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Sweating is the body's natural cooling and cleansing mechanism. This function is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system which in turn sends signal to the sweat glands. It can become a serious medical problem when it happens uncontrollably and heavily. Medically a condition called the Hyperhidrosis. This is caused by the over activity of the sympathetic nervous system resulting to abnormal discharge of sweat from the glands. Sweating heavily can lead to drastic change to every people's lives. Interacting with others like friends, colleagues and even families can be hard whenever the extreme sweating happens. Also, the physical appearance of the person may be affected as damp marks of sweat appear on clothes. Thus, it will lead to social isolation, low self - esteem and emotional disturbance. Considering all these things, many people try to find excessive sweating cures to end the embarrassment suffered from having sweating disorder. One important thing to consider in getting rid of the problem is by maintaining proper hygiene. It does not only keep the body healthy looking but also prevent other health issues. Taking a shower often, at least twice a day, refreshes the body and removes bacteria thriving in the body. Applying antiperspirants one of the common ways to avoid extreme sweats contain Aluminum Chloride which blocks the sweat pores. All these and many hygienic habits can help stop heavy sweating. Proper diet is also helpful to keep the body's balanced temperature. Profuse sweating can be triggered by "sweat foods" like spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol. Avoiding these and sticking to zinc rich foods is better. Turkey, legumes, and nuts are few zinc containing foods. Regulating the body heat and keeping it cool is one benefit of water. Juices made out of fruits are natural refreshers that keep a hydrated system. Giving the body right amounts of fluids will help maintain level of heat; thus, preventing to over sweat. Clothes should be chosen carefully; cotton - made clothes can help the body breathe. When the body is wrapped too tightly, it results to heating up and sweating heavily. Wearing loose and dark colored clothes will provide the body room to breathe. It may also save people from bringing extra clothes and changing constantly. Another tip under excessive sweating cures is relaxation. It is important especially when the body is overworked. Sometimes extreme sweating can be its way of saying it is tired. So, doing some activities to release stress is a good way to prevent any sweat - inducing stimuli. Leave behind worries, think positively and exercise not only the body but the mind as well.

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==== ==== go here to get some great tips for Excessive Sweating Cure : ==== ====

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