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A Remarkable, Unique

Patio Opening Roof System


Adapts to the Weather, or Your Mood

he Louvered Opening Roof System is constructed of Zincalume louvers that rotate from completely closed to 155° open, by use of a small motor. It is safe to use and incredibly easy to operate. The motor is powered by a 12 volt transformer. A portable-remote controls the operation of the louvers. The Louvered Roof System offers many benefits, including: Versatility. It can be built as a patio roof or commercial cover. It can also be installed flat or pitched. Sun control. The louvers can be positioned during winter months to cast the sun’s natural warmth into rooms to save on energy costs. During the summer, they can be moved to


block direct sunlight to protect your home from unwanted solar heating. Light control. With the push of a button, the louvers can be moved to give the desired amount of light into your residence. This is a great way to naturally illuminate work or living areas while cutting back on power consumption. Ventilation. During the summer months, a place in the shade is where you want to be. The Louvered Roof System provides this by angling the louvers to a partially open position. Providing natural ventilation as hot air escapes and cool air replaces it. Rain protection. The Opening Roof System has a uniquely designed louver that provides complete overlap to help prevent rain penetration.


Shade control. You can also control the amount of shade needed. The amount of heat and light can be varied for work or relaxation. For those with sensitive skin or those concerned about health risks associated with sun exposure, the Opening Roof System is an ideal solution. Full light can be enjoyed without direct sunlight. Imagine being able to control heat on your patio at the touch of a button. With the Louvered Roof System, you can enjoy the outdoors year-round and worry-free. For more information or a demonstration of the Opening Roof System, you can visit the 5,000 square foot showroom of All-Pro Remodeling at 706 North Tustin Street in Orange, (714) 288-1314. You can also visit their website at ORANGECOUNTYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM

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Orange County Living February/March 2019  

Orange County Living February/March 2019