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What a difference a year makes! The Arizona Taco Festival has grown by leaps and bounds, so we thought the best way to round up all of the news is to make a fun digital magazine that lets you know exactly what’s in store for this upcoming event. First off, we have a new location: Salt River Fields at Indian Bend and the 101! The Taco Fest previously took place on 3 acres of dead grass (sorry!). Now we’re on 5 acres of, well, alive grass. There’s tons of parking, room to breathe, and space to put tents out so you all have shade. Secondly, the event is now two days! We suggest a weekend pass because there’s so much going on during both days. But we know your big question: what will we be drinking? This year, it’s margaritas by Jose Cuervo and Don Julio. Plus, you can now make it a Cadillac and add a floater of Grand Marnier. Beers are Miller Chill and Miller Light. Your other question: who’s making tacos?! Flip the page and check out the list of Teams. It’s pretty incredible, and we thank all of them for having faith in this event. We wish them all luck in the battle to win $10,000 CASH! We’d also like to say Thanks to everyone that’s been spreading the word. Whether your Facebooking, Tweeting, hanging a poster, passing out fliers, or just telling someone – all of it helps make this event bigger and better. Tickets are on sale right now at We’re looking forward to seeing you all!



• Aji Mobile Foods

• Four Seasons Scottsdale

• Q Up!

• Big Boy

• Fuzzy’s

• Rubio’s

• Chelsea’s Kitchen

• Green

• Salty Senorita

• Chi Chi’s Tacos

• J-Licious

• Sandbar

• Chuck

• Jobot Coffee

• Slade Bros.

• Cien Agaves

• JW Marriott Camelback Inn

• Someburros

• Akor

• La Hacienda

• Sportman’s Fine Wine

• Crudo

• Loco Patron

• T’s

• Distrito

• Luncha Libre

• Tacos El Mauri

• Dos Gringos

• Macayo’s

• The Mission

• El Hefe

• Manuel’s

• Tom’s Thumb

• El Palacio

• Milagro

• Tonto Bar & Grill

• El Santo

• La Canasta

• Waltz & Weiser

• Emerson Fry Bread

• Pita Jungle

• Wildhorse Grille

• Frank & Lupe’s

• Pork on a Fork



• 1800

• Herradura

• Cabrito

• Maestro Dobel

• El Jimador

• Tierras

• Tres Agaves

• Cazadores

• Patron XO Cafe

• Grand Marnier

• Cruz

• Sauza

• Don Julio

• 3 Amigos

• El Tesoro

• Jose Cuervo

• Corrido

• Gran Centanario

• Tanteo

• Agave Underground

• Chamucos

• Semental

• Julio Caesar Chavez

• Cayman Jack

• Tequila Peñasco

• Partida

• La Pinta

• Roger Clyne

• Dirty Tequila

• Clase Azul

• Karma

• Kah

• Cabo Wabo

• Corzo

• La Piedra

• Espolon



TOMATILLO SALSA Dos Gringos, AZ 3 lb. tomatillos, peeled and roasted 1 cup onions, diced small 3/4 cup green chiles, roasted and diced 1/2 cup cilantro, chopped 1/2 cup jalapenos, destemmed and diced 1/4 cup garlic, roasted 1/4 cup habaneros, destemmed and diced 1 Tbl lime juice, fresh squeezed 2 tsp crushed red pepper 2 tsp chile powder 2 tsp salt, kosher 1 cup water

DIRECTIONS Peel and clean tomatillos. Rub tomatillos with olive oil and place on grill. Roast and put them into an appropriate open container and place them in the refrigerator until they are cool (≤41°). Add with remaining ingredients into a food processor (you can use a stick or immersion blender). Blend well adding water as needed.



SOPHIA LOREN MARGARITA Mission Restaurant, Scottsdale 1.5 oz of Partida Blanco .5 oz of Lime Juice .5 oz of Agave Nectar Splash of water 4 strawberries 4 basil leaves

Put strawberries and basil leaves into shaker and muddle. Fill shaker with the rest of the ingredients and give it a good shake. Pour into rocks glass, do not strain and garnish with a lime wedge.



KICK-OFF AT CRUDO PARTY We threw a Kick-Off Party at hot, new restaurant, Crudo, back in September. Guests enjoyed a Tequila Don Julio punch made by mixologist Micah Olson along with pulled pork tacos from Chef Cullen Campbell. At the event, they learned about our plans for the 3rd Annual Taco Festival and most stayed to dine at this Best New Restaurant.



NEXT UP: On October 13th, we’re doing a bar crawl through Old Town Scottsdale! We’re asking people to get creative with their mode of transportation (but a bike will do) and get in the spirit when it comes to attire. A Day of the Dead painted face or lucha libre mask would be preferred, but a sombrero would work as well. Along the way, there will be Cruz Tequila and taco specials, as well as prizes from us, Cruz, and Yelp. No time for makeup? Yelp has arranged for a face painter at the meeting point. MEET: Salty Senorita @ noon on 10/13! RETAIL We have partnered with our retail sponsor, Bashas’, to bring the flavors of the taco fest to store aisles on a weekly basis. SCHEDULE:

• Mel Mecinas, Four Seasons Scottsdale: AJ’s on Pima, October 12, 3-5pm • Gavino Borquez, Top of the Rock: Bashas’ on 7th St., October 13, 3-5pm • Jorge Gomez, Chelsea’s Kitchen: AJ’s on 44th & Camelback October 18, 3-5pm

STUFF ONLINE We’re back at it with our kooky homemade videos! Weeks ago, Festival cofounder David Tyda took to horseback riding to get the message across in this action-packed film http://vimeo. com/49565888#at=0 and once Sombeburros entered a team, he got caught in their donkey costume. Just watch http://tinyurl. com/8mgyanl

RADIO We’re blitzing the airwaves with our partner-in-radio — Clearchannel. We’re running spots on all their stations including: • KESZ Soft Rock • KFYI News/Talk • KGME Sports • KMXP Mix & Variety • KNIX-FM Country • KOY Oldies • KYOT-FM Jazz • KZZP Top 40

ARIZONA TACO FESTIVAL MISC No matter where you are, you’re probably hearing about the Taco Fest. You could be at Salt Lounge having a cocktail and catch us on the TV’s, or reading Java, or the Phoenix New Times, or Green Living, the list goes on and on. We know you’re out there taco fans! Come hang out with us on October 20-21!




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