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Intellectual property expertise Our work in practice

Making the most of hidden business assets: protecting, enhancing and exploiting the intangible. Retained intellectual property counsel A company brimming with intellectual property needed to commercialise its assets. We worked with the business and an external licensing manager to develop and implement the licensing programme. Key tasks – Making sure the assets were ready to be licensed Our intellectual property and legal audit determined whether the assets were protected. Where not, we put in place legal structures to address deficiencies. – Creating the right licensing strategy This required an in-depth understanding of the client’s ambitions for developing and commercialising their assets. – Trouble-shooting before any trouble We identified some of the likely practical and legal issues arising from implementing the programme. Delivering value for money We adopted a retainer fee arrangement, enabling the client to spread out the legal costs for the licensing programme.

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Trade mark portfolio management A large FMCG company asked us to manage its trade mark registration programme worldwide. Key tasks – Establishing a filing strategy This task made sure the objectives were clearly defined and cost implications were fully understood by the client. – Tracking progress We set performance milestones and checks as a fundamental part of the programme. – Implementing the filing programme globally This is now in progress, working with our international network of trade mark agents. Delivering value for money Our project management costs were carefully monitored, with an upper-limit equivalent to a percentage of the foreign agents’ fees.

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Cresco Legal IP Case Studies