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Volume 1, Issue 4

Afi ya LLC

July 9, 2010

The Natural Beauty Newsletter Natural Girls Take Over The DMV Afiya’s Launch Party receives rave reviews!


Launch Party Recap


‘Fall in Love’ Tour


‘Afiya Goes To Prom’


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June 12, 2010 marked Afiya LLC’s Official Launch Party, which was held in Laurel, MD. Nearly 50 people attended the event and Afiya want to thank everyone who helped to make it a success. The program for the launch party included an opening prayer, the debut of Afiya’s first commercial, presentation of door

prizes, drawings product sampling.


Afiya’s Launch Party marked the official launch of the entire bath, body and hair lines which now include: body wash, hair/ body butter, shampoo/ conditioner, face butters and the list goes on! Again, Afiya appreciates everyone who was a part

of the event. Special thanks to Gala Goodwin, the Cast and Crew of Afiya’s Commercial, Adria Magoti, Kaylin Womack, Ava Wilson and Princeanna Brooks.

The Natural Beauty New sletter

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The ‘Fall in Love’ Tour - Coming to a city near you!

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Due to popular demand Afiya will hit the road this summer on our 1st promotional tour! Starting Tuesday August 2 we will begin our journey from Philadelphia to Texas on a Natural Skin and Hair Care Tour! During this tour Afiya will be introducing our product line to natural spas and salons. We are also taking part in the New Orleans Satchmo Summerfest and Houston’s International Jazz Festival! If you’re located in cities around our tour stops or know someone who is we’d love to meet you! To keep you abreast while we’re on the tour be sure to check our Facebook fan page for pictures and updates at every stop! DATES Special Interest Story Headline


Charlotte, NC Atlanta, GA New Orleans, LA Houston, TX Dallas, TX Memphis, TN Nashville, TN Charlotte, NC Washington, DC


Tuesday, August 3 th Wednesday, August 4 th Thursday. August 5 th th Fri. August 6 & Sat. August 7 th Monday, August 9 th Tuesday, August 10 th Tuesday, August 10 th Wednesday, August 11 th Thursday, August 12

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The Natural Beauty New sletter

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Prom is one of the biggest nights of a teenage girl's young life and as you ladies know everything has to be perfect. From your hair to your shoes, but one thing I had to make sure was on point was a scent. I wanted people to smell me before I came in, and say not only does she look good, she smells amazing as well. Afiya's body butter and body spray completed my look for prom night. I used the wonderful scent of "Bay Breeze" for both butter and spray. Also, I brought my "Bay Breeze" body roll on oil along that fitted perfectly in my clutch. The butter made my skin feel so smooth, and since my back was out in my dress it added that ‘POP!’ to set the feature off in my dress. Surprisingly my product stayed on my body all night, and kept it smooth as well. I only remember using the oil once and that was after the prom...That’s how long it lasted. Not to mention it kept me smelling good after I left the dance Thanks Afiya for being a part of my prom night.

XOXO, Courtney Scott (Baltimore, MD)

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Afiya Products P. O. Box 16890 Philadelphia, PA 19142 Phone 512-826-4898 919-939-1172 E-mail

The Natural Beauty New sletter

You deserve an Afiya Spa Day! With the June 12th launch of Afiya’s complete bath and body line we now provide Spa Parties! Afiya is most popularly known for our skincare and haircare products, but we’ve recently expanded to spa products! You may ask: What Does a Spa Party Include? To start off you and your guests will be treated to mud mask facials followed with the opportunity to sample Afiya’s Face care line including face wash, skin toning serum and face butter. That’s not all! You will also be treated to a hand

Be Naturally Beautiful!

exfoliating treatment, followed by a Natural Soy Wax Hand Treatment and last but not least you will be able to sample all of Afiya products. During Afiya Spa Parties you also

We’re on the Web!

get the chance to participate in a skin and hair care question and answer session with one of Afiya’s Management Team. We’d love for you to host your very own party also!

As a host, you earn up to six free products and the parties come at no price to you!

Please contact us at for questions or if you’d like to be a host.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It! the shea body butter in papaya and fell in LOVE with it. I use “I it twice day found aout about Afiya when I first on my stomach, and find became pregnant. I tried the shea Body that I am left with skin Butter papaya and fell in LOVE with it. I that is soft and not in feeling greasy. Afteruse I massage it twice a day on my stomach, and my stomach I use the left find that I am left with skin that is soft and over on my heels!! not feeling greasy. After I massage my stomach I use the left over on my heels!!”


Diana Forte Philadelphia, PA

Natural Beauty Newsletter Vol.1 Iss. 4  

Fourth Issue of Natural Beauty Newsletter