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Contents EDITORIALS “Welcome” By Polina Petukhova P.22 “Femmes Fatales” By John Williams P.30 “Sensual Morning” By Jude P P.38 “No Way” By Julie Meme P.46 “An Intimate Afternoon” By Meera Fox P.52 “Wicked Games” By Riccardo Torri P.58 “My Heart in Ivana” By Boris Kocis P.64 “Lace Dreams” By Charles Farrah P.70 “Flirt” By Aaron and Elizabeth Vovk P.78 “Loyalty” By Lakshik Perera P.104


INTERVIEWS For Your Eyes Only - Viviana Ross P.04 Madame Methven - Kaila Methven P.84

STYLE Find your new love affair P.18


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Aaron and Elizabeth Vovk, Boris Kocis, Conrad Lee, Charles Farrah, Fifi Robinson, Jacob Cobb, Jerome K, John Williams, Joseph Archell Vergara, Julie Meme, Jude P, Lakshik Perera, Nina Pang, Meera Fox, The O.X. Project, Polina Petukhova, Riccardo Torri, Tim Bracey, Virginia Hodges


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ON THE COVER Photographer: CONRAD LEE @conradleephotography | Model: VIVIANA ROSS @iamvivianaross represented by ALACARTE MODELS MANAGEMENT | Wardrobe Stylist: STEF CARTER @future_bloom | Hair and Makeup: EMILY BURRILL @ mbe_mua| Special thanks to Nomy Khan @ nomykhanofficial and DoubleTree by Hilton London-Marble Arch @doubletree


Hi all and welcome to vol2 issue3! Im not sure why but it certainly felt like ages since our last issue, but perhaps it’s because I have been so eager to release this exciting issue! In addition to the gorgeous editorial stories and images, I’m particularly thrilled to formally announce a new member to our editor team! Introducing Stef Carter- fashionista, style hunter, trend forecaster – Stef is an up and coming fashion stylist and blogger, ready to give you the top wardrobe advice and suggestions! With both a financial and styling background, Stef is not only a mastermind into fashion marketing and branding, but also a real Picasso of a stylist. After leaving her career in financial services, Stef ventured into the world of fashion styling with a mission to inspire and infuse confidence into people with Individualised fashion. Having worked with Stef on several shoots, I can tell you that she has the most lively bubbly personality. She’s always brought masses of joy (as well as tons of outfits and accessories) to a shoot, so I’m super eager to work with her on more future issues of Afi. You will already get to see some of her work in this issue and get a taste of her styling from our cover editorial with model and actress Viviana Ross. Stef will be scouting out designers and brands for future interview features, so be sure to follow her work at and @future_bloom and get in touch! Lastly, I has the pleasure to interview Kaila Methven. Not only is she an incredible couture lingerie designer, she is also a phenomenal business women with great stories to tell. I honestly can say it was one of the most inspiring interviews I have done. So do take my word for it and have a read on page 84! I hope you enjoy this issue and happy Valentine’s Day!

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Photographer: CONRAD LEE @conradleephotography | Model: VIVIANA ROSS @iamvivianaross represented by ALACARTE MODELS MANAGEMENT @ | Wardrobe Stylist: STEF CARTER @future_bloom | Hair and Makeup: EMILY BURRILL @mbe_mua| Special thanks to Nomy Khan @nomykhanofficial and DoubleTree by Hilton London-Marble Arch @doubletree

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Blazer: Teatum Jones, Lia Bra: Bluebella, Karolina suspender thong: Bluebella, Cube cage Pearl Bangle: Karen Millen, Stardust earrings: Gold Philosophy, Marjorie curvy ring: Da-ie – The Flow

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Rising star, Actress, and model; Viviana Ross took a break from her busy schedule to sit with us and share her journey in the creative industry so far. with sophistication and a mix of hollywood glamour, Viviana channels her inner bond girl for this issue’s cover editorial. Can you tell us about your upbringing? In 1994 my parents moved from Romania to Dublin where I was born and raised. I lived there for 7 years and then we moved to Germany where I grew up. I’m very proud to say I’m Romanian but I feel connected to Germany the most. I also speak all 3 languages which is pretty useful as I’m moving a lot. A lot of people, when I tell them how I grew up, think it must have been very difficult but I‘ve never seen it like that, ever. I believe that moving that often and always having a chance to start over again and break out of the “routine“ of a “normal“ life is what makes me so much more mature than other people at the age of 22, mature in a playful way of course. I took every experience and made the best out of it. I’m so happy that my parents showed me so many different ways of living. There were moment when we didn’t have anything and there were moments where the word “no“ when I asked for something didn’t exist, and it’s the best life I could’ve wished for, it was challenging but never difficult. What made you decide to pursuit an acting career? Does your family have an acting background? Like my parents said, I was born a performer. I used to dance and sing at every opportunity. I started as a lead singer of our schoolband where it upgraded to musicals and then theatre. I also danced for 7 years and all I know is that I wanted to be on a stage or in front of the camera. It wasn’t something that came at one

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point. it was there all the time. People around me wouldn’t have to ask, everyone knew. I made it very clear that acting is the only thing that makes me happy. Ha! You would think that it’s all about the attention you get when on stage or after shooting an amazing scene, but it’s not! It’s the journey, the working with people and being creative, being insecure about decisions you may have made and then having the confidence to express that and do it the way that only you think that character would. BOOM! No one can take that away from you, if people like it or not is just a very nice side effect. As a teenager my mom wanted to become an actress, but at that time in Romania it wasn’t a very well-seen job so instead she decided to bring joy to the people in the “delivery room“ and became a midwife. My dad is a multi-talent, he is a chef, painter, drummer and also used to be a professional dancer - let’s just say he’s a crazy Artist. Tell us a bit about the training you’ve had for acting? After I graduated from High School I went to the Munich Film Academy where I studied Screen Acting, partly English and German. What’s the proudest moment in your life so far? My proudest moment so far was the main character that I got to play in the uncut Action Movie ‘One Shot Left’, Jessica Sterling. It’s an English movie shot


I was born a performer. I used to dance and sing at every opportunity

Blaz Pearl Tweed Jacket – POA: Anna Aranova, Orange pants: Marc Cain, Isabella Bralet: Iris London, Gold hoops with black stone: Karen Millen

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Kajol long gown: Sonata London, Bra/brief/suspender set: Bluebella, Lace top stockings: Bluebella, Pearl drop earrings: Karen Millen, Heels: Christian Louboutin

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Kajol long gown: Sonata London, Elodie pearl bangle: Gold Philosophy, Pearl drop earrings: Karen Millen

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Rosa Gown: Sonata London , Isabella Bralet and Thong: Iris London, Caged Pearl Trillion Earrings and necklace: Gold Philosophy , Marjorie curvy and twinning rings: Da-ie – The Flow

in Germany. I’m proud because it was the first ‘big’ role I got to play and we rehearsed for over 6 months which really challenged me physically and mentally and I got to learn so much. The Director and Producer put all of their trust in me and I had a lot of pressure to do well, but it was one of the best moments of my career Tell us a bit about the movie “One shot left” that you were the lead actress in? “One Shot Left” is an uncut movie, every sentence and every movement had to be “on point”. It was funny because the take that has been chosen to be “the one“ was the most painful take. There is this big fight scene between me and Orlow (a Russian agent) and she had to throw me over a table where I would normally land on a soft mattress, but in that take.. I didn’t. I actually heard my knee pop out and back in. I was in so much pain but the adrenalin kept me going and so I finished the movie with a black and blue knee. Who are your favourite actors or actresses of all times and why? To be honest I’m not really a “FAN” of anyone, I respect and appreciate the work of many artists. I could name a few actors right now but I think I’ll have to go with Tom Hardy and almost every movie that he has starred in. I find him extremely talented, it’s the combination of danger and vulnerability that I find so magnificent.

feel like every genre would suit me in a way. But when people see and get to know me they would say action, comedy and thrillers for sure. What would be your dream role if you can be in any movie and why? I really want to play a hit woman or maybe a new version of Catwoman. I don’t know why but I had some dreams about playing these characters and I woke up thinking “Hell yeah“. It must be very competitive in the acting industry, is there anything that you do to set yourself apart from others? To be honest I believe that grit beats talent, like Angela Duckworth mentions in her book ”Grit - the power of passion and perseverance“ and also I know that I am an extremely pleasant person to work with, my character is what makes me stand out. I bring that vibe and energy with me on set and that is very important. When you get to spend so much time with so many people it can be very intense, you know. In the acting and the modelling industry of course. What attracted you to move to the UK? Was it what you expected? I would say that I wanted to experience something new. It wasn’t planned, so there were no expectations. I came on vacation with my mom in March 2017 and I never left. I just knew I had to be here and take all the opportunities to become a better actress and become a stronger me.

What’s your favourite movie quote? I don’t have a particular favourite quote. So many cool movies with memorable moments out there.

What do you find most interesting about British life?

What movie genre do you feel you are most suited in?

I love the diversity. So dynamic and creative!

The freedom, the possibility to be 100% true to yourself.

Depending on the character, I

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Black open short jacket: Joseph Ribkoff, White Pants: Joseph Ribkoff, Karolina Bra: Bluebella, Giant Citrine, garnet and yellow gold vermeil encrusted hoops: Olivia Creber, Marjorie twinning ring: Da-ie – The Flow

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I bring that vibe and energy with me on set and that is very important. afi 13

Where is your favourite place in London?

What do you like to do in your down time?

Regent Park, because it’s close to my home and when I have a very emotional day (bad or good), I just like to go there, sit on a bench, count my blessings and be grateful. It calms me down.

At the moment I’m very busy with kickboxing where I just graded for my red-white belt but of course I like to spend my free time in London with my girlfriends, I love to sing and I danced hip-hop for a very long time so now I’m trying to find some good places here where I can keep working on them skills.

You are relatively new to the model scene, how did it get started? Well I’ve already started with some modeling jobs in Dublin, when I was around 5-6 years old for stores like ‘Dunnestores’. But only a few years ago, when I moved to Munich and became 3rd at the Miss Bayernwelle contest I could actually live of some modeling jobs like, showrooms or runway shows in shopping centers, especially in Bavaria. Now I’m in London and I got ‘discovered‘ by my now model agency in front of my door, coming home from kickboxing, looking like a Tomato-face. Ha! What do you like about modelling? The thing is personally I have two fashion sides. I have days where I love to dress like a Tomboy but in a very stylish way, and there are days where I love to dress the complete opposite and wear something super girly. And what I love about modeling is that I can learn so many things about fashion and my own style. Meeting new, amazing, creative people and having fun on set is also a big plus. What would be your perfect red carpet look? Hmm... I can’t decide between a very simple Bordeaux colored strapless floor length Gown or a tight suit perfectly made to fit my body shape and my curves. You can see the conflict between my two fashion sides right?

14 afi

Does your acting experience give you an advantage in modelling? I know having acting experience is a great asset to modelling. Every picture you take, every music video and commercials have a story to tell and who can do that better than an actor? The modelling and acting industry can be a cruel world, what are your thoughts, is there anything you want to change in the world? Because of the importance of social media nowadays, and the amount of people you have influence on, I think it’s so important to keep it as real as possible and not just only talk about all the good and pretty things, but also talk about the ugly truth that almost everyone can relate to. For example every single person has experienced bullying in a way or another, by being the bully or being the one who is bullied. And I have been in both positions and it is something I really want to work with and talk about, I am already working with kids and trying to understand them and help them realize what impact they have on other people’s lives. However, there is so much more I want and can do. I would love to have the possibility to go to schools and make a change no matter how small the change is. Every step counts.

Velvet cold shoulder diamante dress: Joseph Ribkoff Cluster pearl gold bracelet: Karen Millen Caged Pearl Trillion Earrings: Gold Philosophy Marjorie twinning ring: Da-ie – The Flow

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I have days where I love to dress like a Tomboy but in a very stylish way, and there are days where I love to dress the complete opposite and wear something super girly.

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Blazer: Teatum Jones Karolina Bra: Bluebella Trillion Double Ring: Gold Philosophy Olivia Pearl Necklace: Da-ie – The Flow

afi 17


Find your new


Kizette Soft Triangle Bra (£156) and Brazilian cut brief (£115)

Love affair

Great style starts with great foundations. A great set of lingerie makes you walk a bit taller, stride with confidence and bring out your strong authentic goddess. Whether you’re giving yourself a dose of self-love, or buying for someone else’s perusal there are countless style options for you to choose from.

by Stef Carter



Huntera quarter cup bra (£75)


The Miranda underwire bra (£94.75) & high waist panty (£78.11)

Ilona velvet and eyelash lace soft cup bra (£20) & brief (£13)


Villa Satine triangle bra (£60) & briefs (£48)


Natalia string thong ($44) & Natalia Underwire Bra ($68)

18 afi


Empreinte Lingerie Apolline Body in blue (£131)


THIRDLOVE Satin lace bikini in Potent Plum ($34)

Audacieuse triangle bra (£81) & Audacieuse Boxer Thong (£42)

COCO DE MER Inferno bodysuit (£275)


Mystère De Minuit Longline Balconette Bra (£222) & Tulle Thong (£81)


Amanda high apex underwire bra (£38) & high waist knicker (£27)


Adria Longline Bra (£275) & Adria Brazilian Knicker (£132)

AGENT PROVOCATEUR Mila big brief black (£195)



Bordeaux Cross band bra (£180) & High waist brief (£120)

Kalina Noir Kimono (£165)

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Photographer: THE O.X. PROJECT @theoxproject, Model: ABIGAIL GROHMANN @abigailgrohmann, Wardrobe Stylist: KATHERINE ROUSONELOS @katherinerousonelos, Hair and Makeup: CHRISTIAN SEMLINGER @christiansemlinger

afi 21

Lingerie: Maison Close Clothing: Escada Total Look

22 afi

Lingerie: Maison Close Clothing: Escada Total Look

WELCOME Photographer & Retoucher: POLINA PETUKHOVA @vcherashniyfashion | Model: VARVARA SUKHINA @vivavava| Hair and Makeup: EKATERINA PEREVALOVA @katerinazhypanova | Wardrobe Stylist: ELENA CHERNYKH @academyofstyle | Lingerie: MAISON CLOSE @maison_close | Clothing: ESCADA TOTAL LOOK @escadaofficial

afi 23

Lingerie: Maison Close Clothing: Escada Total Look

24 afi

Lingerie: Maison Close Clothing: Escada Total Look

afi 25

Lingerie: Maison Close Clothing: Escada Total Look

26 afi

Lingerie: Maison Close Clothing: Escada Total Look

afi 27

Lingerie: Maison Close Clothing: Escada Total Look

28 afi

Lingerie: Maison Close Clothing: Escada Total Look

afi 29


FEMMES FATALES Photographer: JOHN WILLIAMS @jdub_photography | Model: SABINA MEHMEDOVIC @smehmedovic_ & ALEXIS SCRIVANO @alexisvano | Makeup Artist: JENNIFER ORTIZ @jnniferortz | Lingerie: VICTORIA’S SECRET @victoriassecret

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afi 31

32 afi

afi 33

34 afi

afi 35

36 afi

afi 37


MORNING Photographer: JUDE P @judefotografy | Model: SARAH FOCHRENBACH @sarah_fochrenbach | Model Agency: VIP MODELS @vipmodels | Makeup Artist: SUZANA NGUYEN @nguyen_suzana | Retoucher: LUCIUS NGUYEN @lucius.35

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Shirt: Clotilde Ranno Bra: Etam Lingerie Wirstlet: Badines

afi 39

Shirt: Clotilde Ranno Bra: Lace Up Lingerie

40 afi

Shirt: Clotilde Ranno Wristlet : Badines

afi 41

Bra & panties: Princesse TamTam Choker: Badines

42 afi

Bra & panties: Princesse TamTam Choker: Badines

afi 43

Bra and panties: Badines

44 afi

Bra: Badines

afi 45


Earrings: Victoria’s Secret Strap-corset: Saint Laurent Shoes: Giuseppe zanotti

Photographer: JULIE MEME @julie_meme | Model: YULIYA RAMAEVA @julia_la_licata | Hair and Makeup: VICTORIYA TIHON @vivitixxxon | Wardrobe Stylist: ANNA SKLYAROVA @ annnnnnett

46 afi

Earrings: Victoria’s Secret Strap-corset: Saint Laurent

afi 47

Belt with purse: New Look Dress: Vero Moda Shoes: Giuseppe zanotti

48 afi

Belt with purse: New Look Dress: Vero Moda

afi 49

Bodysuit/ Jumpsuit: Livco Corsetti Fashion Mantilla: H&M Shoes: Giuseppe zanotti

50 afi

Bodysuit/ Jumpsuit: Livco Corsetti Fashion Mantilla: H&M Shoes: Giuseppe zanotti

afi 51





Bra and Panties: La Perla

52 afi

Photographer: MEERA FOX @meerafox | Model: MILENA ILINA @blikeme represented by LA Models @lamodels and Star Management @starsmanagement | Hair and Makeup: HEATHER ROSE COLEMAN @heatherrosecoleman |Wardrobe Stylist: FIFI HODGKINSON @jeww_boo | Retoucher: OP DAS @opinoir

afi 53

Bodysuit: Oyshyo

54 afi

Bodysuit: Oyshyo

afi 55

(Left) Bra and Panties: Victoria’s Secret (Right) Tank Top and Panties: La Perla

56 afi

Bodysuit: Oyshyo

afi 57



Photographer: RICCARDO TORRI @riccardotorri | Model: MIMÌ CLORINDA @mimi_clorinda | Lingerie: MINT & BERRY @mintandberry

58 afi

afi 59

60 afi

afi 61

62 afi

afi 63

64 afi




Photographer: BORIS KOCIS @boriskocisphotography| Model: IVANA MASTILOVIC @ivmastilov | Makeup Artist: IVANA SKAMLA @skamla_glam| Wardrobe Stylist: KADRIJA RUSITOVIC - Beba @ bebalingerie | Jewellery: SIMPLICITY GRP @simplicitygrp

afi 65

66 afi

afi 67

68 afi

afi 69

70 afi

LACE DREAMS Photographer: CHARLES FARRAH @cfarrahphoto| Hair and Makeup: MG HAIR & MAKEUP @ mghairandmakeup |Wardrobe Stylist: SAMANTHA COLE @samtaytay | Designer: IRINA SHABAYEVA @irinashabayeva | Models: HEINI TAVASTIA @heinitavastia, LINDSEY KWELLER @ lindseykweller, PAULA MARTINS @paulamartins5637, ELEONORA PIERONIELE @eleonorapieroniele, AVADORA MIMOUNI @avadoramimouni , REBECCA SORKIN @rebeccasorkin, SUMMER RAYNE @sumer_rayne_, DESIREE VANESSA @desireevanessaa, MARTINA MARKOTA @ martinamarkota, ELIZABTETH O @lizziebeth__, LAURA DEWEY @lauraadewey

afi 71

72 afi

afi 73

74 afi

afi 75

76 afi

afi 77


LIRT Photographers: AARON and ELIZABETH VOVK @4girlsglamour | Model: ASHLEY LYNN @itsashley_lynn | Hair and Makeup: JEN DES LAURIERS @ jlauriers | Lingerie : FLIRT BOUTIQUE @flirtboutiquemn

78 afi

afi 79

80 afi

afi 81

82 afi

afi 83



m Meet Kaila Methven - Paris-trained haute couture lingerie designer with a passion to empower women through fashion with statements of female dominance. With the finest lace and textiles, Kailas’ exquisite high-end lingerie designs has woven a web of timeless intrigue and artistry in the world of couture fashion.




84 afi


afi 85


Madame Methven Can you tell us about your upbringing? Where were you born, lived etc. I grew up in Beverly Hills as a very privileged young woman. My mother was very sick and passed away from cancer when I was 14. I moved to France to meet my father, in which I lived in a Muslim household. This was a very extreme upbringing. It was like Cinderella, but upside down. Like all down falls, there were positive aspects too. It made me discover who I am in a different country, in a different culture, resulting in a new me being born. I discovered a new passion for art, love, the language and the people. When I was 18, I received my inheritance, where I then went to school and continued my studies and professional life. Where did you train in fashion? Any memorable stories from your years of training? I wanted to be an entertainment lawyer. But when my mother passed away, I moved to France and was immediately inspired by the fashion and the arts, so I entered in design school. I’ve attended some of the most prestigious fashion schools throughout the globe. For example, I received my Bachelor’s in Fashion Design at the famous Fashion Academy of Esmod and my MBA in Luxury Brand Management at IFA (International Fashion Academy). During my studies, I had the chance to travel all over Europe. I met amazing personalities in Italy, visited the Red-Light District in Amsterdam, and was sucked into this deep, historical, culture that each country in Europe is

86 afi

tied up to another. Another important aspect of why I chose this industry is the fact that I fell in love with a man. I went to Paris and fell in love with a guy who resembled Lenny Kravitz, while I was your typical California girl in Abercrombie with ripped denim jeans and sneakers. I realized that many factors of life, both negative and positive are the catalyst of true art. I grew to understand that my creativity has no limits. It’s something I’m gifted with. What lead you toward Haute couture lingerie design? I was really inspired by multiple factors. The Venice Carnival, which was created in the 13th century. During this time, you could become whoever you wanted, and everybody could particiAbove: Kaila Methven-Haute couture lingerie designer pate in the event. From a Butler to a King, everybody had a chance Can you tell us the story of starting to be whoever they wanted for your brand “Madame Methven”? this one night. Their costumes During my time in Paris, I fell in could be as extravagant as they love with a guy named Michele. wanted, the carnival required no When I met this divine French limits to imagination and creativiman, he had invited me to a party. I had the greatest time growing ty. I didn’t have any money up in the European at the time, and I had just culture and learnANOTHER lost my mother. I ended ing about its history. IMPORTANT up working many differIt has always been a dream to visit Ven- ASPECT OF WHY ent jobs working hard to ice, but I’d rather go I CHOSE THIS buy a nice dress from Zara for my honeymoon. INDUSTRY IS and went to LA Madame for a party. We officially Between Versailles’s THE FACT THAT started dating in my later history, renaissance, I FELL IN LOVE teens. I would see him evthe moulin rouge, to all these emulsions WITH A MAN ery Friday night and spend the weekend with him. I of emotions, art, and would put on a strip tease lifestyles, every detail show and have a new piece of linof each those stories walked me gerie every time. I always kept it through my design process. on and he never forgot even one


I realized that many factors of life, both negative and positive are the catalyst of true art.

afi 87


My lingerie is designed to make men and women fall in love, again and again.

88 afi

ensemble. I had bras for every occasion. I fell in love with the fact that he fell in love with the persuasion of lingerie. A melting pot of history, I carried this renaissance feeling in all four of my collections. Paris is why I am who I am today. It was difficult in the beginning as an American to adjust to the French culture and learn the language, but with hard work and discipline, I was able to use my struggles to my advantage. Madame Methven is an haute couture lingerie line. It is not like any lingerie line, it’s a mixture between theatrical, sensual, breath taking. My lingerie is designed to make men and women fall in love, again and again. It’s like getting married in the bedroom in other words. It’s an unforgettable experience. There is a strong sense of dominance and feminine power in your designs, can you share with us the concepts behind these?

needs that must be met, she runs a tight ship, and can do anything she imagines. That is basically how I run my business. It speaks volumes of professionalism, certainty, and creativity with no rules. It’s how I’m becoming successful. What, in your opinion are the ingredients to a lingerie masterpiece?

women on what it’s like to be confident, to be self-sufficient, and to know and understand that love will always conquer all. Whether that’s in fashion, in business, and throughout every aspect of life. The Madame Methven’s customised “Made to Adore Collection” sounds like quite a luxury experience including custom fittings which can be done in own homes! Can you tell us more what customers will expect from this bespoke service?

The ingredients to the art of lingerie would be those that appeal to our senses. With touch, there must be the finest materials and embellishments used always. Madame Methven’s Made to With sight, it needs to fit, look, Adore is an exclusive VIP and and feel glamourous. private membership for Lingerie needs to be LINGERIE IS VERY socialites, celebrities, seen and talked about and other high-profile PRECISE ON THE with the utmost repeople. Private clients HUMAN BODY, spect. The way a man are invited to lingerie looks at a woman in FABRIC MUST LAY fittings with trained GENTLY ON THE my pieces and the way specialists in our showBODY AND SEN- room or location that you look at yourself is SUALLY ON THE what’s most important. works best for the client. I love that tingling feel- WOMEN’S FIGURE The benefits of being a ing you get when you Mademoiselle member feel confident and sexy. are invites to special It’s like when a man grabs you by events, fashion shows, and much your waist and looks deeply into more. We go through what piecyour eyes. Lingerie is very prees they would like to create, what cise on the human body, fabric fabric, what cut, and what stones must lay gently on the body and or pearls. It is a long process that sensually on the women’s figure requires immediate attention to otherwise it can be interpreted detail and technique, as I am creas something not elegant or comating pieces ranging from $20.00 fortable. to $1.5million. As we are creating unique exclusive pieces, the process can take up to weeks to see What has been your greatest the daylight. achievement of your career so far?

For people to see art at face value, to make an impact on women’s empowerment, revolution of women’s sexuality, rights, and enforcing women to believe that they can find love and that there is love in this world. That’s why I do what I do. It’s almost like I make lingerie for cupid. I believe that every woman deserves to feel sexy. The strong sense of dominance, women’s empowerment, and self-assurance establishes our brands ethics by I have been featured in magazines making women feel secure within such as Affection online, Maxim, our company and Elements magazine, themselves. MaBasic magazine, I BELIEVE THAT EVERY dame Methven caLAFM, and many WOMAN DESERVES TO ters to all woman more. I also work FEEL SEXY. THE STRONG of all body types, with such beautiSENSE OF DOMINANCE, shapes, sizes, coful models from WOMEN’S EMPOWERlours, and budaround the world MENT, AND SELF-ASSUR- that also assist with gets. This isn’t a ANCE ESTABLISHES OUR man’s world anythe promotion of more. Women can BRANDS ETHICS my brand. I have and will always won IDA design dominate. We are the creators and pret a porter awards as well. of life. The term Madame caters I want to leave a legacy that conto any woman, but mainly THE tinues to empower and educate woman. She is luxurious, she has

We are loving the black satin and lace in your LBKM collection! Can you tell us a bit about this gorgeous collection? LBKM is the more affordable line with pieces ranging from $20.00 - $60.00 per item which will always contain the same quality in design and fabrics used. It is simple, sexy, yet still exclusive. LBKM is for the everyday woman. The materials we use are comfortable and inviting and everything is made here in the U.S.

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Any tips for guys buying lingerie for his lady? Absolutely! - Know her sizes, favourite colours and what accentuates her body - Know her preferences. Does she like body suits, 2 pieces, materials, embellishments etc. - Whenever in doubt, less is more - Know your budget - Have knowledge of brands and locations for special occasions or just because. Who would you love to see wearing your lingerie designs and why? I would love to see Cardi B, the models of the infamous Hadid family, Kendall Jenner, Taraji P. Henson, the Kardashians and many more wearing my collections. They are strong women who deserve to know the essence of Madame Methven. They have such a huge impact on women’s empowerment and are sexy in their individual ways. As far as collaborations, I would love to collaborate with Christian Louboutin on a shoe line. I would really love to tap into my Interior design capabilities. Designing hotels and venues has always been a strength of mine. Along with bedroom accessories and interior design, my sensual persona can live through my art and tell my story. Any word of wisdom to aspiring designers? In business, you must be cautious, because everybody wants you for one thing. Loyalty along with Confidentiality, is very important. You must be aware always. Nevertheless, don’t give up. If you have that burning passion for something, do it. In fashion, the blood, sweat, and tears are inevitable. I made my success on my own, fashion designer is just a title. I’ve had professors laugh at my creations, I’ve had people tell me I’d never make it, that I was a joke, that no one would ever wear my lingerie, that it was just a dream, that I was a nobody. Most people could not see my vision, but I had a vision creating an empire. The only person that can believe in your success is you. @madamemethven

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I’ve had people tell me I’d never make it... Most people could not see my vision, but I had a vision creating an empire.

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Photographer: JACOB COBB @workhorsephotography, Model/Styling/HMUA: ALLY JAYE @ally_jaye

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Photographer: JOSEPH ARCHELL VERGARA @archellphotography, Model: JENNA LAROSE @xo_littlej, Lingerie: MELMIRA BOUTIQUE @melmiraboutique

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Photographer: JEROME K @jerome_k_photographe, Model: PAU ELLO @pauline_ello

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Photographer: TIM BRACEY @timbraceyphotography, Model: NIECE WAIDHOFER @niecewaidhofer

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Photographer: VIRGINIA HODGES @ vrfineart, Model: CASSANDRA DIAMONDIDIS @diamondidis696, Hair and Makeup: TONE’ JACKSON @tjstyles333, Lingerie: VICTORIA SECRET

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Photographer: NINA PANG @ninapangphotography, Model: ELLIE TAYLOR @ ohnotrouble, Hair and Makeup: RVLBEAUTY @rvlbeauty

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LOYALTY Photographer: LAKSHIK PERERA @lakshikperera| Model: FATIMA ALIC @fatimaalic27 | Makeup Artist: EMJAY MALLORCA @emjayglamista | Hair Stylist: Studio XY @studioxyuae | Wardrobe Stylist: STANISLAVA ILIEVA @ stanislava_titi | Assistant: ABHINAV @abhinav1212 | Outfits: UPPER CUT DESIGN @upper_cut_design Photoshoot location: Round 10 Boxing club @round10boxing

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Photographer: FIFI ROBINSON - FIFIS MODEL ACADEMY @ fifismodelacademy, Model: CHARLOTTE ANNE @charlotte_anne.l, Nail Artist: STACEY DEE @staceydee_nailartists


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Afi vol 2 issue 3  

afi magazine - sharing your creative fashion / beauty works worldwide.