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hen you think about a sofa bed, you most likely conjure up an image of an average looking fold out couch that doesn’t offer much in the comfort department. Yet, when the time comes for friends and family to stay over, there is nothing better than having that convenient sleeper in the house—even if it’s tucked away in your home office. Now, you can say goodbye to that lackluster image of a traditional sofa bed forever, and meet the ultimate innovation that is literally redefining every notion you ever had about a traditional sleeper. American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper™ takes things to an entirely new level of luxury. When your guests come over, you won’t just be offering them a space to sleep— you will be providing them with first-rate bed accommodations, in an instant. With The Comfort Sleeper, American Leather has managed to capture the consumers’ imagination, not only in quality, but also size and design. Quality. Made in the U.S.A., each Comfort Sleeper is crafted from the highest quality materials and fully customizable. Available with three different mattress options, you can choose from a worldrenowned Tempur-Pedic®, a luxuriously soft gel mattress, or a slightly firmer Premier mattress. The Comfort Sleeper is also protected by a cloth under-shield. When guests arrive, your Comfort Sleeper mattress will fold out without any dust bunnies clinging to the mechanism. There are no bars, no springs, and no sagging—they will never experience a cleaner sleep. Size. More sleep space requires less floor space. All Comfort Sleeper mattresses offer a full 80-inches of sleeping surface, yet they take up less total floor area than conventional sleepers (whose mattresses tend to only be 70–75-inches in length). This is because the patented Comfort Sleeper system extends from within the back of the sofa. Also, staying true to size, when you purchase a queen Comfort Sleeper, you actually receive a 60 x 80 queen size. Many sleepers include a mattress that measures 54 x 72, and claim it’s queen-sized.



Orange County Living June/July 2018  
Orange County Living June/July 2018