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Operational Objectives or Activities The operational objectives or activities in respect of each strategic objective are envisaged as follows:


Strategic Objectives

Operational Objectives or Activities

1. Reach one million rural households in 10 countries spread in three regions of East, West and Southern Africa

• Identify and create an operational presence in eight new countries (apart from Kenya and South Africa) • Interaction with GOs, NGOs, and potential partners

2. Assess and identify country-specific needs and mobilize partners and stakeholders

• Development of country-specific projects based on identified GHA-responsive country needs and possible interventions • Formation of consortia, based on identified challenges and possible interventions • Engaging development partners to obtain necessary financial and human resources to implement the planned activities

3: Design specific interventions around replication of successful models

• Macro assessment of GHA-based demand and supply gaps • Baseline survey to identify demand/supply of suitable crops, livestock, and horticultural commodities, and environmental issues, including soil and water management interventions • Identify GHA-responsive and suitable cereal crops for the area for food and income generation and also for climate-change adaptability • Identify GHA-responsive and suitable livestock-based models for income generation, soil fertility improvement and food security purposes • Identify GHA-based barriers and bottlenecks in agricultural marketing systems

4: Implementation

• Organize targeted farmers with GHA focus in suitable groups and conduct trainings on various aspects • Put in place GHA-based mechanisms and systems to supply needed inputs to farmers • Evolve a system of post-harvest handling and marketing of surplus produce • Mobilize and train all the stakeholders in their GHA categories in value chain for long-term sustainability • Promote road shows and mass contacts

5: Assessments and Evaluation

• Develop and conduct GHA-sensitive evaluation study at the end of each project • Derive GHA-sensitive lessons for the future (up-scaling or correction)

Africa Harvest Strategic Plan 2012–2022

Africa Harvest 10 year strategic plan  

Africa Harvest 10 year Strategic plan

Africa Harvest 10 year strategic plan  

Africa Harvest 10 year Strategic plan