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Child2Child July News 2012

Abi and Doug came to visit us and went to school!.

The Vegetable Garden is growing!

This Edition: Meet our new boy

Over the last couple of months we have been very busy with different boys:Ephantus has been sick with H.Pylori, a bacteria that lives in the stomach. A trip to the hospital, blood test, and a month’s medicine to cure him. I also went to his school for a parents’ academic day to see him perform with his St John’s First Aid group. Nelson went to his old secondary school (St. Mary’s) to work for this term as a drama trainer. He has also worked with teenagers from the School’s street boy program. We await his letter of acceptance from Nairobi University. (See back page!) Isaac came for half term and worked very hard on his final computer studies. We also took him to view a Christian college, KCITI, that does Bible training as well as Business Studies. Isaac wants to do Bible training before going into a business career. Sammy, Peter and Ibrahim also came for half term from their schools. We also went to James’ Academic Day at Lanet Lighthouse Academy. He is finishing his primary school this November with what is called the KCPE. (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education). His performance will determine which secondary school he goes to. His first choice is a school in Nairobi called Starehe Boys Centre. It is a most sort after school and has a rigorous selection process. You can find out more about some of the schools mentioned by visiting their web sites: Lanet Lighthouse Academy Starehe Boys Centre St Mary’s School KCITI

Thank you so much! We have some special Thank yous for this newsletter. Victoria Park Fellowship in Manchester have had a ‘Slave Auction’ and raised £800 for general funds. Thank you! We sent out a request for help with Nelson’s University fees and there has been a tremendous response. Thanks go to different individuals for their gifts, and especially to Shoreham Academy in West Sussex. PCSO Kevin Brown, who has been assigned specifically to the academy, organised a fund raising non-uniform day and the school raised a grand total of £383.00. Thank you! Our daughter Naomi went over to the school and collected the cheque.

Meet Ibrahim Ndungu our latest boy Ibrahim has been in a program called Streets of Hope for several years. This program pays for boarding school education till the end of secondary school. It also provides accomodation for primary school children during the school holidays. When Ibrahim went to secondary school, Streets still paid his fees but he had nowhere to live during the holidays and last year stayed with Nelson in John and Tabitha’s place. So when we arrived, and took Nelson to our place, he then had nowhere to go in holidays. So we have taken him in. He is a hard working boy with a real gift in music and drama. He was in the drama team that was in the national finals this year. In his own words he says, “I am

aged 17 and am in Form 3. I am doing well in my studies and am looking forward to my KCSE next year. I am targeting a B+this term. I believe education is the key to success. This year has been an amazing year for me. A year full of blessings. I sincerely thank God for many things He has done in my life. He has given me another hope of life. Am so thankful for Mr Matthew and his dearly wife Michelle. They have acted as my parents. I thank God for them. I love music so much. I do believe that the gift that God has granted and impacted in my life is to sing. I am capable of writing my own compositions. It is my prayer that one day I will record them for others to listen.”

Through some tricky circumstances at his school, it became necessary for him to meet with his mother, whom he hadn’t seen for several years, and we are going to meet her ourselves soon. We trust that this will be the beginning of a healing proces for them both. We also have to sort out Ibrahim’s birth certificate for him. This is a complicated process that could take several months. He needs a birth certificate to register for the final secondary school exams. If you would like to help our support of this young man, please contact us for more details of how you could make a difference in his life.

Matthew’s Health

I continue to recover from the pneumonia that I had in April/May. I have been told that it takes 12 weeks for lungs to fully recover so I should be completely well by the first week of August. I also have a cardioloist appointment at the end of August in Brighton. This coincides with our visit home. The NHS organisational skills have come up trumps this time!! I then will have to wait for a date for an operation to rectify the heart problem.

The December Holidays

The end of the year sees the long school holiday. We have got some ideas of how to occupy the boys for their time at our home. These include helping with the church building project, further tuition on their school subjects, composing and recording some music, visiting the street boys in Nakuru and of course, chores around the home!!! A lot will depend on how well prepared each idea is by the time they come home. No use trying to build a church without any bricks! This programme will take all our time during the holiday, (dates are still not available from all the schools, but it looks like last week of November to first week of January). We realise that there are possible opportunities for people to volunteer to help for some of the time. If you feel you could give us a couple of weeks or so of your time, whether it be for general work, or specifically with one of the things mentioned above, then please contact us soon. You would need to be at least 18 years old, and preferably with previous ‘Africa’ and ‘young people’ experience. It is quite hot in December so sun cream is needed :-). The costs involved are about £600 for the flight plus visa,(£30), any insurances you want to take out, plus housekeeping of £30 per week. If you would like to do a couple of days sight seeing, you must budget for that too. The National Park in Nakuru costs $80 to get in for a day.


Matthew and Michelle Barrow In Kenya: P O Box 18112-20100 Nakuru, Kenya (If you write to us, please leave the envelope just tucked in, not sealed, otherwise it doesn’t get to us)

!!!!HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!! Michelle’s Dependant’s Pass is now in our hands; Thanks for +254702264298 praying about this vital piece of UK office: 64 Daisy Bank Road, Victoria Park, Manchester, M14 5QP.

paper. Kirwa and his class mates are in the National Finals of the Schools Music Festival Nelson now has his admission letter for University

Child2Child July 2012 News letter  

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