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Prevent a Costly Catastrophe by Repiping Your Home


hile many of the homes in Southern California have outdated piping, most homeowners do not give this situation much thought until a major problem happens. It is not an accident that more and more homeowners are experiencing costly slab and pinhole leaks in their home, or may be noticing the signs of outdated pipes such as decreased water pressure or bad tasting water. When it comes to slab leaks, there are certain signs that should never be ignored. If your water bill has increased, the water pressure is low, or there are hot spots on the floor, there is a high chance that you may have a slab leak. Other indications are the sound of running water when all the water is turned off, new cracks in the walls or flooring and excessive moisture under carpets. While the thought of having an expensive plumbing issue might deter you from wanting to call a plumber, avoiding this situation can cause further damage, leading to additional costs. It is important to have regular pipe inspections before it is too late, but if the signs of bad piping or slab leaks are



already present, consulting a professional company that can detect the leak without damaging your home or leaving a mess and smell is key. Using ultrasonic meters, infrared thermometers, digital acoustic technology and thermal imaging, professionals can detect the leak without drilling a hole unless it is necessary. A professional plumbing team will not only work at a reasonable pace and work in clean stations, but will make sure the job is done correctly. The right type of piping is crucial in preventing unexpected pinhole and slab leaks. There are quality piping products such as Uponor PEX A or the Viega PEX B which have an exceptional flow path, wall thickness and internal diameter which will prevent these issues. In addition, you will notice higher water pressure and quicker hot water to your fixtures. If you have not had the piping in your home inspected in a while and would like an in-home inspection, you can call the professionals at Integrity Repipe, Inc. at 949-485-5484 or visit their website at


Orange County Living April/lMay 2018  
Orange County Living April/lMay 2018