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 Affordably Easy Bail Bonds is a San Diego

based full service bail bond agency. Our company helps arrestees bail out of jail through personalized, confidential and calculated strategies.

How Bail Works  Step 1. You call Affordably Easy Bail Bonds

Step 2. We get you out of jail!

Call Now  619-589-1788  If you are placed in jail, you may be able to

get out prior to your trial if you “post bail.” Bail is money you pay to the court in order to ensure that you will appear in court when told to do so. If you do appear as required, the bail will be refunded to you.

Contact Us  8528 N. Magnolia Ave., Suite 106

Santee, CA 92071 Phone: 619-589-1788 Fax: 619-334-9217

Thank You  For more details visit

Affordably Easy Bail Bonds