid Phyllis. E. George married Margaret Williams, 4 children:- Kevin, Brian, Wendy, Cecil. F. Kate married Gerald Armstrong, 5 children:(i) Jennifer married Francis Kuhn, one child:- Deborah. (ii) Clive married Brenda Dingley, one child:- Edwin. (iii) Terrence married Marcelline Simonotti, one son, Craig. (iv) Pauline married Gert Coertze, 2 children:- Rudi, Kim. (v) George married Mary Clarke, one child:- Jacqueline. 4. Otto married Inga Sivertson, 2 children:A. Bernard married Rita McDougall, 4 children:- Peter, Jennifer, Alison, Gordon. B. Arthur, wife Hennie, 2 daughters, Anne, Inga. 20

LOT 12. Knut Martinsen, wife Elizabeth, 4 children:1. Margrethe married William Bazley, 2 sons:A. Willie. B. Knut married Doris Payne, 9 children:(i) William Arthur, married Mavis de Wet, 2 children:a. William Henry, wife Hanni, one daughter, Shelley. b. Brenda married Corrie de Jong, one son, Garth. (ii) Philip Edward married Phyllis Braatvedt, 3 children:a. Arlene married Peter Vermaak, 2 daughters, Claire, Leigh. b. Jill married Michael Norris, 4 children:- Kerry, Belinda, Brendan, Paul. c. Gavin. (iii) Herbert Knut married Gertruida Pretorius. (iv) Helen Doreen married Allan Sinclair, 2 sons:a. Ivor married Rosemary Field, 2 sons, Murray, Grant. b. Colin. (v) Amy Margrethe married Frederick McHattie, 3 children:a. Doris married Brian Staniforth, 2 children:- Trevor, Paulette. b. Vivien married Robin Tayler, 2 sons, Mark, David. c. Frederick married Angela Clode. (vi) Eric Norman married Marion McGregor, 5 children:a. Lynden. b. Angela married Gary Griffiths. c. Meryl married Norman Fick, one daughter, Sanchia. d. Gregory. e. Stuart. (vii) Maurice Royle married Enid Kuhne, 3 children:- Denzil, Garnett, Ingre. (viii) Doris Jean married Douglas Martin, 3 sons, Glen, Brian, Keith. (ix) Elizabeth Anne married William Tennant.

2. Klara married Emil Berg. 6 children:A. Elizabeth married D. Gunn. B. Emil married E. Hawker, 4 children:(i) Charles, 2 children:- Dion Charles, Calene. (ii) Laurence, 5 children:- Laurel, Belinda, Daryl, Laurance, Cynthia-Dawn. (iii) Shirley, 2 children, Colleen, Bradley. (iv) Dawn. C. Knut married G. Smith, 3 children:(i) Pearl married Lloyd Baker, 3 children:- Beverley, Gregory, Rory. (ii) Sheila married Raymond, one son, Trevor. (iii) Annette married P. Bylerveld, 2 children:- Bernard, Jennifer. D. Gudve married B. Russell, one son, Benjamin. E. Margrethe married R. Murphy, 4 children:(i) Kevin married Phillipa Humphreys. (ii) Patrick. (iii) Shaun married Gwen Darwent, one son, Marc. (iv) Patricia married N. van Niekerk, one son, Ashley. F. Erling married Esme Crookes, 3 children:(i) George married Inga Ohl, 2 children, Nicole, Christiaan. (ii) Jeanette married R. Cubbin, 2 children:- Rosemary, Gavin. (iii) Deonie married N. Menton, 2 children:- Marily, Lionel. 3. Elise married Edvard Haajem. 4. Martin (emigrated to Australia) 21

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LOT 13. Ole Haajem wife Hendrikke, 8 children:1. Edward married Elise Martinsen. When she died he married Margrethe Bazley. He later married Maja Egholm, who had 3 children:A. Mossa married Odd Bjornhaug, 2 daughters:(i) Randi married Dennis McLeod, one daughter:a. Susan married Roy de Kok, 2 daughters, Nicola, Andrea. (ii) Kirsten married John Christensen, 3 children:a. Jane. b. Lynn married Desmond Laubscher, 2 children:- Matthew, Emma. c. Steven, wife Erika, 2 sons, John, Brett. B. Sigrid married Colin Elder, 2 sons (adopted):(i) Robert married Vicki Rimmer. (ii) Gordon. C. Victor. 2. Anna married Hans Larsen, 2 sons:A. Ludvig married Mathilda Hesse, one son:(i) Richard married Ruth Palmer, 3 children:- Richard, Ingrid, Carl. B. Arthur married Ina Easton, 3 sons:(i) Norman married Denise Johnston, 4 children:a. Wayne married Lucille Retief, one child:- Tamaryn. b. Llewellyn married Michelle Cotter, one child:- Angela. c. Tessa. d. Wendy. (ii) Clifford married Connie Rawlins, 2 sons:a. Glen married Colleen Watt, 2 children:- Jason, Tracey. b. Brett. Clifford later married Wendy Theron. (iii) Robert married Shirley Robinson, 4 sons:- Timothy, Owen, Grant, Anthony. Anna later married Meyer Tuckell, 3 children:A. Thelma married Harley Apsey. B. Ruth married Donald Godwin, 4 children:(i) Kenneth married Trudy Botha, 2 sons, Ken, Dean. Kenneth later married Margaret Godwin. (ii) Corin married Margaret Archer, 2 sons:a. Darrell married Marlene du Bell, one son, Darrell. b. Noel. (iii) Marian married Peter Welsh, 3 children:- Sheila, Michael, Gary. (iv) Brian married Shirley Price, 2 sons, Shawn, Zane. C. Stanley married Peggy Vincent, 2 children:(i) Glenda. (ii) Terence, wife Lynn, one son, Darian. 3. Laura married Peder Lillebo, 4 children:A. Karl (emigrated to Australia). B. Alf. C. Hilda married Leif Wesley, 2 daughters:(i) Elna married Brian Sanders, with stepchildren Michael, David, Terry, Lee. (ii) Agnes married Jack Robertson, 2 children:- Clifford, Lynette. D. Jorgen (emigrated to Australia). Laura later married W. Anderson, one son:(i) Willie married Mabel MacQueen. 4. Karl. 24

5. Ole married Inga Nero, 2 children:A. Anton B. Borghild married Harold Cawdry, 5 children:(i) Inga Leigh married Peter Guest, 3 sons, Kenneth, Allayne, Davin. (ii) Marilyn married Nicole Grieshaber, 2 children:- Denver, Beverley. (iii) Frederick married Jennifer MacGregor. (iv) Harold John married Frances Raubenheimer. (v) Alan married Irene Heppes, 2 sons, Neil, Ian. 6. Nora married Ted Smithers, 2 children:A. Philip married Dorothy Rogers, 3 children:(i) Alec (Rogers) married Marie du Plessis, 2 children:a. Wendy married Michael Robertson. b. Craig. (ii) Kenneth (Rogers) married Tiny Veglia, 3 children:- Gillian, Gaylen, Keith. (iii) Penelope married John Wilson, 4 children:a. Michael married Jane Corken, 2 sons, David, Paul. b. Susan. c. Jane married Trevor Evans, one son, Ryan. d. Richard. B. Thora married Richard Knight, 2 children:(i) Graham married Mary Seggie, 3 children:- Deborah, Susan, Angela. (ii) Denise married Olivier, 2 children:- Chantel, Timothy. 7. Regine married Alf Brant (emigrated to Australia). 8. Ludvig married Amelia Rathbone.

LOT 14. Rev. Emil Berg, wife Cornelia, 10 children:1. Emil married Klara Martinsen, 6 children:A. Elizabeth married D. Gunn. B. Emil married E. Hawker, 4 children:(i) Charles, 2 children:- Dion Charles, Calene. (ii) Laurence, 5 children:- Laurel, Belinda, Daryl, Laurance, Cynthia-Dawn. (iii) Shirley, 2 children:- Colleen, Bradley. (iv) Dawn. Emil later married Gwen Holloway, one child:(i) Daphne married Brian Davis. C. Knut married G. Smith, 3 children:(i) Pearl married Lloyd Baker, 3 children:- Beverley, Gregory, Rory. (ii) Sheila married Raymond, one child:- Trevor. (iii) Annette married P. Bylerveld, 2 children:- Bernard, Jenifer. D. Gudve married B. Russell, one son, Benjamin. E. Margrethe married R. Murphy, 4 children:. (i) Kevin married Phillipa Lea Humphreys. (ii) Patrick. (iii) Shaun married Gwen Darwent, one son, Marc. (iv) Patricia married N. van Niekerk, one son, Ashley. F. Erling married Esme Crookes, 3 children:(i) George married Inga Ohl, 2 children, Nicole, Christiaan. (ii) Jeanette married R. Cubbin, 2 children:- Rosemary, Gavin. (iii) Deonie married N. Menton, 2 children:- Marilyn, Lionel.

2. Gusta married Willie Minot, 6 children:A. Willie. B. Edgar married Edith White, 7 children:(i) Hector married E. Gordon, one son, Bruce. (ii) Thelma married R. Trench, 4 children:a. Roy. b. Barbara married Gerry Allin, one son, Colin. c. Andrew. d. Keith. (iii) Dorothy married R. Anderson, 3 children:- Gavin, Gill, Robin. (iv) Ruth married M. Breeds, one son, Guy. (v) Pauline married B. Peddie, 3 children:- Dale, Wayne, Colin. (vi) Myrtle married M. Muller, 3 children:- Michael, Jerry, Donavan. (vii) Clifford. C. Alpha married W.H. Gresty, 2 children:(i) Patricia married D. McKenzie, 4 children:- Andrew, Gregory, Craig, Lyndsay. (ii) Russell William married Shelagh MacKenzie, 2 children:- Michael, Katherine. D. Oliver married Charlotte Mackridge, 6 children:(i) Olive married Michael Owen, 3 sons:- Stewart, Christopher, Richard. (ii) Ernest. (iii) Trevor married Fay Dolling, 2 sons, Steven, Mark. (iv) Margaret Rose married James Keel, 3 children:- Gregory, Douglas, Angela-Rose. (v) Richard. (vi) Valerie married Pannel, one child:- Debra Kim. E. Norman married Grace Barry, 3 children:(i) Donald married Dawn Large, 4 children:- Brenda, Gordon, Barry, Errol. (ii) Delores married Trevor Deprez, 2 children:- Pierre, Craig. (iii) Grace married D. Hayman. F. Eleanor married George Harry Gresty, 4 children:(i) Myrtle married Ronald Richardson, 4 children:- David, Heather, John, Angela. (ii) George. (iii) Valerie. (iv) Hazel. 3. Marie married Hjalmar Ash, 2 children:A. Victor married Dolly Hodson, 3 children:(i) Doreen. (ii) Olga married S. van Niekerk, 3 children:(iii) Victor. B. Harry (emigrated to Australia). 4. Magda married S. Landmark, 3 children:A. Ellen married William Todd, 4 children:(i) Ronald married Grace Gillespie, 3 children:- John, Gayellen, Peter. Ronald later married Vera Battiscombe, one child:- Joyann. (ii) Millicent married Elmore van Niekerk, 4 sons:- Michael, Anthony, Gary, Elmore. (iii) Lorraine manied T. Winter, 3 children:- Judy, Patricia, Sally. (iv) Shirley married Alexander Fagan, 3 children:- Jeffrey, Penelope, Mark. Shirley later married Ronald Bull, one son:- Craig. B. Alf. C. Kate married Martin Schaeffer, 2 children:- Derek, Doris. 5. Alfa married Sverre Landmark, 4 children:A. Gerhard married Iris Webb, one son:(i) Gerhard Michael married Jacqueline Wood, 3 children, Gerhard John, Philip, David. 26

B. Alpha married Bramwell Wood, 4 children:(i) Richard married Maureen Wetherell, 2 sons:- Jeremy, Timothy. (ii) Margaret married Denzil Roberts, 3 children:- Deane, Linda, Jean. (iii) Thelma married Robert Woolley, 2 sons:- Craig, Gregory. (iv) Philip married Amanda Jacobs, 2 children:- Paul, Karen. C. Alice married Clarence Roux, 4 children:(i) Michael married Maureen Hannay, 2 sons:- Michael Francis, Mark. (ii) Anthony married Arlene Hawkins, one child:- Leanne. (iii) Ruth. (iv) Christine married Alfred Bruder, 1 child:- Heather-Anne. D. Hilda married Eugene Michel, 5 children:(i) Lynn married Howard Zingel, 4 children:- Patricia, Steven, Christopher, Paul. (ii) Rhett. (iii) Ross married Kathleen Rainsbury. (iv) Dane. (v) Beth. 6. Francis married Lina Hufft, 1 daughter Frances, who married J. H. W. Foster. Francis later married Molla Kvalsvig, 4 daughters:A. Audrey married Malcolm Gillman Bate, 4 children:(i) Vincent married Isobel Scheepers, 2 children:- Pierre, Simone. (Emigrated to Australia in 1981). (ii) Keith married Jenny Brink, 3 children:- Kelli, Jacqueline, Jason. (iii) Bruce married Fay Steenhuysen, 2 children:- Heidi, Cindy. (iv) Mirelle married Colin Fowler, 2 sons:- Judd, Ross. B. Maureen married Johannes van Blerk. C. Oris. D. Nola married Rodney Keen, 2 children:- Lloyd, Michele. 7. John married Inga Hufft, 3 children:A. Alicia married Lorentz Johannesen, 6 children:(i) Mervyn Leif married Elizabeth Kriel, 2 children:- Arne, Inga. (ii) Thurle married Basil Barker, 2 children:- Sandra, Jonathan. (iii) Lorna married M. Mortimer, 2 children:- Konrad, Bronwyn Lee. Lorna later married Trevor Becket, 2 sons:- Mark, William. (iv) Fay married William de Meillon, 3 children:- Sten, Dean, William. (v) Valma married Dudley Field, 2 sons:- Clint, Lance. (vi) Cheryl married Chick Casewell, 3 sons:- Kevin, Stuart, Gregory. B. Ralph married Joan Cook, 3 children:- Dawn, Neville, Barry. C. Dennis married Evelyn Bateman, 2 children:(i) Sandra married Dick Steyn, 2 children:- Brian, Karen. (ii) Gail married Harold Zettler, 3 children:- Tracy, Jennifer, Lorna Ann. 8. Harold. 9. Arthur. 10 Walter. LOT 15.Carl Lund, wife Marie, 4 children:1. Ragnhild married Gottfred Ultsch, 3 daughters:A. Dora married Alec Heymans. B. Frida married Herbert Chipps. C. Erna married B. Mann. 2. Astrid married J. R. S. Johnsen, 6 children:A. Sara. B. Randolf married Alma Walker, 5 children:(i) Robin. 27

(ii) Priscilla married Dennis Johnston, 5 children:- Ann, Debbie, Wendy, Gordon, Diane. (iii) Lloyd married Rosemary Baynham, 1 son:- Lloyd. (iv) Stanley married Jennifer Baumann, 2 children:- Deborah, Shaun. (v) Theo married Jacqueline Louw, 4 children:- Tracy, Linda, Sandra, Paul. C. Sverre married Mavis Grimes, 2 children:(i) Beulah married Bill McGill, adopted 2 children:- Jenny, Alan. (ii) Irma married Nelson Keeny, 4 children:- Roy, Shelley, Lynn, Michael. Sverre later married Daphne Patterson, 2 children:(i) Colin married Denise Neeuwis, 3 children:- Rowan, Nicola, Justine. (ii) Delphine. D. Harold married Sidney Riceman, 2 children:(i) Sonja married Keith Andersen, 2 children:(a) Tracy married Rod Wiggill, 1 daughter:- Candice. (b) Kerry. E. Norman married Esme Cave, 2 daughters:(i) Yvonne married Ted McCurrach, 4 children:- Gregory, Steven, Andrew, Sonja. (ii) Astrid married Henry Christensen, 2 children, Leigh Ann, Craig. F. Valborg married Basil Baker, 1 daughter:(i) Deardre married Michael Pearson, 2 children:- Kerry, Mandy. 3. Einar. 4. Sverre. Carl Lund later married Mary Park Cullen, 1 daughter:- Agnes Alvilde. LOT 16. A. Andersen, wife Gertrude, 5 children:1. Johanne married Johan Andersen, 7 children:A. Anders married Joanna Johnson, 3 sons:(i) Ronald-Ingwald, wife Peggy, 2 children:(a) Gillian. (b) Mark, married with 1 son, Ronald Ingwald. (ii) Norman. (iii) Alton, wife Doreen, 2 children:- Cynthia, Michael. B. Gertrude married Eric Harper, 3 children:(i) Beryl married Sidney Crouch, 4 children:(a) Lynette married Philip La Roche, 2 children:- Clive, Leigh. (b) Neville married Judith Barlow, 2 children:- Ryan, Debra-Lee. (c) Hylton married Ruth Nicholson. (d) Daryl married Felicity Fleming. (ii) Derek married Mona Martens, 3 children. (iii) Barry married Irma van Wyk, 2 daughters. C. Laurentze married Edgar Clark, 2 children:(i) Jocelyn married Joe Ford, 1 son:- Terence. (ii) Richard, wife Mina, 2 daughters. D. Ruby married Edmond Erasmus, 6 children:(i) Edna married Philip May, 3 daughters (in New Zealand):(a) Denise, 2 children. (b) Jennifer, 3 sons. (c) Gillian, 2 children. (ii) Stanley. (iii) Joan married Graham Marchington, 5 children:- Elaine, Colin, Desiree, Noel, Andrew. (iv) Shirley married Charles Gregory, 5 children:(a) Ingrid married Ernest McCullough, 2 children:- Tracy, Craig. (b) Kenneth (emigrated to America) 28

(c) Walter. (d) Peter. (e) Diane. (v) Cyril, wife Jackie, 2 children. (vi) Lyla. E. John, wife Lena, 2 daughters:- Audrey, Lorna. F. Martha (Queenie) married Albert Ansell. G. Eleanor married Jack Barrett, 1 son:(i) Errol married Elizabeth Forsyth, 3 children:- Colleen, Susan, Craig. 2. Hilma married John Johnson, 5 children:A. Gertie (May) married Dave Owen. B.John. C. Alec. D. Freddie. E. Sylvia married Jim Gedye, 2 children:- Marlene, Michael. 3. Andreas. 4. Karen married Frank Molyneux, 2 children:A. Nora married Evelyn Dougans, 1 son:(i) Norman, wife Pam, 3 children:(a) Michael, wife Francina, 2 children:- Raymond, Robyn. (b) Raymond. (c) Rosanne married Peter Scully, 1 daughter:- Laura Tamlyn. Norman later married Sally Chapman. Nora later married Robert Moore. B. Henry married Alison Erasmus, 2 daughters:(i) Maureen. (ii) Valerie married Leslie Bray. 5. Olaf. After Andersen’s death Gertrude married R. Nederhus. LOT 17. Church and School LOT 18. With Ole Brune came Marie Moe who married George Anderson. They had 4 children:1. Edward married Edith Gibbons, 3 sons:A. Vivian married Daphne Walker, 3 children:(i) Marilyn married McTaggart, 1 daughter, Caroline. (ii) Rosemary married D. Rush, 4 children:- Cuan, Gareth, Andrew, Layren. (iii) Colleen married A. Cronk, 2 children:- Tamlyn, Candice. B. Donald married Charmaine Buye, 2 sons:- Derek, Kenneth. C. Norman married Mary Rothman, 2 children:- Edward, Sharon. 2. George married Sarah Mengle, 3 children:A. Gladys married G. Bell. B. Reginald married Daphne Westemeyer. C. Yvonne married M. Thomas. 3. Gustav married Violet Shields, 4 children:A. Grace married Edward Gibbons, 2 sons (in Australia) B. Alan married Marris du Morris, 4 children:- Antony, Royleen, Vanessa, Rosilla. C. Daphne married Ken Ferguson, 3 children:- Carol, Desmond, Peter. D. Roy married Olga Dell, 3 children:- Jennifer, Kevin, Gus. 4. Christine married Lewis Bolton, 4 children:A. Una married Ken Whitmore, 3 children:(i) Keith, wife Helen, 2 children:- Vernon, Lou-Anne. (ii) Doreen married Smith, 2 children:- Haley-Ann, Michael-John. (iii) Joy married S. Griffiths, 3 children. 29

B. Vivian married Daphne Ellis, 6 children:(i) Trevor, wife Sylvia, 1 child:- Melissa. (ii) Linda married John Egan, 1 child:- Natalie. (iii) Valerie married Roy du Trevou, 1 child:- Sheldon. (iv) Neville married Susan Keyter. (v) Gerald. (vi) Derek. C. Ian married Anna, 3 children:(i) Eric. (ii) Ian married Elizabeth, 2 children:- Gareth, Reginald. (iii) Carol married Du Plessis, 3 children:- Desire, Yvette, Vandre. D. Edna married Erling Meydell, 4 children:(i) Erling Bryan married Georgina Green. (ii) Robin married Margaret Hughes. (iii) Barrie married Georgina Potgieter, 3 children:- Lee-Ann, Carey, Shelley. (iv) Lynne married Trevor Stevens, 2 children:- Cleve, Shereen. LOT 19. Ole Vinjevold, wife Oline, 7 children:1. Peder. 2. Oluffa (Lottie) married William Munger, 3 sons:A. Harry married Connie Penny, 3 children:(i) David, married Dolly Ruskin, 1 son:(a) Basil married Mary Flemming, 4 children:- Sharon, Charmaine, Adele, Andrew. (ii) Rex married Bessie Harding, 1 son, Allan. (iii) Elaine married Llewellyn Greenish, 3 children:(a) Cynthia married John de Jager. (b) Beryl married Fred Corbis. (c) Yvonne. B. Arthur married Olive Horrack, 2 children:(i) Daphne married Ian Dakers, 1 son:(a) Gordon married Veronica Hill, 3 children:- Grant, Julie, Nigel. Daphne later married Trevelyan Hall, 3 children:(b) Lawrence married Joy Clancy, 1 son, Trevelyan. (c) Robert married Alison Thomlinson, 2 sons, Andrew, Christopher. (d) Sheena married Paul Hayes, 1 son, Clinton. (ii) Desmond married Mickie Jordan, 2 children:(a) Gillian married Fred Jacobs, 2 children, Vicky Ann, Debbie. (b) Peter married Cherith Hutchinson, 1 daughter, Lyndal. C. Percy married Gertie Troy, 1 daughter, Thelma. 3. Annie married Edward Standal. 4. Olaf married Maggie Steensma, 5 sons:A. John married Molly Hassall, 3 children:(i) Barry married Pat Isherwood, 3 children:- Michael, Jane, Kevin. (ii) Jennifer married Vivian Foxcroft, 2 children:- Sharon, Shaun. (iii) Jill married Koos Pretorius, 3 children:- Richard, Wendy-Ann, Lorraine. Jill later married Frank Holmes, 1 child, Paula. B. Victor married Phyllis Webb. C. Stanley married Helen Carlean, 1 daughter, Maeve. D. Oscar married Olive Burnley. E. Kenneth married Joan Berndt, 4 children:(i) Christien married Cliff Leibrandt, 2 sons, Shaun, Ken. (ii) Mark married Penny Erickson. (iii) Russell. (iv) Keith. 30

5. Josephine 6. Andrew married Sarah Melsater, 1 son, Roy. 7. Alfred (Anderson) married Olga Kipperberg, 2 children:A. Clifford married Moira Jamieson, 3 children:(i) Fiona married Richard McDowell, 1 child, Jaclyn. (ii) Hugh married Pam Skewis, 1 son, Lee. (iii) Sonja married George Hendry, 1 son, Jason. B. Iris. LOT 20. Frederik Hufft, wife Christine, 5 children:1. Sophie married Peder Bjorseth, 1 son:A. Franz married Fiorna Miller, 2 children:(i) Jill married Eric Gould, 3 children, Anthony, Michael, Shelley Anne. (ii) Leif married Maureen Gowans, 1 child, Caitlin. 2. Inga married John Berg, 3 children:A. Alicia married Lorentz Johannesen, 6 children:(i) Mervyn Leif married Elizabeth Kriel, 2 children, Arne, Inga. (ii) Thurle married Basil Barker, 2 children, Sandra, Jonathan. (iii) Lorna married M. Mortimer, 2 children, Konrad, Bronwyn Lee. Lorna later married Trevor Becket, 2 sons, Mark, William. (iv) Fay married William De Meillon, 3 children, Sten, Dean, William. (v) Valma married Dudley Field, 2 sons, Clint, Lance. (vi) Cheryl married Chick Casewell, 3 sons, Kevin, Stuart, Gregory. B. Ralph married Joan Cook, 3 children:- Dawn, Neville, Barry. C. Dennis married Evelyn Bateman, 2 children:(i) Sandra married Dick Steyn, 2 children:- Brian, Karen. (ii) Gail married Harold Zettler, 3 children:- Tracy, Jennifer, Lorna Ann. 3. Lina married Frank Berg, 1 daughter, Frances, who married J. H. W. Foster. 4. Wilhelm. 5. Maria married Oscar Nero, 1 daughter:A Merle married Douglas Kjonstad, 3 daughters:- Sonja, Karen, Ingrid. LOT 23. Martinus Gidske, wife Anna, 7 children:1. Peter married Marchie de Villiers, 2 children. 2. Berthe married Knut Martinussen, 2 children:- Aksel, Oskar. 3. Anna married Johan de Beer. 4. Petrine married Gustav Forstad. 5. Bernt. 6 Benoni. 7. One child died. (No further information has been received about this family). LOT 24. Erik Brudevik, wife Kristine, 3 children:1. Jens 2. Nils. 3. Helga married George Arnold, 2 sons:- Christian, Edward. Helga later married David Beattie, 3 children:- Helen, Sarah, William. (No further information has been received about this family).

25. Family name Gjert Kvalsvig, wife Marie, 9 children:1. Gustav. 2. Oscar married Rachel Bjorseth, 1 child:A. Mavis married Ken Franklin, 1 child:(i) Joy married Richard Motet. 3. Martin married Petra Dahle, 2 children:A. Cedric married Lindsay Muldoon, 4 children:(i) Martin married Priscilla Edwards. (ii) Nola married Gert Thompson, 1 child:- Elton-John. Nola Later married Terrance Riley. (iii) Patrick. (iv) Scott. B. Denzil married Wendy Bate, 3 children:- Karen, Wayne, Tracy. 4. John married Inga Larsen, 1 child:- Gilmour. 5. Marie married Francis Berg, 4 daughters:A. Audrey married Malcolm Bate, 4 children:(i) Vincent married Isabel Scheepers, 2 children:- Pierre, Simone. (ii) Keith married Jennifer Brink, 3 children:- Kelli, Jacqueline, Jason. (iii) Bruce married Fay Steenhuysen, 2 children:- Heidi, Cindy. (iv) Mirelle married Colin Fowler, 2 children:- Judd, Ross B. Maureen married Johannes van Blerk. C. Oris. D. Nola married Rodney Keen, 2 children:- Lloyd, Michele. 6. Paul married Trixie Finlay, 3 children:A. Pauline married Len Zondagh, 4 children:(i) Michael married Rita du Toit, 2 children:- Leendert, Yvette. (ii) Marie married Peter Lourens, 2 children: Natalie, Jacques. (iii) Pamela married Brian Pienaar, 2 children:- Anthony, Tanya. (iv) Denise married Thys de Witt. B. George married Joy Pretorius, 4 children:(i) David married Kate Maritz, 1 child:- Sean. (ii) Jonathan. (iii) Richard. (iv) Melanie. After Joy’s death, George married Shirley Pretorius. C. Anne. 7. Emil married Ida Kvalsvig, 1 child:A. Craig married Eve Mac, 2 children:(i) Atholl. (ii) June married Frank Norton, 1 child:- Selena Jane. 8. Richard married Katherine Ellis, 6 children:A. Lois married Donald Scott, 4 children:(i) Barbara married Dale Osborne, 2 children:- Scott, Sarah. (ii) Catherine married Gary Russell, 1 child:- Brett. (iii) Diana married Gavin Chaplin. (iv) Janet. B. Joan married Julian Steyn, 4 children:(i) Rosamund married Bruce Beaton, 1 child:- Nicolai. (ii) Christopher. (iii) Nicholas. (iv) Debra.

C. Michael married Anne Vickers, 5 children:- Jeffery, Jonathan, Susan, David, Lianne. . Rosemary married Arthur Hodges, 4 children:- Rosane, Marcus, Michelle, Dianne. E. Leslie married Jane Thompson, 3 children:- Amanda, Sarah, Katherine. F. Daphne married Hans Smits, 2 children:- Clair, Peter. 9. Anne.

LOT 26. W. Andersen, wife Marie, 3 children:1. Elise married M. van Drom. 2. Minnie married W. Miller. 3. Bennie married Natalie Mundy, 2 children:- Rita, Colin. W Andersen later married Laura, (Peder Lillebo’s widow), one son:(a). Willie married Mabel McQueen. No further information has been received about this family.

LOT 27. Hans Haajem, wife Caroline, 4 children:1. Petra married Anders Marthinussen, 3 children:A. Bertha married Dr. James Schabert, 1 son:- James (emigrated to Australia). B. Harold married Irma Smith, 2 children:(i) Jennifer married F. Pickard, 2 children:- Deborah, Liesha. (ii) Gregory married Julia Beith, 2 children:- Ian, Lara. Gregory later married Laureen Soine, 1 son:- Luke. C. Carmen married Dr. J. van Niekerk, 2 children:- Gail, Paul. 2. Emma married and emigrated to America. 3. Margreta married Lauritz Marthinussen, 2 sons:A. Erling, wife Betty, 3 children:(i) Ronald married Miss Sulin, 4 children:(ii) Lucille married Mr. Bellan. (iii) Vanessa married Ron Ovenstone. B. Erik married Di Able, 4 children:- Andrew, Tim, Sandra, Rosanne. 4. Peder married Maud Smith, 6 children:A. Oscar. B. Desmond married Bertha Sacks, 3 children:- Jennifer, Vanessa, Peter. C. Joy married John Kent, 6 children:(i) Oskar married Audrey Olsen, 1 son:- Jamie. (ii) Avon married Gail Fowler, 2 children:- Glen, Wayne. (iii) Ingrid married Robert Grieg, 2 children:- Mark, lane. (iv) Karen married John Watkins, (emigrated to London). (v) Jill. (vi) Victor. D. Norma married Charles Robert Carr, 2 children:- Bruce, Robin. E. Peter married Iris Waskis, 2 sons:(i) Peter James married Stephnie Records, 2 children:- Stacey, Anthony Peter. (ii) Christopher married Evelyn Gunter, 1 child:- Inge. F. Rita married John Pollock, 3 children:(i) Gregory married Elspeth McKenzie, 2 children:- Gareth, Morgan. (ii) Craig married Jill Sweeney. (iii) Glenda married Michael Ward, 1 son:- Craig. 33

LOT 28. Rasmus Nilsen, wife Pernille, 1 daughter:1. Andrea married John Wade, 5 children:A. Joseph married Bell Park Bristow, 3 children:(i) Denise married Arthur Galanos, 3 children:- Christopher, Sally Ann, Beverley. (ii) Sherlee Ann married Donald Wade, 3 children:- Paul, Helen, Susan. (iii) John Bristow Wade married Rosemary Fisher. B. Pernille Gwendoline married Eric Cross, 3 children:(i) Andrea Colleen married Douglas Irvine, 2 children:- Andrea Mary, Mark. (ii) Jennifer married Martin Lund, 2 children:- Jane, Margrete. (iii) Jill married John Spencer, 2 children:- Robert, Bronwyn. C. Alice married John Albers, 2 children:(i) David married Iris Schefferman. (ii) Deanne married Theo van Wyk, 1 son:- Pierre. D. Vicar. E. Inga married Johannes Vermaak, 2 children:(i) Coenraad married Dawn Forsyth, 2 children:- Eileen, Johannes. (ii) John married Lynne Hazel, 3 children:- Brenda, Sheryl, Tracey. With Rasmus Nilsen came his sister Elise,-who married H. Barnes, 4 children:Molly, Sigvald, Petra, Ellen. After Barnes’ death Elise married M. Ogilvie, 1 child. LOT 29. Nils Oie, wife Malene, 5 children:1. John married Josefine Aarsether, 3 children:A. Nils. B. Anne. C. Kari married Ragnar Tangberg, 1 daughter:(i) Inger-Anne married Leif-Erik Thoresen, 2 children:- Benedikte, Lars-Vegard. 2. Guttorm married Mary Phyllis Breen, 2 daughters:A. Louise married Jack Farquharson, 2 children:(i) Stuart married Elaine Rademeyer, 2 children:- Lara, Barry. (ii) Sandra married David Odendaal, 2 children:- Carron, Shayne. B. Phyllis married William McLean, 3 children:(i) Frances (Paddy) married Raymond Reed, 3 children:- Stephen, Bruce, Lesley. (ii) Audrey. (iii) Fraser married Sheila Querl, 3 children:- Karin, Glynis, Audrey. 3. Kanutte. 4. Ingeborg married Thomas Meydell, 5 children:A. Hjordis married Douglas McClean, 2 children:(i) Patricia married David Henderson, 2 sons:- Roderick, Nicholas. (ii) Michael married Lori-Dolene Howard, 3 children:- Raymond, Kelly, Terry. B. Gudrun. C. Borghild. D. Ingrid (Died young). E. Erling married Edna Bolton, 4 children:(i) Erling married Georgina Green. (ii) Robin married Margaret Hughes. (iii) Barrie married Georgina Potgieter, 3children:-Lee-Ann, Carey, Shelley. (iv) Lynne married Trevor Stevens, 2 children:-Cleve, Shereen. 5. Cornelia married Sigurd Guldbrandsen, 2 children:- (5 other children died young). A. Casper married Aagot Halland, 4 children:(i) Hildur married Robert-Louis Amato, 4 children:- Ruben, Justine (died young), Bianca, Carlos. (ii) Arne married Sally Geach, 2 children:- Matthew, Briony. (iii) Astra married Ronald Andrews, 1 child:- Kari. (iv) Mignon. 34

B. Ingrid married Dennis Ludlow, 2 sons:(i) Michael married Loren Gossmann, 1 son:- Jason. (ii) David. LOT 30. Thomas Dahle, wife Ane, 7 children:1. Anna married O. Sigurdsen. 2. Gusta married Emil Larsen, 4 children:A. Alvilde married Norman Blackburn, 3 children:(i) Lorraine married Joe Parker. (ii) Olga married Wilfred Lyndon. (iii) Theodore married Phyllis Milbank, 2 sons:(a) Glenwyn married Melodie Rowe, 1 son:- Aaron. (b) Bradley. B. Dora. C. Gustav. D. Thelma married William Boyd McMurchie. 3. Thea married Nyman, 3 children:- Franz, Alexander, Algot. 4. Oluff married Effie Clark, 6 children:5. Kornelius. 6. Ludvig. 7. Julius married Annie Chester, 1 son:- Richard. After Dahles moved to Durban, LOT 30 was taken over by:J. Johannesen, wife Anna, 9 children:- (four lived). 1. Sigurd married Nan Eve. 2. Lawrence married Alicia Berg, 6 children:(i) Mervyn Leif married Elizabeth Kriel, 2 children:- Arne, Inga. (ii) Thurle married Basil Barker, 2 children:- Sandra, Jonathan. (iii) Lorna married M. Mortimer, 2 children:- Konrad, Bronwyn Lee. Later married Trevor Beckett, 2 sons, Mark, William. (iv) Fay married William De Meillon, 3 children:- Sten, Dean, William. (v) Valma married Dudley Field, 2 sons:- Clint, Lance. (vi) Cheryl married Chick Casewell, 3 sons:- Kevin, Stuart, Gregory. 3. Ernest married Isobel van Tonder. 4. Magda (Madge) married Albert Staley, 7 children:A. Albert married Beryl Cooper, 4 children:- Verna, Errol, Derek, Dennis, (emigrated to U.S.A.) B. Ruth. C. Eric. D. Sylvia married George Dennison, 3 children:(i) Jennifer married Jerry McComb, 3 children:- Ryan, Donovan, Cuan. (ii) Brian. (iii) Heather married George Muller. E. Milton married Sylvia Lowe, 2 sons:- Gavin, John. F. Rodney married Madge Rowlands, 3 children:- Trevor, Merle, Kevin, (emigrated to U.S.A.) G. Annette married Eddie Rawlins, 2 children:- Leanne, Brenda. LOT 31. Anders Bjorkelund, wife Martha, 3 children:(Now Berkland). 1. Lars married Kate Fisher, 4 children:A. Doreen married George Clark, 2 children:(i) Bruce. (ii) Jill married Peter Brearley. B. Andrew married Elizabeth Dogteron, 2 children:- Sonja, Martin. 35

C. Kenneth married Lynne Mathews, 3 children:(i) Gary. (ii) Colleen married Gordon Wearn, 1 son:- Justin. (iii) Peter. D. Colin married Thelma Street, 2 children:- Wendy, Noel. 2. Larsine married W. Stevenson, 2 children:A. John married Muriel Aubrey, 2 children:(i) Elizabeth married Walter Tredrea, 4 children:- Colan, Margaret, Paulette, Linda. (ii) David married Jennifer Swindells, 3 children:- Nicholas, Janet, Murray. B. Ethel married Ronald Gilson, 5 children:(i) Warrick married Pamela Edkins, 3 children:- Craig, Donovan, Anthony. (ii) Walter married Jean Ridgway, 5 children:- Sheryl, Deborah, Mark, Murray, Richard. (iii) Alistair married Pearl Wilson, 3 children:- Jane, Bruce, Lucy. (iv) Jeanette married Glen Cox, 4 children:- Mark, Paul, Joanne, Jacqueline. (v) Denise married Ian Murray, 2 children:- Karyn, Andrew. 3. Alfred. With Birkelunds came Ane Vatne and Peder Dahle. LOT 32. Harem, (returned to Norway). LOT 33 and 34. John Oie, wife Karen, 2 children:- Ludvig, Anna. LOT 35: After Borgesens returned to Norway, this lot was taken over by J. Londal, wife Ragnhild: 2 children:1. Martha married Ivar Carlson, 8 children:A. Carl married May Dorrington, 2 children:(i) Ivy married Malcolm Rowe, 3 children:(a) Kenneth married, with 1 son. (b) Niven (c) Brian (ii) Shirley married Albert Lambinon, 1 child:- Yvette B. Jessie married Albert Humphreys, 5 children:(i) Arthur married Constance Garlick, 3 children:(a) David married Linsey Mathieson, 2 children:- Dean, Luke. (b) Rosemary married Willem Maartens, 5 children:- Shaun, Grant, Wayne, Lee Ann, Carl. (c) Hazel married Walter Aigner, 2 children:- Bradley, Jody. (ii) Doris married John Robbie, 3 children:(a) Malcolm (b) Douglas married Evelyn Cullen, 1 child:- Michelle. (c) Dawn married Peter Nock, 1 child:- Tracey. (iii) Natalie married Ronald Khaled, 3 children:(a) Ronald married Joy Pangelly, 2 children:- Deborah, Mark. (b) Evelyn married Noel McLean, 2 children:- Lisa, Kristen. (c) Clive married June Manchip. (iv) Jessie married Patrick Geoghegan, 2 children:(a) Patricia married Jeoffrey Kohlberg, 4 children:- Sharon, Judy, Robert, Allison. (b) Colleen married Roland Frylinck, 2 children:- Gary, Belinda. (v) Brian married Eileen Labram, 4 children:- Keith, Nola, Kevin, Steven. 36

L.. Margit married William Honer, 2 children:(i) Maureen married Ronald Zeeman, 3 children:- Mark, Jeffrey, Terrence. (ii) Walter married Merle Howes, 2 children:- Bronwen, Katherine. D. Paul married Joan Kippen, 8 children:(i) Cecil married Welma Bundy, 5 children:(a) Jennifer married Joe de Villiers, 3 children:- Sean, Michelle, Lara. (b) Sandra married Keith Machel-Cox, 2 children:- Leanne, Lynn. (c) Bruce married Ansie le Grange, 2 children, Yorika, Juan. (d) Larry married Jacqueline Dolan. (e) Kim married Francois de Marigny. (ii) Allanah married Frank de Paiva, 1 child:(a) Deborah married Ken Spies, 1 child:- Sheena. (iii) Myrth married Gerhard Meyer, 3 children:(a) Linda married Norman Hulscher, 2 children: Shane, Aston. (b) Steven married Diane Fenix, 1 child:- Candice. (c) Gerhard married Marian van der Walt, 1 child:Gerhard. Myrth later married Henry Hardy, 1 child:- Justin. (iv) Trevor married Jennifer Weatherdon, 2 children:- Gregory, Gary (v) Dudley married Tessa Hitchcock, 1 child:- Tracey (vi) Rodney married Jennifer Jacobs, 1 child:- Carey. (vii) Cherry married Phillip Meyer, 2 children:- Brett, Joanne (viii) Alan married Marie Venter, 2 children:- Dean, Joan. E. Norman married Brenda Osborne, 3 children:(i) Ivor married Maureen Rodgers, 3 children:- Melanie, Deanne, Graeme. (ii) Neil married Pamela Ward, 2 children:- Susan, Wendy. (iii) Lynne married Reginald van Rij, 3 children:- Grant, Shelley-Anne, Bruce. F. Oscar married Eleanor Garnham, 2 children:(i) Beryl. (ii) Althea married Lloyd Platt, 2 children:- Candice, Tracey. G. Ivy married Dr J. Edwin Orr, 3 children:(i) Astrid married Larry Booth, 3 children:- Karen, Paul, Peter. (ii) Alan married Lindy Church, 1 child:- Sophie (iii) David married Sharlynn Bekkedahl. H. Alan. 2. Magda Londal married Carl Buller, 3 children:A. Henry married Dorothy Louch, 1 child:(i) Kenneth married Caryn Simpson. B. Edith. C. Victor married Hazel Swan, 5 children:(i) Jennifer married Richard O’Neil, 1 child:- Claire. (ii) Cheryl married Alan Maartens. (iii) Belinda. (iv) Shirley. (v) Susan. After Londal’s death, Ragnhild married Johan Myklebust. They had three sets of twins:- Karine and Johanne, Nils and Knut, John and Amalie. 1. Karine married P. A. Pedersen, 3 children:A. Kathleen. B. Oscar. C. Esther married Louis Steyn, 1 son:- Roland. 2. Johanne married Albert Morck, 4 children:A. Reginald married Lily Upton, 3 children:(i) Faith. (ii) James married Lindsay Adamson, 3 children:- Clinton, Warren, Andrew. (iii) Albert married Lynette Robinson, 2 children:- Keith, Brett. 37


4. 5.


B. Judith. C. Ruth. D. Christian. Knut (changed name to Kenneth Johnson) married Ida Cooper, 3 children:A. Pearl married Andries Rothman, 4 children:(i) Rosemarie married Jack Downey, 2 children:- Robert, Rosemary. (ii) Andrew married Diane Bryce-Borthwich, 3 children:- Stephen, Andrew, Norman. (iii) Pearl married A. Delarey, 2 children:- Spike, Veronica. (iv) Christoffel married Diane Saayman, 2 children:- Taneth, Donovan. B. Horrace married Rhoda Pickers, 2 children:(i) Barry married Laraine Nichols, 2 children:- Janeane, Gregory. (ii) Michael. s C. Phyllis married Reginald Nicholls, 3 children:(i) Lilian. (ii) Ann married Mark Starbuck. (iii) Leslie. Nils. John married Kitty Dauth, 9 children:A. Hendrina married John Peens, 2 children:(i) Frances married Geoff Broadbent, 3 children:- Caron, Mark, Peter. (ii) John married Jillian Byram, 2 children:- Andrew, Katherine. B. John Kelly married Anna Raubenheimer, 3 children:(i) Valeria. (ii) Merle married Etienne Schoonnees, 2 sons:- Jacque, Rayne. (iii) Michael married Eiry Kaschula, 1 son, Gareth. C. Frederick. D. Edward Peter married Mavis Grebe, 2 sons:(i) Graham married Vanda Pereira, 2 sons:- Graham John, Mark. (ii) Barry married Rene Nel, 1 son:- Bruce. E. Norman Albert married Shirley Blanche, 3 children:- Lyn, Meryl, Bret. F. Robert married Aggie Parsons, 1 son:- John. G. Sylvia married Martin Thorkildsen, 4 children:(i) Sonya. (ii) Tove married Bert Roomer, 2 children:- Sherin, Shane. (iii) Bjorn. (iv) Arne. H. Eric married Della van Herrden. I. Joan married Derek Chapman. Amalie.

LOT 35. was sub-divided, and Elias Andreassen settled on one of the plots in 1890, with his wife Eline, 4 children:1. Borghild. 2. Hjalma married Hardy Daddy, 1 son:A. Colin married Yvonne Tucker, 3 children:- Belinda, Kevin, Martin. 3. Alfred married Marjorie Harris, 1 child:- Elvin. 4. Ernest married Myra Adams, 2 children:- Bryan, Leslie. 38

LOT 35. Abel Andreassen and his wife Hanna came out in 1891. They had 4 children:1. Maria married Axel Frykberg, 1 son:A. Theodore married Thelma Middleton, 3 children:(i) Astrid (died young) (ii) Jeanette married Richard Bissett, 2 children:- Lloyd, Tanya. (iii) Barbara married Derek Waite, 2 step-children, Donovan, Gwyneth (Wilton) 2. Arthur married Elizabeth Deyermond. 3. Katrina (Kate) married Courtney Avent, 3 children:A. Bryan married Joyce Kelly, 3 children:(i) Derek (ii) Jean married Isak Marais. (iii) Helen married Russell Fitzpatrick, 1 daughter, Katrine (Kate). B. Eric married Pam Jennings, 5 children:(i) Glenda married Chris Kingston, 1 son, Matthew. (ii) Sheila. (iii) Stephen. (iv) Mark. (v) Tracey. C. Colin married Jean Jamieson, 2 children:- Mignon, Ian. 4. Harriet married Reginald Etheredge, 3 children:A. Dennis married Margaret (Meg) Lawrence, 3 children:(i) Pamela married Donald Seiler, 3 children:- Donald, Samantha, Gareth. (ii) Rogan Alan. (iii) Christopher John married Kim Brown. B. Joan married H. B. (Buck) Ryan, 3 children:(i) Kevin married Genevieve Hugo. (ii) Judith married Simon Oliver. (iii) Trevor. C. Audrey married A. G. (Fred) Ingarfield, 3 children:(i) Debra Jill married James Emery, 2 children:- Richard, Carmen. (ii) Roger Alan. (iii) Grant Owen married Tracey Roberts. LOT 36. Hans Andreassen, wife Gurine, 5 children:1. Arthur married Marie Pahr, 2 sons:A. Gilbert married Grace Holliday, 3 children:(i) Inga married Dave Sellick, 3 sons:- Noel, Grant, John. (ii) Joan married Bob Key, 2 children:- Anthony, Catherine. (iii) Greta married Henri Joubert, 2 children:- Brian, Dale. B. Roy married Maureen Trundle, 2 children:(i) Gail married Adrian Capper. (ii) Shaun. 2. Edwin married Anne Rozitsky, 4 children:A. Violet married Otto Karlson, 3 children:(i) Michael married Daphne Snodgrass, 3 children:- Michelle, Gary, Wendy. (ii) Silve married George Stanek, 4 children:- Wayne, Grant, Brett, Madeleine. Silve later married Ernest Enslin. (iii) Stephanie married Ernest Bonnie, 3 children:- Garth, Caun, Astrid. B. Joy married Leonard Shanley, one son:- Errol. Joy later married Philip Munro, 2 sons:- David, Grahame. (i) Errol Shanley married Hanne Moolman, 2 children:- Tracey, David-Ryan. (ii) David Munro married Doreen Barrett, 1 daughter:- Paula. (iii) Grahame married Kathy Ashworth, 2 children:39

C. Daphne married Neville Parry (step-children:- David, Suzanne) Daphne had 2 children:(i) Martin married Sonia Rowlands, 2 children:- Samantha, Adrienne. (ii) Barbara married David Saddington, 1 child:- Joanne. D. Thea married Peter van Wyk, 3 children:(i) Beverley married Gray Smith, 2 children:- Michelle, Bridget. (ii) Clive married Sandy Jolly, 1 son:- Craig. (iii) Theo. Thea later married John Cunningham, 2 sons:- Brendan, Gavin. 3. Agnes married William Durie, 2 daughters:A. Edna married Austin Houghton, 3 children:(i) Glen married Ann Nicholls, 4 children. (ii) Raymond. (iii) Rosalind. ' B. Jean married Ivan Edmonds, 2 daughters:(i) Jennifer married Crookes, 2 children:- Nicola, Greg. (ii) Susan married Neville Cowan, 1 son:- Clinton. 4. Inga married Ken Kilby. 5. Hans. LOT 37. Knut Hageselle, wife Johanne, 4 children:- returned to Norway. LOT 38. P Ertresvaag, wife Petrine 3 foster children:1. Peder Goschen married Margaret Annette Ferreira, 10 children. A. Esme married Richard Allen, 5 children:(i) Annette married Rev Winston Callaghan, 2 children:- Renee, Wayne. (ii) Edith. (iii) Jean married Edward Porter, 3 children:- Gerald, Lynne, Richard. (iv) Kelvin married Shirley Riggien, 3 children:- Delvin, Shirene, Lane. (v) Colleen married Alan Williams, 2 children:- Grant, Samantha. B. Glen. C. Owen. D. Lynette married Denis Hounsom, 4 children:(i) Nadene married Neville Cole, 3 children:- Paula, Richard, Penelope. (ii) Denecte married Anthony Long, 2 children:- Bronwyn, David. (iii) Charles married Emily du Bruyn, 3 children:- Joanne, Trevor, Amy. (iv) Deanne married David Long, 2 children:- Christine, Craig. E. Joan married Stanley Palmer, 4 children:(i) Richard. (ii) Sharon married Roy Talbot, 1 child:- Shaun. (iii) Lesley married Michael Blarney, 2 children:- Richard, Paul. (iv) Fiona. F. Peter Bryn. G. Stenning married Hazel Langley, 2 children:- Megan, Owen. H. Oscar married Maureen Barker, 4 children:- Peter-John, David, Gavin, Kevin. I. June married Jos Meentjies, 3 children:(i) Michelle married Victor Baptiste. (ii) Deborah. (iii) Felicity. J. Duncan married Beryl Raney, 3 children. (i) Karen married Richard Miranda. (ii) Wayne. (iii) Brett. 40

2. Bertie Bergesen married Emma Getgate, 4 children:A. Adam married Elsie Fourie, 4 children:- Silma, Gary, Vanessa, Moira. B. Iris married Andrew Andersen, 3 children:- Gerald, Andrew, Brian. C. Violet married Geoffrey Kemp, 2 children:- Sylvia, Owen. D. Loucine married Alfred Heuer, 4 children:- Glynnis, Barry, Cyril, Beryl. 3. Gustaf married Cicelia Seagreen, 1 child:A. Sonya married Robert Douglas, 2 children:- Shaun, Brenda. LOT 39. Jakob Ribbestad, wife Olave, returned to Norway. LOT 40. I Rafteseth, wife Ingeborg Valum, 10 children:1. Ella married Thomas Nielsen. 2. Kezia. 3. Cecil, wife Louise. 4. Josepha married Jack Counihan, 3 children:A. Zenetta (Biddy) married William Steven (Steve) Spencer, 4 children:(i) Wendy first married John Reimers, 4 children:- Michelle, Gavin, Stephan, Kendal. After his death, she married Guy Pellowe, 2 children:- Keith, Craig. (ii) Patrick married Hilary Gregor, 3 children:- Gregory, Shane, Caron. (iii) Peta-Lynne (Blossom) married John Feely, 4 children:- Glynis, Sean, Ian, Neal. (iv) Dr Cedric Spencer married Carol McKay, 2 children:- Gary, Mark. B. Patrick (Pat) first married Stella Crooks, 1 son:(i) George. Patrick them married Eileen McKay, 3 children:(ii) John married Shereen Petchy, 1 child:- Paul. (iii) Duncan. (iv) Patricia married John Garrioch, 1 child:- Francois Pascall. C. Elsa (Bobs) married Cyril Griffin, 3 children:(i) June married David Aberdein, 2 children:- Diane, Christopher. (ii) Jeanette married Dr Paul Boulie, 3 children:- Anthony, Trevor, Nicolette. (iii) Geoffrey first married Anne Court, 3 children:- Sharon, Leslie, Gregory. He then married Doreen McKenzie, 1 child:- Gary. After Jack Counihan’s death, Josepha married John Spink. 5. Ingram married Jill Baker, 2 children:A. John married Shirley Stevenson, 3 children:- Duncan, Lance, Paula. B. Gerald married Petronella Metz, 4 children:- Jonathan, Godfred, Ingrid, Douglas. (emigrated to Australia). 6. Gusta married Lawrence Martinussen, 2 children:A. Lawrence. B. Mary married Scott Stephen, 3 children:(i) James. (ii) John. (iii) Heather. 7. Petra. 8. John married Jenny Frazer (emigrated to Scotland). 9. Margit married John (Jack) Brown, 3 children:A. Nesta married Jimmy Browning, 2 children:(i) Humphrey married Sandy Mallett, 3 children:- Michael, Richard, Nicola. (ii) Geffrey. B. Beryl married Ken Finlayson. C. John married Daphne Bender, 3 children:- Gary, Jennifer, Philip. 10 Josephine. 41

LOTS 41 Frederic Bodtker, wife Cecilia, 4 children, Fritz, Paul, Rebecca, Marie, and 42. LOT 43. Peder Dahle, wife Ane, 1 daughter:1. Petra married Martin Kvalsvig, 2 sons:A. Cedric married Lindsay Muldoon, 4 children:(i) Martin married Priscilla Edwards. (ii) Nola married Gert Thompson. Nola later married Terrance Riley, 1 son, Elton-John. (iii) Patrick. (iv) Scott. B. Denzil married Wendy Bate, 3 children:- Karen, Wayne, Tracy. After Peder Dahle’s death, Ane married J. Melsater, 4 children:(i) Bertha married Courtney Neal. (ii) Sigvald married Svenborg Wanvig, 2 children:(a) Ingrid married Odd Antonsen. (b) Maurice. (iii) Sara married Andrew Vinjevold, 1 son, Roy. (iv) Christine married St. John Gilbert. LOT 44 Johannes Kjonstad, wife Ane, 1 daughter:1. Dina married Peter Skorpen, 4 children:A. Hjalmar married Irene Simkins, 3 children:(i) Trevor married Jeanette Jordaan, 2 children:- Ross, Kirsten. (ii) Rodney married Naomi Thain-Smith, 2 children, Sarah, Christine. (iii) Diane married Gerrit Mouton, 2 children:- Elkan, Aldred. B. Erling. C. Milton married Rosemary Holt, 4 children:(i) Beryl married Michael Biggs, 2 children, Colleen, Craig. (ii) Norma married Lindsay Stewart, 3 children:- Grant, Charles, Frazer. (iii) Basil married Carol McDonald, 3 children:- Warren, Bradleigh, Jonathan. (iv) Dennis married Dawn Wall, 4 children:- Michael, Guy, Belinda, Carmen. D. Evangeline married Victor Miles, 5 children:(i) Peter married Jean Martin. (ii) Elizabeth married Tim Dennehy, 3 children:- Lisa, Matthew, Kirsten. (iii) Edwin married Rika Hayes, 1 child:- Natalie. (iv) Kenneth married Naomi van der Merwe, 2 children:- Karen, Lydia. (v) Terry married Larraine van der Westhuizen, 2 children:- Melanie, Tyron. With the Kjonstad family came Olaus Skjerve, married Louise Ingebrigtsen, 3 children:Ruth and Robert died young. Hanna married Leif Stabell, 4 children:(i) Else married Knut Bredal, 2 daughters, Ellen-Louise, Karin. (ii) Astrid. (iii) Olaf, married Tove Hermansen, 4 children:- Geir-Aage, Katerina, Stig-Eivind, Natalie. (iv) Solveig, married Tormod Mjaaseth, 3 children:- Richard, Christian, Ruth Elise. Peter Trandal, who also came to LOT 43, returned to Norway. 42

LOT 45 and 46. 1. 2. 3.

Gustav Kjonstad, wife Elise, 4 children:Ingeborg. Thomina. Gustav married Elsie Mallett, 3 children:A. Victor married Gloria I’Ons, 4 children:(i) Brett married Pam Hoatson, 2 children:- Taryn, Claudia. (ii) Ashley. (iii) Kim. (iv) Shelley. B. Douglas married Merle Nero, 3 daughters:- Sonja, Karen, Ingrid. C. Joyce married Robin Willey, 4 children:(i) Alan married Sharon Russell, 1 daughter, Janine. (ii) Ruth. (iii) Charles. (iv) David. 4. Elise married Herbert Fuller, 2 daughters:- Carmen, Gloria.

With the Kjonstads came Lina Pettersen, who married Christian Reim, 2 sons:1. Ferdinand married Geraldine Saunders, 2 children:A. Mervyn. B. Hazel married Dr Neil du Toit, 3 children. 2. Ernest married Phyllis Roland, 3 children:A. Linda B. Ingrid married Ronald Marks, 4 children:- Lawrence, Andrew, Gillian, Louise. C. Christopher. With the Kjonstads also came Emil and Dagma Holte. Emil died in the Boer War. Dagma then married Sven Olsen, 4 children:1. Olaf. 2. Jenny. 3. Dagmar married T. Botha, 9 children:- Roderick, Dagmar, Jacobus, Elizabeth Margaret, Winnie, Thenius, Helga, Olaf. 4. Hilda married Frederick Geyser, 5 children:A. Thelma married Sam Botha, 2 children:(i) Thelma married Alan Geddes, 3 children. (ii Hilda. B. Frederick married Joy Ryneke, 2 children:(i) Raymond married Meryl Pretorius, 2 children:- Samantha, Maxine. (ii) Desmond. C. Rudolph married Dawn Norman, 3 children:- Stephen, Larry, Colleen. D Doreen married Brian Lawrence, 3 children:(i) Alan married Glynis Suhri, 1 son:- Donovan. (ii) Jeffrey married Patricia Webb, 1 child:- Eugene. (iii) Valerie. E. Ingrid married Michael Bouttel, 5 children:(i) Carol married Rob Boutelje, 3 children:- Gary, Adrian, Jason. (ii) Jennifer married Mark Campas, 2 sons:- David, Justin. (iii) Earl (iv) Linda married Lyle Espray, 1 son:- Craig. (v) John. Ingrid later married Patrick Goss. 43

LOT 48. Meyer Tuckel married Anna (the widow of Hans Larsen), 3 children:1. Thelma married Harley Apsey. 2. Ruth married Donald Godwin, 4 children:A. Kenneth married Trudy Botha, 2 sons:- Ken, Dean. Kenneth later married Margaret Godwin. B. Corin married Margaret Archer, 2 sons:(i) Darrell married Marlene du Bell, 1 son:- Darrell. (ii) Noel. C. Marian married Peter Welch, 3 children:- Sheila, Michael, Gary. D. Brian married Shirley Price, 2 sons:- Shawn, Zane. 3. Stanley married Peggy Vincent, 2 children:A. Glenda. B. Terence, wife Lynne, 1 son, Darian. LOT 49. Ole Valdai, wife Beate, 8 children:1. Marie married Fred Evans, 1 daughter:A. Florence (Trixie) married Harold Richings. 2. Theolina (died at an early age). 3. Olaf. 4. Gustav married Georgina Jukes, 3 children:A. Stanley married Isabel Heberden, 2 children:(i) Neville. (ii) Janet married Attilio Gavazzi. B. Peter married Shirley Tennant, 1 daughter, Kathryn. C. Joan married Edward (Len) Puttick, 1 son:- Ian. 5. Oscar. 6. Emil married Doris Evans, 2 children:A. Gillian married John Risk, 2 sons:- David, Robert. B. Iver married Helen Martin. 7. Lawrence married Nellie Beaton. 8. Margit married Harry Tayfield, 2 children:A. Lois married Robert Rodger, 2 children:- Brett, Dale. Lois later married Dr Swardt. B. Glen married Lyn Brown, 2 daughters:- Sally, Jane. With the Valdai family came Regine Johnson, who married Rasmus Kjode, 4 children:1. John married Esther Negaard, 4 children:A. Aileen married Walter Ford, 2 children:(i) Pamela married Graeme Thomson, 2 children:- Nicola, Sarah. (ii) Ian. Aileen later married Frank Carey. B. Mavis married Thomas Burnham, 1 daughter:(i) Sonja married Dana Osborn, 2 children:- Clair, Katherine. Mavis later married Andrew Cox MacNair. C. Ronald married Hazel Milbank, 2 children:- Arne, Gary. D. Eric married Carolyn Murray, 3 children:- Michael, Gavin, Lisa. 2. Malla married Melton Schiever, 4 children:A. Derek married Ethne Boast, 5 children:(i) Shereen married Sidney Pearson, 3 children:- Carl, Gregory, Ryder. (ii) Megan married Andrew Grant, 3 children:- Katherine, Steven, Penelope. (iii) Gail married Arnold Boettiger, 2 children:- Justin, Lallagay. 44

(iv) Lesley. (v) Melton. B. Rene married Douglas Braatvedt, 4 children:(i) Inga married Cliff Wilkinson, 2 children:- Brett, Garth. (ii) Alan married Catherine Meyer, 1 daughter:- Caroline. (iii) Peter married Bev Newman, 1 son:- Justin. (iv) Lyn married Patrick Momple. C. Brian married Lorraine Boast, 2 children:- Colleen, Craig. D. Raymond. 3. Ellen married Robert Fell, 2 sons:- Norman, Arthur. 4. Andrew. LOT 50. Endre Bjorseth, wife Anne, 8 children:1. Anna married Frank Pugh, 8 children (1 died in infancy):A. Petrina married Cecil Sparrow, 4 children:(i) Rev Gerald Sparrow married Olive Green, 5 children:(a) Raymond Sparrow married Belinda Bell. (b) Rev Kevin Sparrow married June Barry. (c) David married Ann Akers. (d) Geraldine. (e) Gordon. (ii) Heather married Dr Alan Payne, 1 son:- Mervyn. (iii) Neville married Beth Lawson, 3 children:- Helen, Susan, Keneth. (iv) Cynthia married Eric Hermanson. B. Cyril married Marjorie Tyars. C. Frances married Lionel Taylor, 4 children:(i) Noel Taylor married Muriel Liddle, 2 children:(a) Ruth. (b) David married Margaret Lewis. (ii) Jack married Clarice Eckstein, 3 children:(a) Lionel married Cilia Gethings, 2 children:- Phillipa, Gillian. (b) Barbara married Desmond Bell. (c) Peter. (iii) Derrick married Kay Wood, 5 children:(a) Stanley — emigrated to Canada. (b) Valma — emigrated to Canada. (c) Gordon — emigrated to Canada (d) Dr Malcolm Taylor married Sue Bassett. (e) Cheryl — emigrated to Canada. (iv) Lauraine married Denie Philips, 3 children:(a) Christopher married Jean McDonald, 1 child:- Richard. (b) Michael married Shirley Lang (c) Andrew. D. Ivy married Stanley Hawkins, 2 children:(i) Alan married Kathleen Paine, 5 children (1 lost in infancy) (a) Roderick married Phyllis Bressler, 2children:-Bradly, Adrian. (b) Averyll married Anthony Dee, 2 children: Ashley, Brondwyn. (c) Dr Vaughan Hawkins. (d) Nigel. (ii) Colin married Dawn Buchner, 2 children:- Richard, Deborah. E. Thelma married Charles Robinson. F. Lauraine married Douglas Robinson, 3 children:(i) Denis.

(ii) Shirley married Gordon Leonard, 2 children:(a) Joanne. (b) Colleen. (iii) Jill married to Michael Snadden, 3 children:- Brent, Wade, Tandi. G. Iris married Hector, 4 children (1 died in infancy) (i) Keith married Felicity Kilfoil, 2 children:- Elton, Carolyn. (ii) Garth married Jennifer Millar, 4 children:- Godwyn, Liesel, Rhys, Mervyn. (iii) Anthony. 2 Peder married Sophie Hufft, 1 son:A. Franz married Fiorna Miller, 2 children:(i) Jill married Eric Gould, 3 children:- Anthony, Michael, Shelley Anne. (ii) Leif married Maureen Gowans, 1 daughter:- Caitlin. 3. Alfred. 4. Olivia married Knut Gidske, 1 child. A. Myrtle married Frank Matthews, 1 child:(i) Wendy married David Grant, 1 son:(a) Brett married Ingrid Mulder, 1 son: Clyde. 5. Alida married William Moorcroft. 6. Olaf married Dorothy Maple, 7 children:A. Edward married Elaine Thompson, 3 children (i) Shirley married Anton Nielson, 1 son:- Leif. Shirley remarried to Robert Bocquee, 1 child:- Natasha. (ii) Joy married David Faulkner, 4 sons:- Mark, Ronald, Stephen, Ian. (iii) Peter married Michelle Sauvage. B. Thelma married Trevor Trevor-Roberts, 3 children:(i) Thelma-Ann married Marc Mackie, 4 children:(a) Anton. (b) Carol married Dave Hodsdon. (c) Sharron. (d) David. (ii) Derek Olaf married Sandy Johnson, 4 children:- Grant, Jinty, John, Barry. (iii) Cynthia married Keith Hitchcox, 1 son:- Richard. C. Alec married Frances Bruce, 3 children:(i) Audrey married Brian Caldecott, 3 children:- Kelvin, Keith, Sonya. (ii) Ingrid Alida married David L’Hoste, 2 children:- Marcia, Alec. (iii) Kelvin married Janine Law. D. Lulu married Eric Higgs, 3 children:(i) Rodney married Enid Haynes, 3 children:- Eric, Irene, Andrew. (ii) Janet married Zac Klopper, 2 children:- Shaun, Shannon. (iii) Beryl married Graeme La Reservee, 3 children:- Clayton, Darryn, Carl. E. Dorothy married Delville Smuts Sales, 3 children:(i) Jenifer married David Milne, 3 children:- Derek, Deborah, Jaqueline. (ii) Sandra. (iii) Elizabeth married Robert Fawcett, 1 child:- Julie. F. Olive married Beverley Barlow, 3 children:(i) Sydney. (ii) Barbara married Jeffery Cronje, 3 children. (iii) Diana married Derek Lona, 2 children:- Warren, Darryl. 7. Emma married Alex Anderson, 2 children:A. Ernest married Eva Reinhold, 1 son:(i) Frank married Judy Mulville, 2 sons:- Brent, Grant. Ernest later married Winnie Falconer-Lyttle. B. Edna. 46

8. Rachel married Oscar Kvalsvig, 1 child:A. Mavis married Ken Franklin, 1 daughter:(i) Joy married Richard Motet. With the Bjorseths came Ellen Ekornes, who married John Johnson, 8 children:1. George married Amy MacDonald, 1 daughter:A. Gladys married Louis Botha. George later married Gwen Wadman, 1 daughter:B. Inez married William Chinchen. 2. Emil married May Harte, 3 children:A. Mavis married Albert Altern. B. Gertie married John Gibson, 2 children:(i) Rosemary married John McAleese. (ii) Margaret. C.Jack. 3. Lena married Noralf Nero, 6 children:A. Sidney married Thelma Allen, 3 daughters:(i) Jillian married Knud Scheiby, 4 children:- David, Karen, Judith, Jonathan. (ii) Barbara married Neville Barnard, 1 daughter:- Sonja. Barbara later married Michael Bass, 1 son, Nicholas. (iii) Colleen married Richard Oxtoby, 2 sons:- Christopher, Oliver. Sidney later married Elleanore Mahon. B. Ralph (Leslie) married Marion Beckwith, 2 children:(i) Deone married Hamish Gerrard, 4 sons:- Tom, Andrew, Stephen, Mark. (ii) Daryl. C. Doris married Douglas Darby, 3 children:(i) Ian. (ii) Margaret married Peter Sellick, 3 sons:- Neil, David, Brian. (iii) Alison married William Brown, 3 sons:- Greg, Derek, Colin. D. Natalie married Raymond Fish, 2 children:- Nigel, Rosalind. E. Kenneth married Alice Bradley, 2 children:(i) Deborah married Steven Vrdoljak, 2 sons:- Sven, Peter. (ii) Richard married Caroline Whittington. F. Cynthia married Cedric Taylor, 4 children:- Geoffrey, Brian, Bronwyn, Megan. 4. Jenny married Oswald Powdrell, 3 children:A. Phyllis married Douglas Young, 2 children:(i) William married Jocelyn du Mollard, 2 children:- Michelle, Serge. (ii) Lynette married Robert Dunstan, 4 children:- Brett, Dean, Shann, Kim. B. Eileen married Andrew Forsyth, 2 children:(i) Lesley married Coenraad Vermaak, 2 children:- Eileen, Hansie. (ii) Meryl married John Armstrong. Eileen later married Len Lucini. C. Daphne married Robert Sinclair, 4 children:(i) Lister married Elizabeth Hulley, 3 children:- Caryn, Bronwyn, Glen. (ii) Berkley married Wilma van Vuuren, 1 son, Robert. (iii) Vaughan married Elise Vorster, 2 children:- Shandi, Michelle. (iv) Austen. 5. Hannah married Fred Christison, 2 children:- Marjorie, Alan. 6. Alice. 7. Gertie married Clifford Neve. 8. Ella married Stanchell Harber, 2 children:A. Eric. B. Eleanor married Graeme Elliott, 2 children:- Timothy, Lillemor.

Sven Wanvig, his wife Ingeborg and 6 children came out later:1. Sigurd, wife Tosca. 2. Joakim married Petronella Strudgen. 3. Lars. 4. Svenborg married Sigvald Melsater, 2 children:A. Maurice. B. Ingrid married Odd Antonsen. 5. Lily. 6. Bergliot married Harold Edwards. She later married Jack Watson. N Haarvei, his wife Dina and 3 children also came later:1. Johanne married Harvey Waters, 2 sons:A. Geoffrey married Sandra Cheadle. B. Terence married Nina Keytel, 2 sons:- Peter, Roger. 2. Erling married Jean Ferguson-Stewart, 3 children:- Norman, Douglas, Diana. 3. Hans married June Hartman, 3 children:- Carol, Yvonne, Robert. Jakob Hide married Olga Humlen, 3 children:1. Borghild married Cecil Dunn, 3 children:A. Joan married Harold Whiting, 4 children:(i) Susan married Allan Elias, 1 daughter:- Sian. (ii) Alyson married Roeland van der Toorn, 1 son:- Nikki. (iii) Malcolm married Cindy Hellyar, 1 son:- Bradley. (iv) Trevor. B. Hilary married Otto Rademeyer, 2 sons:- Peer Michael, Nicholas. Hilary later married Bill Steenkamp. C. Michael married Jenny Fitch, 2 daughters:- Karen Michelle, Peta Marit. 2. Alf married Victoria Cross, 5 children:A. Roy, wife Sylvia, 3 children:- Leonard, Lorraine, Malcolm. B. Barry married Louise van Niekerk, 3 children:(i) Gregory. (ii) Cathleen married Richard Jones. (iii) Debra. C. Pamela married Bill Stephens, 2 children:(i) Linda married Nick Heidemann. (ii) Brent. D. John married Margaret Mitchell, 3 children:- Andrew, Alison, Julie. E. Erik. 3. Agnes married Raymond Morley, 4 children:A. Sonja married Robert Dinnie, 2 children:- Andrew, Claire B. Ashley married Linda Werndle, 3 children:- Gregory, Jonathan, Anthony. C. Carole married Richard Savage, 2 sons:- Eric, Michael. D. Patrick married Virginia von Homeyer, 1 daughter:- Kirsty.


Exerpts from “The Natal Mercury”, September, 1882. With acknowledgments to the Natal Mercury and the Killie Campbell Africana Library. Tuesday, September 5, 1882. DOWN THE COAST WITH THE NORWEGIAN IMMIGRANTS. (By our Special Correspondent) When the good ship Lapland (Captain Potts) left Durban on Monday, August 28, to take to Umzimkulu the 36 families of Norwegian Emigrants who have been selected to form the new settlement at Marburg in Alfred County, by the Immigration Board, she had on board, besides the immigrants, a Customs’ Official, a representative of the Immigration Board, and two press representatives. The vessel had been visited in the morning by Mr Butler, secretary of the Immigration Board, and other gentlemen who had superintended the drawing of the lots to be occupied by the new settlers; and some neat little speeches were made expressive on the part of colonists of their good will, and hopes for the future of the emigrants who, in reply, expressed their thanks for past favours, together with their hopes and intentions for time to come. As the Koodoo took this party, including among others Mr Greenacre, Mr Andrew and Mr Petersen, off, three hearty cheers were given from the Lapland, and responded to by the party on the tug; and shortly afterwards the ringing of the telegraph bell on the bridge, and the noise made by the winch as the anchor was got up, told those on board the steamer that she was under weigh. . . The following letter was next day addressed to the captain:Messrs Donald Currie &c Co. Gentlemen, - 1 hope you will excuse the liberty I have taken, but I feel that I would not be doing my duty unless I thanked you for the kindness we have received on our voyage from London to Natal on board the Lapland, from Captain Potts, Mr Jenkins (chief steward) and all in his department - the provisions being of first-class quality; and every facility for comfort has been shown to us in every respect from the beginning to the end of the voyage; and gentlemen, I thank you one and all, and wish you every success and happiness through life. I now thank you for all my flock being so well provided for according to your request I remain, gentlemen, yours very sincerely, EMIL BERG, Pastor to Norwegian Settlers. . . . The sea boundary of Natal is, as is well known, very beautiful, although it has a great similarity along its whole coastline. Hills, partly covered with dark green bush, alternate with verdant valleys, and here and there a river runs out into the ocean, while at intervals a kaffir hut or two may be seen . . . The embryo colonists found food for conversation in an examination of its beauties, and if their ejaculations were properly understood, of more practical questions relating to the productiveness of the soil. To look at the emigrants in their unstudied positions an observer could not help being struck with their respectable and sober appearance. They had yet an air of sobriety - the term is used in its widest sense - and sedateness, which seems to be a characteristic of the northern parts of Europe. The men, who were of all ages, were, in the majority of cases, fine, healthy-looking, muscular fellows, dressed in a rough kind of frieze, with heavy, serviceable boots. Some of them ap­ peared to be of a higher social standing than others, and this may be well understood when it is known that they have amongst them a goldsmith, joiners, shipwrights, tailors, bootmakers, builders, masons etc., all however having been farmers; but they were similar in one respect - that of neatness and cleanliness. The women and children, almost without exception, possessed the wellknown attributes peculiar to the Scandinavian races, viz., fair hair and blue eyes. Some of the younger women possessed considerable attractions of the “rural beauty” description, and many of the children were indeed exceedingly pretty. . . . The Norwegians now assembled on the quarter deck and ranged themselves round the skylight, where Mr Berg, their energetic and revered pastor performed divine service, which it had been customary to hold daily throughout the voyage, at which all the emigrants attended, and behaved in a well ordered pious manner. Darkness fell, the stars commenced to peep out, . . . at last, through the glasses, the hill which forms the western side of the river Umzimkulu was discerned . . . at last the anchor was let go, and the ship rode about 1 Vz miles off shore a little to the north of the mouth of the river. 49

In order to signify in a becoming manner the important arrival our good hearted Captain gave in­ structions for the burning of blue lights and the discharge of rockets, which being carried out, gave the emigrants great pleasure, the more so when they were answered from the shore by the flashing'of lights and the discharge of five charges of dynamite. When it became known to the emigrants that their future neighbours were assembled on the beach and giving them welcome, three hearty cheers were sent up, and bye-and-bye, travelling slowly over the water-course, a suitable response was heard. The Norwegians now gathered together a choir which had been formed on board and sung some hymns in a manner which showed they had had good training to assist what, in some in­ stances, was remarkably good natural talent. THE LANDING The mode adopted at Umzimkulu for the landing of passengers is not at any time calculated to be enjoyable, a heavy sea is continually breaking on the beach and beating into the mouth of the river. The lighter . . . came along-side the steamer early on Tuesday morning, and as the sea was rather heavy some difficulty was experienced in getting the passengers, especially the women and children, into i t . . . Eventually without the slightest mishap the lighter was filled. There were 128 persons on board of her, and the prospect of being battened down below was not very inviting; however, the surf had to be got through . . . the lighter was tossed about unmercifully by the waves and nearly all the women and children were sick . . . the heat below was almost unbearable . . . it seemed scarcely possible that packed as closely as they were all could survive . . . After all were landed it was found impossible to get the lighter out again that night, and as no baggage had been brought ashore, the emigrants were left in a rather unenviable condition . . . Mr Reid had, however with commendable foresight, asked Captain Potts of the Lapland to send ashore some bedding and ship’s biscuit. . . Mr Price’s shed was not nearly large enough to hold all the people, but the inhabitants of the district behaved in a highly praiseworthy manner, and found them shelter for the night. Wednesday, September 6, 1882. There seems to have been a hitch somewhere in the arrangements made by the Immigration Board for the reception of the Norwegians at the Umzimkulu, or why had private residents there to do what the agents of the Board ought to have done, in all the essential matters of board and lodge­ ment? . . . Fortunately for the colony - and for the Board - the Norwegians are a contented and non­ complaining set of people. They neither speak nor write English, and they are so buoyed up by a spirit of religious confidence in the success of their enterprise that they are likely to make the best of whatever inconvenience or privation they may have had to endure at the outset. But the fact that they do not complain ought not to blind us to the further fact that they had some ground of com­ plaint, and it is the business of the Board to make sure that such cause of complaint does not arise again. We notice also, that a few of the immigrants had fair reason to be dissatisfied with the allotments drawn by them. If it be the case that any of them have had lands allotted to them that are practically worthless, then we do not hesitate to say that it is the duty of the Board to provide them with better abiding places. These people have come to make homes amongst us, and it is but right and just that their confidence in the bona fides of the Government and their own interests as in­ dividuals should be properly and practically recognised by the body that is directly responsible for their coming here. They have broken up their homes in the old north world, and have parted their connection with it, and every consideration of good faith and honesty, requires that they be treated just as we all should wish to be treated under corresponding circumstances.


The interior of the Church.


The Choir, 1982.

The Sunday School, 1982.


This Centenary Supplement, commemorating the landing of the Norwegian Settlers at Port Shepstone in 1882, was lithographed by the South Coast Herald, 36 Reynolds Street, Port Shepstone.

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