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Are you or your spouse snoring all-night? If it's your spouse snoring and you are reading this, we know the kind of torture you are going through. Do you know snoring can be a sign of a serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea, which can be very harmful for the person snoring because this means you have periods when you are not breathing for more than 10 seconds while you sleep. During an apnea episode, there is a long period of silence just after snoring. The episode is followed by a sudden snort or gasp when breathing resumes. Then, snoring starts all over again. If you have sleep apnea, this cycle generally happens several times a night. Many people are still losing sleep every night. But you can make it easier to get a good night's sleep every night if your spouse could stop snoring. Yes I know you already know that. So how can we stop our spouse's snoring or our own snoring problem? Well there are many ways from strips you apply to your nose, pillows that are suppose to magically stop your snoring, all the way to expensive and even life threatening surgeries. Anyone that has done a little research on snoring probably already knows that snoring happens when the muscles in the throat become very relaxed while sleeping. But you might wonder how come I never snored when I was a young child? Well this is because your throat muscles were a lot more toned and fit, just like all your other muscles in your body when you were younger. As you get older your muscles become weak, unless they are exercised regularly. So if you didn't already know snoring is caused by weak muscles in the throat. And the best way to stop your snoring is to exercise and tone these muscles, back into the excellent and fit shape they were in when you were a child. With a few simple and safe exercises you can cure your snoring today, and enjoy a better night's sleep tonight.

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==== ==== go here to get some great tips toCure your Snore : ==== ====


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