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First IPSF African Pharmaceutical Symposium Algiers-Algeria 14th – 21th July 2012

2nd Newsletter

Des Etudiants Pharmacie d’Alger

First IPSF

African Pharmaceutical Symposium

About AfRO The IPSF African Regional Office (AfRO) was born in the 54th IPSF Annual Congress held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania between the 1st and 11th August 2008, its establishment was voted as a way of tackling the importance of .decentralizing IPSF’s work in the region AfRO is laying foundations for organizing the African Pharmaceutical Symposium in Algeria in July 2012 to enable the consolidation of the !continent in IPSF as well as cement solidarity among AfRO members AfRO RWG humbly requests all to dance with the IPSF rhythm and help !build a strong AfRO

Now it›s time for Africa!

About AfPS By organizing the first African Pharmaceutical symposium (1st AfPS), ASEPA Algeria has the honor to invite you to share a unique and rewarding experience where traditional and modern pharmacy meet, in the magical atmosphere that this gorgeous country offers. Through this event, Algeria aims to give a new breath to African Region and show its willingness of change and evolution to reach the new pathways of pharmaceutical world. This summer the colors of Africa will rise high in the pharmacy’s yard .So join us in this 1st AfPS to share the magic of the moment at the crossroads of civilizations and cultures.

n o ti c u d o tr In n so r e p ir AfPS Cha mittee, It’s an honor for m Co n io pt ce Re PS Af t 1s e On behalf of th d welcome you in an er tt le ws Ne PS Af nd co se me to introduce the during this summer. From e nc rie pe ex le ab ett rg fo un an e Algeria to liv rican Pharmaceutical Af t 1s e th , 12 20 ly Ju st the 14th to 21 on, tradition and ti va no in of t po ng ti el m a Symposium will be posium’s activities, the m sy e th by ed az am be ll wi u discovery; yo beauty of the moment. e th d an m ra og pr e th of s es richn the beginning um si po m sy is th e ak m to rd The RCs are working ha tion of the IPSF AfRO iva ot m e th d an l ia nt te po e th of highlightning ges, learning and an ch ex r fo e er ph os m at nt ie en Region within a conv discovering. s this summer,

in Algier Looking forward to see you all Cheers from Algeria!


1st AfPS Chairperson

The Reception Committee (RC) In order to ensure the success of the symposium , 35 members including 14 coordinators and a chairperson, work closely and permanently so that this event would reflect our motivation and desire to organize an unique event, full of professional and personal experiences, and meet the expectations of pharmacy students around the world and in Africa especially. We are working actively in order to: - Guide you through each step with the aim of ensuring your entire satisfaction from your registration till your departure. - Host you and ensure your accommodation, transportation and well being during your stay in Algeria. - Keep you in touch with the event at any moment through the website, newsletters and the Facebook page.

We are all working closely together to make sure that you enjoy every moment!


Algerian people are known for their hospitality; therefore the reception committee offers you a five stars Hotel where you will find comfort and a cheerful atmosphere. Hilton Algiers hotel is a five star Hotel, just 10 minutes from the airport and 15 from central Algiers; next to the exhibition center. The hotel boasts several conference and event rooms with high speed internet connection, situated in a relaxing environment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It offers amazing leisure facilities such as a swimming pool, modern gym and tennis courts. We also invite you to taste the delicious Algerian traditional dishes in the ÂŤCasbah restaurantÂť beside other international food in four excellent restaurants in the hotel.


As a participant of the 1st AfPS, you will have the privilege to take part to all symposium activities : workshops, symposia and social events You will benefit from a 6 nights’ accommodation in a 5 stars hotel, all meals and transportation included.

Here are the details of the registration periods


Registration Fees

February 15th - April 20th

100 Euros

April 21st – May 15th

180 Euros

May 16th – June 15th

250 Euros

The Regional Symposium LIT (Leader in training): From 11th to 14th July 2012 The IPSF Leaders In Training (LIT) program is primarily aimed to train pharmacy students interested in taking up leadership roles at their local, national or IPSF level to become better leaders and ensure that there is a certain standard of leadership amongst new leaders every year. The LIT programme is also combined with the potential to help LIT participants to be successful trainers and provide the same LIT training program with the same leadership topics for their local student associations. The programme provides useful training tools and essential leadership skills. Throughout LIT, we can empower pharmacy students to develop passion towards IPSF and the spirit of LIT would also be lit up around the globe! It will take place 4days before the Symposium, from 11th to 14th July in Algiers Hilton Hotel.

The Symposium: From 14th to 21st July 2012 The program of AfPS is rich and diverse; it is inspired from the regional symposia of IPSF. It includes scientific activities where the participants can deepen their knowledge and enhance their competence as well as social and cultural activities to make participants discover new cultures and traditions and to create everlasting friendships between them. A new Symposium “the interns Symposium” will be held, it will give the opportunity to pharmacy interns to make scientific researches in a specific theme and to share it through an oral or written communication. It aims to develop their capacities and potentials as nearby future pharmacists. From symposia (Scientific, educational and interns symposia), workshops (FIP and WHO Workshops...), professional development events (PCE, CSE and LIT) to social activities (excursion, Kheima party, traditional night…) the 1st AfPS promises to be a fruitful congress!

Post Symposium Tour (PST) We invite you to travel and visit the Pearl of the Arab Maghreb: TLEMCEN City. Situated in Northwestern Algeria, TLEMCEN The city offers wonderful landscapes with is one of the oldest Algerian cities which its surrounding mountains that you can history goes back to ancient times. behold when taking a vertical cable car ride from downtown to the LALLA SETTI plateau. We’ve chosen this destination to make you This recreational area features elaborate experience a trip back in old times when gardens, fountains, gazebo and ample bench visiting the historic sites of TLEMCEN such seating to relax and enjoy the view. as SIDI BOUMADIÈNE Mosque and Tomb: one of the oldest mosques dating of 1100 This trip will also be a real discovery of AD, The ruins of the Town of MANSOURA in the various handcrafts of the region: the suburbs of the city dating of the 14th leather, pottery, textiles and traditional century. costumes…as well as its delicious ancestral cuisine.

Des Etudiants Pharmacie d’Alger

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