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When Was the Last Time

Your Barbeque Shined Like New?


here is nothing better than a home cooked meal on the grill, especially when the weather starts to warm up and it’s hard not to take the food and entertaining outdoors. However, if you have recently found yourself staring at that dirty barbeque, wondering whether or not it’s even safe to cook on, you are definitely not alone. Eventually, all barbeques start to accumulate grime and grease, no matter how hard you scrub it. Both the grill and the exterior of a barbeque will inevitably lose that like-new luster, and this can happen fairly quickly if you are a regular griller. If you just can’t seem to get things clean, then the time has come to call the professionals for a barbeque makeover. Using a professional-grade steam cleaner, your barbeque will be sanitized with a deep cleaning that helps clear any stubborn grease and residue from your burners. This ensures an even flame as well as enhanced grill performance, completely eliminating hot spots. A professionally cleaned barbeque will not only extend the life of your unit, it will also ensure that your grilled favorites cook better and taste fresher. Additionally, your rejuvenated barbeque will be able to prevent rust, as well as ash, soot, and grease build-up. Keep your backyard looking beautiful and your food tasting delicious!




AFTER Superclean BBQ is ready to do your dirty work. Servicing Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego, Superclean BBQ also handles barbeque repair and maintenance, as well as patio heater restoration. To schedule an appointment or an estimate, or for more information, you can call them at 888-377-0713 or visit


Orange County Living June/July 2018  
Orange County Living June/July 2018