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The right tools to help you thrive AFG continues to grow its business. Our brokers have boosted our monthly mortgage volume to $3 billion and our book increased $10 billion last year to $75 billion. That makes us the largest aggregator in Australia. The key to our growth is helping you build your business. That’s why we re-invest profits back into our business, such as the $50 million investment into our technology platforms and tools since we began. Our powerful suite of new tools for mobile devices and desktops isn’t simply about keeping up with technological change. They unlock the full potential of new technology and make sure you stay ahead of the game. Adopting these tools within your business will help set you apart from the competition. And, this is just the start. We’ll continue to invest in these tools and innovations, so that gap is set to widen.


Are you reaping the rewards? The way people transact and relate in business is evolving at a rapid rate and it’s imperative you have the right tools to hand. Having the tools to perform well across the increasingly mobile and digital world and engaging with clients in their social space are the keys to ensuring the benefits of having a mortgage broker on side are front and centre in your customers’ minds. We want to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the tools at your disposal, and this guide will ensure you’re seizing all of the opportunities available to you to help your business grow.

It doesn’t stop there Our technology platform and toolkit caters for our many and varied broker business models. AFG’s continued investment in this space allows for a tailored toolkit and a team of experts behind the scenes already scoping and building your tools for tomorrow. If there is something you would like us to consider in the next range of tools we’re working on now, just have a word to your BDM today.


Welcome to KnowledgeHQ The world is on the move with new technologies and new devices. The way people search for information is moving too, with clients wanting dynamic and intuitive information here and now. And we know this applies to you too. You can now access information and training, request help, and learn at your own pace in bite sized chunks at a time and place that suits you. The days of the classroom are gone, we need to provide you with more information and intelligence than ever before, we need to give you access to experts in every field across our business. We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of AFG’s very own KnowledgeHQ. It’s the one stop shop, sitting on the tab next to BrokerHQ in FLEX where you will now find all the information, tips and guidance you need to ensure you’re getting the most from AFG’s business tools, systems and initiatives. You’ll find all you need to know about FLEX, compliance, marketing, social media, SEO, the award winning SMART program, business development, industry news, the new way of working tools and much, much more. It’s all under the one online roof and all found using google-search technology - simply type in exactly what you’re looking for. You can also ask questions or leave comments and learn from your peers and the AFG experts in every field with a two way communication blog we respond to in real time. Accessed anywhere, anytime from FLEX, KnowledgeHQ houses videos, demos, checklists, how-to guides, tips and tricks of the trade across a wide range of subjects to ensure you’re building your business like never before.


AFG’s new way of working tools At AFG, we’ve always prided ourselves on arming our brokers with cutting edge technology to help build their businesses. Since 2002, FLEX has been the technological cornerstone of this relationship, with continual development to ensure members always have the latest solutions at hand. With new technologies and mobile devices like smartphones and iPads, consumer research and purchasing preferences are changing. Today’s finance client is seeking more interaction and DIY functionality together with the superior service and expertise the relationship with a broker brings. And, they expect it here and now. To meet this need, AFG has introduced a powerful new suite of tools and upgrades for mobile devices and desktops that are not simply about keeping up with these changes, they are all about unlocking the full potential of new technology and making sure you’re two steps ahead well into tomorrow.


Your FLEX iPad app The FLEX iPad app is the perfect way to give clients what they want when they want it, and ensure you’re not missing a single opportunity, no matter where you are. Branded with your details and logo, the app has a host of calculators and tools, generates compliance documents on the spot and has clever product search and compare functionality your clients will love. The app harnesses the high-end sales functionality of FLEX, with the convenience and ease of use of an app. More than just a mobile website, it takes full advantage of the functions of an iPad such as gestures, camera and email integration. In a single meeting, anywhere that’s convenient to a client, all the required details and financial information can be collected. A suite of calculators takes them through all their options and the financial implications of different choices. The product search function returns the top products that meet the criteria. Compliance documents including a Credit Guide and Privacy Consent Form with your branded details are automatically generated and can be signed on-screen, and all the documentation can be emailed directly to your client. From your client’s point of view, it can give them everything they need in one meeting. For you, it will be a seamless experience and one you can do anywhere and anytime, giving you a professional environment when you’re on the move to secure your clients’ business. The app automatically integrates with FLEX data, with no need for multiple data entry to different platforms. The mobility and ease of use of the app creates obvious time efficiencies and allows you to give a much faster and more impressive service to your clients.


My AFG Broker smartphone app Like it or not, we’re all living more and more of our lives with our smartphones in hand. As a broker it’s important you become part of your client’s mobile world and make the most of new ways to work. The My AFG Broker smartphone app is the perfect way to do this. It’s a smartphone app that’s customised with your branding and details. For your clients in the market for a loan, they’ll love the features like loan calculators and quick enquiry forms, the Need More Money feature that lets them SMS you with an enquiry and a time that’s convenient for you to call them. You’ll benefit from customers always having your phone and email details close at hand and top of mind. You’re able to use text and social media to stay in contact and add value at anytime. Best of all, they can easily share this information or the whole app with friends and family. It’s incredibly easy to share. Using the phone’s camera, a friend can simply scan a unique QR code built in to your client’s app and they’ll be able to download the app instantly, complete with your details and branding. It’s a new way for word of mouth referrals to pass on your details that’s more powerful and potentially valuable to your business than anything before. Like all our new platforms, the My AFG Broker app integrates with FLEX, ensuring your up-to-date contact details are front and centre with your customer on their phone. In short, it’s the ideal way to stay in touch with current and new business opportunities, while expanding your customer network.


Broker Fact Find Collecting customer information can often slow down the process. It takes time for the client to supply it and then more time for you to enter it into FLEX. Broker Fact Find is an online customer DIY tool that lets the customer do the data entry for you and helps streamline the application and approval process – saving you time and money. At the press of a button in FLEX, your client is emailed a secure link to the Broker Fact Find website that’s branded with your logo and details. It’s designed to make it easy for the client to supply as much relevant information as possible as it guides them through the data collection process. It intelligently skips questions or asks for additional information depending on your client’s answers. When they’ve completed the questionnaire it’s automatically emailed back to you and all data of the opportunity is updated in FLEX. Not only does it help you work more efficiently, it also speeds up the process for your client, allowing them to provide their details at a time and place convenient to them.


FLEX Contacts iPhone app The FLEX Contacts app is a simple yet extremely useful app for your iPhone that gives you access to your contacts in FLEX wherever you are. Much more than just an address book, it allows you to call, email or SMS your clients directly from the app. You can even use the maps feature to get directions to their home or workplace just by clicking on their address. It couldn’t be any simpler - just download the app by clicking the ‘Get FLEX Contacts app’ in your FLEX Contacts window. Once installed you login with your FLEX username and password and you have all your contacts’ details at your fingertips. You don’t even need to be connected to the internet to use it. To keep it up to date all you have to do is sync the app to receive the latest information from FLEX. Working on the move has never been so easy.


Broker HQ BrokerHQ is our new online search engine that finds all the lender information you’ll need. Sitting as a tab within FLEX, it works like Google but understands mortgage industry terminology. All the lender information you need on products, policy, contacts, calculators, marketing materials, manuals, forms, updates, media releases and information from lender websites is available. It’s fast and intuitive and even recognises industry terms and acronyms like LMI, LVR and CBA.


AFG’s award winning SMART program AFG launched our very successful SMART program in 2007, a Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) program on behalf of member brokers which seeks to protect and increase their loan portfolios by retaining customers, extending customers’ loan life and attracting new business through referrals from existing customers. The SMART program includes a six week post settlement thank you campaign, a three year anniversary campaign, a monthly rate alert campaign, the quarterly Haven newsletter campaign, a Christmas campaign and a birthday campaign that is sent to each client on the morning of their birthday. The suite also includes the powerhouse red alert campaign, identifying each month which clients on your books are most likely to discharge their loan, and the steps you can take to take to retain them. AFG administers and manages everything for you, with all customer communications personalised with your logo, name, contact details and brand. You have full visibility of where your customers are in the campaigns process via the Campaigns tab in FLEX. SMART is on the up and up, with over 900 brokers now taking advantage of the program, and over 3.5 million tailored, targeted and timed communications being sent each year and new industry awards under its belt. SMART will help you retain your customers, build your business and protect your future income.


Your very own SMART website The SMART suite also includes your very own SMART website, which connects your contacts back to your business via the SMART campaigns. Complete with your own branding and contact details, the content is regularly refreshed and managed by the SMART team, taking all the headaches away. The site is also able to be tailored with content you can supply for your own ‘About Us’ page. The site comes complete with a clever loan options tool, 20 calculators, scrolling lender logos to validate the range of loan products on offer, and a host of information to answer your customers’ needs and further validate you as their one stop shop when it comes to mortgage finance. If you’re active on social media, your SMART site can feature Facebook and twitter icons that link through to your own accounts to further drive customer engagement. The site is all set up for you from day one, with the Green, Amber and Haven campaigns linking through to your site to help drive traffic and referrals. You also have the ability to set up domain forwarding which means you can use your own website address (i.e. This service can be arranged via a number of external domain providers such as Crazy Domains or Melbourne IT. Another option is to use the URL address to include a link into an existing site you may have, enabling you to operate both sites side by side, complementing each other.


How SMART measures up SMART brokers know what it takes to build successful businesses. SMART then does the clever leg work to take your business to the next level. AFG brokers on SMART grow their monthly trail commission income at a higher rate compared to brokers not on SMART, through superior portfolio growth. After five years of operation, AFG brokers participating in SMART have achieved portfolio growth that is twice that of brokers not on SMART, as the graph below illustrates.

5 Year Cumulative Portfolio Growth 130%

70% 50%


Cum. % Growth


(indexed on the start of 2008)



10% 2008

20.22% 17.51%


34.86% 22.47%


68.19% 38.98%


90.14% 46.99%


113.54% 57.50%


122.96% 62.08%


Social media 101 Whether you are addicted or allergic to social media, it is important for your business. Why? Because your customers are there and so are your competitors. Some of you are very active and very successful social media fans, some of you have just dipped your toe in the water and some of you are yet to start. No matter which category you fall into, AFG is here to help with four social media guides designed to help you drive real business outcomes as a mortgage broker. In the guides you can find on KnowledgeHQ, we walk you through the benefits and the basics, how to get started, how to attract customers, social media etiquette and guidelines, how to measure success and how to source content to ensure you always have enough great quality fodder to keep your followers engaged.


Better tools mean better service We want to make sure we give you all the tools and information you need to grow your business, everything you need to help you give your clients the best possible experience. We should never forget that for many people, finding the right financial solution can be complex and stressful and that is one of the reasons they have come to you for help. The main advantage of these tools is not just that they are fully laden with the latest features but that for your clients they are simple, and help make the whole process fast and easy for them. Because you have everything you need wherever you are, you can work more efficiently and find your clients the right product quicker and easier than ever before. It’s all about giving your clients outstanding service - because no matter how much things change, it’s still the best way to build your business.




AFG Toolkit

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AFG Toolkit  
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