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The Beneficial Effects Of Oat Straw Many individuals are aware that eating oats will help lower cholesterol and are an excellent supply of whole grain carbohydrates. But they might not know that there are also valuable medicinal benefits of the flowers, stems, stalks, and seeds of the oat plant. Oat Straw, or Avena sativa is generally made into a tea or extract that is used in the treatment of various ailments, and can nourish the body as a mineral tonic. It's been used with success to help the healing of broken bones, as well as a strengthener for teeth, because this herb is high in magnesium and calcium. People have also experienced relief from pain and tightness of muscle cramps and spasms using this treatment. It is particularly powerful when combined with other herbs including horsetail and comfrey. There are more minerals, B vitamins, Vitamin A, and protein in addition to the 300 milligrams of calcium in a cup of the extract. It is high in silica, which is called “the beauty mineral” and contributes to healthy skin, nails, hair and bones. For osteoporosis and osteopenia, it is widely promoted as a bone strengthener. It is known as an excellent tonic for the complete system and is used for numerous illnesses and deficiencies. Appetite loss, thyroid and estrogen deficiency, urinary concerns, colds and chills are a handful of these. It encourages sweating because it raises internal body heat. It can help improve gastric mucous membranes and helps in food assimilation. It seems to strengthen the body gently and progressively. It is not a “quick fix” herb but it can be extremely effective if used on a regular basis and faithfully over a period of time. It has long lasting advantages even though it is slow to act in the body. Lots of people suffer the effects of stress and nervous exhaustion. Oat Straw is a nervine, therefore it soothes and helps to nourish the nervous system. For anxiety, nervousness and insomnia, some herbalists believe it could be used as a treatment. For anyone whose central nervous system is significantly over-stressed, including children, it is particularly soothing. The calm energy that results is derived from the B vitamins within it. While some people have no trouble falling asleep, they may still notice that despite a full night's sleep, they are sluggish and tired. After trying the extract of the herb, they have discovered that the all-natural remedy gives an energy boost. Researchers have found out that it may cause more blood supply to the brain and produce better function. It could possibly expand the arteries in the brain, bringing better blood flow. The mild-tasting extract can easily be put in a morning beverage.

There are also external ways to use this wonder herb, and the tea makes a comforting bath for dry, itchy and irritated skin caused by shingles, eczema, sunburn and rashes. For use as a preferred additive to the bath, the herb is dried and made into a fine powder. By saturating cloths in tea that has been cooled, compresses to put on to affected areas can be made. The beneficial, emollient qualities of it are most likely due to its high mucilage and gluten content. For calming nerves, soothing skin, healing symptoms, generating energy and inducing sleep, Oat Straw is beneficial for the entire body. It can strengthen the whole system and it can improve outlook due to greater overall health. Iowa Select Herbs, LLC

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The Beneficial Effects Of Oat Straw

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The Beneficial Effects Of Oat Straw