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Cedar Fences You Can Get What You Want!


t was 9:00 on a gorgeous summer evening. The shadows deepening. The crickets were beginning their all-night symphony. Ryan and Sarah were relaxing in their chairs around the patio table, enjoying each other’s company after a long day at work. Quiet conversation ebbed and flowed. Knickerbocker, the cat, was curled up in his favorite bench,his little motor purring loudly. Suddenly the stillness was interrupted with boyish laughter. It seemed to be coming from the back yard. “ Who is that?” hissed Sarah. “I think it’s Jordan and his friend”, replied Ryan. Jordan lived on the street behind Ryan and Sarah’s house. He and his friend were taking a shortcut to the corner store. For once, it wasn’t raining on that March afternoon. Jessica and Jamie had just gotten home from school, and were ready to soak up some spring sunshine. “Mommy, can we take Shiloh out to the backyard?” asked Jessica. Shiloh was their beloved Boston Terrier. “No”, replied Mommy. “Shiloh may wiggle under the fence. We don’t want her running away. There is nothing like sitting in your backyard

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on a warm summer evening and hanging out with family or friends. Or watching children romp on the back lawn with their favorite pooch. However, an unfenced backyard can greatly take away from this feeling of relaxation. Maybe you are annoyed by foot traffic walking through your backyard, or maybe you are just worried about your pets escaping. Altogether, these worries can definitely take away from what would otherwise be a very relaxing time. In talking with you, here are the 6 top benefits you are looking for in a fence. • Security / privacy • Pet containment • Aesthetics • Longevity • Property boundary marking • Adding resale value A cedar fence offers all of these benefits, and more. Here are some points you want to consider for security and privacy. The two most popular styles of cedar fence are “good-neighbor” and

“privacy”. “Good-neighbor” means exactly that. You are a good neighbor! You and your neighbor both have equal aesthetics. Their side looks the same as your side. The fence boards or pickets are attached to both sides of the fence rails. This is a strong fence that offers good security but not so much privacy. There is a 3-4 inch gap between every board. So when you stand facing the fence, you can see into your neighbor’s yard at 45 degree angles to yourself. “Privacy” fences, as their name would infer, offer the best security and privacy. On standard privacy fences, the fence boards are attached to the fence rails side by side. Over time, as the wood dries out, a small gap appears between the boards, but that is minimal. On picture frame fences, these gaps are covered up with a second layer of fence boards. Standard height for backyard fences is 6 feet. If you want to build a fence over 6 feet high, be sure to check with your local building department. They may require a building permit. And of course you’ll want to have gates at all your entrance points to the fenced yard. Many gates come with latches that can be locked with a padlock or other locking device. If you want my complete special report immediately, “Cedar Fences - You Can Get What You Want!”, call me at 503-919-0673, or email me at You will get “in the trenches” pointers and advice on cedar fences so you can have all the benefits listed above. Currin Construction, LLC Nolan Rohrer CCB# 205284.

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