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Proposal 2012 -14

Preamble NEHEMIAH 2 17 Then said I unto them, Ye see the distress that we are in, how Jerusalem lieth waste, and the gates thereof are burned with fire: come, and let us build up the wall of Jerusalem, that we be no more a reproach. 18 Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me; as also the king's words that he had spoken unto me. And they said, Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work.

VAUXHALL In 2014, Vauxhall will celebrate its 55th Anniversary (the school was established as a government school in 1959). We recognize the many challenges facing educational institutions and our beloved institution is not exempt. We are well aware of the limitations that we face and realize that more partners will create better opportunities for our school and its students. As we reflect on the past achievements of the school and those proud moments in its short life that made us stood up with pride, we need to remember that, ―No man is an Island.‖ It was concerted effort of all the partners—teachers, parents, past students, stock holders, etc.—that created those successful moments The call must therefore be for us to Re-Ignite that Spirit of oneness that will Re-store our Joy, and that can only come about if we seriously put hands and hearts together in rebuilding Brand Vauxhall. Brand Vauxhall needs a strong support system which we as past students in Jamaica and in the Diaspora can offer, but we must be organized and willing to contribute by sacrificing some time, effort and financial resources. We must seek to be the driving force behind the success of this great institution which gave so many of us our foundation and set us on our various paths of achievements. Vauxhall Past Students Association Programme/Project Proposal 2012 -14

ARISE AND REBUILD Over the next two years the Past Students Association through the Executive and its various committees must seek to:

Advance the works of the Past Students Association in particular and Vauxhall in general Reform the current Constitution of the VPSA Increase the membership base of the VPSA Secure Funds to undertake the proposed projects and programmes Establish Projects and programmes & Represent the Past Students’ collective Views on the School Board Engineer the Spirit of Oneness and Pride among the Vauxhall Community Build Brand Vauxhall Utilize the talents of the many past students in advancing the objectives of the VPSA Interact frequently with all stakeholders within the Vauxhall Community Lend support to the school administration Demonstrate good leadership and management practices Vauxhall Past Students Association Programme/Project Proposal 2012 -14


1. School Beautification Project – for Labour Day, May 2012 and 2013 This project will look at the beautification of the physical environment of the school, such as: a) The Rectangle in front of the Grade 9 Block b)

The outer front walls of the school


The front lawn



2. Auditorium Expansion Project with completion in 2014 – Vauxhall 55 Legacy Project There is a great cry for the expansion of the auditorium as in its current state it can neither accommodate the number of students nor adequately serve students in the Performing Arts programmes.

The proposal therefore is to expand the current building to hold 1,500 seats and to transform same into a MultiPurpose Audio Visual Performing Arts Centre, which we could target as the Vauxhall 55 Legacy Project.

Vauxhall Past Students Association Programme/Project Proposal 2012 -14

3. Big Brother/Sister Mentorship Programme - launch date in September 2012 It is the belief that with available past students adopting and mentoring a student, we should see improvement in the general behaviour of the students and the school hence we will seek to introduce the Big Brother/Big Sister Mentorship Programme.

4. Student Leadership Development Programme–November 2012 & 2013 (Youth Month) A leadership Development Training Programme will be implemented to train the Vauxhall student leaders--prefects, class monitors, student councillors, etc.

5. Scholarship/Bursary The establishing of a scholarship/bursary programme whereby outstanding and needed students can access funds to further their education.

Vauxhall Past Students Association Programme/Project Proposal 2012 -14

6. Sports Support & Development Programme (2012 – 2014) Financial and technical support for the school’s sports programmes;  Football  Netball  Track & Field  Rugby  Basketball With a view to have us making it to the semi-finals of the Manning Cup by 2014 in football, return to our winning ways in Netball and Rugby, and gain traction in Basketball and Track & Field

7. Annual Homecoming Week (as of October 2012) The Homecoming celebration will seek to have a set week of celebratory events whereby Past Students around the world can gather in Jamaica to participate in the rich activities that will be offered. The week long events will be in the form of Fund Raisers.

8. Fund Raisers - To raise no less than $20 Million over the next 2 years A serious effort in Fund Raising will be put in place over the next 2 year period. Funds Raised will be used in offsetting the projects and programmes of the Association.

Vauxhall Past Students Association Programme/Project Proposal 2012 -14

PROPOSED COMMITTEES It is suggested that with the setting up of the following committees, the Vauxhall Past Students Association could realize its planned objectives. a)

School Infrastructure and Beautification


Student Support & Scholarship Committee


Sports Development Committee


Vauxhall Homecoming Committee


Fund Raising Committee


Membership Drive Committee

Vauxhall Past Students Association Programme/Project Proposal 2012 -14

VPSA 2012-14 Proposal  

Document outlining Proposed projects and Programmes of the Vauxhall Past Students Association

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