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solo Photo: Vasiliy Galushkin Model: Anna Pavlova Makeup: Nataliya Gladkaya, Kseniya Zolotova Hairstyle: Iren Romm Design: Elena Godis Necklace: Elena Godis

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editor's Note VOL.1 ISSUE 2

The Winter period is cold, but it also brings the most warmth to our hearts out of all the seasons. It’s the time we share with our families and loved ones the joys of this world under one roof, gathered around a dancing fireplace watching the falling snow out the window. Creativity is the house we live in, and Afi magazine will share with you some of the most beautiful fashion photography this winter. This issue is inspired by the colour palette of winter; black as the dark night skies, white as the falling snow, with red and glistening colours of Christmas lights. Afi magazine is about sharing the work of creatives within the fashion industry to inspire others. The evolution of fashion itself is a mystery and the way they are expressed through photography opens a new doorway to how the fashion world is perceived. Although this is only the second issue of our magazine, the continual encouragement and love from all our contributors and readers around the world have created this burning fire in our hearts to make this issue even better. We hope you like this issue. It is our first Christmas present to all of you!

Merry Christnas & stay creative! Conrad Lee (Editor-In-Chief) and Afi team

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Contents VOL.1 ISSUE 2

EDITORIALS “A Fairytale To Remember” by Conrad Lee P.13 “Unpacked” by Alex Kipenko P.23 “Sophistication” by Farhan Khan P.31 “Winter Wanderer” by Alex Vesci P.47 “Day Dreamer” by Linda Böse P.63 “Fall Into Your Spell” by Daniel Taylor P.71 “Sanguine” by Lucy Feng P.81 “Black Swan” by Brian Hillburn P.87 “Sydney” by Robert Lipnicki P.95

INTERVIEWS Freya von Bulow Papercouture - Fashion Designer P.9 Plakinger - Fashion Brand P.37 Beatriz de Asis - Vogue Editor p.77

EVENTS FrontRow “Wearable Art” Fashion Show 2016 p.57

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Contributors VOL.1 ISSUE 2

COVER PHOTO Photo: Vasiliy Galushkin Model: Anna Pavlova Makeup: Nataliya Gladkaya, Kseniya Zolotova Hairstyle: Iren Romm Design: Elena Godis

EDITORIALS | SOLO IMAGES Alex Kipenko, Alex Vesci, Brian Hillburn, Conrad Lee, Daniel Taylor, Farhan Khan, Linda Bรถse, Robert Lipnicki Aleksey Malakhov, Edwin Chad Flores, Eva Lux, Goizane Jayo, Ioana Mitroi, Paul Spencer, Chris Conway, Vasiliy Galushkin INTERVIEW FEATURES Plakinger (Fashion Brand), Maika Crampton (Fashion Designer), Beatriz Deasis (VOGUE Editor)

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solo Photo: Vasiliy Galushkin Model: Anna Pavlova Makeup: Nataliya Gladkaya, Kseniya Zolotova Hairstyle: Iren Romm Design: Elena Godis Necklace: Elena Godis

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Interview Feature

Freya vonBulow Papercouture Paper Couture artist Maika Crampton tells us the story of how she fell in love with the paper medium, and her journeys in creating some of the most unique pieces of paper dresses seen to date.

Where were you from originally? How did you become a designer? I was born in Hamburg, Germany, and moved to the UK in the mid nineties. Looking back, I guess, I have always been creative, sewing my own outfits, making things, devouring fashion magazines … the usual. How did you come to starting Paper Couture? During my Illustration Degree I started working with paper and exploring book art. At the same time, the discussion of the importance of sustainable fashion had gained a lot of momentum and I participated as a designer in a local show, which I took over as Creative Director in 2008 and branded it FRONT ROW. Since I am an artist myself, it wasn’t enough for me to organise all the other designers, but I felt I needed to create my own collection – which was the fun part – and paper being inexpensive, sustainable and easy to manipulate, I designed my first Papercouture collection and have ever since. What is unique about your designs in Paper Couture? With paper I’m in my element, I use beautiful

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Image: Maika and her assistant Ella workng in her studio

Interview Feature

translucent, ethereal and specially treated tissue paper that has no equal in the world of fabric. Subsequently each of my dresses is a unique piece of art, or a paper sculpture and commands attention. Every one of my creations captures the fleeting and capricious nature of fashion but in a transient and magical way. The idea behind using this medium is the creation of a fashion and artistic statement that exists in the moment and can only be owned at the time it is worn. Why paper? What’s special about the specific paper material you use? What are the challenges of using paper as a material? Paper is a beautiful material, it can be manipulated in endless ways, I never get tired of it. I get asked a lot whether it makes me sad to see my elaborate designs on the catwalk for a short while for them to be thrown away afterwards, and I say no, because I already have the next design in my head and having other old ones hanging around my studio would just clutter my space and mind.

“Paper is a beautiful material, it can be manipulated in endless ways.” What influences your designs? Where does your inspiration come from? I love costumes and drama and my creations often have fantastical elements to them. Having been brought up reading the Brothers Grimm stories, no wonder really as they were accounts of Princesses who wore “dresses made from the moon, the stars and the sun” and who would dance all night in hidden underground ballrooms until their shoes had holes. Can you describe your studio to our readers? My studio is a mess at the moment as I just finished an eight piece Papercouture collection for a show at the Southbank Centre. The floor is covered in small white paper cuttings, white and gold glitter, shoes from the catwalk, empty glue sticks, sequins, feathers and cardboard. The space is usually quite tidy as I can’t work in mess, I get distracted too easily.

I love costumes and drama and my creations often have fantastical elements to them.

” afi 10

Where do you live now? What’s the favourite thing about the area you live in? At the moment, I live and have my studio in Hastings. I adore living by the coast as the fresh air and the water keeps my head clear, it relaxes me. Hastings also has such an abundance of creative residents that there is a lot of music and art around which is vibrant and inspiring and the town has been on the financial edge for such a long time that everyone had to think differently on no budget. I like working like that. Throwing money at a project can open up opportunities but doesn’t necessarily make it better or more creative. What is your proudest moment so far in your career? I’m not sure about my proudest, but definitely my most favourite moment so far was to sit with costume designers Jenny Beavan and John Bright up in John’s studio at Cosprop, having a glass of wine, watching them judging and being inspired by the amazing Charity Shop Design Challenge entries, while perusing John’s out of this world costume archive What’s next for Freya Von Bulow Papercouture? In January I will be working on ballgown costumes for a local production of Tchaikowsky’s Eugene Onegin and after that I am planning to travel a bit. What one piece of advice would you give to new designers? Being a designer is not a choice, you just are! Don’t fight it, don’t try to be something else, don’t put yourself under pressure but enjoy the process. If you keep doing what you love, long enough, it will happen … whatever you want to happen, you can make it. Photo: Tim Nathan Models: Francesca Louise and Chess Channon

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Freya vonBulow Papercouture

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A Fairytale To Remember

Photo: CONRAD LEE @conradleephotography Model: VICTORIA KINGDON Hair & Makeup: ROSE FISHER @roxxanarosemua Creative director: RIMANTE WILKIN Designer/Styling: MAIKA CRAMPTON @freyavonbulow Photography assistant: LAUREN MCNICOL Styling assistant: ELLA LOWDEN Videography: CASTIEL WILKIN @wilkinvideography Location - Hastings, UK

Behind the scenes at

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Dress: Manoush, Tulle Shirt: Zara, Socks: Cos

Photo: Goizane Jayo | Model: Zihara Arrasate | Makeup: Olartia Manzanos | Stylist: SofĂ­a Mnedivil

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Photo/Makeup/Styling: Eva Lux @FTLUX | Model: Ethan See @see.ethan

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Photo: Alex Kipenko @kipenkocom Model: Christina Germanskaya @christina_germanskaya Wardrobe Stylist: Erik Hanssen Makeup: Olha Konovalova Hair: Prezy Parrucchieri Assistant: Valerio Musiani Postproduction: PHOTO7IT Studio @photo7it


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Trench: motivi | Thigh-high socks: calzedonia | Shoes: zaradf

Trench: motivi | Thigh-high socks: calzedonia | Shoes: zaradf

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afi 26

Trench: Motivi Blouse: River Island Jeans: Stradivarius Shoes: Zara

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Coat: Trash and Luxury Thigh-high socks: Calzedonia Shoes: Zara

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tication A project by the EPA Group London, UK

Photo: Farhan Khan @farrygemini Model: Stephanie Wang, Maggie Liuwilson Desinger & stylist: YingYing Wang Hair & Makeup: YingYing Wang

Yingying Wang is a Chinese designer known in Asia pacific for her elegant jewellery with thousands of followers and customers. She creates very elegant and descent jewellery with Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Diamonds and Ceramic. Her designs are known for elegance they add to the party wear, formal office wear and very classic gatherings where beautiful gowns are ready to take your breath away.

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Brand Feature



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Brand Feature


nspired by the iconic love story between Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger and shot in the heritage building of the Shanghai Waldorf Astoria the Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 collection by PLAKINGER is a tribute to the splendid vibes of the 1970s. The collection plays with the contrast between coziness and formal elegance, minimalist and rogynous style and more bundled-up looks. The loose white knitted pieces and the floral blue slip-on dress are simple looks which seem inspired by nature, whereas the refined Japanese-inspired white kimono pantsuit and the body-conscious metallic dresses – ranging from gold to silver and shades of blue – emphasize the glamour of the era, in a subtle reference to the former supermodel’s fashion statements. There is also a duality in the color palette: the usual black and white pieces are mixed with medium tones of thesoftest leather in a powder pink pastel shade, lightened up by vivid rock’n’roll fur and handmade red graphic printsthat remind us of Mick Jagger’s brightest stage outfits. While staying true to our core value of woman empowerment with playfully crafted pantsuits and a jumpsuit that are both masculine yet feminine and sexy, the new PLAKINGER collection is again an ode to timelessness.


Sensual and strong with a cosmopolitan elegance, the PLAKINGER Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 collection is sure to accompany confident women from day to dusk; whether they are attending a business meeting or a cocktail party, dancing barefoot in their bed or lounging in velvety interiors while getting ready for a night out, always in perfect style.


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The Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 collection by PLAKINGER is a tribute to the splendid vibes of the 1970s

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Interview Feature

Founders of PLAKINGER - Galina Plakinger and Svetlana Ziggel shares their idea of modern luxurious fashion What do you love about fashion? My favourite aspect of fashion is creating and working with it. Maybe its the view of a designer, but seeing each step from the initiation, through the creativity and production processes to finally a ready garment is something I felt in love immediately. This process from the very first idea to our beautiful customer wearing and individually interpreting the clothes is exhausting but equally rewarding and satisfying. What makes your brand stand out from the competition? PLAKINGER is equally sensual but strong, designed for a cosmopolitan client. Our collections are produced in limited quantities. Everything is crafted with carefully

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sourced luxurious fabrics, details and accessories. We pay the highest attention to quality and ethics. We also offer clothes for little girls, so mother and daughter can wear matching outfits, crafted in the same luxurious fabrics. Last but not least, our clothes can be easily customised on request, which is something quite unusual for luxury ready-to-wear. Where does the name PLAKINGER come from? What does it stand for? PLAKINGER is our family name, originating from ourancestors in Austria. We intuitively considered it to be our label’s name as we wanted it to be personal, related to ourselves and connected to our family.

“PLAKINGER is our family name, originating from our ancestors in Austria.”

Interview Feature

Fashion is:


How did you decide to start your own business? My mother is a bespoke tailor. Many clients were coming to her -without a clear vision, asking her for guidance and ideas; hence the idea of establishing our own label. We wanted to create womenswear with a cosmopolitan twist. Starting a business with my mother was an intuitive decision. We complement each other with our respective backgrounds, her in tailoring and me in business administration. And we double-up on creativity and manpower. How would you describe style of clothes you sell? The style of our clothes is sensual and strong with a cosmopolitan elegance, designed to accompany confident women in perfect style. PLAKINGER`s prêt a porter line is based on our heritage as a bespoke tailor with timeless details. As the brand became younger over time, we now emphasise feminine fashion icons. Our current Autumn Winter 2016/2017 collection is inspired by the iconic love story between Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger.

“PLAKINGER is equally sensual but strong, designed for a cosmopolitan client.” What do you love most about your job? There are so many things… No day is like another, the spectrum of running your own brand is very broad, the creative process is always different and the fashion business is changing very fast. Which is of course a merit and a challenge at the same time. We need to be constantly flexible and open minded to react to the market, press or client`s wishes. We need to balance between the past, current and upcoming seasons and of course consider individual requests. And there are days where we receive just a beautiful review like our interview with Harper`s Bazaar China or very positive and personal client feedback.

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“While staying true to our core value of woman empowerment ... the new PLAKINGER collection is again an ode to timelessnes0s.� 43 afi

afi 44

“Experience outside the fashion industry can be eye opening as well.”

Who is your favorite designer? We followed each of the Delpozo`s collections since he stepped in as the creative director. The attention to details is amazing, the construction of cuts and the play with volume, the color palette and the extraordinariness of each collection are fascinating. But also in the recent times we were excited to see the creativity of Russian designers, going beyond the Vetements brand. Where is your business located? Our atelier is located in the south of Germany and the office in Düsseldorf. Our PR and sales agent is located in Shanghai. So it`s quite international… Who do you follow to see latest news in the industry? We follow the press, bloggers and of course the social media. The latter is potentially the most direct and fastest way to see what is on other designers but also customers and trendsetters mind. When designing a new collection however we need to insult ourselves from the day-to-day newsfeed to avoid distractions in the creative thinking process. What would you suggest for people who are dream-

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ing to have their own business and to work in fashion industry one day? Gain experience in this industry from any angle, either creative, business or another one. Having worked for a brand or a designer is a must to avoid painful mistakes and better to avoid decisions. Experience outside the fashion industry can be eye opening as well.




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Feathered Head Piece - Designer Paradise Gypsies Knitted Jumper - Square Vintage

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winter Wanderer Photo: ALEX VESCI @alexvesci | Model: SHQIPRIM BRUTI @ bruti3m @PRM Model Agency London | Hair & Make-up: CHANTELLE | Wardrobe Stylist: BEA LINTON | Production Assistant: PEDRO ARRAYANO

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Fur Hat - KRs London | Fringed Waistcoat - KRs London | Black top - KRs London Feathered Headband - Paradise Gypsies | Jacket & Trouser - Connor Downey

afi 50

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Jacket and Trouser - Designer Westin Hall | Top - Designer Connor Downey Neck scarf - Designer Connor Downey | Hat - KRs London

afi 52

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Jacket - Westin Hall | Trouser - Westin Hall | Accessories - KRs London

afi 54

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Knitted Beanie - KRs London | Cardigan - Squares Vintage | Jumper - Squares Vintage Trouser - Designer Connor Downey | Boots - Timberland

Denim Jacket - Levis Jeans - G Star | Boot - Timberland Fur Trapper Hat - Squares Vintage Orange Blanket Shawl - Squares Vintage

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“Wearable Art” Fashion & Performance Art Show 2016

De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, England


is one of the biggest and quirkiest charity recycled fashion events in the South coast of England. This year, their “Wearable Art” Charity Shop Design Challenge gathered some of the most creative designers across the country to showcase their epic and outrageous creations. Afi went to find out what they have been up to behind the scenes and on stage.

Photo: Maika Crampton with Peter Quinnells designer entry during rehearsal

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Events Feature Each year, Front Row brings together creatives from all over the country to this major event with the message of fashion sustainability. This years’ theme “Wearable art”, was a challenge for designers to create something truly unique with recycled materials and second hand clothing brought from charity shops limited to a £30 budget. The results as you can imagine, were truly one of its kind, flourished with imagination and creativity; from coats made out of teddy bears, to skirts made from VHS tapes. The curator and creative director of Front Row, Maika Crampton says the event was a chance to show people how to get creative with pre-loved clothing, and also a way to encourage people to shop more in Charity shops and reduce clothing waste. FRONT ROW also supports and raises money for the Terrence Higgins Trust and St. Michael’s Hospice.

Front Row brings together creatives from all over the country to this major event with the message of fashion sustainability. Apart from individual desginers participating in the charity challenge, Front Row also showcased works of established designers with a similar fashion ethos; include London based designer Anna-Maria Nabirye, who showcased her Afroretro collection of pre-loved clothing mixed with colourful Ugandan printed fabric. London stylist Sarah Broom and hair stylist Tracey Cahoon teamed up to showcase their collection of outfits sourced solely from the local St. Michael’s Hospice charity shop in Hastings. Front Row curator and creative director Maika Crampton also showcased her anti-war Winter collection from her designer brand Freya von Bulow Papercouture.

afi 58

Events Feature

Events Feature Beccy McCray

Above: John Bright and Jenny Beavan

This year’s judging panel included the multi-award-winning costume design legends Jenny Beavan and John Bright, former Elle UK editor and writer Maggie Alderson, and Fashion Consultant and LCF lecturer Basia Szkutnicka. List of Design winners were: Overall Best Design Kiki Lin Creative Excellence Lucia Conte Best Technical Achievement Kumiko Tani Best Drama Peter Quinnell Best Innovation Beccy McCray Best Art Award Jenny Pritchard

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Jennie Pritchard

Kumiko Tani

Events Feature

Above: Maika Crampton

Here are a few words from the curator, organiser and creative director of Front Row, Maika Crampton.

Lucia Conte

“For the last 8 years, FRONT ROW has created a professional platform for performers and designers to push boundaries within fashion, art and performance, with emphasis on sustainable fashion and costume. What has started as a sell-out event at the iconic De la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, has now moved to London, with two showcases at the Southbank Centre, London. Within the current economical and social climate it is more important than ever to raise awareness to sustainability in fashion and to open up new creative avenues for designers, which we at FRONT ROW are promoting with the recently launched nationwide Charity Shop Design Challenge where designer have to create a garment from pre-loved clothes to a micro budget of £30. “

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Right: Make-up was sponsored by Sussex Makeup Academy team Amy Prifti, Gemma Fletcher, Carolina Alvaro, Silvia Coli. The Sussex Make-up Academy teach Professional and Leisure Make-up & Hair courses throughout Sussex. All courses are ‘hands on’ and we provide work experience and opportunities to all of our students during their course. It was a pleasure that we sponsored Front Row and gave some of our students the opportunity to work on their first catwalk. To find out more information please visit

Backstage Left: Design competition participants preparing for their collection showcase. Right: Choreographer Bev Jones and designer Maika Crampton with models of Freya von Bulow Papercouture. Below: Sussex Makeup artist Katy Watts with models of Freya von Bulow Papercouture collection.

Above: Bootleg Costume team Vicky kidd and Lisa Powell preparing for their dance performance.

Left and Right: Maika Crampton with models of Freya von Bulow Papercouture collection. Left: Clare Stiles, Right: Cavaen Meredith, Ellis Forer

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FRONTbestROW design award The overall best design prize wen-t to London desgin student Kiki Lin @kikidelvil_designer. It was her first time competeing at the Front Row design challenge. Kiki got her inspiration from watching the shape and movements of jellyfish. Kiki says she has always loved experimenting with different materials for her designs. For this competition, she used several recycled materials from a charity shop including an old dressing gown, a torn petticoat and waterpipes. She created a dress which moved and ruffles like a swimming jellyfish.

“With the right concept and proper design on execution, anything wearable can become fashion” For more of Kiki’s work, please go to

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DAY DREAMER Photo: Linda Bรถse @lindaboese Model: Giuliana G. @giulianaxt @Modelwerk Model Agency @modelwerk Hair & Makeup: Alex Merk @alexmerk_mua @CloseUp-Agency Hamburg @close_up_agency_hamburg

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Dress: Asos

afi 64

Dress: Asos, Necklaces: Zara

65 afi

afi 66

Dress: Vintage (from American Vintage Los Angeles), Rings: Forever 21

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Dress: Asos, Necklaces: Zara and Vintage, Bracelet: Vintage

afi 68

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Photo/Styling: JOANNA MITROI @joanna_mitroi Model: ESMEE BALCEWICZ @Mahogany Model Management Hair & Makeup: KITTY NOOFAH @kittynoofah Designer: VINNETTE GRANT Accessories designer: ANA MARIA BUFNILA

afi 70

Fall Into Your Spell Photo: Daniel Taylor @ddt_photo Model: Ella Liddell @cinderellaliddell Hair & Makeup: Elzbieta Zokoscielna @mua.ela_zakoscielna

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Interview Feature

Life in


Meet Beatriz de Asis, fashionista, and editor for Vogue Spain At what age did you become fascinated with fashion? I am not sure how old I was, I think I was about 5 years old. I remember going to a park and from time to time, other mums would tell mine where had she bought my dress. Since then I started to pay attention to the clothes. Years later, during my teen years I became thrilled about the power of trends. How everyone, including me, wanted the same things. Did fashion motivate you to explore other fields? Yes, certainly. Not only I had to learn more about art, but also I have become interested in psychology and history. I agree with the definition that “fashion is a reflection of society” and, thus, it is impossible to ignore other fields. Even politics! Did you have any other dreams apart from fashion? What made you choose this path? I used to enjoy acting, for instance. But since I got serious about the fashion industry, I really felt I found my way. Despite I was used to read fashion magazines, it was only when I finish journalism when I felt I had to choose a field to specialized. I used to enjoy International Relations, I even went to a couple of Model United Nations (MUNs). But after several thoughts, I made an important decision.

77 afi

“Fashion is a reflection of society.. and thus, it is impossible to ignore other fields. Even politics!”. How did you prepare for a career in fashion? I studied journalism at Complutense University of Madrid and I have a master degree in Fashion and Beauty Communication at at VOGUE - Carlos III University of Madrid.

Interview Feature

How does the fashion impact you in every day life? Personally, it means everything. We can analyze fashion from several points of view. Not only it is my job, but also the way I present myself to the world. Furthermore, it could be argued if fashion could be considered as an art. However, I often go to fashion exhibitions at museums as a hobby. Not to mention, it can be the epicentre of a good conversation. What is your biggest achievement ? What makes you proud? Get to work at Vogue Spain. I did several internships in other fashion magazines but, for me, being able to work here it really changed the way I used to see the fashion industry. I feel really honoured to be part of the digital team.

“It is really easy get lost in the glamour of the fashion world.” What do you love about Vogue? The desire to pursue excellence in everything we do. What are your plans for the future? Where do you see your career taking you? At the moment, I am still learning everyday about the digital world. So I think I have really interesting years ahead. In my opinion, most of my generation is consolidating the relation between people and the Internet and I would like to continue to be a part of this social movement.

What would you like to say to our readers, who are dreaming to enter the fashion industry one day? First, I would urge them to catch a whiff of culture, in a broad sense. Read, watch movies, series, go to exhibitions, travel (...) you would never know enough, but it will give you the tools to work better in the industry, despite your approach. Secondly, I would tell them to be cautious. It is really easy get lost in the glamour of the fashion world, there is much more beyond that. And thirdly, do everything as best as you can, I know first hand, it is something easier to say than to do. Do you have your all-time favourite designer? Do you follow any designer’s work? I admire so much of Cristobal Balenciaga’s work. Not only because he was Spanish, but also because of what he created and what he meant to the fashion world. I was very impressed by his figure when I went to the museum that has been built to honoured him in Getaria (Guipúzkoa). But, this does not mean I am just a romantic of the past. I try to follow as many interesting designers as I can, from Jonathan Anderson (Loewe) to Phoebe Philo (Céline) or Hussein Chalayan. And I also have an eye on emerging designers like Pepa Salazar, Ela Fidalgo and Alejandro Gómez Palomo.

afi 78

solo Photo: Edwin Chad Flores @edwinfloresstudio Model: Beatriz Grander @beatrizgrander @Time Model International Makeup: Erik Timothy @etudeartistry Styling: Maria Von @von_shweets

79 afi

solo Photo: Paul Spencer Model | Styling: Kristina Maurice Kelly

afi 80

SANGUINE Photo: Lucy Feng @lucyyfengg Designer & Model: Kamil Lemie @kamil_lemie Hair & Makeup: Elizabeth Eva @elizabethevamua Designer & Stylist: William Dill-Russell @williamdill_russell

81 afi

afi 82

Make up: AQA Kraylon body makeup SPFX Skin Illustrator palette Makeup forever aqua black. MAC eye powder Ben nye fix and seal Bloody Marvellous Bloods

83 afi

Jacquard Weave Dress by William Dill-Russell Ostrich feather from Atelier Millinery

afi 84

Veiling from Atelier Millinery

85 afi

afi 86

Black Swan Photos: Brian Hillburn @brianhillburn Model: Elena Kurnosova @kurnosova Agency: Major Model Management New York @majormodelsny Clothing designer: Alex Yarally @alexyarally Stylist: Julia Morris @juliamorris Hairstylist: Isaac Davidson @wigbar Makeup: Marjo Riitta @marjo_riitta Assistant: Kristina Campos @kikicamp Location: Boro Hotel, Long Island City

87 afi

afi 88

89 afi

afi 90

91 afi

afi 92

solo Photo: Chris Conway @chrisconwayphotography Model: Alice Pins @alicepins Makeup: Lauren Reynolds @laurenreynoldsmakeup Hiar Alex Walker @kaboodleshairtq Stylist: Alisa Vaseghi @vaseghia

93 afi

solo Photo: Aleksey Malakhov @a.malakhov Model: Yulia Zinevich @yuyazinevich Makeup: Nori Turks @noirtry

afi 94

SYDNEY Photo/retouching: Robert Lipnicki @robertlipnicki Model: Noemie Asbyornsen @noemieasbyornsenmodel Hairstylist: Alex Rainbow @fitimiti Art direction/makeup/nail art/styling/headpiece: Stefanija Vektere @stefanijamakeup Behind the scenes photography and assistant: Antanas Martinkus @an7ana5 Assistants: LĂŠo Bodelle @leobodelle, Madara Ricika Jewelry Designer: Linnie Mclarty @linniemclarty False eyelashes sponsored by Eldora false eyelashes @eldorafalseeyelashes

95 afi

“Merging art, fashion, and architecture, Artist Stefanija Vektere and photographer Robert Lipnicki teamed up to push the boundaries of creativity. “Sydney” as part of their portrait series, was inspired by the magnificent Sydney Opera House.”

afi 96

97 afi

afi 98

99 afi

afi 100

101 afi

solo Photo: Vasiliy Galushkin Model: Anna Pavlova Makeup: Nataliya Gladkaya, Kseniya Zolotova Hairstyle: Iren Romm Design: Elena Godis Necklace: Elena Godis


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