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Le Magazine de l’Alliance Française de Melbourne jun-jul-aug 10

FÊte de la musique

21 june 2010 ...& Leigh Hobbs

jeudi jazzy

Marc Rambeau

Edito Since 1981, the Fête de la musique sets the festive atmosphere at the beginning of the northern summer and the holiday period. The Alliances Françaises in Australia also celebrate this musical event on the 21st June each year. But in Melbourne, we enjoy great music throughout the year, as the success of the monthly Jeudi Jazzy concerts clearly shows. In June, between jazz, electro or baroque music, take your pick! The Stork Theatre will bring Stendhal and Proust to centre stage in its next two productions at the Alliance Française. In August, the painter Marc Rambeau will take us on a journey into rice paper territory. Lastly, don’t miss out on becoming acquainted with Mr Chicken upon his return from Paris. In this edition’s interview, Leigh Hobbs tells us more about this strange character, a distant cousin to Old Tom and Horrible Harriett… Patrice Pauc, director

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Depuis 1981 la Fête de la musique vient rythmer l’arrivée de l’été et annonce le temps des vacances. En Australie, les Alliances françaises inscrivent également cette manifestation musicale sur leur calendrier, le 21ème jour du mois. Mais à Melbourne, la musique est présente tout au long de l’année, le succès de Jeudi Jazzy organisé chaque mois dans notre salle de concert en est la preuve. Jazz, musique électronique ou baroque… Faites votre choix en juin ! Le Stork Theatre met à l’honneur Stendhal et Proust dans ses deux prochaines productions à l’Alliance française et le peintre Marc Rambeau nous entraînera en août dans un voyage autour du papier de riz. Enfin, ne manquez pas la rencontre avec Mr Poulet de retour d’un voyage à Paris. Leigh Hobbs vous en dira plus sur cet étrange personnage, lointain cousin de Vieux Tom et Horrible Harriett…

News Leigh Hobbs Interview Course Guide Fête de la musique + MIAF Jeudi Jazzy Bastille Day Ball Exhibition: Marc Rambeau Stork Theatre Wine Workshops / The Melbourne Salon

June - July - August 2010 Issue Cover designed by Sylvia Tourne Editor: Patrice Pauc Editorial Contributions: Patrice Pauc, Françoise Libotte, Aurélie Pierre. Translation: Léuli Eshraghi. Design & Layout: Mathieu Vendeville. Printed by Worldwide Online Printing

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MADEMOISELLE CHAMBON L’Emmerdeur (A Pain in the @*#!) FROM 10 JUNE 2010

Event Horizon

After the international success of Not Here to be Loved, Stéphane Brizé returns with his usual elegance and subtle scriptwriting. Mademoiselle Chambon, based on the novel by Éric Holder, is about a chance encounter between two people and how their passion for music brings them together. But is this an opportunity to change or a folly to regret? The title role is played by Sandrine Kiberlain whose character, in addition to being a school teacher, is a talented violinist. Previously lovers in real life, Vincent Lindon stars alongside Kiberlain. Both actors give restrained yet powerful performances. The ‘must-see recommendation’ of the 2010 Alliance Française French Film Festival (Filmink Magazine).

The project presents historical images courtesy of NASA to foreground works by a selection of Aboriginal, Australian, Belgian and French artists exploring ideas beyond terraqueous limitation.

2 auditions

21 May > 18 Jul 2010

Staged by the Melbourne French Theatre, this riotous comedy by Francis Veber - the creator of The Dinner Game and The Closet - will see Pignon brings his estranged wife, her psychiatrist lover, police, hotel staff and a dangerous hitman With the support of: to the very edge of insanity.

Auditions - Sat 19 June 2010 at 2 pm - Tues 22 June 2010 at 7 pm Cast and age ranges - Pignon - Male 30 to 50s - Ralph, assassin - Male 30 to 50s - Dr Wolf, psychiatrist - Male 30 to 40s liquid architecture - Michelle, Pignon’s estranged wife - Female 30 to 40s 27 jun > 17 jul 2010 - Bellgirl - Female 20s to 30s - Policeman - Male 30s to 60s Over four weeks in June and July 2010, the Liquid ArchitecGala night: Fri 27 Aug 2010 at 8 pm ture sound festival will be celeMore details - Evenings: Tue 24 Aug to Sat 28 August brating its eleventh consecutive inclusive at 8 pm Matinees: Fri 27 & Sat 28 Aug at 2.30 pm year. It will take place in seven IN SEASON DOUBLE cities across Australia, prefrom $12 to $30 senting an exciting program of PASSES GIVE-AWAY FOR TICKETS $27 Concessions Alliance Française contemporary sound arts. The MEMBERS & STUDENTS members. diverse program features live For your chance to win, be Venue: Collingwood College – corner events and installations showone of the first to send us Cromwell Street & McCutcheon Way casing the highest quality sound an email with subject line: Collingwood 3066 work. “Mademoiselle Chambon” Lionel Marchetti + Yoko Higashi with your name, Membership For all details – 27.06.10 BENDIGO Old Fire Station Number or/ class attended on 01.07.10 to 17.07.10 MELBOURNE West Space, Natura Morta Tue 8 June at 10am. Note: Winners will need to collect their passes from our front With the support of: desk at 51 Grey Street St Kilda. -4-


The Melbourne Inter- Dark Star: Alain Delon MELBOURNE national Film Festival Aug 18 > Sept 8 WRITERS' FESTIVAL 23 Jul > 8 Aug 2010

The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is an acclaimed annual film festival held over three weeks. It was founded in 1951, making it one of the oldest in the World. The 59th festival will take place between July 23rd and August 8th, 2010 in various locations in Melbourne’s CBD. The largest film festival in Australia presenting approximately 400 films from more than 50 different countries and the largest showcase of new Australian cinema, the MIFF programs also each year a good selection of recent French films. First Bite program preview released 28 May Full program available 9 July. And remember Melbourne’s winter is a great time to seat in a dark cinema in front of a big screen, eating popcorn! For all details

This season concentrates on the first 30 years of Delon’s career, taking in his breakthrough performance as the talismanic Ripley in Plein soleil, the crime genre peak of Melville’s extraordinary Le cercle rouge, the overt display of glassy beauty in Deray’s La piscine. Presented in conjunction with Cultures France

Belle Du Berry 24 > 28 aug 2010

27 AUG > 05 SEPT 2010 Founded in 1986 the Melbourne Writer’s Festival was set up to provide a forum for intellectual and cultural debate on a local, national and international scale. Over the years, the Festival has grown into a major national and international event. Winners of major literary awards (Nobel, Pulitzer & Booker Prizes) have attended the Festival and each year a number of international authors are invited (amongst them a number of French authors - the latest being Marie Darrieussecq in 2009) with Australian writers being the main focus of the event. Festivals are a rare chance for the reader to meet the writer and vice versa. As Dorothy Porter outlines, a writers’ festival changes that solitary act of reading and writing into a communal celebration of words and ideas. With 50,000 tickets sold and 450 authors in 2009, the 2010 MWF is no doubt another great event to attend during those cold Melbourne winter days!

Back in Melbourne, French chanteuse Belle du Berry and multi-instrumentalist David Lewis (globally recognised members of Paris Combo) will perform songs from their new album ‘Quizz’. Joined on stage by Denis Hénault-Parizel and Rémy Kaprielan, they will Full program available soon, check out the festival website at: perform in both French and English. Not to be missed! Tickets: $50 ($45 AFM members) 24 > 26 Aug at 8pm, Fri 27 Aug at 9pm, Sat 28 Aug at 7pm and 9pm -5-


30 jun > 9 jul 2010

Leigh Hobbs ©

Leigh Hobbs

Mr chicken: from st kilda to paris

An encounter with Leigh Hobbs, critically-acclaimed childrens' book author and illustrator, whose latest hero, Mr Chicken, is back from Paris and will be visiting St Kilda. Who is Leigh Hobbs?

Qui est Leigh Hobbs ?

All I ever wanted to do – I only had one ambition when I was a kid - was to be an artist. I always loved drawing. I was fascinated by characters. My father made a drawing board for me when I was a kid so I could draw in bed before school. I drew all the time, and I’ve been drawing ever since. From an early age, I also had a real passion for architecture and history, even though I grew up in suburban Melbourne and an Australian country town. Travelling to Europe never fails to thrill me, and I’m drawn back to see favourite things, but also to discover new ones… it’s an endless source of inspiration. I went to art school here in the early

Ce que j’ai toujours voulu faire depuis tout petit – mon unique ambition c’était de devenir artiste. J’ai toujours aimé dessiner. Les personnages me fascinaient. Mon père m’a alors confectionné un tableau spécial afin que je puisse dessiner dans mon lit avant d’aller à l’école. Je dessinais tout le temps et cela n’a jamais cessé depuis. Dès mon plus jeune âge, j’ai développé une vraie passion pour l’architecture et l’histoire, même si j’ai grandi dans les faubourgs de Melbourne et à la campagne. Aller en Europe m’enthousiasme toujours autant : je suis amené à revisiter des lieux déjà connus, mais aussi à en découvrir des nouveaux… il s’agit d’une source d’inspiration sans fin. -6-

Exhibition Mr Chicken: from St Kilda to Paris Opening Wed 30 June 2010 at 6.30 pm Venue Alliance Française Eildon Gallery 51 Grey Sreet St Kilda

30 jun > 9 jul 2010 1970s, and didn’t miss a single day in four years; I was so absorbed. After art school, an animated film I made led to my being invited to work as an artist at Sydney’s Luna Park. I was in charge of the restoration of an antique carousel, and also created two huge character figures for the Park, called Larry and Lizzy Luna (that are now in the collection of The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney). I did a lot of travelling – as much as I could afford - and that informed the artworks I produced when I returned to Australia and settled in St Kilda.

Did everything begin with Old Tom?


J’ai suivi une formation aux beaux-arts à Melbourne au début des années 1970. En quatre ans, je n’ai jamais raté un seul jour de cours, tellement j’étais passionné par ce que je faisais. Par la suite, j’ai réalisé un dessin animé, qui m’a conduit à travailler en tant qu’artiste-invité au Luna Park de Sydney. J’avais en charge la restauration d’un vieux carrousel. J’ai également créé deux immenses personnages pour le parc, Larry et Lizzy Luna, qui aujourd’hui font partie de la collection du Powerhouse Museum de Sydney. J’ai beaucoup voyagé – autant que mes moyens me le permettaient – ce qui a eu une influence indéniable sur les œuvres que j’ai créées à mon retour en Australie, moment où je me suis installé à St Kilda. Est-ce que tout a commencé avec Old Tom ?

Je suis peut-être davantage connu grâce à ma série de livres Old Tom – au nombre de huit - et à son adaptation pour la télévision, une coproduction franco-australienne par ailleurs. Je ne décris jamais Old Tom comme un chat ; je le considère plutôt comme un garçon rebelle de 7 ans. Sa mère, Angela Throgmorton, représente la figure maternelle par excellence, s’acharnant à inculquer les bonnes manières à son fils capricieux. A la suite de Old Tom, j’ai créé toute une série de personnages subversifs – non seulement dans mes livres, mais aussi dans mes tableaux et mes sculptures : Horrible Harriett, Fiona the Pig et les So the world’s most beautiful city, «monstres» de 4F for Freaks, et enfin, Paris, meets the world’s most l’illustre et charmant Mr Chicken. startling chicken, Mr Chicken... Et donc il s’agit de la rencontre entre Indeed! The inspiration for Mr Chicken la plus belle ville du monde, Paris, et goes to Paris occurred when I was le plus surprenant des poulets, Mr drinking champagne with a friend on the Chicken… Rue du Temple, raving about the beauty of the city – and I said “Imagine if Mr Tout à fait ! L’idée de Mr Chicken goes Chicken was here!” I loved picturing the to Paris a surgi d’une conversation avec impact his grotesque presence would un ami, un jour que nous étions assis rue have. He first appeared in "Hooray for du Temple, une coupe de champagne à I’m perhaps best-known for my Old Tom books (there are eight), and the television series made from it, which was a FrenchAustralian coproduction, incidentally. I never describe Old Tom as a cat; I treat him as if he is a rebellious 7 year-old boy. His mother, Angela Throgmorton, is the quintessential mother figure, forever bent on socialising her wayward son. Since Old Tom, I’ve created an array of subversive characters – not just in books, but in paintings and sculptures too: Horrible Harriet, Fiona the Pig and the ‘freaks’ of 4F for Freaks and last, but certainly not least, the charming Mr Chicken.



30 jun > 9 jul 2010 Horrible Harriet", but now of course he has ‘flown the coop’. It’s hard to say anything new or original about the beauty of Paris; everything sounds like a cliché. Whilst Mr Chicken’s monstrous form dominates the pages, I hope I have nonetheless shown due reverence for the exquisite Parisian landscape.

la main, faisant l’éloge de la beauté de la ville. Je lui ai alors demandé : « Imagine si Mr Chicken était ici ? ». J’aimais visualiser l’impact qu’aurait sa présence grotesque dans un tel lieu. Mr Chicken est d’abord apparu dans "Hourra pour Horrible Harriet", mais depuis il a pris son propre envol. Il est difficile de décrire la beauté de Paris en termes nouveaux ; tout s’apparente à un cliché. Même si la forme monstrueuse de Mr Chicken domine les pages de mon livre, j’espère avoir tout de même démontré un vrai respect envers l’exquis paysage urbain parisien. Comment expliquez-vous le fait qu’enfants et adultes apprécient vos livres ?

Les enfants apprécient l’ironie présente Why do you think children as well as dans mes livres, et les adultes aussi. Les adults like your books? paroles semblent dire une chose alors Children appreciate the irony in my que les images en disent une autre ; ces books, and so do adults. While the dernières sont gentiment subversives. words say one thing, the pictures Voire anarchiques. Mes livres sont say something else; they’re quietly une réaction face au style mielleux, subversive. And they’re anarchic. I’ve « gnangnan » de la plupart des livres created my books partly as a reaction pour enfants – ce qui plaît beaucoup aux against the saccharine, ‘cute’ style of a adultes. lot of children’s picture books, and adults Vous habitez St Kilda. Quels sont vos respond to that. liens avec Paris ? St Kilda being your home, what is J’habitais St Kilda il y a peu encore, mais your connection to Paris? de bruyants voisins m’ont alors poussé St Kilda was home until fairly recently, à partir. J’aime St Kilda ; c’est la raison when noisy neighbours drove me out. I pour laquelle on m’a demandé de choisir love St Kilda and that’s how I came to les couleurs de l’entrée du Luna Park create the colour scheme for the Luna ainsi que le personnage de l’araignée qui Park entrance, as well as the Spider se trouve sur le manège à l’intérieur. St character on the ride inside. St Kilda has Kilda a toujours attiré nombre d’artistes et always appealed to artists and still has a garde encore son ambiance européenne, European flavour, with some terrific old notamment grâce à ses vieilles et buildings – The Alliance mansion being magnifiques bâtisses ; la résidence de l’Alliance en est certainement un des plus one of the best. Paris gives me a fantastic creative beaux exemples. recharge, and I go there as often as I Paris me renouvelle sur le plan créatif, can. It’s lovely to think that Mr Chicken j’y vais aussi régulièrement que possible. has returned to Paris, via The Louvre Et j’aime l’idée que Mr Chicken revienne à Paris, par l’entremise de la librairie du Bookshop. Louvre. -8-


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Improve your pronunciation and understanding of spoken French through audio exercises and tongue-twisters. Practical and creative exercises will make this workshop both challenging and fun! Beginners 3 to 6 only.

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ADVANCED CONVERSATION - $165 C/$150 2 hours a day over 5 days

The best workshop to broaden your vocabulary and review grammar points in context! This class explore French and Francophone societies through different topics such as culture, the arts, literature and politics. -9-


Week 1 – 28 june > 2 july Beginner Courses A 15-hour Intensive Course Class Day Time French for Mon to 6pm-9pm travellers Fri Mon to 10am-1pm Beginner 1 6pm-9pm Fri Thematic Workshop A 10-hour Intensive Course Class Day Time PronunciaMon to tion for 6pm-8pm Fri Beginners

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SPEAKING WORKSHOP – IB/UNITS 3&4 – $175 2 hours a day over 5 days


This workshop is the best way to improve your conversational skills and feel more comfortable when the moment has come to face the jury during the final exam! In this class, you will debate and express your opinions about various prescribed themes of the VCE/IB: you will discuss social, scientific and technological issues, historical and political topics, arts and entertainment... Don’t miss out!

VCE/IB EXAM PREPARATION - $250 3 hours a day over 5 days

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French for travellers The perfect survival kit for your trip to France! You will learn how to order a ‘café au lait' and to book a hotel night or a train ticket… but you can also ask our teachers to give you their tips as to the best places to visit.



Founded in 1890, the Alliance Française de Melbourne has many years of expertise in teaching. We offer French courses in a friendly and intimate environment, with a class size of between 5 and 15 students. We provide a wide range of times and days to suit your individual commitments and a wide selection of workshops is also on offer.

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DELF & DALF Preparation Whether you wish to study or work in France our preparation class for DELF and DALF will help you ease your way towards the exam. Definitely the best way to succeed!

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Soirée du mardi A delicious night is awaiting you, with a glass of wine and some French cheese... Perfect for those who want to speak French in a cosy atmosphere!

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P’tit Déj du Jeudi new! Ideal for gourmands,

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our p’tit déj’ du jeudi will delight those looking for French conversation around a table laden with coffee and croissants. Miam!

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Specially designed for Year 11 and 12 students, these courses help them to ease their way towards the exam. They will work on their conversational and listening skills and learn more about grammar with our native French teachers.

Immersion day - $130 Sat 11 sept 9.00am-7.00pm

Packed with conversation, a “Frenchstyle” buffet and a musical show at night, fun is guaranteed throughout the day at Alliance Francaise! We will cover the four sections of the VCE final examination through four language workshops (General Conversation, Detailed Study, Listening & Reading Comprehension) and students will receive personal feedback from their teacher at the end of the day.

Children 12 july > 18 sept - $260 11/2 hours a week over 10 weeks,

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Alliance Francaise has many years of experience working with children. We offer your child the possibility of progressing through 3 different levels. Our programs provide hands-on activities to create an enjoyable yet effective learning experience. Special courses are also available for bilingual children who have lived in a French-speaking country or have a Frenchspeaking parent.

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Berthe Mouchette Competition 2010

From May to August 2010 Since 1894, thousands of young Victorians have brought French poetry to life. The Berthe Mouchette Competition, named in honour of the founder of the Alliance Française de Melbourne, offers each year a constant source of excitement for the participants and their teachers. The Alliance Française de Melbourne runs the competition and awards prizes (hundreds of DVDs, books and encyclopedias) to the best students from Victorian Primary and Secondary schools (Years 3 to 12). More than 12,000 candidates enrol each year. The Fédération des Alliances Françaises d'Australie awards both the best Year 11 and Year 12 students with the La Pérouse Prize, a cultural trip to New Caledonia.


Nouveau Book Club

Participez à notre grand concours de slam et envoyez vos textes avant le 11 juin 2010 à Aurélie : De nombreux lots à gagner !! (DVD, tee-shirts, clés USB…) La remise des prix se fera au cours d’une soirée conviviale, organisée par l’Alliance française de Melbourne à l’occasion de la Fête de la Musique (21 juin). Le slam, c’est quoi ? Le slam est un art oral, de la poésie urbaine qui se pratique dans des lieux publics comme les bars ou autres lieux associatifs. On vient y dire, lire, scander, chanter ou jouer des textes de son cru sur des thèmes libres ou imposés. La participation est libre, le jugement et la critique sont rares.

Je vous invite à découvrir des auteurs et des livres autour d’une thematique. A chaque rencontre nous échangerons et partagerons nos points de vue, nos réactions ou nos sentiments sur nos aventures littéraires. Je vous rappelle que nous nous rencontrerons à trois reprises pour chaque thème.

tout feu tout slam !

For complete information and to submit the online enrolment form visit our website at or contact directly our coordinator Karine John. Tel: 9525 3463

28 jul / 11 aug / 25 aug

Notre troisième thème sera « Le roman policier », dès le 28 juillet. L’inscription est réservée aux membres de l’Alliance francaise, elle se fait en ligne sur : (Attention seuls les 10 premiers inscrits seront retenus). Rendez-vous les mercredis : 28 juillet, 11 août, 25 août de 19 a 21 h. A tres bientôt ! Fabienne Roussel, Responsable de la bibliotheque.

English Language Assistants

Key Dates for 2010

Year 11 & 12: enrolments by 4 Jun Year 9 & 10: written test due 7 Jun Year 11 & 12: written tests due 2 Aug

course guide

The assistant program enables 83 Australians aged 20 to 30, who have completed at least 2 years of university studies, to go to France (including overseas departments to help in schools as English Language Assistants). The position is for - 15 -

7 to 9 months to the type of school chosen (High Schools or Primary Schools). The application form can be downloaded from the website of the Embassy of France:


JUNE 2010

Fete de la musique Secret Maker Fri 18 jun

Venue TBC, check our website

Gerard Tempia Bonda a.k.a. Secret Maker is a special guest French DJ coming from Paris. His performances mix house, electro and pop music, and will be accompanied by trumpet


player Martin. Secret Maker boldly blends various styles, rhythms and instruments to create a distinctive and exciting sound.

with the support of:

Venue TBC, check our website

Fri 18 jun

Based in Montreal, Canada, Louise Gauvreau a.k.a. Maus, continues to charm international audiences with her dynamic approach to electronic dance music. She has shared the stage with the likes of David - 16 -

Bowie, Moby and Saint Germain. Recently branching out towards house, tech-house and techno, her signature sound is groovy with a percussive and straightforward attitude. with the support of:


Early Music Studio Baroque Ensemble mon 21 june at 7pm

On June 21st at 7pm the Alliance Française welcomes back the Early Music Studio Baroque Ensemble, directed by Greg Dikmans, to present a beautiful and diverse selection of Baroque chamber music including works by JeanBaptiste Lully, Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, François Couperin & George Philipp Telemann. This ensemble of emerging artists studying at the School of Music, University of Melbourne, comprises instrumentalists and singers whose enthusiasm for the music of the seventeenth and


Venue Alliance Française bookings essential as seats are limited 9525 3463

Free event

eighteenth centuries has led them to undertake specialist studies of their chosen instruments and associated repertoire. In recent years, the EMS Baroque Ensemble has presented chamber music concerts in the Spring Early Music Festival, the National Gallery of Victoria and broadcast live on 3MBS FM. It has also combined with Early Voices in concert performances of the operas L’Orfeo (Claudio Monteverdi), Actéon (Marc Antoine Charpentier) and Dido & Aeneas (Henry Purcell).

Melbourne International Animated Festival 19 > 27 June 2010

Get ready to strap yourselves in for a nine-day blast of animation from around the world in the 10th edition of the Melbourne International Animation Festival!

SATURDAY 26 JUNE, 7.45PM ACMI Cinema 2 Autour de Minuit is one of the most dynamic animation and production houses in Europe. Their modest, euphemistically cosy Parisian office is home to an eclectic stable of animators,

works get bigger, more complex, more challenging and more ambitious as he goes. He will introduce a collection of his works, including his latest film “4”, discuss the field of computer SUNDAY 27 JUNE, 6.00PM animation as he sees it and take ACMI Cinema 2 part in an extended Q&A at the French animator Edouard conclusion of the screening. Salier is a guest presenter of MIAF 2010. His best known films (Flesh and Empire) tackle with the support of: enormous subjects and depict enormous environments. His including Edouard Salier, Nieto, H5 – the crew who put together this year’s Academy Awardwinner, “Logorama” – and others.

- 17 -


3 jun - 1 jul - 5 aug 2010

Jeudi Jazzy

Venue Alliance Française Tickets: $23 Full / $18 Members Bookings essential as seats are limited: 9525 3463

The Keller/Murphy/Ferella Trio THU 3 jun, 8PM

Andrea Keller (piano), Tamara Murphy (double bass), Ronny Ferella (drums) This performance will mark the debut for this trio. Although these three musicians have known each other for many years and performed together in various contexts, this will be their first

meeting in a trio format. With an emphasis on improvisation and interplay, Keller/Murphy/Ferella will use standards from the jazz repertoire as a basis for their musical conversation.

TIGER LABBE Thu 1 jul, 8pm

Morgane Labbe (accordion) and François Tiger (drums) Our July Jeudi Jazzy will be transformed into a “Jeudi Celtique” featuring two young visiting musicians from Brittany, Morgane Labbe and François Tiger. Presenting a performance built around traditional instrumental and singing repertoires (ballads, melodies but mainly dancing tunes), Tiger

Labbe will introduce the audience to simple Celtic dances, where music and dance will be mixed to recreate the atmosphere and social interaction of the Fest Noz in Brittany. Through this ‘concert workshop’ get prepared for an express trip through the wide West of Armorica!

Metro Mademoiselle THU 5 AUG, 8PM

Christophe Genoux (sax/vocals), James Sherlock (guitar), Vincent Wienckowski (double bass), Anthony Baker (drums) For our August Jeudi Jazzy, Metro Mademoiselle will bring a repertoire sure to please every musical palate including some revisited old French classics and more recent hits like “La Javanaise”, some of Stan Getz’s bossa nova style, some tango.

- 18 -

Classic tunes by the jazz great Michel Legrand, famous film scores and gypsy tunes by Django plus some original compositions. Get prepared to feed your ears with some great French and International tunes on the menu. Not to be missed!

17 jul 2010

Bastille Day Ball

Live music / Food and drinks

at Alliance Franรงaise de Melbourne sat 17 jul from 7.30pm to midnight Come and celebrate Bastille Day at the Alliance Franรงaise! We invite you to spend a very French evening to celebrate Bastille Day.

Raffle 1st Prize - a return ticket to Paris compliments of Air Austral Alliance Franรงaise de Melbourne Full details available soon on our website:

- 19 -



11 Aug > 3 sept 2010

Marc Rambeau

Voyage autour du papier de riz A Rice Paper Story

Opening Wed 11 Aug 2010 at 6.30 pm Venue Alliance Française Gallery 51 Grey Sreet St Kilda

paintings and drawings 11 AUG > 3 SEPT 2010

Marc Rambeau is a nomadic artist, ever on the move, both literally and artistically. He travels the world – Europe, Asia, the Pacific – and comes back with artistic records of his discoveries: urban landmarks, people and scenes that have stirred his visual sensitivity. But this French-born artist always returns to Australia, where he has been living since 1985, more specifically to Canberra, which has been his home base for the past eight years. Here his inspiration is nourished mostly by the vast empty landscapes of the bush – pure geology and botany, devoid of any human presence. Because the countryside is a dominant feature of Australia; but then again, Rambeau also delights in painting playful beach scenes at Bondi or Manly. Or because the Australian bush,

through its very vastness and emptiness, is radically different from any European landscape and therefore strikes the immigrant's eyes with its exoticism: see John Glover or Eugene von Guérard, freshly arrived from their native countries, discovering the towering masses of the forests and mountains of Van Diemen's Land or the Dandenong Ranges and gradually turning into true Australian painters, drawing away from the tradition of Claude Lorrain and Caspar David Friedrich they had been following. But Sidney Nolan and Fred Williams, to take just two, were no immigrants and the bush also fascinated them. Rambeau is at his best shaping the slopes of a hill with a swift, unswerving, stroke of his brush. He is also a master colourist:

- 20 -

the reds, yellows and ochres on his palette possess the earthiness of the desiccated hills of Tidbinbilla; his blues, the depth of the unpolluted sky over the Australian Alps. Even his use of rice paper on linen – a technique he has adapted with great success after his Chinese experience and which is practically unique in Western painting – with its fault-like creases striating the canvas, contributes to evoke the parched texture of the native soil. And though his strokes are bold and his colours often straight out of the tube, don't think him rash! Jean Poncet Former Cultural & Scientific Counsellor French Embassy in Australia

jun - jul - aug


MARCEL & ALBERTINE Marcel PROUST 28 jul > 8 aug 2010

Stork Theatre 2nd season At the Alliance française Alliance Members Special Discount: $25 tix on Wed and Thu. Preview Wed 9 June. Opens Thur 10 June for three weeks. Wed June 9 is a preview at $25. Wed > Sat at 8pm Sun at 3pm Tix $29 / $26 sen / $17 conc Alliance Francaise, 51 Grey Street, St Kilda. Bookings : Book and pay by credit card or at the door 15 minutes before the show starts. Bookings: 9410 0295.

Adapted by Colin Duckworth and directed by Greg Carroll. Marcel Proust’s dazzling novel, In Search of Lost Time, comes to the the red and the black Melbourne stage via the love affair of Marcel and Albertine, a story which STENDHAL spans almost 3000 pages and is at 9 > 27 jun 2010 the heart of this satire of the goingsTranslated and adapted for the stage on in society in the early twentieth by Colin Duckworth, directed by Greg century. Carroll, designed by Peter Corrigan. Starring Kate Kendall, Andrew Marcel, (not to be confused with Proust his creator), is a very sensitive Bongiorno and Hannah Norris. young man in his early twenties, The brilliant French love story from the complex, obsessively possessive and classic novel. Three fated characters jealous. He aims to be a writer, but not in search of love: Love engulfs no one (including his lover, Albertine) them all. Madame de Renal, the can see he’s actually writing anything contented wife and mother, Mathilde much at all. de La Mole, the Parisian heiress, and But we see that the whole novel is Julien Sorel, the ambitious theology slowly taking shape in Marcel’s head (as narrator) as the drama develops. student. “My God!” says Julien “Is that all there is? Being happy… being loved?” One of the most famous lines in French literature. Stendhal has been called the true philosopher of love.

For this adaptation Colin Duckworth has translated and transposed Proust’s notoriously complicated style into a two-act structure of highlycharged, sensual emotion, The Red And The Black: one of Marcel and Albertine are the only the most unforgettable creations of two characters in this version, so French literature. Alluring, dazzling everything is seen through the eyes of one or the other. and full of burning emotions.

- 21 -


Wine & Cheese: Wed 9 June 2010, 6.30pm to 8 pm Wine & Chocolate: Wed 16 June 2010, 6.30pm to 8pm $200 for both workshops Food and Wine Matching. How to be successful with a happy mariage every time. Gilles Lapalus, winegrower in Australia, who worked with the French Institute of Taste, brings some light on this sometimes controversial topic. The basis of tasting will be approached, with two products rich in nuances, cheese and chocolate.

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The Melbourne Salon is brought to you by RMIT University in collaboration with ISFAR (Institute for the Study of French-Australian Relations) and the Alliance française de Melbourne. The Melbourne Salon is a place where curious and openminded people can engage in French-Australian cross-cultural dialogues. The Melbourne Salon aims to: - broaden understanding of French and Australian perspectives on contemporary topics through conversation, debate and discussion.

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Bookings essential by 7 June 2010 as places are limited: by telephone on 9525 3463 or download the booking form from our website at:

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The wines of France will be associated with different cheeses and chocolates, whilst visiting their regions of origin.

- 22 -

- draw participants from a wide range of backgrounds: parents, teachers, academics, journalists, writers, musicians, educationalists and others who share an interest in discussing ideas in a convivial atmosphere The Melbourne Salon will meet 3 times a year at the Alliance française de Melbourne. Discussion followed by a light supper. For further details and to join our mailing list, please contact Kerry Mullan:

Access over 35 channels and services and Discover a universe of French TV programs for you and your whole family! CINEMA SPORT KIDS PROGRAMS




Find out more: call LBF Australia on 1300 131 224 Or visit our website

Sophie Russell Psychologue

Dip. E.P.P. (Paris) Psych Clin. MAPS

Enfants, adolescents, adultes. Consultation et thérapie en français ou anglais.

Mob: 0411 644 426

R.E.Masset & Associates Travel

Over 30 years of professional service in collaboration with AIR AUSTRAL

Suite 4, 546 Malvern Road, Prahran East VIC 3181

Please call Regis or Melissa on 03-9670-4477

Medicare and major private health funds rebates

France / Mauritius / Seychelles / Madagascar / Reunion

Déménagements Internationaux Maritimes & Aériens - Service domicile à domicile, - Container complet ou groupage, - Devis gratuit, - Emballage et douane, - Transport d’animaux et de véhicules, - Garde-meuble, - Assurance. Contacter : Dominique Parot

48-50 Assembly Drive TULLAMARINE VIC 3043 Tel : 9335 1154 - Fax : 9335 6479 e-mail: website:

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