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THANK YOU for taking the time to get to know us. We are very excited to begin our journey towards starting a family.

Throughout our relationship, we have known that we wanted to become parents and have children with whom we can share our lives and explore all the beauty, magic, and wonder this world has to offer. We have so much love to give. Becoming fathers would be a dream come true for us both. We are thrilled you are taking a look at us and we hope that you will consider us to provide unconditional love and support for your child. We want you to know that we think you are a truly special person for considering adoption and hope you find the right choice for you no matter what path you decide to take.





...began over 18 years ago when we met at work while living in St. Louis, Missouri.

After spending an evening with friends at a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, a long conversation over ice cream, and a reluctant goodbye, we both knew that this was the beginning of a special relationship.



After graduating college, we moved to Orlando, Florida with our families’ encouragement to follow our dreams and find careers that we love and that inspire us each day. Currently Joe works as a Senior Manager in Human Resources for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Frank works at Universal Orlando as an Entertainment Production Coordinator.


Whether it has been moving to another state together, buying our first house, traveling the world, or starting the journey to build our family through adoption, we have been very fortunate to have shared so much love and so many of life’s experiences together. After all these years, we still find the time to share with one another how much we mean to each other. We cannot wait to show a child all the love that we have to

offer and all of the amazing experiences that life can bring.




• Cruise to various destinations and ports of call • Travel to New York to experience fantastic food and theatre • Enjoy a weekend in the mountains in Tennessee • Spend a Sunday afternoon relaxing and catching up on our DVR






We are both very fortunate to have grown up with great parents and siblings who inspired us to begin this journey to become parents. Our parents taught us the importance of working hard and being persistent in order to be successful in life, while providing emotional, and sometimes physical support whenever it was needed. They taught us to be kind and thoughtful to everyone, to always do our best and do what is right, and that, although at times it can be hard, to keep fighting toward a better future. These are the values we hope to pass down to our future children. We want to encourage them to learn and grow, to explore and try their strengths, and to not be afraid to fail. We want to show them the world and teach them to be inquisitive, but accepting of different cultures and lifestyles. We hope they can learn from our success and failures so that they can decide who they want to be.

SPECIAL MOMENTS WITH OUR NIECE + NEPHEW - THESE ARE TIMES THAT WE HOLD SO DEAR! Most of all, we want to support them and ensure that they feel our unconditional love. Our child will belong to a family that provides endless love, laughs and opportunities.


Frank • according to Joe •


“Frank is truly an amazing and passionate person. I admire his strong work ethic, his wonderful sense of humor, and his compassion for others. Frank has such an outgoing personality that he connects with everyone he meets. I marvel at his artistic talent and his ability to provide a sense of organization in even the most chaotic of situations. Frank has a strong sense of community and family, and he continually motivates others to give their time volunteering for children’s charities. Anything Frank sets his mind to do, he does to the best of his abilities while having fun and engaging those around him. Frank is always there to support his family, his friends and me with a caring smile, a laugh or a shoulder on which to lean and cry. He is truly my best friend. He will make a phenomenal father to our son or daughter, and he will strive to help make their dreams come true.”

• Going home to St. Louis while spending time with family and friends • Singing along to my favorite song in the car • Spending time in the yard • Giving back to the community by volunteering • A good pizza and movie

“Joe summed up in one word would be “patient”. When I feel as if the world if out of my control, Joe is right there by my side and supports me along the way. He is the grounding force in our relationship. He compliments me and encourages me when I need it the most. I marvel at his drive to be the best at what he does. Whether it is his job or outside projects, he’s analytical, focused, smart, and will be there to provide for our family. Joe will be there to jump in to help our son or daughter with their school projects while encouraging them the whole step of the way. Joe is also very outgoing and loves entertaining friends and family at our home. Family and friends all know that Joe loves to cook. I particularly enjoy watching Joe spend an afternoon in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe. Of course, he gets a lot of help from his mom as they laugh and tell stories of how he learned to cook from his grandmother. I can not wait to watch Joe share that passion of cooking with our child. Our son or daughter will not learn to bake a cake from a box, but from scratch. I can not wait to watch Joe share, guide, and support our child throughout their life. Our child has so much to learn from him; even his silly sense of humor. Joe has so much love to give and I can not wait to see his dream come true and become a father.”



• according to Frank •

SOME OF JOE’S FAVORITE THINGS • Cooking, baking, and watching Frank eat all of it • The Muppets • Making chili and s’mores • Amusement parks and roller coasters • Laughing and being silly with friends and family

OUR FAMILY our foundation.

We credit our parents and family with instilling in us strong ethics and moral beliefs, teaching us to love unconditionally, and providing us with strong role models. Ensuring our children know their extended family and grow while being supported by this strong foundation is truly our priority. Frank’s parents live in St. Louis, Missouri, and they have been married 45 years. They both love to get away and spend time relaxing here in the Florida sunshine. Frank has three younger siblings – one brother and two sisters, along with one young funloving nephew. We enjoy lively, fun, and large gatherings with the many aunts, uncles and cousins where there is always an abundance of stories and laughter.

Joe’s family is also from St. Louis, where his mother and his sister, along with her husband and daughter, currently live. Only an hour south of St. Louis is Joe’s grandfather, who can still make anyone laugh and mesmerize everyone with his many adventurous stories. Joe’s father and stepmother currently live just outside Austin, Texas, and they are so excited to greet another grandchild. Even though we do not see our families as often as we wish, we catch up over frequent phone calls and FaceTime sessions. We love going home to St. Louis, and we are positive that visits will increase with the addition of our child.


We consider our friends part of our family. Like our family, they have supported us as we have celebrated life’s accomplishments, enjoyed our successes, and as we begin to grow our family through adoption. Whether it is going to a concert or to the theatre, enjoying a new restaurant or food trucks, traveling together, or just relaxing and playing board games at someone’s house, we always have a great time. Our friends have always been a constant support system to us and they cannot wait for play dates and family gatherings with our children.




We live in a beautiful home located in a quiet community of Orlando, Florida. Our three-bedroom home is perfect for us and includes a large fenced back yard and large front and side lawn where we picture our future child running and playing with friends under the shade of old oak trees. It is located 45 minutes from the beach, 10 minutes from downtown Orlando, and 30 minutes from Universal Orlando, SeaWorld and Walt Disney World. We have wonderful neighbors, and many children live in our neighborhood that ride their bikes and play together. Our community includes a beautiful recreation area with a playground and pool, and an excellent elementary school is only four blocks away.



• Have Sunday dinners with family and friends • Take a yearly family vacation to someplace new or a favorite destination • Continue a family tradition of The Birthday Gorilla bringing your birthday presents • Go home to St. Louis to enjoy bbqs and fireworks with our families during the summer • Make Christmas cookies and decorate our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving • Have family game nights filled with laughter and fun


GRATEFUL that you’ve taken the time to get to know us.

We understand that your decision is difficult and that you want nothing more than to find the perfect family for your child. We sincerely hope you find that special family, whether it is us or not, and that you can rest assured knowing that you have provided happiness to so many. We would be honored to be considered by you and would love to meet you in person if you would like to get to know us better. We have always envisioned ourselves raising children – loving them, embracing them, and protecting them. This is our wholehearted promise and commitment to our future child: to love them for their lifetime. We have a home that is ready to welcome a new member to our family, and our hearts are open and ready to embrace them. Our dream come true is to meet and hold our child soon.


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Frank & Joe Adopt!  
Frank & Joe Adopt!  

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are very excited to begin our journey towards starting a family. Frank & Joe