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Fences | Decks | Artificial Turf | Gazebos | Arbors & Trellises | Retaining Walls BORG—EXPECT MORE With more than 27 years of experience, Borg Fence, Decks & Turf provides outdoor living products that add value and joy to your home. Whether your yard needs a fence, deck, artificial turf, gazebo or custom creation, Borg Fence, Decks & Turf can make your dream backyard a reality.




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THE Vill agE COLLECTION ...Fine Custom Cabinetry


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15 - 22 Home Fashion A Neoclassical Jewel The True Beauty Of Real Wood Floors Looking Under The Hood At Home–How To Upgrade Your Home With The Right WIndow Treatments Getting Organized Finding The Right Hardwood Floors Life’s Precious Moments. Furnished

24 - 29 Home Interiors Bring Some Light Into Your Life WIth A Solatube Whole House Decorating–The Solution For Every Interior Don’t Overlook The Potential Of Your Staircase Look Up For Exciting Design Possibilities Inviting The World Of Fine Wines Into Your Home Complete Your Fireplace With A Custom Mantelpiece

30 Go Green Are You Still On The Fence About Making The Switch To–Solar?

32 Remodeling Ensure An Enjoyable Remodeling Experience With The Design/Build Process

34 - 36 Kitchen & Bath Traditional, Contemporary & Professional Appliances Designed For A Wider Range Of Kitchen Styles

34 - 36 Kitchen & Bath Protect Your Natural Stone Surfaces So They Can Last Forever Retreat Into A Magnificent Shower

37 - 38 Home Services Moisture Control – Your Home Will Never Feel More Comfortable Stop Termites From Taking Over Your Home

39 - 46 Exteriors & Landscaping Fences, Decks And Turf – Functional Beauty For Your Home Enjoy Your Garage! With Garage Cabinetry And Hybrid Polymer Coatings A Holistic Approach To Landscaping Make A Statement With Paving Stone Solutions New “Pondless Waterfall” A Low Maintenance & No Liability Solution A More Enjoyable, Functional Pool Planning Ahead For The Holidays Is A Bright Idea! Protecting And Shading Your Home Can Make A Measurable Difference A Remarkable, Unique Patio Opening Roof System Adapts To The Weather, Or Your Mood

48 - 49 Health Beauty and Fitness Reshape Your Body In 20 Minutes!

ON THE COVER Sub-Zero and Wolf, industry leaders in premium refrigeration, wine storage and cooking equipment, have launched the New Generation—a series of products featuring more than 60 appliances engineered to excel in both performance and design. As shown on the cover, New Generation will carry on the tradition of incredible cooking performance with ultimate style. For more information, you can visit Atherton Appliance & Kitchens today to actually experience fully functional kitchens at 695 Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City. You can also call them at 650-369-1794 or See their ad on page 2 and article on page 34.


Universal values of harmony and elegance find the most appropriate form of expression in this legendary Italian Roman commode originally designed in the third quarter of the 18th century. Refined decorations as well as harmonious proportions balance the power of this superbly crafted commode. The curvilinear and energetic shapes echo its noble simplicity and subtle eminence. Its harmonious floral decorations are perfectly vibrant and softened by a precious Yellow Siena marble top. Its asymmetric front with rhythmic inlaid flowers and branch motifs strengthen the sensational beauty and liveliness of this magnificent piece of art. This precious commode with its noble simplicity and quiet elegance, its rounded geometry and beautiful charismatic beauty along with its one-of-a-kind masterful Italian inlay and exceptional top quality represents the universal values of proportion, harmony and beauty. With this sensational work of art, Josephine Homes has once again succeeded in creating a masterpiece with the whimsical beauty of neoclassical style and innovative “tree of life” rhythmic design. The chance to live with whimsical masterpieces, that is a promise by Josephine Homes to all those who love the truly beautiful and genuine fine furnishings. Each of Josephine Homes’ masterpieces is hand-made in Italy with the most precious materials and devoted attention to the fine details. Living spaces decorated by Josephine Homes become sights worth seeing that can not only be admired but also experienced every day. Josephine Homes’ exquisite collections are handmade in Italy. Their showrooms are located at the heart of prestigious San Francisco Design Center at 2 Henry Adams Street, Suite 490 in San Francisco. Call 415-252-0959 to set up an appointment or for more information visit ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM

Available at Josephine Homes Hand-Made in Italy




hardwood flooring gives any interior an elegant look and feel that simply cannot be matched. If you are looking to add sophistication to your surroundings, the time has come to discover gorgeous Portofino Wood Floors. The Portofino Collection of hardwood flooring invites the warmth and beauty of a unique handcrafted hardwood floor into your home. Since its introduction in 2005, Portofino Wood Floors has grown to offer nearly a hundred different styles of distinctive hardwood, with colors, species and finishes to suit every kind of lifestyle and living space. American Traditions Series. Flooring is made from 100% domestically sourced North American hardwoods. The series is available in both engineered and solid construction and a wide range of designer colors.



Authentics Series. This 9/16” x 5” hand-sculpted floor offers a robust wear layer of 4mm and a durable aluminum-oxide finish. Superior structure and finish allows this floor to last a lifetime. Fornaio Series. A 9/16” x 6” French white oak floor offered in a variety of textures and colors with an easy to care for oil look, aluminum-oxide finish makes this one of the most innovative products for today’s consumers. Bamboo Series. A wide variety of eco-friendly bamboo flooring options are available, including strand bamboo, one of the hardest floors on the market. Bamboo is great for high-traffic areas and offers a unique look with an easy to care for aluminum-oxide finish. Portofino Wood Floors is committed to creating the world’s most beautiful, durable and desirable floors that explore the infinite variety and natural beauty of real wood. If you want to make a bold, distinctive design statement with your flooring, you can see the back cover to find your local Portofino wood floor dealer. ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM


Looking Under the Hood at Home— How to Upgrade Your Home with the Right Window Treatments


ars are so sophisticated these days—while in years past simpler models would simply get you from point A to B, these days they offer a truckload of added benefits and options. Why not bring the same high performance to the home by upgrading an item as innovative and beneficial, the window treatments? Try the nation’s leading name in custom window fashions, Hunter Douglas. Here is a quick overview on how to choose the right window fashions. Convenience. Just as car seats effortlessly adjust by the press of a button so too should your window fashions, especially when windows are very large or too high to reach. Try motorized window treatments such as Hunter Douglas PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinm™ Technology. Energy Efficiency. Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades are energy efficient due to the patented cell-within-a-cell design that traps air before it enters the room. The shades can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 40 percent in the winter and reduce solar heat gain through windows by up to 80 percent in the summer. Light. Too much speed isn’t a good thing, and the same goes with light. Consider Silhouette® window shadings. The Signature S-Vane™ features soft rotating fabric vanes between sheer panels. Thanks to the sheers, the product can provide critical protection from UV rays even when the vanes are open and letting in the view. Noise. Leave the noise on the streets—Vignette ® Modern Roman Shades with the Tiered™ Architella® has rear fabric air pockets that trap air, doubling the degree of insulation and providing substantial sound absorption for a serene home. Privacy. Silhouette and Pirouette window shadings offer a combination of sheer fabric to maintain a view of the outside and fabric vanes for variable light control and privacy both during the day and into the night. Safety. Prevent children and pets from the potential dangers of window covering cords with the Hunter Douglas LiteRise® cordless lifting system. Just as in a major car purchase, with a little bit of planning when it comes to window treatments, your home can be safer, more energy-efficient, peaceful, and all-around radiant.



Hunter Douglas, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of custom window fashions in North America. To see a variety of different Hunter Douglas products, you can visit Rebarts Interiors, an authorized Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Gallery showroom located at 247 California Drive in Burlingame and 990 Industrial Road Ste 106 in San Carlos, 650-348-1268 or 650-508-8518. Or you can also visit PKS Interiors located at 101 E. El Camino Real in Sunnyvale, 408-738-9183 or 650-948-4162.



s space in the family home continues to be a problem, more people are searching for organizational solutions. Whether it is a closet that is busting at the seams, a garage that holds so much that you can’t find anything, or a home office where you just can’t work, what can you do? The solution is to get organized. Take an inventory of everything you want to store in the space. Determine what you want to keep and get rid of the rest. Donate clothes to a charity, go through all of the items that you didn’t even know you had and dispose of them. The key is to be honest with yourself; if you haven’t worn an item or used it in the last year then get rid of it. The only exceptions are sentimental items like wedding dresses. This is probably the most difficult part of the process. A suggestion is to get help from someone with an unbiased opinion. Not only will you accomplish this difficult task, but you will be able to spend some time with a close friend. Once you know what you are going to keep in the space, then determine where everything will go. Group similar things together (all shoes, all shirts, or all cans of paint), and sketch the space to draw a plan.



Getting Organized By Kathryn LaBarbera

This will help you to create a vision. Make sure that the plan makes everything visible and easy to access. If you can’t see it, you probably won’t use it. Use all of the available space. Since storage space is hard to come by, it is important to store things neatly and efficiently. Smaller shelves, cubbies, or baskets can make good use of the space where clothes are not hanging in the closet. Shelves no wider than three feet keep the items in the garage tidy. Printers, CPUs, scanners, and fax machines are best if stored in cabinets under the countertop for the best use of workspace. The last decision you need to make is how you want your organized space to look. Closets can have a utilitarian look with the use of plastic storage boxes or be truly organized with a closet system installed by a closet company. Items in garages can be stored on shelves or behind doors. Offices should blend

in with your home. Whether you decorate with an art deco flair or are more traditional, it is important to create a space in the look that reflects your style. The hard thing is getting started. Look at your calendar and make a date with yourself. Set aside a weekend to begin the organizational process. However, if you are having a difficult time or just don’t know where to start, call an expert. There are professional organizers and custom closet companies that help people every day. The key is to take the first step. For more information or to schedule a free design consultation, you can call Closet Factory at 888-678-6789, visit their showroom at 1000 B Commercial, San Carlos, or visit them online at ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM


Finding the Right



sweeping or dust mopping with a cleaner is a benefit that the entire family can enjoy. While shopping for wood floors might seem like an overwhelming process, an expert can help you determine the type of floor and finish that is best suited to your needs. Once you have given some thought to the style of home or room you wish to create, professionals can help find your perfect hardwood match. By visiting your local California Carpet flooring showroom, you can see first-hand the large variety of choices available. California Carpet has been providing convenient flooring solutions for over 30 years. California Carpet employs its own installers, ensuring that your entire experience is executed correctly from beginning to end. For more information, you can call them in San Carlos at 650-591-3355, or in San Francisco at 415-487-3636.

ardwood floors offer a timeless expression of livable, understated elegance. By nature of its warmth, color and honest character, wood flooring enhances your home and complements any room and dĂŠcor. When it comes to hardwood, homeowners are offered a variety of different species options for design versatility. Darker species of woods can be more casual than lighter pine floors. Whether your tastes range from rustic and casual to formal, traditional or contemporary, hardwood can create the perfect look that reflects your personality and unique spirit. Additionally, one of the most popular attributes of hardwood floors is the low maintenance. Providing a cleaner, allergen-free environment that requires only






re you tired of brown, boring furniture? If so, it’s time to discover a new experience in high style and high value furnishings that has been referenced as, “jewelry for your home.” Caracole® is a portfolio of unique items that work in harmony to furnish your entire home. Every piece represents high design and independent thinking, with more than 50 finishes and materials. These include exotic woods, mixed elements and hand-applied finishes. Each Caracole piece stands alone, speaking for itself. You might see a closed storage items as a bedroom dresser while your neighbor views the same piece as the perfect dining room sideboard. As you browse through the three distinct and carefully edited portfolios, you can throw any rules out the window and allow your subliminal preferences and unconditioned reflexes to make the call. Above all, you can have fun utilizing Caracole’s fresh originality to make your home the perfect reflection of you. Each Caracole silhouette is unique and can satisfy your style choices. The difference is in the details— whether it’s the comfort of seating or specialized accents such as nail trim or graceful lines, you will enjoy personalizing each piece. To see more of Caracole and other fine furniture manufacturers, you can call or visit Furniture Royal at 2000 S. Rainbow Blvd. in Las Vegas. 702-253-0600. You can also see their ad on page eleven of this issue.





LIGHT Into Your Life With A Solatube

ho wouldn’t want to make their home more healthy, vibrant and energy efficient while also increasing its resale value? With just one simple home improvement, you can achieve all of the above. Experience the many advantages of incorporating natural sunlight into your indoor environment with a Solatube®. Here’s how the Solatube works. A high-tech dome on the roof focuses sunlight down a tube lined with Spectralight Infinity®, the world’s most reflective material. It filters out heat and UV rays and then diffuses the visible-spectrum light evenly through a room. The effect is extraordinary. Solatube generates exceptional lighting, more than you would expect from a skylight much larger than its size. It also costs considerably less than other daylighting options, such as windows and skylights, including both product and installation costs. You will save money on energy bills because Solatube allows you to switch off the electric lights during the day.



Installation is fast, clean and easy. There is no structural reframing, tunneling, dry walling or painting necessary. A professional can install your Solatube in less than two hours. Plus, the compact and flexible design of the Solatube allows it to be installed in just about any room, including rooms without direct roof access and smaller spaces where daylighting might not be an option. And finally, this home improvement is actually good for you. It has been shown in several prominent studies that increasing daily exposure to natural light can enhance mental and physical well-being, boost concentration and energy levels and a variety of other unexpected perks. For more information about Solatube, you can contact Solar Lighting Express located at 1181 Chess Dr., Ste. C in Foster City, 650-999-0656 or you can visit them online at



Whole-House Decorating–

aving an absolutely perfect home décor is a concept most homeowners think they will never get to truly experience. While it’s nearly impossible to put a finger on exactly what needs to be changed or what’s missing, people often feel like something is incomplete. And no matter how many new items you buy or move around, your interior never seems to feel just right. The reason that homeowners often feel this way is because successful home decorating is a true form of art that requires both design knowledge and the precise materials for the style you want to achieve. A trained eye can see certain things that you might be overlooking, and they know exactly how to solve the problem. With a full service design center, you have every single product you need to create a successful interior right at your fingertips. Choose from a multitude of different types of flooring, including carpet, hardwood, laminates, tile, area rugs and more. Windows can be uplifted with draperies, blinds, Roman shades or shutters from top-of-line-manufacturers. From cabinets, wallpaper, bedding,


fabric, hardware and rods, countertops and more, the collaboration of a skilled decorating expert with instant access to products is a combination that results in a flawless interior for every home. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, a professional can create custom pieces to fit your exact needs. Additionally, creating custom items doesn’t have to be expensive—there is a solution for everyone. The time has come to finally create the home you have always wanted that is ideal for both your personality and lifestyle. PKS Interiors has been servings the Bay Area for over 30 years, and is an exceptional resource for your home’s interior décor needs. Truly a one-stop-shop for all of your decorating needs, PKS offers the design and sales of flooring, window coverings and cabinets, along with a huge selection of products. For more information, you can call PKS Interiors at 408-738-9183 or 650-948-4162. You can also visit their website at




wo of the most common questions homeowners tend to ask about staircase remodels are, “What are my options?” and “How much will it cost?” In fact, there are four factors to consider: scope, size, style, and species. These elements ultimately dictate whether a staircase will have a price tag of $4,000 or $40,000. Scope. What are your goals for the remodel? Is it just the handrail, newel posts, and balusters that need to be installed, or is there framing involved? How many portions of the staircase will be worked on? Size. A staircase that only has 20 feet of rail will be more affordable than one that has 50 feet. The width of a staircase can play just a minor role, but the linear footage of handrail needed for a project will be much more of an indication of the overall amount. Style. The possibilities are endless when it comes to style choices. Some materials can be very pricey in comparison to others while only offering a different look. For example, simple paint grade wooden balusters are far less expensive than glass panels. Species. Staircases can be made in



virtually any species of wood, and each one has its own distinct characteristics that may make it more or less desirable. Some popular species include red and white oak, maple, Brazilian cherry, mahogany, hickory, and walnut. Whether you are remodeling an existing staircase or building a brand new one, Tree of Life Stairs is able to design and build whatever you need. Tree of Life Stairs is unique because they donate 10% of all earnings to various charities and non-profit organizations. For more information, you can call them at 408-225-7979, or visit to see examples of their stunning craftsmanship and use their helpful design tool.



eal wood box beams add elegance and dramatic visual interest for any home, tailored to suit your unique decorating style—from rustic to contemporary. Custom-built to the specifications of your space, box beams offer versatility in a variety of applications that don’t call for a structural placement of solid wood. Fabricated from FSC-certified Douglas fir, wood box beams are hollow and lightweight. Fastened to a nailing strip or attached to an existing structural member after a room is finished, they can either stand-alone or be used to clad steel members and engineered glulams. These can be installed before, during, or after the process. A successful way to cover just about any unattractive components of a structure, box beams provide a unique channel for plumbing, electrical wiring, and lighting. Available in a wide range of textures and finishes, custom box beams can meet any design requirement and flow seamlessly with the architecture of your home. For more information, you can call Jackel Enterprises, a specialty lumber company located at 347 Locust St. in Watsonville, at 831-768-3880 or toll-free 800-711-9663. Serving Bay Area homeowners for 22 years, you can also visit them online at




homeinteriors Inviting the World of

Fine Wines


ou are part of an ever-growing number of wine lovers, connoisseurs of the grape, who have taken their appreciation to the level of collector. Maybe it’s just a hobby, resulting in a modest collection of 50 bottles. But it might be a passion, a business investment, and the collection might number



in the hundreds. Yet no matter how large or small the collection may be, proper storage is the key to maintaining the quality and value of the wine. Temperature control, insulation, humidity, aesthetics and space constraints as well as budget questions can be mind-boggling. A qualified designer will listen to your personal wishes and preferences and translate them into a design concept. The space planning for your wine racks, material selection for walls, floor, decorative accents, lighting and furnishings will be streamlined by professionals. Experts that have worked in the design business for over 10 years and are partnering with quality builders and suppliers will ensure a successful project, from concept to completion. Wine rooms can be installed in a multitude of spaces, from the garage to bonus rooms, basements and closets. The interior designer will ensure a seamless integration with the rest of your home to create a beautiful and practical space that will match your wine’s quality and create a space to be enjoyed for years. For more information, Senga Interior Design can help. With the knowledge, experience and understanding to judge quality versus dollars spent, Senga Interior Design will guide you with spending wisely so that you get the most value. You can contact them at 650-345-4636 or and visit their website at to browse a selection of completed projects.



he fireplace has traditionally been viewed as the focal point of a room. It creates a feeling of warmth and serenity as it naturally attracts all to enjoy. The look can only be completed with the addition of a spectacular mantelpiece to frame the beauty of the fire. A mantelpiece should be a unique addition to the home it resides in. A mantel should not only reflect the spirit of the home, but also the owner’s sense of style and personality. Most homes can support a number of different options as far as the mantel’s style goes, yet fine-tuning sizes and finessing details will create the right proportion to fit the room, which is equally as important as the look. Looking at the entire picture, a specialized mantel designer will carefully integrate other aspects in the room such as custom cabinetry and transitional crowns and molding. The mantel remains the focal point while each component of the environment has a complementary impact on the overall design and aesthetics. Whether you are looking for a simple or ornate look, beautiful, clean details result in a breathtaking mantel unique to your home.


The Village Collection, Inc, in Belmont, has been designing and building custom mantelpieces for homes in the greater Bay Area for over 25 years. Please call for an appointment to visit their showroom and discuss your upcoming mantel project: 650-594-1635 or 650-802-2185.




ou hear people talk about solar power all the time. Perhaps you have even seen solar panels in your neighborhood. Yet, you aren’t completely sure if solar power is the right solution for your home and family. If this sounds familiar, then you are definitely not alone. Oftentimes homeowners have many questions about both the process and the results of solar energy systems. If you are unsure about whether this option is the right choice for you, then the time has come to learn all about solar power and the incredible benefits you will experience after making the switch. First and foremost, you should feel comfortable with the basics of solar energy and how it works. Using panels (that often contain silicon cells), the power of the sun is harnessed by absorbing sunlight for the conversion of light into electricity. Though solar energy works best in areas that receive direct sunlight, you only lose less than 5% in productivity due to cloudy or foggy days. Additionally, your home will still be connected to a power grid, so on the days when your system creates a surplus of power; you can actually sell it back for credits. The advantages that solar power provides are simply unattainable with traditional power sources. Here are just a few examples: The savings are tremendous. Solar power will save you hundreds, if not thousands, each year. You can reduce your monthly utility bill up to 95%. You will no longer be a victim to utility rate hikes. Additionally, many local, state and federal governments offer generous rebates and monetary incentives to install solar panels as well as solar hot water systems. You don’t have to buy out of pocket—there are $0 down leases and loans available. Which for the budget savvy homeowner, they can see savings from day one. Increase your property value. Since solar energy offers such profound savings, potential homebuyers will be willing to pay more for your home, should you ever decide to put it on the market.



Respect the environment. Once installed, your solar panels will provide a renewable power source that does not rely on coal or any other fossil fuel, and is not as dangerous to the environment as nuclear energy can be. If you are concerned about reducing your carbon footprint and improving the environment, solar is an ideal solution. Invest in your future. Accompanied with a 25-year warranty, solar panels will operate quietly and efficiently for years to come. They make no noise and require very little maintenance—an occasional rinsing to clear dust and obstructions will keep your panels functioning properly. If you still have questions about how solar power works, or want to know more about the additional benefits a system of your own can offer, Skytech Solar can help. Since 2008, Skytech Solar has been providing solar to the Bay Area that everyone can afford and that is financially beneficial. You can call them at 415-826-2503, visit them online at, or email info@skytechsolar for a free quote or to request more information. ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM





enovating your kitchen and upgrading your bathroom will give your home a fresh new look and increased functionality. A room addition provides additional space for a growing family or any lifestyle changes. If you want something totally new and different, then you may want to consider a complete renovation. With all the options and choices available, where do you start the ball rolling on your project and whom do you call? The simple answer is an expert—someone who can handle each and every detail. Selecting the right company can make a huge difference in the projects’ success. You want a company that will walk you through the process from the idea stage until the project is completed. A design/build company provides a one-stop shopping experience that expedites the entire remodel procedure. This gives you peace of mind knowing they are taking care of everything, relieving the pressure off of you, the homeowner. There is one contact in charge of every aspect of your remodel. Therefore all questions, suggestions or new ideas can be communicated quickly. Design/build professionals utilize a very structured process, allowing you to not just stay within your established budget; they ensure a well-managed project that is always finished on time. Initially, you and the professional will discuss your ideas and expectations and then they will prepare a preliminary design. Based on this design, they will then develop an estimate of the costs associated with the project. Working with you, the project can be modified until it fits your exact needs and budget. Once you approve the budget, they will finalize the design with complete architectural and structural plans. The next step is the final cost estimate and bidding process, where they will work you in selecting the contractors and will prepare the scope of work.



Obtaining permits is next, followed by the actual project planning and scheduling. After the construction starts, your design/build professionals will ensure quality control of the project until the job is finally completed. Cinnabar Builders is a full service construction management company that incorporates the very best practices in project planning, scheduling, execution and communication. For more information or a free consultation, you can call them at 408-439-2410 or visit




Traditional, Contemporary Professional Appliances



he New Generation of Sub-Zero and Wolf is a new series of products featuring more than 60 appliances engineered to excel in both performance and design. In addition to dual refrigeration, newly advanced integrated refrigeration features air purification, water filtration, and low- temperature, high-humidity produce drawers. The New Generation integrated refrigeration products are available in five widths—from a slim 18 inches to a spacious 36 inches— with redesigned installation features (such as three-axis door panels) that make the products easier to install. Additionally, they are styled with a selection of handles specially designed to match Wolf products. Wolf’s New Generation products will carry on its tradition of cooking performance in three striking design styles: classic and flexible transitional, ultra-sleek contemporary and bold professional. New Wolf products will include a line of built-in ovens—the M series—featuring Dual VertiCross™ convection for advanced cooking precision. Additional New Generation products include redesigned gas, electric and induction cooktops, integrated modules, microwaves, ventilation and an all-new built-in coffee system. The new E series ovens retain the line’s precision performance dual convection feature, which delivers consistently uniform heat throughout the oven’s signature cobalt-blue cavity. Dual convection in conjunction with 10 cooking modes ensures that home cooks achieve delicious results every time.



for a

Additional features standard in all E series ovens include: three adjustable oven racks, a large viewing double-pane window, dual interior halogen lighting, a self-clean function, delayed start and Sabbath features, and balanced door hinges to assure smooth opening and closing. E series ovens have earned the Star-K Kosher certification. The professional and transitional models incorporate a new stainless steel touch control panel with an LED display screen. The contemporary style is all black glass and features a black glass control panel and updated black tubular handle. All E series ovens will have a new diamond glass pattern in the viewing window, which will coordinate with future New Generation induction and electric cooktops. E series ovens measure 30” in width and can be paired with other Wolf products such as the Wolf convection steam oven, microwave drawer, or warming drawer for uniform horizontal and vertical stacking options. They can also be installed flush with surrounding cabinetry for a sleek, modern look. Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances are manufactured in the United States using only premium-quality materials that are proven to stand the test of time. For more information, you can visit Atherton Appliance & Kitchens today to actually experience fully functional kitchens—nothing is more helpful when considering the right appliances, cabinets and countertops for your unique lifestyle. You can visit their showroom, enjoy a gourmet cup of coffee at their Atherton Café, and even test out their live coffee machines along with kitchen appliances at 695 Veterans Blvd. in Redwood City. You can call them at 650-369-1794, email them for a quote at, or visit to see more appliances, cabinets, countertops and culinary education. ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM


Natural Stone Surfaces So They Can Last Forever

tone is a timeless material that gives any home a stunning touch of elegance. When you choose to include natural stone in your home décor, it shows how much you truly value your investment. However, beautiful stone is used for applications that tend to endure constant use and high traffic—floors, showers, kitchen countertops, and bathrooms are just a few examples. Because of this, it’s easy to understand why these surfaces start to appear dull, scratched and stain with time. Long-term care for your natural stone will keep its value intact as your home age gracefully. Sometimes accidents happen and dings in your floors or countertops will appear. But it’s important to remember that natural stone has an advantage over other building materials in that it can be restored to its original condition during a restoration. Professionals can clean, polish and remove stains from any surface. They can repair


stone laminations and chips, as well as seal and preserve your stone to help it resist future staining. Grout can be repaired or replaced during the restoration process, restoring the color. And stone restoration isn’t just limited to indoor applications. Wall cladding, planters, statuary and more can be repaired and restore. Professionals can even clean and remove stains on natural stone patios and decks. Fox Marble brings an unprecedented level of expertise, craftsmanship and professionalism to their wide range of stone care and restoration services. A one-stop-shop for all your high quality stone projects, Fox Marble offers the ultimate in knowledge, customer service and craftsmanship. For more information, you can call them at 415-671-1149 or visit




shower can be the most calming event of the day. An elegant, custom designed frameless shower enclosure can enhance the experience by adding beauty and luxurious style to the bathroom while adding tremendous value to your home. The exquisite elegance of a frameless shower door provides beautiful form, which allows for the reflection of light and the visual enlargement of your space. Cumbersome metal frames that obstruct the view of the shower and distract from the beauty of the bathroom have been almost completely eliminated. Using 3/8" and 1/2" thick glass as well as a large selection of hinges and handles available in 25 different colors to match most plumbing finishes, frameless shower doors are both beautiful and functional. Each frameless shower enclosure is customdesigned to your specifications and manufactured for its specified opening using as much glass and as little metal as possible. To minimize glass maintenance, a very effective and durable glass protection process is available called "ShowerGuard" which comes with a 10-year-warranty. The website: explains how it works and why this type of glass protection is popular for many customers. Glass protection along with minimal cleaning ensures your



frameless shower enclosure maintains the appearance of the original installation for years to come. For more information, you can call Creative AGI Shower Door & Mirror Company at 650-364-7025. You can also visit their website at, or visit them at 701 Hurlingame Ave. in Redwood City.



Moisture Control —



Will Never Feel More Comfortable

lthough sealing the crawlspace of a home isn’t necessarily a new concept, the process itself has evolved immensely over the last few years. In 2010, the California building code changed to allow moisture control professionals the opportunity to close off a tremendous amount of ventilation in a crawlspace. While it has always been possible to limit the amount of moisture entering a home with crawlspace encapsulation, this new ability to close off the ventilation has taken home comfort to an entirely new level that is absolutely incredible. The drastic impact this new development in moisture control has on the overall feel of a home is astounding. Your crawlspace will stay much warmer when it is cold outside, and the temperature of your living space will increase as well. Whether it’s day or night, hardwood floors will feel warmer underneath your feet. Your interior environment will be nice and cozy and most importantly, more healthy.


So, how does crawlspace encapsulation essentially work? As moisture enters the home through the exposed earth in these spaces as an invisible vapor stream, it brings with it higher heating and cooling costs, unpleasant odors, asthma, and allergy-causing mold spores. Crawlspace encapsulation systems, sump pumps, basement and garage waterproofing, and interior drainage systems can help you eliminate wasted energy, improve indoor air quality, and create a more efficient, comfortable, and economical home. Reducing your carbon footprint with energy conservation begins below in your home’s sub areas, basements, and crawlspaces. Mold is also a major factor when dealing with poor air quality. Isolating your home from the earth with CleanSpace® will reduce the relative humidity of the crawlspace to a level in which mold cannot grow or survive. Closing vents will seal off your crawlspace and prevent cool air from entering, meeting the R408.3 CA Code to create energy efficiency. By preventing warm air from entering in the summer and reducing the loss of heat in the

winter you can significantly decrease your energy costs. For homes with basements or sunken garages, water will enter through walls, floors, and the joints between them, but having a contractor dig out the side of a house and install an exterior french drain system isn’t a feasible option. The patented WaterGuard® system is designed as an interior french drain. This unique drain system intercepts water at the interior perimeter and drains it safely away from the floors and walls, keeping the basement or garage dry permanently, allowing you to utilize these spaces to their full potential and create valuable living space out of what was once wasted real estate. All products carry warranties. Bay Area Moisture Control, serving all Bay Area counties, is currently the only local company offering this innovative system to homeowners. For more information or to schedule a free home evaluation, you can call them at 510-836-8789 or 415-884-0500. You can also e-mail or visit them online at SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 • BAY LIVING



ST P Termites From Taking Over Your Home

hile there are over 2,000 different species of termites in the world, the state of California is blessed with just three types. These include drywood termites, subterranean termites and the rare dampwood termites. Each one of these three species operates in their own unique way and chooses different areas and structures to infest. From a homeowner’s perspective, this information might seem trivial because despite the type of termite you have, they are all capable of causing detrimental damage. However when the time finally comes to get rid of your pesky infestation, it’s crucial to understand exactly what your individual situation entails. The truth is, there is no one treatment that serves as the answer to all termite infestations. While some claim that a specific treatment will rid all homes of any termites, this is simply not the case. A professional should examine each and every termite infestation to determine what course of action is best, considering the situation’s circumstances. For example, fumigation is often one of the most efficient ways to eradicate drywood termites, but depending on the type of construction, fumigation isn’t alway the best choice. Just because a treatment was successful for one home does not mean it should be used every time—each treatment should be custom-tailored for efficiency and overall success.



Clark Termite Control has been family-owned and operated since 1960. They thoroughly understand the advantages and disadvantages of all treatments on the market to control local termites, and will work with you to find your perfect solution. Owner Richard Clark performs most inspections and is on-site for all fumigations. Clark Termite Control also repairs damage from fungus and dryrot. You can call them at 408-297-4888 and 650-321-4888 or visit for more information.


Fences, Decks & Turf – Functional Beauty For Your Home


o you find yourself pondering over the fact that your exterior décor is lacking in expression and style? Have you been craving a stronger sense of protection for your home? No matter what your reason may be, there is no better way to give your home an upgrade that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing than with a gorgeous new fence or deck. Fences can do so much for your environment—they enhance your property value, beautify acreage, define boundaries, create barriers, accent landscaping, and offer you and your family some privacy and increased security. Here are just some of the options you can choose from when selecting the perfect fence: Redwood. When it comes to redwood, always start with the best quality you can buy. Different wood fence styles include board on board (with or without lattice), custom designs, solid board fencing, and dog-ear fencing. Vinyl. This choice of fence is economical, adds value, is easy to maintain, and offers incredible design appeal. Vinyl can be customized in almost any way imaginable. EcoStone. Create a fence that looks like real stone, yet can withstand forceful impacts, resist graffiti and is super easy to maintain. EcoStone is also an excellent sound barrier. Aluminum. Available in a number of different styles and color options, and constructed without the use of screws, aluminum fences are designed to impress and built to last. Ornamental Iron. Wrought iron is ideal when you are concerned about security but want to preserve your view. Many fence and gate options are available.


A well-designed deck can add living and entertaining space to an existing home, making a backyard seem more like an exclusive resort. A smart return on investment, decks can be basic or customized into free-flowing shapes. Some different types include: Redwood. Offered in a variety of appearances that allow you to create an ideal deck that meets both your taste and budget, rich and classic redwood is often chosen for its timeless natural beauty and outstanding performance. Composite. Made of a mixture of plastic and wood fibers, this type of decking was originally designed to provide homeowners with a low-maintenance option. PVC. Setting a new standard in the decking industry, PVC decking boards are extremely scratch-resistant and it will not absorb juices, wine or certain greases. This is a great option if you have patio furniture or animals. Railing. Accent your deck with railing, available in redwood, aluminum, composite, cable, glass panels, iron and vinyl. Each option is unique and can be paired with your deck choice. If you are ready for a picture perfect lawn without the time commitment, artificial turf is a perfect solution. It has a very similar look and feel to natural grass, but it does not require mowing, watering, weeding and feeding. Borg Fence, Decks & Turf has over 27 years of experience specializing in fences, decks, gazebos, gates, artificial turf, trellises, arbors and retaining walls. A green company that uses renewable resources, and as a standard practice removes and disposes your old fence, recycling each component. For more information, you can call them at 888-887-8015 or visit You can also see their ad on page 6. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 • BAY LIVING



With Garage Cabinetry and Hybrid Polymer Floor Coatings


he last bastion of the truly finished residence is “The Garage.” If you’re embarrassed to open your garage door, just imagine your garage being as lovely as the rest of your home. Custom cabinets, floor coatings, and versatile gridwall organizer systems are created to bring order out of chaos for a lifetime of beauty and service. Homeowners who want to expand their living space will also discover they have increased the value of their home. For starters, hybrid polymer floor coating systems are engineered for easy cleaning and designed to be stain and peel-resistant while enhancing lighting and eliminating the ugly, dirty look of raw concrete. Choose from a variety of cool solid colors or simulated granite finishes. You won’t believe the difference a smooth, bright floor makes in your garage or even in your basement! Some parents use their finished garage as a safe, indoor playroom for their children during bad weather. Simply put the car in the driveway, add a space heater or rug, close the door, and let the children ride tricycles and big wheels in perfect safety.



One popular use of finished garages is teen parties with a floor that is perfect for dancing. Because there is no clutter in the garage, it feels like a wonderful bonus room instead of a garage. The exclusive PremierOne hybrid polymer coating technology is engineered for both performance and convenience. This system can generally be installed in one day, with a return to full use within 24 hours. Leave it to us to take care of all the details, including rental of a POD storage box, load out service as well as painting and drywall work. The path to a clean and inviting garage, of course, is fully finished cabinets with easy-clean thermo-fused melamine surfaces (interior and exterior) to store everything from camping gear to holiday decorations. It’s the ultimate in storage solutions with full-face doors with high-grade concealed hinges, all-steel construction hardware, and cast steel handles. The 1”-thick fully adjustable shelves have a load rating of 100 lbs. per shelf. Seasonal items can be stored out of sight near the top and frequently used items stashed in the lower shelves.

Expect full-back cabinets that stand up to harsh temperature extremes and are mounted off the floor. This makes floor cleaning a breeze, eliminates hiding places for pests, and allows water to flow out the door. PremierGarage cabinets are designed specifically for the garage and have the largest cubic storage capacity in the industry—up to 90 inches tall, 48 inches wide, and 24 inches deep with no center supports, making it easy to store big items. The search for durable, attractive garage or basement flooring and cabinetry ends with PremierGarage of Bay and East Bay. You can schedule a designer at 650-286-9676 and visit their website at Lic. #894280. ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM


A Approach to



successful landscape goes way beyond just creating a pretty garden—it’s the collaboration between multiple aspects working together to create much more than what simply meets the eye. Any homeowner with an outdoor living area knows how many questions constantly arise when caring for a landscape. What plants are best for my climate? What is safe for my family? What do I need to do in order to keep things organic? All of these questions are very important to the overall prosperity of your landscape. Luckily, professionals know exactly how to be proactive when faced with these types of issues. Offering organic, non-toxic solutions, the holistic approach to landscape management is a superior solution for both the aesthetics of your home and the health of your family. Holistic landscaping involves consideration of the whole picture of each individual landscape. It requires the evaluation of how every element interacts with one another, and the knowledge that sometimes caring for the smallest detail can bring out the deepest beauty in a landscape. Designing with sustainability in mind, a holistic expert understands the practical relationship of elements such as irrigation, drainage, soil composition, disease and pest control, and plant health. Holistic professionals use their experience and resources to discover the source of a problem, rather than applying quick fixes to patch the symptoms. Instead of defaulting to quickly treating issues with herbicide or pesticide, they will evaluate the issue, and only if necessary, apply the least toxic method available to avoid applying a potential poison to the environment. By identifying and addressing the root ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM

cause, you can avoid recurring issues and guard against unforeseen havoc down the line. Just like any landscape, the project must always begin with good design. The first step is to meet with a designer and/or architect to discover what your vision is. Once you have approved a plan, a professional will observe your existing landscape to see what kind of drainage, irrigation, and other conditions they will be working with. After you’re content with the estimate, professionals will get to work on creating your masterpiece. Once finished, you will not be abandoned and left to tend to your landscape alone! A landscape management manager will provide you with an estimate for monthly maintenance services, so you can rest assured that your garden will continue to receive the best care. The Village Gardener has a genuine love for people, plants and the environment. Ongoing research on new plants, products and methods that are effective yet non-toxic in the landscape and environment is a mainstay of their company, allowing them to keep a finger on the pulse of the newest innovations in the green industry. From design and creation, lawn management, plant care, seasonal natural pruning, green debris removal, irrigation management, disease, pest and weed control and more, The Village Gardener can help you with all of your holistic gardening needs. For more information, you can call them at (650) 592-9440 or visit






re you bored with your outdoor living spaces? Many homeowners have realized that their outdoor area is a very wise place to invest when it comes to home upgrades, however they don’t always know where to start. There’s the driveway, patio, pool deck, barbecue area, retaining wall—it can seem overwhelming at times.



Why not upgrade all of these areas with just one hardscaping solution. Not only can gorgeous interlocking pavers rejuvenate almost all of your outdoor surfaces, they will add stunning sophistication and beauty to the entire ambiance of your home. One of the greatest benefits of paving stones is the diversity of design options. With so many sizes, shapes, colors and styles available, you can find the perfect product to complement your home’s architecture. From rustic Mediterranean to clean and contemporary, the choices are abundant. Additionally, you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving the highest quality craftsmanship, and your pavers have a lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking. Your entire project will be approached with your peace of mind and satisfaction as the top priority. Professionals will work with you from start to finish in all aspects, and no project is ever started until the customer is 100% happy with their selections. Every single home is treated with care! Professionals strive to establish a lifelong relationship with every customer. Everything is done right the first time so you can relax and enjoy the experience without any stress. Exterior Designs is a family owned and operated business. Lifelong San Mateo County residents, Todd Chandler and his son Brandon are involved with every single project. Exterior Designs offers a 20-year warranty on installations and a lifetime guarantee on pavers. They can upgrade driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, retaining walls, drainage, artificial turf, decorative lighting and more. For additional information about giving your outdoor living space an incredible new look, you can call Exterior Designs at 650-863-7328 for a free, no-obligation design consultation, or website at Exterior Designs is an ICPI-certified installer. ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM


New “Pondless Waterfall” a Low Maintenance & No Liability Solution


new technology in water features, the “Pondless Waterfall”, has been created for homeowners who want a water feature without the pond. Now, you can have water cascading gracefully over rocks, creating a peaceful and harmonious sound without the care and maintenance of a pond. Water features have been a very popular addition to today’s outdoor environments. Water features provide a visually appealing focal point in any yard, and offer a beautiful sound that can block out undesirable noises. Although water features are a welcome addition to many homes, for some homeowners they may just be another maintenance item. With the Pondless Waterfall, a homeowner can have a wonderful visual and audible sensation without the concern of maintaining a pond. The Pondless Waterfall is maintained simply by refilling the reservoir every few weeks or by adding an auto-water fill valve to compensate for water loss due to evaporation. The system can be placed on an automatic timer so there is no need to run it continuously. Each Pondless Waterfall system is designed to meet the needs of the individual homeowners. Each waterfall works without a pond as the water disappears into a gravel bed that is planted with aquatic marginal plants. The waterfall itself is made completely of natural rock and a great alternative for a front yard pond. The Pondless Waterfall is perfect for commercial and residential applications. This is a safe option for a home where child safety may be a concern or liability. Water features are one of the ways we can create our own paradise in our outdoor environments. It has been said that the sound of water enhances all five senses. There is a special serenity and tranquility that accompanies the sight and the sound of water. California Aqua Pros specializes in the design and installation of water features, waterfalls, streams, ponds and pondless waterfalls and can help bring the beauty and serenity of a water feature into your life. For more information, you can call (800) 994-0262 or visit them at

Pondless Waterfall by Russell Watergardens, Seattle WA. ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM




A More




nce you have invested in a swimming pool, it quickly becomes the focal point of home entertainment. A beautiful addition to any outdoor living space, every homeowner strives to keep their pool attractive, well-maintained and most importantly, safe for the whole family. There is no better way to achieve the pool environment you desire than with fiberglass refinishing. Adding structural strength to your pool, fiberglass is by nature stronger than concrete. This unique product paired with innovative installation technology has revolutionized the swimming pool industry. Here are just some of the benefits of fiberglass refinishing.

Save money. Fiberglass reduces heating costs by 8–10%, keeping your pool warmer by seven-to-ten degrees. Pools that have been refinished with fiberglass also require fewer chemicals—you won’t have to waste money on extra products to keep your water balanced. Save time. With a durable surface that is virtually scratch and stain-resistant, your pool will be easier to clean than ever. Fiberglass is more resistant to cracks and leaks, and smooth fiberglass is also algae-resistant. A simple brushing and occasional vacuuming is all that it takes, as opposed to elaborate washes and treatments. Keep your family safe. Fiberglass prevents salt from adhering to pool walls, which typically causes the interior to get rough. With a

Planning Ahead for the Holidays is a Bright Idea! There are many unique designs available in


our yard can be the envy of the neighborhood during the holidays. Beautiful outdoor light sculptures will transform your home into a sparkling holiday wonderland. Children are delighted by these glittering sculptures, and nothing quite gets you in the holiday spirit like decorating your home in a festive display. You can choose from nativity scenes to snowman to reindeer and toy trains or create a festive scene with a number of animated sculptures, such as elves or victorian horse and carriage.



small and large sizes to suit homes, businesses, churches, or parks. When you order holiday light sculptures, they are shipped to you with all the lights completely attached. Set-up is quick and easy—just unfold the sculpture, tighten the hinges, and plug them in. You can hang the displays on walls, stake them in your yard, or install them on optional stands. These light sculptures are professionally hand-crafted in

constantly smooth surface, you won’t have to worry about scuffed feet or toes while swimming. Additionally, less chemicals in the water creates a cleaner swimming environment. Fiberglass refinishing delivers an attractive pool surface with a life expectancy of 15–25 years. For more information about this efficient process, Allen’s Pool Service & Supply can help. Family-owned and operated since 1979, they can also offer new tile installation or cleaning, new coping installation or restoration, new equipment installation, equipment repairs and weekly pool services. You can call them at 408-984-6737 or visit

rust-resistant aluminum with a powder coated finish to combat the elements for years without peeling or rusting. The lights on the displays are UL-listed commercial grade. It’s never too early to start planning your holiday decorating. Light sculptures are easy to store: they fold flat and fit back into their reusable shipping container. For more information and to view the products available, you can visit or call (888) 612-7400 ext. 337, or you can email


Protecting and Shading Your Home


MEASURABLE DIFFERENCE B ecause this year has been hotter than usual, your home and family has probably experienced additional stress that compromises your ability to live comfortably and securely. Therefore, it’s necessary to take note of these three critical factors of stress: Sunlight. Did you know that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States? Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is classified as a human carcinogen by the U.S. Department of Health. Heat. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, heat kills more people each year in the United States than tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, or lightning. Intruders. Area burglaries are up 34%, according to the San Jose police. Intruders have an easier time getting in through windows, which are completely unprotected in most homes. However, you have control over these critical factors. Here is what you can do to protect yourself. Block 99% of harmful UV radiation and save thousands of dollars. Control your utility bills as well as the amount of light and heat that enters through your windows and glass doors. Extend the life of your furniture, carpet and irreplaceable pictures and heirlooms.


Extend the amount of living space you already own by 25% or more. Reclaim spaces that were once too bright, hot or exposed, and open up space for greater outdoor living and entertainment. Protect and secure your family in seconds— keeping everyone safe. Create instant privacy with the push of a button, and prevent anyone from breaking your windows (even golfers and kids playing catch). You can block, extend, and protect your home with innovative shading solutions depending on the unique needs of both your home and lifestyle. Retractable awnings will keep your energy costs down by blocking the sun’s heat in warmer months. You can also maximize outdoor spaces in addition to shading your interior at the touch of a button. Awnings make your deck or patio 15 degrees cooler in 15 seconds, and you can choose from Sunbrella® fabrics as well as custom made colors and sizes. Exterior rolling shutters help you maintain a comfortable lifestyle by offering 100% light blockage. Rolling shutters reduce the fading effects of the sun, allow you to save money in heating and cooling costs, and deter burglars from entering your home. And finally, retractable solar screens block the

sun while allowing you to keep your view, stopping 90–95% of destructive UV rays and solar heat. Shield your valuables from sun damage while simultaneously saving money on energy bills. The professionals at European Rolling Shutters can help determine your optimal solution. European Rolling Shutters have been protecting homes and families for nearly three decades. You can call them to book a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation at 800-327-0195, visit their showroom at 404 Umbarger Road, Suites A and B in San Jose, or see




A Remarkable, Unique

Patio Opening Roof System Adapts to the Weather, or Your Mood


he Louvered Opening Roof System is constructed of Zincalume louvers that rotate from completely closed to 155° open, by use of a small motor. It is safe to use and incredibly easy to operate. The motor is powered by a 12 volt transformer. A portable-remote controls the operation of the louvers. A rain sensor is standard to close the louvers during periods of bad weather. Each Vergola unit is also equipped with timer controller to adjust the position of the louvers several times a day for optimal protection and ventilation. The Louvered Roof System offers many benefits, including: Versatility. It can be built as a patio roof or commercial cover. It can also be installed flat or pitched.



Sun control. The louvers can be positioned during winter months to cast the sun’s natural warmth into rooms to save on energy costs. During the summer, they can be moved to block direct sunlight to protect your home from unwanted solar heating. Light control. With the push of a button, the louvers can be moved to give the desired amount of light into your residence. This is a great way to naturally illuminate work or living areas while cutting back on power consumption. Ventilation. During the summer months, a place in the shade is where you want to be. The Louvered Roof System provides this by angling the louvers to a partially open position. Providing natural ventilation as hot air escapes and cool air replaces it. Rain protection. The Opening Roof

System has a uniquely designed louver that provides complete overlap to help prevent rain penetration. Shade control. You can also control the amount of shade needed. The amount of heat and light can be varied for work or relaxation. For those with sensitive skin or those concerned about health risks associated with sun exposure, the Opening Roof System is an ideal solution. Full light can be enjoyed without direct sunlight. Imagine being able to control heat on your patio at the touch of a button. With the Louvered Roof System, you can enjoy the outdoors year-round and worry-free. For more information or a demonstration of this amazing opening roof system and others, you can call Screen Solutions at 408-374-8156 or visit their website at ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM


Reshape Your Body in 20 Minutes! By John Colman

When Diane Rand reached age 50, she got concerned that her weight was slowly creeping higher and her clothes were feeling too tight. As a practicing physician in San Diego, she knew the diagnosis. “Your muscles atrophy as you age, and this slows down the metabolism,” says Rand. “I knew it would keep getting worse if I didn’t correct it.” The antidote? Effective weight training. But, she’d never lifted weights before. Plus, her full-time job as a physician as well as her family life left little time in her schedule for exercise. Fortunately, Diane read an article about “slow-motion” strength training, a revolutionary new exercise method promising a firmer, stronger, more shapely body from just two 20-minute training sessions per week. Even though the time efficiency and results sounded almost too good to be true, she decided to enroll with a personal trainer at The Perfect Workout, a local company with 20 private fitness studios throughout California specializing in this unique approach. Right away she noticed immediate increases in her muscle tone and energy. After several months she’d also dropped 1 to 2 clothing sizes and was fitting into clothes which used to be too small. “My trainer pushes me in a safe way, and I walk away feeling great after each session,” says Diane. “This is the wave of the future.”

Lean Muscles—The Key to Reshaping Your Body The Perfect Workout’s trainers encourage clients to build lean muscle tissue which increases the body’s metabolism, burning extra calories even while you’re sleeping. Many people – especially



Physician Diane Rand firms her body during a 20-minute training session at The Perfect Workout.

women – have a fear of “bulking up” like a bodybuilder if they were to start strength training. In reality, if you’re older than 25, it’s much more likely that too little muscle is the problem rather than too much muscle. In their book Biomarkers: The 10 Keys to Prolonging Vitality , William Evans, Ph.D., and Irwin Rosenberg, M.D., show the research demonstrating that adults who don’t strength train lose an average of a half pound of lean muscle tissue each year starting at age 25. As an example, a typical 55-year-old woman will have 15 pounds less lean muscle (and significantly more fat) than what she had at age 25. Muscle takes up

less space than fat, so this typical 55year-old woman has arms and thighs that are softer and less firm, wears a larger clothing size, and has a slower metabolism that burns fewer calories each day. Effective strength training changes all of this. It increases your body’s metabolism, causing you to burn more fat and calories all day long. Strength training reshapes and tones your legs and arms. And since muscle takes up 20% less space than fat, adding muscle and losing fat will make your body firmer, smaller, and more shapely. A fit 140-pound person can wear clothes several sizes smaller than an out of shape 140-pound person. ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM

healthbeautyfitness How Can Slow-Motion Strength Training Work so Quickly? Slow-motion strength training involves brief and demanding workouts to get great results. The basic concept? Lift relatively heavy weights excruciatingly slowly (10 seconds to lift, another 10 seconds to lower) for as many repetitions as you can until you’re unable to move the weights anymore. And when you learn to challenge your muscles as deeply as a skilled trainer can teach, it’s impossible to workout much longer than 20 minutes, even if you try. Dr. Philip Alexander, physician and faculty member at Texas A&M University’s College of Medicine, explains that it’s the intensity of exercise that stimulates greatest changes. “A slower repetition loads the muscles more effectively and efficiently. It’s harder!” exclaims Alexander. “That’s why it stimulates such a great total response from the body.” Dr. Alexander has tracked hundreds of subjects using slow-motion strength training, noting significant improvements in muscular strength, HDL cholesterol profiles, bone density, and glucose tolerance. Other research adds more supporting data. Two separate studies by Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., and one study by Ellington Darden, Ph.D., demonstrate that slow-motion strength training produces 50% to 59% faster improvements than regular weight training. And because the repetitions are harder, each training session must be limited to 20 minutes – making this exercise method quite time efficient.

Joyce Reclaims her Youthful Figure 54-year-old Joyce Magnuson had always been slim and slender when she was younger. But in her mid 40’s life’s stresses caught up with her, and she began gaining weight. “During the next few years, I kept getting heavier, until I was thoroughly broken and disgusted with myself,” says Joyce. Fortunately, she happened to read an article about slow-motion strength training and how it would reshape her body with just two 20-minute training sessions per week. The effectiveness of the method made sense to Joyce, and she decided to enroll with a personal trainer at The Perfect Workout. ONLINE AT BAYLIVINGMAGAZINE.COM

Arlene Esgate tones her arms as part of her 20-minute training session in San Diego.

After 5 months of combining an effective nutrition plan with two 20-minute training sessions each week, not only had she gotten stronger, she’d lost 43 pounds and dropped from a size 16 to a size 10. She was also able to get completely off the blood pressure medications that she’d previously needed to take. She adds, “The perk is looking good in the current styles. Even Macy’s keeps me motivated to stay fit!”

The Perfect Workout has 20 private studios throughout California that specialize in one-on-one personal training with the slowmotion strength training method, including these Bay Area locations: San Mateo (650) 513-2747, Menlo Park (650) 300-4308, Sunnyvale (408) 912-1387, Walnut Creek (925) 357-9704, Danville (925) 395-4891, and Southwest San Jose (408) 899-5812. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 • BAY LIVING





Are You Protected?

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Solar Screens

Certain restrictions apply. Must present ad at time of estimate. Installation excluded from discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Not valid on prior purchases.

On Approved Credit Call For Details

Expiration November 30, 2013

The 3 Dangers of Inadequate Home Protection • SUNLIGHT...Damaging UV Rays • HEAT...Extreme Discomfort • INTRUDERS...They Want In

What You Do About It Now Meet with our friendly, knowledgeable staff who can help:   

Exterior Rolling Shutters

SHIELD against UV radiation BLOCK the heat SECURE your windows and sliding glass doors 404 Umbarger Rd. Suite A San Jose, CA. 95111

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Retractable Pergola Awnings

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