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More  for  Your  Membership    

Affinity Alliance  M ember  Benefits  Program  

Welcome to  your  Member  Benefits  Program  

The Australian  Society  of  Orthodontists  and  Affinity  Alliance   have  joined  forces  to  offer  you  MORE…  

As a   member   of   the   Australian   Society   of   Orthodontists,   you   play   an   important   role   in   the   advancement   of   the   profession   of   case   management   within   Australia   Your   support   of   your   organization  entitles  you  to  take  advantage  of  the  full  suite  of  BENEFITS  now  available  to  you  through   their  relationship  with  Affinity  Alliance.   We   have   pleasure   in   enclosing   a   summary   of   your   key   benefits   available   to   you   under   this   arrangement,  and  important  information  on  how  they  may  be  activated.    So  Welcome  and  Enjoy!  

Affinity Website  

Member Directory  

Regular Updates  

Visit our  website  to  view  and   access  your  member  benefits.   Your  username  is  your  member   number  and  password  is  Surname  

The AA  Member  Directory  is   updated  automatically  at  the   end  of  each  month  with  new   services.  

To keep  up  to  date  with  new   offers,  look  out  for  your  regular   monthly  Newsletter  from  your   Association.  

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; Affinity  Alliance  M ember  Benefits    

“More for  your  Membership”    

Accessing your  benefits  is  as  easy  as   turning  on  your  computer…   Congratulations   on   becoming   an   Affinity   Alliance   member   through   the   ASO.     You   now   have  access  to  a  large  range  of   benefits   offering   exclusive   discounts  on  various    business   services,   Training   Packages,   Travel   and   Accommodation   packages,   shopping   facilities   to  name  just  a  few.      

Social Media

Not only  do  you  have  access  to   the   benefits   and   offers   mentioned,   you   will   also   receive   updates   on   additional   benefits   at   the   end   of   each   month  which  further  increases   the  value  of  your  membership.     Accessing   your   benefits   is   simple.     Simply   browse   through   your   Affinity   Alliance   Members   Directory   and   you  

will be   able  to  not   only  access   via   links   on   each   providers   page   but   you   will   also   have   access   through   your   organisations   website   and   Affinity   Alliance   website.     You   may   even   choose   to   access   them   via   phone   or   in   some   cases  instore.    In  any   case,  we   have   made   the   AA   benefits   program   as   user   friendly   as   possible  and  if  at  any  time,  you   have   any   questions,   please   do   not   hesitate   in   contacting   us   on  1300  793  044  or  via  email  at     Please   ensure   that   you   have   your   Affinity   Alliance   member   card   handy   when   taking   advantage  of  your  benefits.    

Some of  the  Categories  we  cover   with  our  Provider  Benefits…  


; Affinity  Alliance  M ember  Benefits    

“More for  your  Membership”    

Affinity Alliance Member Directory Your Member  Directory  comes  in  the  form  of  a  digital  magazine    

Here is   the   link   for   your   Member   Directory   which   allows   you   to   view   and   access   the   full   suite   of   benefits   available   to   you   through   your   Society.     Simply   click   on   the   Directory   image   to   the   right   and   peruse  through  the  pages  at  your  leisure.   Each  page  outlines  the  provider,  what  the  service  or   benefit  is  and  how  you  can  access  it.    Also  provided  is   a   direct   link   to   the   provider   website   where   your   discount   is   applied   upon   checkout   confirmation.     Please   ensure   that   you   have   your   member   card   as   you   will   be   required   to   provide   your   membership   number.   You   can   also   access   your   personal   copy   of   the   AA   member   directory   through   the   ASO   website   at       3    

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; Affinity  Alliance  M ember  Benefits    

“More for  your  Membership”    

Big Name Providers without the Big Name Price Tag Affinity Alliance   has   partnered   with   many   big   name   providers   to   allow   us   to   bring   only   THE   most  “exclusive”  benefits  to  you  –  OUR  MEMBERS.     There  are  a  number  of  ways  you  can  access  your  benefits  as  previously  mentioned.    Using   your  membership  card  over  the  phone,  in  store  and  over  the  internet.    Why  not  visit  our  site   and  our  social  media   sites   to   keep   up   to   date   with  the  new   providers  each   month  or  simply   opt  in  to  receive  our  monthly  ENewsletter  which  is  packed  with  additional  benefits  &  offers   for  our  members  and  updates  on  our  latest  services.   Affinity   Alliance   values   your   opinion   and   if   there   is   anything   you   feel   we   should   be   doing  

better, please  feel  free  to  drop  us  a  line  or  call   1300   793   044  and  let  us  know  how  we   can   better  serve   you,   but   we   are  quietly   confident  that   you  will   be  extremely   happy   with   not  only  our  member  benefits  packages,  but  also  our  customer  service.  

All of  our  benefits  and  services  are  exclusive  to  Affinity   Alliance,  keeping  us  ahead  of  the  rest…   We  all  know  that  anyone  can  walk   into   a   store   or   call   a   well   known   provider   and   coax   a   ten   percent   discount   out   of   them,   so   that   is   why   we   expect   so   much   more   from  our  providers.    We  negotiate   on   behalf   of   your   Society’s   and   our   large   buying   power   gives   us  

the opportunity   to   offer   our   members   only   the   best   in   services   and   benefits   from  only  the  best  in  the  business.   If  you  think  there  is  a  service  that  we  do   not   already   provide,   then   please   let   us   know  and  we  will  approach  the  provider   on   your   Society’s   behalf   and   negotiate   4   the  best  deals.    

Affinity Alliance  Member  Benefits                                                                                                                            “More  for  your  Membership”  

Affinity Alliance  Plus  Membership  Card   The  only  membership  card  you  need.   Your  Affinity  Alliance  Membership  Card  will  be  on   its   way   to   you   shortly.     Please   keep   it   in   a   safe   place  and  refer  to  it  when  accessing  your  benefits   over   the   phone   or   internet   as   it   retains   your   membership   number   and   login   details   for   the   Affinity  website.  Your  card  is  co-­‐branded  with  the   ASO  logo  and  colours  so  it  easily  recognizable.    If   lost   or   stolen,   please   let   us   know   and   it   will   be   replaced   ASAP   or   alternatively   email   us   at     Your   AA   card   is   transferrable   between   family   members,   so   they   too  can  enjoy  the  vast  array  of  benefits.  


ASO Member Brochure  
ASO Member Brochure