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The Beautiful Energy Revolution



any homeowners are converting to solar to save on their energy bills and help the planet. However, an alternative to having panels on your rooftop can now be a beautiful, stylish, kinetic piece of art right in your yard to provide clean energy for your home. The name Smartflower™, the world’s first all-in-one, self-contained, portable solar system, comes from its design. The solar cells are arranged on free rotating individual “petals” that open at the beginning of each day. After the sun goes down, the Smartflower petals fold down and a self-cleaning process kicks in. Behind each solar petal are brushes that automatically remove debris, allowing for more sunlight to be converted to energy. The petals stay cool due to excellent ventilation, resulting in up to 10% more efficiency. In addition to solar cells, the Smartflower is designed with dual-axis tracking technology. Utilizing location, date and time calculations, the petals follow the sun across the sky throughout the day from both east to west and north to south, even when it’s cloudy. Due to the tracking and self-cleaning capability, combined with cool petals, the Smartflower produces significantly more electricity than a similarly-sized conventional solar system - up to 58% more. For such a smart system, Smartflower is incredibly low-maintenance. After a simple installation, Smartflower quickly adapts to its environment. It asks nothing of you except to just go about your day and use the clean energy it provides.



To learn more about the benefits of the Smartflower and how it can provide an attractive alternative to clean energy, you can contact Sun Energy at 949-777-5888 or visit them at 16722 Hale Ave. in Irvine. You can also visit their website at


South Orange County Living December 2017/January 2018  
South Orange County Living December 2017/January 2018