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The Stars Come Out in LA

AFMDA Inaugural Los Angeles Gala Raises Record $3.8M It was a historic night on Sunday, October 6, at The Beverly Hilton as AFMDA’s first-ever Los Angeles Gala raised a record $3.8 million that will go toward MDA emergency medical services and the building of a new national blood center in Israel. The amount was the most ever raised at a single AFMDA event. Dina and Fred Leeds (top left) were honored with the AFMDA Humanitarian Award. Gaby Bashner received the Woman of Valor Lifetime Achievement Award and Leba Sherman was also honored with the Woman of Valor Next Generation Award. The sold-out event featured legendary singer/songwriter Neil Sedaka (at left, middle), Emmy Award–winning comedian Jackie Mason (at left, bottom), and 12-year-old piano prodigy and philanthropist Ethan Bortnick (top right). Industry titans in finance, business, and entertainment lent support, including former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams (bottom right, with Harmony Samuels). Professor Eilat Shinar, MDA’s director of blood services and a world expert in blood management, was the evening’s guest speaker. Israel’s consul general to Los Angeles, David Siegel, opened the event.

California Congressman Brad Sherman’s office presented the Leeds family with an official American flag that once flew atop the U.S. Capitol. “It was so inspiring to see the entire Los Angeles community come together to support the new National Blood Center while celebrating Dina and Fred Leeds,” says AFMDA CEO Arnold Gerson. “We still have a lot of work to do to reach our goal, but MDA and the people of Israel will soon have the kind of modern blood center they deserve.” An after-party for AFMDA’s Young Leadership, featuring 35 partner organizations, followed at The Beverly Hilton. ■

Manny and Natalie Charach Set Record With 36th Ambulance Last March, Manny and Natalie Charach were surprised to see an MDA Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) they sponsored accompany President Obama’s motorcade on his trip to Israel. But the people of Israel got an even bigger surprise a few months later. (Continued on Page 4)

Regional Report Northeast Edition New York/New Jersey

New York

Guy Caspi Shares MDA Know-How With East Coast First-Responders

Mashadi Community’s Basketball Tournament Is Slam Dunk for MDA

In a fast-paced tour of the U.S. in late August, Guy Caspi, MDA’s chief multicasualty instructor and director of hazmat exercises and operational training, gave presentations in White Plains, NY, and Teaneck, NJ. In White Plains, Westchester Deputy County Executive Kevin J. Plunkett proclaimed August 29 “Guy Caspi Day” (at left) in honor of the lifesaving collaborations between MDA and Westchester County. ■

New York

Bat Mitzvah Girl Combines Tradition and Social Media to Help Save Lives Rebecca Slavsky knew she wanted her bat mitzvah “mitzvah” project to follow her family tradition of volunteering to save lives. Little did she know how successful she’d be. Rebecca’s father, two uncles, and her grandfather all volunteered for fire and rescue squads in their town of Old Bethpage, NY. But Rebecca added a little technology to that tried-and-true recipe by using AFMDA’s Friend-to-Friend campaign to raise $5,000 to

For long-suffering New York Knicks basketball fans, maybe a trip to Great Neck, NY, will give them something to smile about. In June, members of the Mashadi Jewish Center of Great Neck (MJC) organized the Wheels For Life basketball tournament to raise money for their first-ever MDA ambulance sponsorship. The event, which raised over $70,000, featured men’s and women’s all-star games, a live band, and running commentary in both English and Farsi. Bolstered by additional individual gifts, the goal of $100,000 was achieved later in the summer and the new ambulance was dedicated in Great Neck in October. Uri Ben Yehuda, Cathy Benalevi, and Farshad Kalaty helped organize the tournament. ■


Neshama Carlebach Charms Audience at AFMDA Benefit

support MDA. “A way for me to feel connected to Israel is to help save the lives of all the citizens who live there,” she wrote on her Friend-to-Friend page. For more on Friend-to-Friend, visit ■

Meredith Berkman to Be Honored at NYC Benefit Dinner; Katie Couric to Emcee; Mayor Bloomberg to Present Journalist and philanthropist Meredith Berkman will receive AFMDA’s Humanitarian Award at its New York Annual Benefit Dinner on Monday, December 9, 2013, at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will present an award and Katie Couric will emcee the event. For more, call toll-free 866.632.2763 or e-mail ■


Neshama Carlebach (front row, dark hair) performed at an AFMDA benefit concert outside Philadelphia. She was joined by (front row, from left) Rev. Roger Hambrick; Sharon Schmidt, AFMDA greater Philadelphia area director; and Josh Nelson. The Green Pastures Baptist Choir joined them.

Neshama Carlebach, one of the brightest stars in Jewish music, enchanted a crowd of more than 400 people at a September 22 concert benefiting AFMDA at Beth Sholom Synagogue in Elkins Park, PA. The event included rousing performances by the Green Pastures Baptist Choir and singer Josh Nelson. “Neshama’s universal message of hope touched the entire audience,” said Sharon Schmidt, AFMDA greater Philadelphia area director. AFMDA Greater Philadelphia Area Advisory Committee members Larry Cohen and Bruce Goldstein chaired the event. ■

From From the the Front Front Lines: Lines: MDA MDA in in Action Action in in Israel Israel

MDA’s Muawiya Qabha, an Israeli-Arab, Saves Jewish Toddler After Terrorist Attack

Ariella Cohen: MDA Overseas Volunteer Experience Sparks Passion for Israel and Her Career

It’s an unlikely story in the Middle East. But at MDA, seemingly anything is possible.

The training is intensive. The personal satisfaction is beyond measure. And the bond forged with Israel and its people is forever. That’s the assessment of Ariella Cohen, recalling her recent six-week stint as an overseas volunteer with MDA.

Last spring, 2-year-old Adelle Bitton was nearly killed when the car she was traveling in crashed after being attacked by stone-throwing Arabs. Adelle and her mother, Adva, were on their way home to the settlement of Yakir. The assault left Adelle unconscious and struggling to stay alive. When Muawiya Qabha, a 14-year MDA veteran who was not on duty that day, got notice of the attack, he rushed to the scene, performed CPR on Adelle, and stabilized her until the MDA ambulance arrived minutes later. The toddler survived. The irony was lost on no one: Qabha, an IsraeliArab, saved the life of a young Israeli settler, who was attacked by Arab terrorists. But for Qabha, saving a life is the only thing that matters. The question of whose life needed saving never played into his thinking. “I needed to be there because we are all in this together, Jewish and Arab,” Qabha said. “I received blessings from both communities after the incident.” Today, Adelle is back home in Yakir and recovering steadily. Adelle’s mother, Adva, talks to Qabha regularly to give him updates on her daughter. “He’s an angel. God sent him directly at the right time,” she says. “He saved my life indirectly because me and my daughter — we’re the same connection. If he saved her life, he saved my life.” ■

When Ariella, 23, graduated with a biology degree from the University of California, San Diego, she planned on attending graduate school in pursuit of a career as a physician’s assistant. She was interested in medicine or a healthrelated field, and to add to her experience, Ariella decided to become an overseas volunteer with MDA. But enhancing her career wasn’t her only motivation. “I wanted to explore my Jewish roots, gain a deeper understanding of Israel and its people, and improve my Hebrew,” she says. Ariella was among dozens of young people from around the world who went through 10 days of orientation and training that included CPR, cardiac defibrillation, immobilizing the body, bandaging, controlling bleeding, childbirth, and simulated disaster drills. The volunteers were then dispersed throughout Israel, with Ariella assigned to Palm Beach Friends Holon MDA Emergency Medical Station. The action came quickly. Her first day, Ariella treated individuals with seizures, head trauma, and panic attacks. Her most vivid memory of the day was helping a patient with breathing difficulties. “He was pale and gray, barely breathing,” she says. “For 15 minutes I made full use of all my intensive training until, finally, he took his first full breath on his own. It was like a miracle — it’s an incredible feeling to know you’ve just saved someone’s life.” MDA’s Overseas Volunteer Program provides hands-on, applicable skills. Ariella says those real-world lessons made her experience unforgettable. “For me, becoming an overseas volunteer inspired my passion for Israel, deepened my connection to Israelis, and confirmed my career choices,” she says. “I’m very happy I did it.” For more about MDA’s Overseas Volunteer program, contact Erik Levis at or call toll-free 866.632.2763. ■

The Pulse The AFMDA Newsletter


From the Front Lines: MDA in Action in Israel

New MDA Lifesaving App

(Charach, from page 1)

This past spring, the Charachs set a world record by sponsoring their 36th MDA ambulance. No other individuals have given more lifesaving MICUs and ambulances. Their 36th, double chai, was dedicated at the Dr. John J. Mames Chapter — Michigan Region Annual Event on September 22 in front of hundreds of inspired attendees. The Charachs’ commitment to MDA puts them in a league of their own; at any given moment in Israel, up to eight of their ambulances are active and saving lives.

Guess what was Israel’s second-mostdownloaded free app when it came out in September? Here’s a hint: it wasn’t Angry Birds. It was MDA’s new app, and it was officially launched to rave reviews at special ceremonies held in Israel. MDA’s free app for Apple and Android phones gives users immediate access to medical information in emergency situations, clear and simple explanations in Hebrew, detailed animations, and training videos. The app also includes safety guidelines, tips and advice, and has an omnipresent “101” button users simply push in case of an emergency. One of the app’s major advantages, according to Yoni Yagodovsky, MDA’s director of international affairs, is that it functions even in areas with no Internet connection.

“We hope others will follow our example,” Manny and Natalie both said. “Caring for the safety and well-being of our brethren in Israel is what motivates us. We hope to see more fleets of ambulances like ours saving lives!” The Charachs’ generosity extends to other parts of MDA’s work. They are contributors to its National Blood Services Center and are the benefactors of the Natalie and Manny Charach Ashdod MDA Emergency Medical Station “The Charachs are unique in every way imaginable,” says AFMDA Michigan Region Director Cari Immerman. “Their leadership, generosity, and passion for saving lives in Israel makes them role models for our community and the rest of the country.”

MDA’s technology at work during the Carmel Fire in 2010.

“This feature will help save lives even if someone is injured on a trip, in a remote area, or on an overseas flight,” he said.

But if you think the Charachs are slowing down, guess again; their 37th is already completed. ■

MDA’s app was developed by the Red Cross in the United Kingdom with help from the American Red Cross. MDA provided the translations into Hebrew and will offer technical support to keep the app up-to-date. ■

The Life of An Ambulance When the ambulance is retired, after five to seven years of service, there’s a new ambulance coming off the boat from America, thanks to another 5 generous donor.

When the first emergency call comes in, the ambulance finally gets to do what it was made for: saving lives.



A donor sponsors an ambulance.

1 The factory in Indiana gets to work.



The donor gathers with family and friends to dedicate the ambulance before it leaves for Israel.

Thanks to your generosity, the cycle of life keeps going.

From From the the Front Front Lines: Lines: MDA MDA in in Action Action in in Israel Israel

New MDA Medicycle Operators Ride Wave of Technology When Azriel Gross became a medical motorcycle paramedic with Magen David Adom (MDA) 10 years ago, he knew he was going out to save lives. But he didn’t realize he was going to be on the cutting edge of technology. MDA, Israel’s national emergency response organization, is known for its fleet of 1,000 ambulances and for managing and protecting Israel’s national blood supply. But MDA’s technological innovations, like its new Medicycles, are saving even more lives.

“The Medicycles are special because they have two wheels in the front and one in the back,” says Gross. “They have state-of-the-art cardio pumps, defibrillators, and basic life support equipment. Plus, they’re really safe to drive.” Medicycle riders like Gross are also outfitted with the latest technology, including unique microphone-equipped helmets that help them communicate directly with medical dispatch centers. And their specialized coats have built-in airbags to protect them on the road. All of these MDA innovations are now being used by other Israeli agencies, including police departments. Ultimately, though, it’s about saving lives. “I need to respond quickly in all kinds of environments,” says Gross. “With our Medicycles, we can go anywhere, even where there are no addresses.” ■

The Piaggio-made scooters, with their high-performance maneuverability, have revolutionized the way MDA first-responders reach emergencies in congested areas such as cities or jammed highways.

The Pulse The AFMDA Newsletter


Southeast Regional Report Report Florida

Forecast for Southeast Florida: Major Events and Clear Skies for MDA in 2013–2014 AFMDA’s Southeast Region is gearing up for a series of major events that are sure to bring more awareness and support to MDA’s lifesaving work. And it’s never too soon to get involved. On Sunday, November 24, the annual Diamond Circle Chanukah Gala at the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center Dr. Robert Entel (left) and Norman Levine will be honored at the will honor Dr. November 24 Diamond Circle Gala in Aventura. Robert Entel and Norman Levine. Four new ambulances and a new Medicycle will be dedicated that evening. Then, for a week starting December 2, AFMDA will embark on a one-of-a-kind concert series throughout Palm Beach with an ensemble of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) musicians. The tour will feature exclusive insights from one of Israel’s top emergency responders, MDA’s Yael Mandel, and IDF General (Res.) Nehemia Dagan. The Porto Vita Gala will follow on February 4.

The February 23 Celebration of Life Gala will honor longtime MDA supporter Lois Pope. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak will be the keynote speaker.

On February 23, things heat up with the Palm Beach Celebration of Life Gala, which this year will honor Lois Pope and feature special guest speaker

Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel. The Florida winter events season then wraps up on March 16 with the Boca-Delray Community Event, which last year celebrated its 100th communal ambulance sponsorship. And special thanks to Burt Goodman of Boca Pointe Country Club, who raised funds in his community for two new Mobile Intensive Care Units that will be dedicated at the club on January 12 and March 9, 2014. ■


Heartbeat Set to Launch in Boca Raton, Florida AFMDA’s new NextGen/Young Leadership initiative, Heartbeat, will have its Southeast Region kickoff event on December 3 in Boca Raton. The Vodka and Latkes event will raise funds for a new Red Bag of Courage, a medical equipment bag MDA uses to save lives. Jeremiah Cann and Steven Herschenhorn, both emergency preparedness and response professionals, will co-chair the event. “This is a really exciting time to get involved with MDA as young professionals in southeast Florida,” says Sylvie Feinsmith, AFMDA’s development assistant in Florida who leads the Heartbeat initiative in the region. “It’s like getting in on the ground floor of a new startup … the opportunities are endless.” To learn more about Heartbeat in south Florida and for event details, contact Sylvie Feinsmith at or call 800.626.0046. ■

AFMDA’s Southeast Office Moves to Boca Raton After 32 years in Hallandale, Fla., AFMDA’s Southeast Region office has a new home in Boca Raton. “Our new Boca Raton office gives us quick and easy access to the newer Jewish communities in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties while maintaining our connections to the well-established communities,” said AFMDA Southeast regional director Mark Glickman. “Now, we will be more accessible to our supporters and volunteers throughout the region.”

AFMDA Southeast Region President Rabbi Larry Schuval affixes a mezzuzah at the new Boca Raton offices as Southeast Region Director Mark Glickman looks on.

For the record, the new address is: AFMDA Southeast Region, 1900 NW Corporate Blvd., Suite W-310, Boca Raton, FL 33431. The telephone number is 954.457.9766 or toll-free at 800.626.0046. E-mail is Please note that our Palm Beach Gardens office will remain in its current location. ■

To learn more about AFMDA events in south Florida, call toll-free 800.626.0046 or e-mail

RegionalReport Western Report Los Angeles

San Francisco

New LA NextGen/Young Leadership Initiative Launches at LA Gala

“Bridges to Israel” Party Raises Funds for New MDA Medicycle

AFMDA’s inaugural Los Angeles Gala did more than raise a record $3.8 million for MDA’s lifesaving services. It also provided a spectacular launching pad for Heartbeat, AFMDA’s new nationwide NextGen/Young Leadership initiative.

Spirited Yemenite dancing, traditional Ladino songs, and even a joyful belly dancer were highlights of the August 17 “Bridges to Israel” event at Congregation B’nai Tikvah in Walnut Creek, CA. The event was part of a series of fundraisers in the San Francisco area that seek to raise $36,000 for a new MDA Medicycle, the fully equipped motorbikes used to save lives in Israel (see page 5 for more about MDA’s Medicycles). Event chairs were Tzipora Garbi and Dr. Elliott Lavey.

Portland, Ore.

More than 300 young professionals remained for Heartbeat’s Gala after-party at The Beverly Hilton. The event exceeded all expectations, raising $40,000 for MDA. “Our goal is to get young professionals and future community leaders excited about supporting MDA,” says Adi Bodenstein, AFMDA’s Western Region development coordinator. “Just like our services in Israel, the need for ‘new blood’ is ongoing and essential.”

Family Honors Members Who Have Passed With MDA Intensive Care Ambulance

Heartbeat is a new and unique model for young adult engagement that AFMDA has started rolling out in Los Angeles and other parts of the country (see page 6 for more). “The Heartbeat community empowers young people to support MDA by giving them the freedom to come up with their own program ideas,” says AFMDA’s Erik Levis, who designed the model. “We’re all sharing the keys to the car, in a sense.” The LA event was co-sponsored by Israel Bonds and 34 other partner organizations, including Stand With Us, JSpace, Jewlicious, and the Barak Raviv Foundation. A second event, “Chill Your Blood,” benefiting MDA’s new national blood center, took place on October 31 at the Variety Arts Theatre in Los Angeles. To learn more about Heartbeat in Los Angeles, contact Adi Bodenstein at or call 800.323.2371. ■

The Pulse The AFMDA Newsletter

A Portland, Ore., family has honored the memories of relatives by ensuring that lives are saved in Israel through MDA. At a headstone unveiling ceremony in October for longtime Portland resident Peryl Gottesman, family members announced the dedication of a new MDA Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU), destined to save lives in Israel. The MICU will be dedicated to the memories of several members of the family: Peryl Gottesman, Annie and Herman Gottesman, and Sylvia and Herman Gold. Family members Millard P. Lesch, Leslie Gottesman, and Ellen Teicher sponsored the MICU. The family said it chose to support an ambulance, and to announce it at Peryl’s headstone unveiling, because of its lifelong involvement with MDA. ■


Midwest Report Cleveland


Mark Sack, Longtime Supporter, Saved by MDA on Visit to Israel

Detroit and Cleveland Raise the Bar — and Funds — for MDA

Mark Sack knows MDA saves lives every day in Israel. He’s a dedicated supporter, serving on the board of AFMDA’s David Mark Berger chapter in Cleveland. But he never expected that one of the lives MDA would save would be his own. Sack, 55, was traveling to a Maccabiah Games basketball event on the light rail in Jerusalem in July when he suddenly felt massive pounding in his chest. He knew something was terribly wrong. He also knew he needed MDA. Once on-site at the event, Sack found MDA paramedics, who immediately whisked him away in a Mobile Intensive Care Unit (pictured, above) for emergency surgery at a local hospital. “I was very fortunate,” Sack later said. “What makes this story so very personal is that my parents (z”l) were involved in raising funds for MDA with the David Mark Berger Chapter in the 1980s and 1990s, and my wife, Aviv, and I are currently active with the chapter today.” ■

Professor Eilat Shinar Makes a House Call on Chicago TV

If Israelis feel better protected in the event of medical emergencies, they’ll have their brethren in Detroit and Cleveland to thank for recent major events. In September, at the Dr. John J. Mames Chapter — Michigan Region Annual Event, more than 300 guests honored 48 young adults (some of them, above) who served as MDA Overseas Volunteers between 2007–2013. They also acknowledged the leadership and generosity of Alvin and Henrietta Weisberg (at left), Joseph Gyongyosi, Sol and Rosalie Kaufman, z”l, and Natalie and Manny Charach. Five ambulances and one Medicycle were dedicated that evening. Later, on October 22, the David Mark Berger Chapter — Northeast Ohio Gala honored Cleveland-area philanthropists Iris and Mort November (at right). More than 400 guests attended the event, with proceeds benefiting MDA’s new national blood center. ■


Chicago’s GVS Club Dedicates Ambulance to Sandy Hook Victims in Newtown, Conn. In late June, members of Chicago’s Great Vest Side (GVS) club, a group of longtime MDA supporters, traveled to Newtown, Conn., to dedicate a special MDA ambulance honoring the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

On a recent visit to Chicago, Professor Eilat Shinar, MDA’s director of blood services, made an appearance on Fox32’s House Call With Dr. Mona to discuss MDA’s blood services and the importance of blood donation.


In the aftermath of the shooting, GVS board members (including Herb Kanter and Art Farber, at right, with AFMDA Midwest Region Director Sandy Rosen) decided to dedicate their next MDA ambulance — and ninth overall — to the 26 victims of the horrific attack. ■

Make From the Front Lines: MDA in Action in Israel an impact. Save lives.

MDA Legacy Circle: Your lasting connection to Israel

AFMDA, Mibblio, and Matisyahu Team Up To Teach Music and Save Lives in Israel This Chanukah, AFMDA is partnering with superstar Matisyahu and the new children’s music app Mibblio on a great new project that will get kids singing! Mibblio creates interactive music apps for iPads that teach kids how to read, sing, and jam along to music. Its newest illustrated song is Matisyahu’s “Happy Hanukkah.”

Ilsa Rooz, of blessed memory, knew she wanted to help Israel for generations to come, even after she’d passed. So when it came to planning her estate, she made a point to include AFMDA. Now, her legacy of saving lives in Israel is everlasting. Estate planning is intensely personal, and of course you’ll want to ensure the wellbeing of your family and loved ones. That’s as it should be.

AFMDA is the project’s official charity, so every time someone downloads the Matisyahu app, a portion of the proceeds goes to MDA. So give the gift of music and save lives in Israel all at once! Check out or visit Apple’s App Store for more information. ■

At the same time, MDA supporters like Rooz also want to ensure Israel’s ability to save lives. They accomplish just that when they join MDA’s Legacy Circle by including AFMDA in their estates. In the last six months, more than 300 supporters have joined Rooz in the MDA Legacy Circle, which provides a number of exclusive benefits. If you’ve included AFMDA in your will, or are considering it, please contact Jeff Lipkin toll-free at 866.632.2763 or e-mail so we may acknowledge your commitment to MDA and welcome you into the MDA Legacy Circle. ■

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The Pulse • The AFMDA Newsletter • Issue 2 Chief Marketing Officer: Rob Rosenthal Managing Editor: Erik Levis Senior Designer: Claudia Carlson Copy Editor: Liza Schwartz Levine Contributing Writer: Jim Julier


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Do you know the story of someone whose life was saved by MDA? Send an e-mail to, with “Newsletter” in the subject line. If you want more updates from AFMDA, please go to and sign up for our eNewsletter.

saving lives. wherever israelis live. N





Wherever and whenever Israelis are in need of emergency care, MDA is there.

Misgav Am Kiryat Shmona



L E BA N O N Merom Golan

S Shlomi


With more than 120 emergency medical stations all over Israel, MDA’s lifesaving paramedics and ambulances can be dispatched anywhere in the country at a moment’s notice.



Kiryat Ata

R uk rm Ya




Beit She’an

Baka El-Gharbiya

Bat Chefer

n S ea

Netanya (2)

YARKON Kochav Yair Shavei Shomron

Kfar Saba Ra’anana

Herzliya Ramat Sharon Petach Tikva Brak DAN

Bnei Tel Aviv-Jaffa (4) Ramat Gan (2) Bat Yam


Rishon Le Zion (2) Nes Tziona Yavne

El-Ad Beit Ariyeh Yahoud Shoham Or Yehuda JERUSALEM Ofra Talmon Modi’in Illit Lod AYALON

Modi’in Givat Ze’ev


Rehovot Gedera

Gan Yavne

Jerusalem (6)

Nachal Sorek

Beit Shemesh


Ma’aleh Megilot Adumim Bethlehem

Beitar Ilit


Efrat Tekoa

Kiryat Gat Hebron





Kiryat Malachi Ashkelon

Bik’at HaYarden


Rosh HaAyin


Tel HaShomer

Ashdod (2)


Alfei Menashe Karnei Shomron

Jord a n R iver


Yavniel Emek HaYarden


Gulf of Eilat

r ra

Bnei Yehuda

Lower Galilee






Zichron Yaakov Um el Fahem Or Akiva


Lake Kinneret


Migdal HaEmek

Yokne’am Fureidis



Nazareth Ilit




Shfar’am Nesher Kiryat Tivon

Tirat HaCarmel

American supporters have built or renovated 16 of those stations, including the William H. Bloomberg Jerusalem Station, which has fielded approximately 40,000 emergency calls so far in 2013.







Chevel Eilot

Haifa (3)



Dead Sea

Kiryat Arba


Netivot Rahat

Meitar Masada


Be’er Sheva



Tzohar Tamar


Key to Map Station directly funded by AFMDA

Ramat Hovav NEGEV

Station that serves as MDA regional communications and dispatch station


MDA emergency medical station


Other important or historic site Magen David Adom blood centers 1949 Armistice Line (the Green Line)




Mitzpeh Ramon



20 Km

30 Km

10 Mi

20 Mi



The Pulse The AFMDA Newsletter


10 Km

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352 Seventh Avenue, Suite 400 New York, NY 10001

NE v002

Look inside... ■ Muawiya Qabha, an Israeli-Arab MDA paramedic who saved a 2-year-old girl’s life after a terrorist attack, embodies MDA’s mission of saving lives in 3.

■ Ehud Barak will be the guest speaker at the Celebration of Life Gala in Palm Beach, Fla., honoring Lois 6.

■ Cleveland’s Mark Sack always knew MDA saved lives. He just never expected one of those lives would be his 8.

The Pulse - Northeast Edition, Fall 2013  

The Pulse is the biannual newsletter of American Friends of Magen David Adom (MDA). From the incredible story of an Arab-Israeli MDA parame...

The Pulse - Northeast Edition, Fall 2013  

The Pulse is the biannual newsletter of American Friends of Magen David Adom (MDA). From the incredible story of an Arab-Israeli MDA parame...