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About Us: Affluent Global provides solutions and business process consulting services to enterprise and mid-sized companies throughout the United States, Latin America and Japan with a greater focus on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product. Our Organization has been involved with the Dynamics CRM product since its inception. Founded in 2010, we have extensive experience in several industries including financial services, insurance services, professional services & healthcare. A flexible CRM solution that adapts to your way of business is the need for the day to ensure customer retention and revenue increase. We have therefore associated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build the best of breed CRM / xRM solutions aimed at your success. The power of 'CRM Anywhere' – Cloud, OnPremise, Cross Browser and availability across devices empowers your organization to make the right calls at the right time. Here are a few key details about Affluent Global

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Founded by a group of industry leaders, with over 15 years of individual experience Niche Dynamics CRM Partner with varied expertise across domains 100+ Dynamics CRM professionals across India, Latin America, Japan. Strong Financial backing to scale as required


Survey The Survey tool allows you to build a set of questions and then select the target audience. The target audience can be internal employees or customers. The Survey can be triggered either manually or based on an event (for e.g. completion of a campaign). The Survey responses are captured for reporting and analysis.

CRM Role Configurator This tool allows the CRM roles to be configured via excel. The privileges for each of the roles can be configured in excel and then uploaded to CRM. This tool also allows to export the existing CRM roles to excel to enable a meaningful conversation between business users and IT folks.

CRM Role Configurator The CRM roles are configured to control permissions on CRM records, but often in integration scenarios, the need is felt to extend the CRM roles beyond CRM records. If CRM is used to display data from legacy applications in an IFRAME on the CRM record, there is no way to control the access to that data. This tool helps extend (via configuration) the CRM security roles to control access to nonCRM data.

WHO ARE WE, The Affluent’ians

 Affluent Global Service, started by IT veterans with over 40+ years of experience.  We spread across global - USA, Mexico, China, India and looking out places elsewhere in the global to spread ourselves.  We have strength of 167+ Affluent’ians, the dynamic innovative and skilled consultants and counting more...  We have development centre in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad with 7500 Square Feet with dual dedicated internet connections, VOIP Setup and BCP/DRP sites.  We practice the lean agile development methodology.  We develop and deliver products with quality in to our customers efficiently, incrementally and consistently as fast as ever by eliminating every wastful things happens in the software development process.  We continuously optimize the whole process with innovative thoughts and share the knowledge with world in the software development journey.  We respect at most every work and business we do with our customers.


.NET Application Development & Support

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development, Implementation & Support

Microsoft Dynamics AX Development, Implementatio n & Support

Share Point Development, Implementation & Support

Custome CRM Application Development for Mobile Devices

Test Framework Development for UI and API testing

Performance Monitoring Application Development

Migration Validation Application Development

Any Application Development and Support for our customer needs

 Lean Agile Software Development Expertise  .NET/CRM/Share Point projects  Leverage past experiences ,contact  Wide reach of partner network

 Expertise in .NET, Dynamics CRM, Share Point Development and Implemention.  Good Knowledge across MS Stack  Exposure to the latest & greatest Knowledge of Competition  Willing to invest in spirit of partnership  Passionate on what we do best for our customers  Excellent Client relationships  Wide reach of partner network

Solution Accelerators  Lean Agile Development  Faster product delivery with quality in  Elliminate Waste in Software development  SAP Surround  Developer productivity  CRM & Social Media  Outlook to SharePoint  Siebel Crawler

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Affluent Global Services Corporate Brochure  

Our mission: We engineer meaningful technology (CRM) solutions to help business and societies flourish. Our values: Collaborative spirit, un...

Affluent Global Services Corporate Brochure  

Our mission: We engineer meaningful technology (CRM) solutions to help business and societies flourish. Our values: Collaborative spirit, un...