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25TH december 2012 Issue #2

merry christmas & happy new year

Dear Readers, We have come to the end of 2012 and progress has been at a rapid pace. Africa In Me is set to mark steps and efforts for the world to acknowledge. Our purpose and our goal is to make Africa the ideal destination and a platform for interns to start making a difference. The implementations of our campaign revolves around the continent of Africa , we unite and welcome Exchange Participants to have a hands on experience within the African community so that part of the experience of being in Africa will enable them to seek out truths , depictions and stories of Africa that is straight from the reality of what they see. Moreover, with the executions of ePIC Moments, 200th Story Campaign, Untold Africa and Essence, we are able to see and read the grit, the beauty and the reality of the people and communities of Africa. Effectively, these implementation under Africa in Me have been efficient ways of reaching out to the unknown and creating awareness about current issues and delivering it to the rest of the world in a way that is both earnest and inspiring. It is with the exposure of real work and efforts of volunteerism that Africa In Me is able to provide which becomes the measure of success and progress of what is effectively being done in Africa. As part of AIESEC Africa and the Active Contribution Program, Africa In Me has the great potential to gain the prodigious exposure to the world thus creating a globalized network and ultimately gaining more entities of the world to join venture in our cause. With a strong unity of Africa In Me and making the performances of this campaign being continuously striving, indeed 2013 will be a year filled with newer and bigger prospects. Africa In Me Team.

Countries Implementing africa in me campaign: Mauritius Ethiopia


tanzania Nigeria


Cameroon ghana


botswana rwanda togo mozambique uganda liberia

south africa cote d’ivoire burkina faso Benin

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200th story campaign

Page 3: afro xlds 2013 Page 4 AND 5: qna: Samson and Michael on Afro XLDS 2013 and ACP Page 6 and 7: Page 8:

Best Epic Moments

i’m a regional citizen

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go west africa

Page 10: Recognition and gift from Africa in me Team

200th story campaign

Pictures depict stories and with images captured thoughts are able to challenged and provoked. ePIC Moments are sought to break stereotypes and showcase EP’s journey through Africa whilst contributing to promote Africa as an ideal destination for internship. What the 200th Story Campaign is: The main goal of the newly implemented 200th Story Campaign by Africa In Me is to showcase powerful experiences delivered in Africa . Moreover, with the effort of this campaign it is also meant to kick start “Africa In Me” activities implementation in African LCs.


200th story campaign

Story collection plan:

In the promotion of the 200th Story Campaign we are in need of the collection of stories from East South and West Africa. Based on the amount of forms on, which are meant to be realized between December and February, each sub region is expected to contribute the following amount of stories.

Campaign Duration and Awards: Be on the look out, for the best story will be awarded! The collection of the 200th Story Campaign will end on the 28th February 2013. The stories written will be posted on as soon as they are collected. The following categories will be rewarded at the Gala dinner of AFRO XLDS in Ethiopia in March.

Most inspiring story (Intern)

200th story contributor (LC)

Biggest story contributor (LC and Country)

for a review on latest stories visit:



AFRICA EXCHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR : AFRO XLDS 2013 23 MARCH -29 MARCH 2013 Theme: “Believing in Africa, Achieving stronger leadership” Get ready for the upcoming AFRO XLDS 2013! Join the cause and get in touch with the latest development and innovative ideas. Highlights of the congress: 6 days conference covering cross-cultural leadership training, interactive workshops on team management, strategic planning and global career development opportunities for youth 200 university level youth leaders representing 20 AIESEC African countries and territories and the world. 
 500+ participants attending the Congress Official Opening who are current policy makers, politicians, business executives and entrepreneurs within the global network. Extensive media coverage both within Ethiopia and globally through both mainstream and social media networks. OBJECTIVES:

1. The promotion of youth entrepreneurship and internationalism

2. International cooperation for professional opportunities in Africa

3.Contact between young people and business sector

4. Generate more international experiences for young people

5.Experience different cultures of every continent.



qna: Samson and Michael on Afro XLDS 2013 and ACP Interview with Samson Tingbani, MCP Ethiopia, on Afro XLDS 2013 and ACP On Saturday, 20 September 2012, Samson Tingbani, president of AIESEC Ethiopia, happened to be in Cape Town for a few hours before returning back to Addis Ababa. Africa in Me Manager Michael Hubbard caught up with him for some questions about next year’s Afro XLDS as well as ACP in East Africa. Michael: How are preparations going for Afro XLDS? Samson: The venue is secured, the CC is 90% set with members from Ethiopia and Kenya and currently there is still an opening for IM. We are in partnership discussions with the African Union and Ethiopian Airlines, overall we’re very positive and excited. In Ethiopia we have 13 months of sunshine! Michael: Have you been implementing ACP and Africa in Me in Ethiopia? Samson: ACP is currently implemented in the MC and we are aligning existing LC projects to it. Our MCVPs GCDP and GIP ICX and GCDP OGX as well as TM are implementing it through exchange as well as TMP and TLP. We also have YES 2.0, which is about entrepreneurship, youth and woman empowerment, as well as Edupower, a projects around education. These are ICX projects. In OGX we have a focus on Education, Engineering and Architecture and send those EPs to Germany, India and Kenya, while in TM we do profilebased recruitment for our talent pillar which is LC-based. We have engagement with AIESEC with new LCs and are partnering with student councils and other student organisations.


qna: Samson and Michael on Afro XLDS 2013 and ACP Michael: What’s significant about ACP and these projects that affect Ethiopia and East Africa overall? Samson: The Ethiopian youth lack certain skills & qualities such as communications, self-branding, confidence and exposure. ACP addresses this need and offers international exposure. We are also building university capacity in English by bringing in EPs to teach teachers and students and doing communication games with university staff. ACP in East Africa is very important and fosters country collaboration. Michael: Will we be seeing anything special around ACP/Africa in Me at Afro or is it too early to tell? Samson: It’s too early, we have lots of ideas but nothing on paper yet. Michael: Do you have a message for your fellow Africans on ACP and Africa in Me? Samson: For Afro we have the plan to have all African countries working with the airlines to get everyone present, we want to provide the best experience and will have the lowest delegate fee. The African Union will send delegates and work with AIESEC Ethiopia for Afro. We are also planning to have Youth2Diplomacy, involving various embassies, similar to Youth2Business, for instance to work on making it easier for EPs to get visas. We are very excited for ACP and would really love to do a lot of collaborations with other African countries. ACP rocks!



Written By: Sara Stalland Country of Origin: The United States of America Country of Visit: Cameroon Exchange: GCDP Dates: 2012 “If you want to know what it feels like to stretch your abilities and capacity, to know just how hard you will work, what creativity your mind can generate, how it feels to directly impact children’s lives, and how you respond in a completely different environment, this is the perfect place to learn. Don”t wait for someone else to walk you through a project; grab this adventure...” To read the whole story visit the link below: Want to read more stories like this?


best epic moment 2 CSR Project in Cameroon (Together Against the Global Warming)

Written By: Ben Roland Country of Origin: Malaysia Country of Visit: Cameroon Exchange: GCDP Dates: 2012 “Simply the heart beat of the Africa, a total awesomeness. The traineeship opportunity in the lion country of Cameroon, Central Western Africa, is definitely a life enriching experience for me to connect to the unique African culture and its inspiring citizen, perfecting my humble wish to become a globalized citizen that aware of the different cultural understanding and global issues that exists.� To read the whole story visit the link below: Want to read more stories like this?


I am a Regional Citizen (IRC) “I am a Regional Citizen” is a campaign aiming to mobilize 100,000 young people within East Africa until 2015, in order to develop change agents that will foster stronger collaborations amongst Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia. This is a part of “Africa in Me” regional initiative. The initiative has been developed and launched in November during the East African Pioneers Congress 2012 in Tanzania. The Goals & objectives of this initiative is to empower the students and recent graduates to discover the similarities and differences in the region while equipping them with professional experience and a platform of creating great leaders for the region. It will also be an opportunity for the organization to strengthen the bond with member countries by creating strong leaders who will understand the needs hence develop the community sustainably. For effective approach and development of the initiative, the market will be segmented according to various disciplines and thereby leading to prospective companies to engage as a country. The exchange participants will work in area such as:

• Entrepreneurship and career/leadership development • Information Technology • Environmental preservation Registration: • Women empowerment • Education and culture • Micro finance Contact: • Gender and health • Tourism 8


Lets Boost outgoing exchange within the GCDP in the West Africa sub-region. Aiesec Ghanna proposes great opportunity for AIESEC members to go on exchange and learn from our West African AIESEC entities. The Go West Africa are set to create a promising exchange opportunity that is bound to be filled with thrill and excitement within the West African Region Create excitement around the exchange


RECOGNITION AIESEC in Germany for being the biggest EP provider to Africa for the first 6 months of the term 12-13. AIESEC in Cameroon for the new ACP implementation plan and for selecting a national ACP coordinator. AIESEC in Tanzania for the commendable initiative of aligning all the projects being currently run in each LC to the ACP pillars which are:

• • • •

Health Improvement Education & Literacy Leadership and Career development Economic growth

Christmas gift from AiM TEAM This Christmas Season, Africa in Me Team have a great Gift for all the AISECers out there. Get a Calendar designed by Africa in Me with Highlights of Regions in Africa: Download: View:


All the stories should be posted in the website ( You can also mail you documented stories to ( Note: All stories must have pictures, the links should be posted with the story. Follow us: Keep yourself Updated:

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