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When it Comes to Home Design Internet Purchases


he purchasing world is changing and has been for many years now. The internet has taken over in the vast array of items available for consumers. But for the world of internet home design purchases…it’s buyer beware!! Design sites such as Houzz, Pinterest and others, can give you a birds-eye view of what others have achieved in their homes and then copy it right in your own home often without the assistance of a local interior design professional. However, what happens when that duplicated look falls short in your home? Most likely it is due to the many differences in your home compared to the photo. In the photo, it looks perfect because a design professional has been to that home and studied all aspects of that dwelling and its interior space. They have taken into consideration the Elements of Design including space, color, texture, balance weight and scale. They have observed the lifestyle of the occupants, the other rooms in the house, traffic flow, home style, home exterior, neighborhood and most importantly- natural light. All these items weigh into a professional interior designer’s recommendations to a client and being present in the home is a must. Do not be fooled by online interior design services who profess they can design your home from a photo or a video. It’s simply not an option for a successful outcome of a home interior and should be considered a substandard approach to a project. A design professional must visit the jobsite in order to consider all the factors relevant to the space. Another pitfall for consumers can be purchasing upholstered furnishings without the availability of expert knowledge in textiles. A great “value” on an upholstered piece can signal the possibility of inferior



fabrics which may wear poorly over time. More and more fabrics coming from overseas contain Viscose (Rayon) which is a problem fiber for upholstered furnishings. These fibers can “ring” when wet, grab stains and generally begin to look shabby over a short period of time. Other textile/fabric negatives can include pilling, stretching, fading, tearing or shredding. Selecting the correct fabric for an upholstered piece can add years of life to your home design investment and help you get the best value for the dollars spent. It is important to hire a professional interior designer to come to your home and make recommendations that fit your home and all its particulars. They are trained in all areas of design, especially textiles. Professional interior designers provide a valuable service to make sure your design dollars are spent wisely and not wasted. For some folks, there is the misconception that interior designers are expensive. This is simply not true, especially when you take into consideration how much it costs to replace furnishings that are either incorrect or inferior. Most designers charge a reasonable design fee and then make purchases for you at their cost plus a small markup of anywhere from 10% to 25%. Their recommendations can save you time and money and turn your home into one that you can now share on Houzz. If you are contemplating an interior design project for your home, you can contact the interior designers at Obvious Flair at 949-291-0412 and let them guide you through the exciting and multi-faceted world of today’s home design. You can also view their website at or find them on Houzz. ORANGECOUNTYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM

South Orange County Living August/September 2017  
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