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Free Psychic Readings Are They A Gift Of The Spirit - Free Psychic Reading _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Stephen – There's thousands of you out there looking for free psychic advice and glimpses into your hidden world of thoughts, activities and what lies beneath. As much as an authentic reader would love to be available to give free psychic readings to everyone, it's physically, emotionally and mentally not possible. A free psychic reading takes as much time and energy as a psychic reading that someone purchases. Learn More About Free Psychic Reading Many psychic readers today took the time and energy to study and learn about their craft and have spent hundreds of hours giving nothing but free psychic readings. For a period of years some genuine, caring spiritual advisors never even considered taking money for their work. As an apprentice, one is humbly content to read and learn and advance. Then one day, something happens. It's almost as though one can actually feel a physical transcendence into a spiritual realm. People can become astonished at what occurs when someone actually connects to the spirit realm and divines insights and answers into the lives of the subjects they are reading.

Personally, when this happened to me, I began to notice that when I was doing a free psychic reading for someone, this enhanced or increased level of energy vibrated throughout my body. Today, it's almost unnoticeable. But when

this occurs to someone studying the mystical art of divination using natural psychic gifts or divination tools such as the tarot, it can mark the beginning of a special awareness and a higher level of experience. One finally recognizes that what they are doing is powerfully real and some extrasensory thing is happening when they are actually doing a reading. It is at this point, when a spiritually gifted person realizes that what they do is so powerful (powerful in the sense that they are capable of accessing a channel and bringing forth truth and knowing) that they come to realize that this can be their life's work.

And as we all know, when we go to work, we usually do so with the reasonable expectation of an equal exchange. Well, that means, one could expects to earn a living and to support their family as a result. Not to mention the rewarding and confident feeling one gets in knowing they are giving something of value to the person getting a psychic reading--and their true calling is being realized. My father always use to say, "Free advice is worth the price." Some people think that because what we do originates from Spirit, that we should offer our talent freely and help people without charge. Recently, I was asked, "Why can't you get a totally free psychic reading anymore?" I responded by explaining the expenses that are incurred to run a service and the energy it requires to conduct a real psychic reading, whether it is free or paid. Personally.

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