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‫عـفـراء محـمد عـلـي سيف خلف باجلـافله‬ Afra Mohammed Beljafla VISUAL ARTIST

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery

Francis Bacon

BIOGRAPHY An Emirati artist born in 1991 who’s art work is mainly in the medium of painting and printmaking. She received her High School degree from Dubai International School and is currently studying for her bachelors in Visual Arts at Zayed University. Beljafla enjoys the themes of tragedy and suspense in her art work. The more the mystery, the better.

Afra Mohammed Beljafla +971504588447

Large scale art works and installations attract her attention as well. She would like to work in this field. Fashion design is a huge interest of hers, as she has her own Fashion design line, called BRAID which is a mixture of fashion and Arts. She is currently planning a series of art works that relate to tragedy in the field of painting and installation.

Artist Statement Who am I? Is a question that has many answers, many of which are related to each other. I am a passionate person, and a huge part of that passion comes from braids. I believe braiding has many meanings that emerge as we weave, twist, and shape our ideas, thoughts and actions. There are so many kinds of braids, such as the french braid, the waterfall, the fishtail, and many others. I would say that we all braid our thoughts and ideas differently, that is why the actions and outcomes are not the same for all of us. Whether the way we braid our life is good or bad, it will always be special and different, because in the end it defines who we are and it brings out the beauty inside. I am inspired by colors, especially pastels, because they bring me into the right mood, as they are simple and calm, not too concentrated and not too dull, and they are all mixed with white, and white to me is purity. I strive to discover new ways of braiding in the fields of painting, printmaking and fashion designing, to achieve an outstanding outcome. I believe this will come as I continue on my journey of exploration and experimentation.

Exploration of men in suits in the UAE, especially the police department.

Afra Mohammed Beljafla +971504588447

Oil on Canvas paper 2012 Painting II ÂŤSuitsÂť

Acrylic on Canvas 2012 Painting II ÂŤuntittledÂť

A painting of identity and attitude. A piece in continuation of a photograp and a printmaking project

Oil on Canvas 2012 Painting I «White Flag»

Afra Mohammed Beljafla +971504588447

This project was all about reintventing or getting inspired by a masterpiece. I chose the « Magdalene Weeping and chose to just take the sadness conveyed in it and project it into a different story.

A painting inspireed by the Chinese Artist Yan Pei-Mings› techniques.

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 2012 Painting II «Injustice»

Afra Mohammed Beljafla +971504588447

Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. Claude Monet

Ph 20 otog «A 12 raphy Sel f Po rtra it»

Photography 2012





Afra Mohammed Beljafla +971504588447

ÂŤPostcards StoryÂť These postcards tell a story of an old farm in Hatta and how it has just started to grow after neglection.

Principles of Design

2010 Defining Value of Shades and Tones

Afra Mohammed Beljafla +971504588447

Print-Making 2012 Etching using zinc plate ÂŤSelf PortraitÂť

ÂŤSkull as a Self PortraitÂť By Yan Pei-Ming

Facsimile 2012 Contemporary Art History

Afra Mohammed Beljafla +971504588447

Pe 201n on Pa per Pri 0 Dotnciples ting techof Desi niqu gn e

8th of March, 1991 Emarati Female DUBAI-UAE, P.O.BOX: 3177


Extracurricular Activities

Zayed University Collage of Art and Design | Visual Arts

December 2011 Zayed university « The Rabbit Hole» Event Meeting and greeting invited guests.

Professional Experience March 2010 Zayed University Carnival Event Organized activity booth for Paintball by the name of « Shoot Me If You Can» Provided customer service. Year 2007 Dubai International School Student Council Part of the Student council event organizer.

Year 2010 Al Noor Center for special needs. Volunteering to sell tickets and organizing. March 2012 Exhibition Art Work Exhibition Zayed University Printmaking piece Exhibited on Zayed University Campus in Dubai. Reference Prof. Joshua Watts +971 050 724 1560

Afra Mohammed Beljafla +971504588447

June, 2008 Dubai International School High School Degree

‫عـفـراء محـمد عـلـي سيف خلف باجلـافله‬ Afra Mohammed Beljafla VISUAL ARTIST

Afra's Portflolio  

The portfolio of Afra Beljafla, a Visual Artist from Zayed University.

Afra's Portflolio  

The portfolio of Afra Beljafla, a Visual Artist from Zayed University.