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f there’s one thing Oregon homeowners can always count on, it’s the rain. Over the course of a year, it rains approximately 155 days in the Portland/Vancouver area. That is almost half of the entire year. While this might not be a problem for some, it can definitely become an issue for homeowners that have decks and patios—especially if those architectural structures were built many years ago. However, even newer structures can suffer if they have been coated in urethane. An older, and still commonly used, technology from the 1950s is the urethane fluid-applied deck coating. While urethane has a lower initial expense, the re-coating costs that accompany it are much higher. With a typical lifespan of just five-to-eight years, urethane is subject to UV degradation from both the inside and out. As it degrades, micro-cracks open up and leaks begin before you are aware of the problem. Urethane is easily stained and cut, and it dulls with time. Take a good look at your home patio and deck area. Do you see rotting wood or cracking concrete? Do you notice any discoloration, rust, sagging and rot? If you observe any areas of concern, one of the best decisions you can make is to properly waterproof your patio or deck while it’s still in decent shape—saving both time and money before the problem becomes a major

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repair issue later on down the road. A new acrylic polymer technology offers a more comprehensive system for those outdoor structures—professionals will both waterproof and resurface your deck. Not susceptible to UV degradation, the coating will not crack and is extremely chemical and stain resistant. This technology has been tested to withstand liquids such as bleach, vinegar, transmission fluid, brake fluid, surface cleaners, blood, iodine, ketchup, red wine, and much more, proving it to be an ideal surface solution for any sort of high-traffic area. Your new waterproof surface will not crack, keeping the structure dry underneath. One of the most attractive benefits is the versatility. While urethane coatings are only available in single-color, monochromatic finishes, your newly coated deck or patio can have any texture, stain or color that you choose. Once everything is finished, maintenance is extremely minimal. Cleaning will entail a light pressure washing, and a new top sealer can be applied every fiveto-ten years, depending on use. Rock Solid Waterproofing has been providing residential and commercial waterproofing and drainage solutions in the greater Portland/ Vancouver metropolitan area since 2006. Because all waterproofing projects require a

high level of expertise, innovative solutions, and attention to detail, each technician looks not only at the symptoms, but focuses on the root problems. Along with decks and patios, Rock Solid Waterproofing also provides services on basements, roofs, foundations, flooring and other specialty jobs. For more information, you can call them in Portland at 503-245-3313 and in Vancouver at 360-887-0421. You can also visit their website at www.rocksolidwaterproofing. c o m . O r e g o n C C B # 1 7 7 9 8 0 . WA C L #ROCKSSW926C6.

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