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atural stone and concrete are excellent choices for durability. Although they can withstand the test of time, they are subject to wear and tear, dirt build- up, moisture and are not impervious to spills and heavy foot traffic. For newly constructed and remodeled home, sealing natural stone surfaces maintains optimum stain resistance and protects against everyday dirt and spills. After a period of time you will begin to see discoloration, chipping, etching and ultimately the stone and concrete will look dull, bringing down the overall ambience of indoor and exterior living spaces. Maintenance is essential to protect your investment and maintain the value and safety of your home. The cleaning and sealing performed during regular maintenance will enhance the beauty of the natural colors and textures, preserving your home’s appearance for years to come. Dirt, mold, calcium deposits, salt damage and even algae can make their home in any permeable surface. These contaminants mar the beauty of your surfaces and can cause potential health concerns. In addition, if left unchecked, failing sealant may cause cracks creating trip hazards. The maintenance of each type of natural stone, along with the type of finish and location in your home, necessitates the need for a knowledgeable, experienced professional who understands the different




requirements for cleaning and sealing. Faux rocks, concrete and pavers used in outdoor landscape design around pools, waterfalls and ponds tend to get calcium build-up, creating a dull and dirty appearance. With a professional power wash, colors can be revived and then re-sealed to prolong the fresh look. By applying varying degrees of color dye, indoor as well as outdoor stone and concrete, outdoor hardscape and faux rocks can be restored to the original color. You can also choose from a myriad of colors and add designs from a variety of stencils or saw cut styles to suit your own design preferences, giving an entirely new character to your home. The professionals at The Floor Maintenance Company, a division of DiMiceli Construction Services, Inc., provide innovative restoration solutions to breathe new life into both indoor and outdoor concrete, tile and stone. All the products they use are of the highest quality and are environmentally friendly, with low VOCs and low odor. They offer custom maintenance programs tailored to your specific needs. Since 2006, DiMiceli Construction has been serving Southern California's highend residential homes, HOAs, retail, industrial buildings, warehouses, restaurants, cities and counties. For a free consultation and additional information, you can contact DiMiceli Construction Services, Inc. at (949) 510-4182, or visit their website at Lic #661604


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Orange County Living Magazine October/November 2019  

Orange County Living Magazine October/November 2019