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LEDs or Light-Emitting Diodes have gone a long way since their first inception. You might remember them as the tiny red lights that we can find in our laser pointers. Today, we can find LEDs being used almost everywhere -- as LED signs, lights for homes and businesses, and for computer monitors to name a few common applications. Aside from our everyday use, people have found innovative applications for this technology. From applying LED for offices to medical procedures, here are four innovate ways these lights are used today:

LED Sky Panels According to studies from the Department of Energy, LED lights are known to use up to 80% less energy and shine brighter than traditional lighting. Aside from that, did you know that these lights can also help make you happier and more productive? Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineer IAO have developed LED sky panels. These panels are designed to be used in offices and offer a look similar to the sky which can make workers feel they’re working under a wide open space. Using these kinds of LED panels have increased worker productivity up to 15% more according to their research.


LED Car Sunroofs

When the sun shines bright, LED lights with solar panels can help you harness that energy. Solar-powered LED sunroofs can help you illuminate your car’s interior and even power the lights for your turn signals, headlights, and brake lights.

LED Contact Lenses Have you imagined having contacts that can let you read emails right through your retinas? Contact lenses are known for their ability to help those with visual impairments correct their vision, but that might not be their only use for long. Researchers from the Aalto University in Finland have been working on a prototype contact lens that can help people view an augmented reality. Think of these lenses as mini computer screens that make use of micro-LEDs. It’s possible that soon, people might be wearing contacts for more than just correcting vision.


LED Wallpapers

Changing the color of your walls may seem like a tedious DIY project to do right. Thanks to LED technology, changing the look of your home’s interiors might be as simple as pressing a button. LED wallpapers can make painting the walls or applying new wallpapers a thing of the past. This kind of wallpaper offers a relaxing glow with wall panels that can make use of various colors. It’s amazing how much technology has been able to help us light our world with LED. With all those applications, it’s easy to see why more and more people are starting to make use of it. If you’d like to brighten up your store or home with LED, check out!

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4 Amazing Applications for LED Lights  

Here are some of amazing application of led lights for current technology.

4 Amazing Applications for LED Lights  

Here are some of amazing application of led lights for current technology.