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What are the widely used Affiliate Marketing Terms?

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What are the widely used Affiliate Marketing Terms? Before jumping into Affiliate Marketing Business it is necessary that you familiarize yourself with some of the widely used affiliate marketing terms between the industry savvy.

1. Advertiser Also known as a merchant, an advertiser is a person, or company, that markets their product or service on the web. 2. Affiliate Marketer An affiliate, (or publisher), is a person, that’s not utilized by the advertiser, but rather assists the particular advertiser in marketing product or service in return for the commission.

3. Tracking and Administration Solution In order to monitor the incoming affiliate-referred website visitors, advertisers need to have a solution to track and control affiliates and their earnings. This is usually done by way of a third-party solution and could be set up in a multitude of ways such as the custom software install or perhaps a pay-to-use ad platform assistance.

4. Offer An offer is the product or service that the advertiser is intending to promote, and includes all of the specific details the affiliate needs to know in order to do the marketing successfully.

5. Creative Creative includes all of the assets that an advertiser may make available for promoting just about any given offer. Creative assets range from banner ads, text links, text ads, and mail templates.

6. Click A click will be the action that takes place each time a potential customer clicks using a creative. Creative can put on an affiliate’s website, inside a newsletter, emailed to an index of subscribers as a stand-alone campaign, placed on a social websites website or application or may be paid search ads.

7. Impression An impression occurs when a page containing the advertiser’s creative tracking code is loaded on any of the accepted marketing placements stated previously.

8. Link A link will be the URL, or an image or text that offers the URL. A link is set up on a blog or site by an affiliate and when clicked, leads the visitor to the advertiser’s web page or product site.

9. Squeeze Page A Squeeze Page (or Landing Page) would be the web page that online marketers direct traffic to. Visitors coming from an affiliate’s creative link will “enter” the advertiser’s site at this page. 10. Conversion This is the point where a visitor becomes a client by completing the action defined by the advertiser in the offer details.

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What are the widely used affiliate marketing terms  
What are the widely used affiliate marketing terms