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My favourite photo lBy Nino I´ve no trouble choosing my favorite photo. All my family photos are beautiful to me, but one of the best is one that I took in Sierra Nevada last year. The expresion of our faces tell our feelings.

I like this photo because it reminds me of a fabulous week. We were very happy all the time in this holidays and my children learned to ski. I have this photo on a wall of my house.

lBy Cristina Bas This photograph is one of my favourites from last summer holidays in the province of Cádiz. Irina, my eldest daughter, took it when we were in Sanlucar de Barrameda beach seeing its gorgeous sunset. While my family and I were walking along the shore contemplating as the sun was setting, suddenly, we heard voices and noise and when we turned around we saw a group of horsemen were riding their horses towards

us at full speed. Quickly, we got out of their way but my dog was so nervous therefore we could not hold him, so he ran like a lightning bolt to get them like a greyhound chasing a hare. I really love this photo because the warm colors of sunset relax me, however the memory of what happened makes me scared. I keep this photo inside my file folder on my labtop and just in case, I have also saved it on a USB.

lBy Ana Rosa NB2 One of my favourite photos is this one of my children.

On 13th of February 2002 Lucas was born. That day his sister Claudia became ill with varicella and she stayed a few days in her grandfather’s house.

You can’t imagine Claudia’s face when we told her that Lucas was being with our family every day and he was being her brother all the life (forever).

Ten days later she went home and she met her brother. At this moment Claudia was almost 3 years old and she was starting to speak.

We have the photo in an album in the living room and we see it very often. Every time, we remember this story and we laugh together.

At home, she noticed that Lucas stole all the attention, then we took this photo.



My husband took the photo at home in February 2002 when Lucas and Claudia met.

I love this photo because a few minutes after my husband took it Claudia said: “Well, Lucas has come but… when is he going?.

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