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Global Solutions DoctorSender introduces a revolutionary concept of online marketing, combining flexibility and functionality with the power of FST technology, in order to create a perfect tool for the management of campaigns. Integrating e-mail marketing campaigns with a full reporting system and combined with Google Analytics, DoctorSender provides a global overview of the campaigns which adds value to the online marketing strategy. With more than 10 years dedicated to online marketing, our reputation speaks for itself and allows us to bring that experience to our clients through consulting services and advice. A full reporting system combined with the automatic integration of Google Analytics makes it possible to obtain a rich set of data that will allow optimization and online campaign monitoring in a powerful, simple and effective way.

Doctor Sender has a unique set of services that offer the ability to target campaigns to both your own database aswell as the high quality database, with a volume of 30 million users that DoctorSender has to offer.

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If you have a database

If this is the case, DoctorSender offers two methods of use, both to suit the needs of every professional dedicated to online marketing.

FULL-SERVICE DoctorSender provides the ability to delegate to us the campaigns in an integrated way, thus ensuring that the campaigns will be designed, monitored and analyzed by a team of experts. • All services offered by the Self Service mode but operated by DoctorSender. • Creating the most appropriate marketing strategy. • Implementing the strategy designed and adapting it to its variables. • Creative design for the content of e-mails, autoresponders, forms, etc. • Generation of statistical reports for an advanced analysis of campaigns.

SELF-SERVICE A simple and intuitive web interface to manage campaigns in a totally autonomous: • List management and segmentation. • Debugging lists in real-time. • Creating and editing templates. • Programming “remarketing” campaigns and “autoresponders”. • Registration form management synchronized with the lists. • A/B Testing. • Customer Support. • Powerful API to integrate this platform and being able to control it from your own application.

If no database is available If you do not have a high quality international database, your database does not have the segmentation you require or simply want to send your campaigns to high quality users, DoctorSender offers a high quality database for either Self Service or Full Service.

Our own in-house Double opt-in database, has been collected in 5 continents worldwide, ensuring a high quality response from our users for your campaigns.

DoctoSender offers a segmentation tool, which is very easy to use, to generate segmented lists from the users in the DoctorSender database.

Consulting services

DoctorSender is much more than that, we take a step ahead in online marketing and offer our customers additional services that can help to turn online campaigns into measurable benefits, by simply optimizing them and the right usage of resources at the right time.

ONLINE CAMPAIGN STRATEGY CONSULTING Doctor Sender implements this consultancy in several Steps: • Step 1: Analysis of the campaigns and their verticals (incentives, competition, socio-economic variables, etc.). • Step 2: Design of a pre-strategy based on a first analysis. • Step 3: Testing the pre-strategy. • Step 4: Analysis of the initial results and development of a strategy correcting any possible errors or problems found in Step 3. • Step 5: Testing the strategy. • Step 6: Analysis of results and repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until the campaign is properly optimized. • Step 7: Reporting and recommendations. • Step 8: Implementation of the recommendations. This implementation can be carried out by experts from DoctorSender or by the customer.

GLOBAL STRATEGIC CONSULTING. DoctorSender not only helps customers optimize their campaigns, but allows them to have a successful global strategy, in terms of infrastructure, services, software, etc..


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