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What Next? Please fill in the form below and send to our UK office: Child2Child, 64 Daisy Bank Road, Victoria Park, Manchester, M14 5QP. Alternatively email your details to Matt and Michelle Barrow direct in Kenya on Dear Matt and Michelle, I would like to sponsor: 1] The Boys Education 2] School Educational Trips 3] The School Holidays 4] Medical Expenses 5] Special Projects (please tick as appropriate)

With a one off gift/a regular ammount of ÂŁ______ Name________________________________ Address______________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Tel: ______________ Email: _______________________________ I am a UK tax payer and am happy to allow you to claim gift aid on any amount I give.

Child Spons Boo

Thank you for considering to sponsor the work of Child2Child here in Kenya. There are many needs that you could help towards. 1] The Boys Education.

Several of the boys are ending their secondary school education soon and the fees for college and University are high. Sponsorship for a particular boy in this area would be most welcome. Also school uniform is always needed to be replaced as it wears out. Shoes particularly seem to last under a year. Text books also have to be bought.

2] School Educational trips.

We have not been able to send any of the boys on School Trips this year. Average cost is £35.00 per trip.

3] The School Holidays.

When the boys are not in boarding school they are home with us. The cost of just feeding nine teenage boys is constantly going up! They are with us for all of April, August and then from mid November till mid January. On top of that there are half terms and also Parents visiting days, where we go and take food to them!!

4] Medical Expenses.

Every time one of the boys is sick, we have to take him to hospital and pay for a consultation. There is no NHS in Kenya! Medicine is a fair price, but depending on the illness, we have to pay out between £10 and £60 per illness.

5] Special Projects.

One of the projects we want to do here is to reach out to the Street Children of Nakuru. This would be quite low key to begin with. Starting a small scale monthly feeding program. Bigger things are in our hearts, but we need to start small and work with other churches too, not just on our own.

What you would receive:

Each sponsor would get a termly report on how their money was being spent, (unless it was towards a specific boy and his school fees), and then access to a bi-monthly blog and newsletter. Anyone who directly sponsors one boy will get a letter from them each term, and a yearly photograph.

sponsorship leaflet  

this needs to be downloaded to get the full effect. This gives you an idea on the needs of our project.

sponsorship leaflet  

this needs to be downloaded to get the full effect. This gives you an idea on the needs of our project.