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One-Stop Shopping— Find Your Mobility Solutions


s people age and circumstances change, not only can the home present serious safety and comfort issues, daily life and routine activities can also become difficult to handle. Disease, injury, or agerelated mobility issues can quickly change the way you or a loved one live from day to day. Our homes are full of memories and love; therefore leaving your comfort zone behind is typically not a popular solution. All people have the right to a safe and comfortable living environment that does not compromise independence. Aging and physical changes do not have to put a damper on your quality of life. However, while most people are aware that certain products can be added to homes of those struggling with limited mobility, where do you even start? Because there are so many options, the shopping experience alone can be overwhelming. For example, if you need to access all levels of the home without having to use stairs, how do you know whether you should choose a stair lift or home elevator? Or, you might need to get around

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more quickly, but can’t decide whether a scooter or power wheelchair would be the best option. All of these dilemmas are common, and who doesn’t want to be educated and informed before making any final decisions about mobility investments? Luckily, there is a local solution that allows you to experience everything you need to know about the variety of different products on the market, in just one place. Providing you with the ultimate one-stop mobility shop experience, you can visit a store that allows you to actually see, feel, and try various mobility products that are available to you. Inside, you will find actual working models of stair lifts, home elevators, and track lifts. You can compare different walk-in tubs and barrier free showers. You can even test out a selection of wheelchairs, walkers, lift chairs, scooters, and power chairs around the store, both indoors and out, to see what products are the most compatible for your unique needs. Some featured products on display include Bruno® Independent Living Aids stair lifts, which

are made in Wisconsin. Three stair lift units are on display for you to use, both straight and curved. For the bathroom, you can become familiar with Bliss walk-in tubs, as well as Best Bath Systems barrier free showers and walk-in tubs. A working Inclinator Company of America® home elevator is on display for you to operate at your leisure, and finally, a working 52-inch, wheelchair accessible Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator (PVE) vacuum tube elevator is on display. This unit does not require a shaft and is available both freestanding or through the floor. It is similar to the vacuum tube systems used by banks to move around checks and paper; only this unique elevator has been designed for people. All In One Mobility, Inc. has been operating their incredible store for over 11 years. Helping you find the ideal solutions for you and your home, All In One Mobility sells, installs, and services everything they feature. You can visit their shop at 12833 NE Airport Way in Portland. You can also call them for a home estimate or for more information at 503-255-5005. CCB #165310. WA-ALLONOM920KA.

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