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Afra’s property with family’s memories

Photo Essay by Afraa Murad 201011893 ART-221-501 Mrs. Yunsun Chung Shin

My name is Afraa Murad Abdulla. I was born on 23 of Augusts 1991. I am the youngest daughter for my parents. I graduated from Suwdda Bint Zmaah School for Girls in Ajman .My favorite hobbies are writing Arabic poems, read poems, make new relations and have new friends, and play with children. I really like drawing, however I don't know how to draw in professional way and I hope to develop my drawing skills. I’m Interior design student, I choose this major because I like designing, decorating. Also because I think Interior designer has a big role in using space and provide comfortable places for people depending on their needs and taking into account the health and safety.



Nora Meraa


Amenah Ibrahim Khaled

Fatima Lamia Hanadi






Laila Ali Abdulla








My family consists of my mother and I have three brothers and five sisters, and I am the youngest. My father died 8 years ago, and my mother becomes my mum and dad in the same time. My sisters are my best friends.


It’s my family’s favorite game.

All what is required of you in this game is to start racing at the speed of the order domino cards that show you in this game Sort correctly by the consistency of the numbers so that we can in the end to win and overcome the other rider and we get many points.

Khizranh In my family khizranh used to scare children if they do something wrong

Is a thin stick of bamboo are flexible, have an oval head used to help walking.


Its become waves in down for staying for a long time.


1- Why it still with me until now? Mother: - The first reason is that you have to keep it with you because in Islam it is not allow to put the hair in trash. The second reason for keeping your hair until now is that remind you for your old days with a long hair and because you really like your hair you said that you want to save it . I saw that you really like your hair , and you keep carding it and put a perfume)for it.


2- When I cut it? Mother:- I planned to cut your hair for your sister weeding , and that happened before 5 years. 3- Why you want me to cut it? Mother:- I want you to cut it for your sister weeding ,only to fix the shape and make it striate and keep it with a same long.


4- Who cut it for me? Mother:- You and your sister went and I ask your sister to search for someone professional to cut your hair , because I want it look pretty and different from before with a same long.

5- What happened then? Mother:- She cut it for you too long !! I waited for you at home and I don’t know what happened with you. Your sister told me in phone that you really surprised and you cried when you saw your hair.

6- Why she cut it that long? Sister:- Before a women cut your hair she say we don’t like a long hair in Morocco . I think that was a reason. However when she finished from cutting your hair and you cried , she said that when I asked you that long is ok I said yes . In a fact I said yes not for this long , but when she see you that you really sad she creates an alibi.

7- How you felt when you see my hair?( Mother – sister– friend )  Mother:- When I saw your hair I surprised and I thought that you told the women to cut it that long. I really don’t believe you , but when your sister told me that you cried when you saw it I believe that is not your mistake . 

Sister:- When I saw your hair I said for myself what happened ? why she cut it that long? But I don’t want to make you more sad and I said no its nice and a women didn’t cut it too long. I really feel sad when you ask a women to tipped your hair to get it with you.

Friend:- I didn’t believe when you sent the picture of your hair , but when I saw you and you show it to me then I believed and I really become sad because I liked your hair.

I keep carding it and put a perfume for it.

Installati a hair for children

Its Blake wallet with gray color in the middle because it has become old

1- From where he buy it? Mother:- He didn’t buy it , he inherit from his father. Your grandfather got it as a gift from his friend , and his friend was a rich man. 2- Before how many years he had it? Mother:- He had it before 40 years old . 3- It’s still look good for using? The wallet color black but it changed some places to gray color and that because it has become old , Its look old and not nice for using. 4- What kind of materials use to made it? Mother:- Its bastard from beating , the beating was so expensive in the past and because of that your father tried hard to save it.

5- For what he used it? Mother:- this small wallet used for keep the money , however your father used it for several things . He saved his money in it , put his small numbers book inside it, saved his and your brothers pitcher in it , and he put his drug.

6- Why is too important for you? Mother:- It’s important for me because your father was really liked it and it was the most thing he saved from dirty and from waste.

7- For What’s remind you?

Mother:- Its remind me for your father first day in his job. When he went to the job he asked me about your grandfather wallet. I said for him why you want it ? you have a new one ! He said that he want to be more optimize and because he thought this pocket bring benediction.  Sister:- When I see this wallet I remember my childhood and the old days. Every day I went to my father room and I ask him to give me money and he get it from this pocket.  Brother:- This pocket remind me for old days when I didn’t work and got my outgo from my father . Its remind me for my father immolation for us and how he worked hard to make our life happy and get every things we need. 8- Why it still with you? Mother:- Because your father was used it every day, and after he die when I miss him , I smell the pocket and I felt happy. 

My father saved his money ,numbers book, saved his pitcher, and put his drug. Inside it

Emirati clothes with butella fabric.

1- From where it sewed for me ? Aunt:- Its sewed for you from Alain, but the fabric is from India. 2- Before how many years ? Aunt:- I remember that you was in grade 7 I thing before 9 years . 3- Why it still with me? Mother:- Because its first time you participated in national day events at the school. 4- Why you brought it from India? Do not present in UAE? Aunt:- In the past the fabrics are often imported from India and Persia where brought by traders to sell them on the market .. or attend Pearl merchants returning from India after selling Pearl harvest there blaming any gift. However those days every things are available in UAE , but your Potella fabric I brought it for you from India when I travelled for treatment.

5- Can you tell me about (Butella) fabrics? Mother:- The most famous fabrics in the United Arab Emirates . Is transparent crystal ball , boys was playing with it previously .It is renamed women fired the fabric of orbs or the Chambers deployed equally large or small or close or far apart the name (Butella) .

6- What materials used to made it? Mother:- The Embroidery in the chest and neck sleeves using tali silver , golden color or other colors.

7- What is tali? Mother:- Is an embroidery long line gold or silver and nowadays it has a lots of colors, was imported from India and Pakistan on the cuff sold in meters is the type of the most beautiful pieces of cloth, worn by women.

8- What is the special in this clothes? Aunt:- The special of this clothes is that Emiratis women sewed it. There was a festival in Alzafranh shops ,and an Emiratis women were professed sewing and it was really successful festival because of Emiratis citizen participation.

(Butella) is the most famous fabrics in the U A E

This project assisted me to understand and learn more about my daily objects. Also helped me to know the stories and memories of objects that are still with me for a long time that I don’t thought about it before. While I'm doing this project and searching for objects, I learned that every object at a home holds many interesting stories. This project reminded my family for the old memories that I don’t know it before.

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