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Issue 18 - May 2014



FREE Client Attraction

Ideas E Book Download from “The Seinfeld Marketing Guy!” At Affinity Alliance, we’ve scored a HUGE coup - a complimentary Marketing E Book authored by Australia’s most sought-after marketing expert, John Dwyer. John’s the guy who recently convinced Jerry Seinfeld to be spokesman for a small Aussie banking institution, the Greater Building Society.

Discover John’s “secret marketing formula” for attracting new clients!



If you’re a business owner or m more clients, HERE’S S


T “VALUE When consid eri someth GIVEA ADD ing wh ng a valueWAY”? add off target ich has audien er, alw univer ays try ce. sal ap If for exa peal to to everyo think of mp le, Gen Ys ne in you you we and Ge re ma r such as rketin n Xs, it g a wid would a free ge iPhone ma Or ma or perha ke sense to t or service ybe a to consid NEW LOC ps iPo free Bil er d as a ATION labong Or po sales inc things - SHOP ssibly RUTHER backentive free iTu pack or FORD 1 EAST MALL . JUST SWA On the nes do tow el? wnloa other BUILDINGP YOU R HOM ds? hand, Sounds SOCIETY the ma E LOAN hard to if you we AND GET TO THE believe jority , but it’s A FREE GREATER true! of you re an up years HOLIDAY r clie of marke !* t hairdr be a go age, perhaps ntele were WHEN YOU'LL YOU GET A HOME ess we od op two Go ALSO THIS MEANS ENJOY “NO LOAN FROM tion? ld Cla althy wome er and THE GREAT ON YOUR NO TRANS FEES” The off ER, ss cinem n ove ACTION So if you'reSAVINGS ACCOU FEES AND er cou current NT! swap to NO ACCOU a tickets r 40 the Greaterly with a fi NT KEEPIN every ld be Visit our nancial new branch Building Society institut G FEES might $50 som ion linked at Shop today and that charge 1 East Collect to “sp eone spe Mall, Rutherenjoy all the s you fees, benefits! ford. end” 5 point nds, he/ for visits) s Luke (i.e she rec Boyle examp . $250 and rec eives le, for exp eive 2 With Go x Gold enditure ove a Cinema Poi Class you’re ld Class Cin Cinem r any numbe nt. simply ema tick a tickets r of using trade ! a low-co ets costing and loy aro alty first vis st it, it’s hig . If a client bonus to stim und $25 eac bonus gets a h, hly pro ulate rep when $15 etitive 0 treatm they spe bable they’ll ent on Rememb JUS nd a fur be their GET A TS er, the ther $10 back to get purch W their fre 0 next ases on “reward” do G ET AP Y e time. GET A HOME LOAn esn’t hav suffici just on A N OU R en e visit, fREE e to ne EW HO as free giv t margin in HOLI & your reg your busin cessarily be HO M E (A WOW eaway. DAY! 364 PEE ess ma M E LOA for ular sal L STR There TH y not hav e to aff LOA N O EET OLD AT RE fore, sim MYE R ord an e BROKE CORD N! BUIL R DING per the ply str attract S! ucture aforem ive ) On the ‘fre entione e gre And if e bonus d hair a un ive at ex am ple you we ’ sal acc on ording large re a liq rsa examp pa ly, as ad d inc lly ap pe of fin din g le. uor ou ali ng to the rt of your tar tle en t tiv and val ue foo ge e is on devised men consid ty for every t audience, e wh ich for my perha over 30 we er? $300 spe the fin I Grea ter anc re a nt migh ps two fre Or po Bu ild ing ial client, – nam e tickets t be a ssi ely a good op So cie spent? bly a free “d free ho home ty tion to liday esigner PHO loan! giveaw beer gla The liq ay wit wwNE 1 For alm ss” for uor sto ha w.g 30 ost a de every spend re wo reat 0 succes cade, $100 uld sim and wh er.c667 the Bu s with en the he gets ply giv om 96 ilding the con “Get a custom .au 0 e clie a free Soc cept I Home nts er reache premi Loan, designe iety enjoyed Think um be s each proof of eac Get a ThisJEWE stunning d for about er gla uni $10 h Fre them, queLLER ss. this for 0 increm e Holid promoY STORES being luxury The cla GOIn a mome ay”GoffDOWn ent, tional the THE of pro If er. you’re in the retail ssy fro PRICE nt. off motin PATH –erMADn game or hospitali ever me sted be gave theESS! lighting is an absolute ty business, great The gro er gla ntioning g its home Building must if you’re going ss may ss pro loa an opportun to exploit every Soc ns for intere ity possible. Quite fit on a so the cost $8, nine yea iety the st rate! stunning liq $100 spe $9, or rs witho It’s no secret that “lighting creatin uor store ow in the $10. really, nd wo wo g ne as it wa ” can add the appropr ut and ambience to as both long-term cus r is still ma uld probably iate mood holiday” rld not to ma s the on whatever environm kin rke the liq be $50 ly ent you’re in. result!” uor sto tomer loyalty g good ma If it’s a cosy steak onto the offer took the t its home loa financial ins rgins AN – re owne restaurant, you . It’s a cla titutio perhaps “value ns on pri con expect the lighting to sum r D n wa be soft and intimate. ssi and the ” – and y to the I recom the Bu ers’ eyes off ce. The “free custom c “win/win,” bank! In fashion retail ild er get the ing course mend that stores, pri Oops… Societ a “wow you sim s” path y laugh ce and showcase various fashionyou will see spotlighting helping I meant compo ply go lines and accessor ed all all nent wis and choose the ies. down The con the If you’re in way to the “ho the hospitality or your val ely. cept wa Both jewellers doing exactly the Bu retail industries, By all the same thing – rses for engag ue-ad this yourself – get s devis ild don’t look after competing on ‘price’. means ing Soc ed a lighting expert d pro Madness! ed in 200 cube” consid and make sure that iety!! motio add “wow” in all motion my services 1. Th you as er the right places. nal Angus stu your tar possible val the “latest t yeark have e building andtha Goldmar senior longdy”& Coote of You’ll notice and afte been aroundsoc hula-h ue-ad get de time in the ir maand manag long, ds, bu y had you almost when you go into a 7-Eleven convenie oop” or mogra r a sho for aiet rkeboth emenAustralia ting,have t only a pretty nce store, (I don’t have to wear sunglass phic. rt “timshed distingui “Rubik t. valuable brands I recall record of having I pre of cou es! e and mean ’s in thesen the “p rse, if ted the marketp 7-Eleven uses some simply “hula lace. Howeve itch the to of r, ide ab the ho in y fit ” as recent referr brightest forms out a do op or a times, for whateve if it we of retail lighting ing to Rubik r reason, their to you can possibly have and of zengsen re were all marketin departments whate yes course it works, ’s Cube and custome managem ter ior ver the rs attractin dayent like bees to honey pressure execut have caved in to g ” literal and decided . I wa dictab and then further and alo pre latest to go ive s presen impulse lines with down ly – I’m ly dre highlighting craze ngThe path. theprice track lighting in ssed in s in the com ting is) board terms colour certain parts of store. es“jeweller conserted price” JD, wit y” and roo “discoun the ed sui oxymoro vative seem m. Than h brigh n – as the t. to be ey very thought tly col of jewellerydark a picture in one’s to paint ours mind of high class oured tends col tie and and value. However, when light walking through If you have HOLIDAY a Home Loan, to provide! (The Free Holidaysimply swap it to the also because you with a once you’re Free Holidaycomes with newGreater - AND benefits as a reward Home Loans WE’LL GIVE with the so much, YOU A for as well). you’ll never Greater, we FREE We’re believe getting your want to you’ll enjoy Home Loan happy leave. from us, our service and other 1




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*The Greater has been Getaways advanced, product does not on the full not apply to Constant loan amount. If you refiCredit Loans, nance an Fixed Rate existing Loans less Greater Buildingthan 2 years or Commercial Society Loan you Loans. will 1. Excludingnot receive Fees, charges, terms and Constant “Triangle Reward Credit and Points” conditions apply Mortgage for to all loans. Express.the amount which For add-on is refinanced. loans, Terms and the Reward Conditions points are only apply to Greater calculated on the Getaways Triangle“extra” money that Reward Points.





















a big shopping recently, I took these centre photographs of the two jewellers going “head-to-head” in a price war. At first glance, you might think to yourself what JD is going “Gee, I don’t know on about, and full of wow factor?” as their displays seem to be bright

Maybe so, but look at what they’re doing to their brand. They have all of a sudden gone from providing perceived value” “a high series of jewellery items looking much the same as a $2 Warehou and gifts to now se Store. And look what has happened because they are concentr on price. ating

One store puts up 25% discount signs and the one opposite it follows suit. (And believe me, these stores are directly opposite each other in the centre!) And what happens next? Angus & Coote puts up a 50% discount sign and Goldmar follows with the same offer thirty k seconds later. In a worst case scenario, this madness until they both went could keep going out of business. And therein lies the philosophy of going down the preferred path of providin g a higher perceive d value, rather than never-ending spiral the of trying to keep up with the Jones’ using price discount by s as your marketin g tool. When it gets to the stage where retailers with a high product are selling value their souls like a discount departm store, it’s time that ent their management gained a “wake-u call” and got back p to the reality of understa customers are and nding who their why they were shopping place all those years there in the first ago.



There’s Lots Of Money Lighting And Wowing To Be Made In Having The Right Your Clients When The Door! They Walk In It always amazes me to be in a restauran hotel lobby or even t, a retail store, a a fast-food outlet and look to the ceiling and find one or more lights “out”.

I was in a recently renovated Coles supermarket recently and found that the store had paid particul ar attentio n to the lighti ng of its merchandise. And you’ll see by the photos here that have done a fantastic they job in ensuring that various lines are showcased with “wow”! And in the hospitali ty game, Notice How Coles Utilises Lighting it goes without To Highlight Specific saying that Products lighting plays a massive role in creating the right ambience in restauran ts and hotels.

It’s all about creating the right kind of mood and ambience and smart o perators appreciate how lighting can add ‘wow’ to their business. Indeed, in a restaura nt, I believe it’s just as vital to give importance to the lighting as it is to ensuring that the food is served quickly. Make no mistake, “lighting” is a specialised business, so always make sure you get specialist help from someone who understands the “power” The Gold Coast’s Palazzo (excuse the pun!!) Versace Hotel – ‘wow’ of what the right lighting can personified – and do for your much of the sales! hotel’s ambience is

created by mood lighting.


“The Gold Coast’s R Palazzo Versace Hotel In ODTo Knows UCCreate Through Clever R SHow T The Right Mood T Lighting. E ” AnT BU



nU WAY nDLIn Ef OR TO In G – A YO C n UR REA BU SE Prod SIn mar uct bu ESS ketin nd o lin !

ff e r in g stra g is es or tegy g sent se com rv ic se ve th ia ra at invo lly a bine es lv In d of fo r l p ro m fer. sa le d u ct es the y sem as s on If typi power inars, e i t h t ’s n cons cal examof bund I dem e o Aus as umer ples ling onstra H t th Cad an fro go te Feas sie BB a w a e H bury ods co m fast d show Q C i i a app t! y hick n Cre , Cok mpani movin Yep, g am e, es en M Me Sorb , Sm Stre such all you ge Pack e a a l fo ith et ent , th l abou r just t the Toile s Chi s Ice Just e Fa D t?!! one fries, t Ro ps an mily supetake a bund th d lls st BE Why le pr e burg you’ rmar roll do . nE er ice inst ? Be examll see ket ai wn an Vir fIT – so , the dr ead caus tu sl so y e al m wha SO in and ples incr of ju e yo ly an Sure e t ha ease any st 1. u’re of fantas d fB incr how busi ve volu , you bun tic Ke it its bu U ea ep ying nD turn ness busi ses dram dlin imm me di might disc in m over can atic g ness sale LIn 4, 6, ount ind wou edia scount be “b al s . fo es of ly undl 12 G! r th . ld ha tely your pric that (a conv or ese e” in And bu ve getting nd so ince 24 pros e pl Imm if th orde of you d th pect ays a ndlin a that of co a pr ey r to disc edia wer bigger shou at yo that few g your oduc tely dr are beca urse, e se u’ll trig psyc sayi ount shar ld!), the use go t w lik bu lling pric hen be gers holo bec od ely e you’ othe that ng to ge just of your t that them gica s or ours e, we we al thei ause to be re bu r last se com tting one pret prod w r he you’ com in yi to co l tricks rvic uct elve beco l see prod allet pany a re e “h ng m g be rd s “w (Or m in th ty go nsid on or so co ne for ul is uct than th at le e lo od pr serv ell I’me a lit methi er life! nsum ooke tiple fit fo at a they buyi e tle ic ng ast Insu r th On ing d” on s of tim in ng run. ice, so e anyw goin a lo n this e. it fa thei their e busi whe rance g to trigue bundl ” ng bl I’m ay ac pa ster pr ne r kboa ge sure and need d an ed fo the n it co compa time!) , yo stuff oduc ss is d Whi th rd , you’ Iw an ts qu ub for bund mes to nies sign ill en ey’re ex end ll ecom icke , you le a they lst th whi see a d up offe tra un u e bunc long , it’s pr bund and fin e pa r and ch pric are of sign an h of time, etty ling savi ring it o was phot rt of age e of m fe Take ng finan as it’ likel – as cial in outs ogra its $25 ring Aw mon e a ide ph I cial s a pe y th they stitu hom insu wel elf is for ell-k ey tio at kn th ra n’ ha pr l-k M 2 bo e lo t nce ur oduc rceive he or ow if ns ar ve no and e an cal d ttles nown all that ta com win phy’s, wn ve a cl e ex ts an d nu she liquo ken grou incom cont bran . e (O flash w rs en pa d go isan will ient fa perts ds r sh of a r so here ion of it’s p disc e prot ts co nies fo Ther lls of w , you’ som ce to be w op. a pa met you for ec ve r ou ith sw ine ll ew abou e are imes ge this in in in nt, be tion r, m exam Like here ap a them ta for see th th t it. num the ca insura otor ve ple. Th a bu else who at loan wise, erou it’s $2 20% e liq 1. back use le nc ey ndle hi 0 of . upon uor s be prod , savi financi side they e all cle co try It gi f). nefit buyi indust for know at th ver, to sell disc ucts ngs ac al inst mer ves yo s of ry e ng yo if yo lif sa – itu is chan u th u to yo bund 6 bo e u m swap ounts, they coun D tio (By e ever u take e tim cove ttles an ling ping as be real ts, te ns do sim dise or ability e fo r th le bu rm fo is of (Bec th pl ave. e bu r a 2. e is m ing r yo se to nd e y in ause ndle u, ju inim a bu that it’ invest same clud rvices sell sl Aut le) One st th you , s w men with ow ised ndle om . in g yo havi at mov cust orth ink perc ts an thei . the of th 3. ur ng ically om ing ei fast e be slow to as up Low er, giving d insur hom food st ex ve it to Wal the -s er e stoc to m ers yo k for ells likel you ranc be chai am impok into your it. k in a pa ihoo bund e ns. ples thro ove m ur mar cust the in!) 4. of cl thes ssib a Mac d of le ug ul ke om ca ever e da le to you Prom h th tiple ting ers e on buy s or KF ys! co ty bund with cust otes e ad pes of sts be just C 5. out ling a om . a ha and prod caus er. high If yo is of er mbu you’ e ucts it al perc cour serv u join rger ll see or For eive t-ve se, serv lows yo ice th or d va to a ntur a Po exam ices a pi at it’s u ple, e, lue ne ece vi hous ol C to yo if yo w lis it expo of ch rtually le t of uw ur of ne ehol aner icke pros ses yo w pe d clea and ere a n pect ur pr ople ning if yo Hom oduc s. u of eC who , all t or are of a su fer po leaner inte ol dd cl , do en rest ther eaning a de ed al in yo e’s with with a ur yo serv whole • PA bunc ur ice! GE �5 h •


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manager & you’re looking for SOME GREAT NEWS!


, De a y Bo l , x or

DOWNLOAD NOW & PROFIT FROM THE MARKETING WIZARDRY OF ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST BUSINESS MARKETEERS! If you’re frustrated at how difficult it is to attract new clients, either off-line or online, this complimentary e-book download of John Dwyer’s best marketing ideas might be the life-saver you’ve been looking for. John (known as “JD” by most of his colleagues and clients) is a marketing maverick - an absolute genius when it comes to delivering ideas to businesses that result in an avalanche of new customers. His clients have included Westfield, the Channel 9 television network, 7 Eleven, News Ltd, Madura Tea, Stockland, McDonalds & Woolworths.

And he’s the guy who scored the “marketing coup” of the decade when he got superstar, Jerry Seinfeld, to front the advertising for one of his clients, the Greater Building Society. The reason your complimentary E Book is titled Billion Dollar Wow Factor Secrets is because John’s marketing concepts have brought in over $15 BILLION of new sales to over 27,000 business owners across over 50 industries. And here at Affinity Alliance, we are absolutely thrilled that John has agreed to provide our members with this incredibly valuable free business gift. the

it ’s Hol th e iday

nk an e yo d the u go sund ae t to thin k

ram atic ally

ces at em a in ng. d

or a up of a


LEARN “HOW” TO CREATE WOW FACTORS THAT ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE! In this incredible manifesto of proven winning marketing concepts, you’ll see lots of case studies and you’ll learn:

• • • • •

How to actually create “wow offers” that take your clients’ eyes off the price! (JD preaches that you should NEVER market on “price”.......because it’s not sustainable for most of us!) How to use the “Problem/Solution” technique in your marketing - because believe it or not, your clients are looking for “answers” to their problems! How to charge MORE, not LESS for your products or services (ALL of us want to know how to do that!). How to exploit the wonderful art of “bundling” allowing you to enjoy very healthy margins! How to stimulate “repetitive trade” & create “loyalty” from your clients.

LEARN FROM THE GUY WHO WORKS WITH SEINFELD! John stunned the Australian business world a few years ago when he convinced Jerry Seinfeld to come out of retirement and be the spokesman for a small Australian banking institution, the Greater Building Society. And the result? The Greater TRIPLED its home loan market share in just the first 24 months of the Seinfeld campaign! When you download your complimentary E Book, you’ll see that John’s “client attraction marketing ideas” are very different from traditional advertising agencies or marketing advisors. He thinks way outside the square and has developed his own proprietary marketing formula which he calls The Wheel Of Wow. If followed correctly, this “system” works every time for any business, big or small.

Download your complimentary E Book now and start adding “wow” to the marketing of your products or services!

Go to

What’s In store for you this month… Find out about the AMAZING ‘INSTITUTE OF WOW’ and how AA can get you in on the action. 2 Editors Letter


INTRODUCING ‘THE SMALL BUSINESS PARTY OF AUSTRALIA’ Find out why this organisation is going to take over leaps and bounds… as a business owner, you need to be a part of this phenomenon.


Association Spotlight ‘The Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy’ & ‘KAJITA CANDLES’ 11,15 Member Engagement




Legal, HR/IR, Insurance, Foreign Exchange, Business Coaching, Safety In the Workplace…

Affinity TRAVEL


Explore some of the greatest parts of the world through Affinity Travel where you will get discounts of up to 70% on accommodation and flights.











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Editors Letter ! With the end of the financial year fast approaching, AA team members are gearing up for what will be our busiest month to date. Our Easter promotion saw us add a host of new organisations to the member benefit list, so we figured we needed something bigger and better to top it whilst at the same time appeal to an even larger audience. So, after much deliberation, it was agreed that we would put it out to the universe, wait for it, a two for one offer. Yes that’s right, we must be absolutely insane, but we truly believe that with the state of the economy, and after a somewhat tragic budget outcome, that everyone deserves some relief and for organisations that still believe in their membership, this could be the answer.

EOFY Promotion

This brand spanking new campaign will kick off on the 1st June and will be available until the 30th June for those interested parties, To find out more about the promotion, go to or call 1300 793 044 and our friendly staff will assist you all the way. This is a never to be repeated offer, so be sure to take advantage.

! New Providers • The Institute of Wow • Worthington BMW • Right Choice • The 400 Co • Simply Wholesale • Your Corporate Lifestyle • Shell Fuel Card • NuSkin • Wise Healthy Living Natural Therapies • Animal Woodworx


Thank you to all of our providers who have offered fantastic exclusive benefits for our members, we could not do it without you.


Don’t forget to check out our new site when it is complete and it will have all the trimmings along with the Dining Out & Entertainment

• General Surgeons Australia • Joondalup Business Association • Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Well that is it from me for now, so until the next issue of our fabulous EMAG, stay safe, stay well informed and most of all, stay YOU…

Fiona McTaggart Editor In Chief AA Managing Director


If you would like to advertise your organisation or business with Affinity Alliance to offer our members even more value for money, please contact our head office on 1300 793 044 or email

for details. The AA Media Kit can be located towards the back pages of the Affinity EMAG.

New Organisations

• Small Business Party of Australia

Be sure to check out our new sister w e b s i t e and remember to LIKE us on Facebook. This is where the majority of our providers update their deals and send out special offers, so please encourage your members to take a few minutes of their time to jump on and click that button. It is well worth the effort.



April/May has welcomed some fantastic new organisations on board and look forward to helping you grow. Congratulations to the following organisations for taking that leap and securing exclusive offers for their members through Affinity Alliance.

IMPORTANT Information Guide. Not only will you have exclusive access to the finest restaurants in the country with some fantastic deals for our AA members, you will also be privy to the best in entertainment and events. Be the first to book the latest show or concert and show off to your friends and of course don’t forget to tell them that you can only have access through ‘Affinity Alliance’….

! au

FREECALL 1300 793 044

The Small Business Party of Australia by John Coddrington - National President of SPBA NOW is the time for YOU to JOIN the Small Business Party of Australia (“SBPA”) and HELP achieve: • • •


a strong Australia;

! !

a secure Australia;
 a vibrant working Australia.

Our motto, FOR ALL OF US – TOGETHER, reflects our dedication to achieving a FAIR GO FOR ALL AUSTRALIANS but to do this we need your HELP. We represent Small Business because everybody in Australia is touched by small business in some way. The vast majority of Australians are employed by Small Business, and Small Business serves 100% of the Australian population. Statistically, 90% of ALL businesses in Australia are small and medium sized businesses. These businesses employ and contract approximately 60% of the working population. Almost every Australian relies upon a small business somewhere, somehow for goods and services ranging from the food that is grown and consumed, fuel, motor vehicle repairs, restaurants, dry-cleaning, legal services, accounting and tax returns, newsagents, lotto agents, take-away food outlets, sporting goods stores and the list goes on endlessly, you name it and it is likely an Australian small business entrepreneur “having a go” or trying to provide a “fair go” for the rest of us. We need you to JOIN to help give us and yourself a MEANINGFUL VOICE in the PARLIAMENTS OF AUSTRALIA, and let’s build a STRONG, SECURE and VIBRANT WORKING AUSTRALIA together. No more double talk, no more broken promises, and no more snouts in the trough for unscrupulous politicians who care only about themselves. Let’s take back our country, and grow our wealth so that each and every Australian receives EQUAL ACCESS to HEALTH services, to EDUCATION and to a FAIR GO!!

Whilst we empathise with the dilemma that the current Government faces in balancing the books and creating a budget surplus, the SBPA disagrees strongly with the grossly UNFAIR and UN-AUSTRALIAN “solutions” intended to be implemented. The SBPA believes we can achieve our goals without hurting the most vulnerable in our society. We believe supporting economic growth, and in achieving full employment through strategic investment in Australia’s leading sectors and by encouraging the development of VALUE-ADDING BUSINESS. We believe in encouraging business to INVEST IN AUSTRALIA and not just ship our resources overseas. The current Budget continues to assist Big Business, and tries cynically to exploit the goodwill and mate-ship of us ordinary Australians, by calling upon us to do most of the heavy-lifting. The current Budget calls upon both the FEDERAL and STATE Governments to DO LESS and DELIVER LESS than they already do! We want our Governments to DO much, much more!! NOT LESS!!! The SBPA believes in the right for Education for all Australians, not just for those who can afford to pay. The SBPA believes in the current Medicare facilities should remain untouched. Simply put: if it’s not broke don’t change it. The SBPA believes there are many different ways to raise the money needed to reverse the current deficit rather than cut and cut again the services we have come to depend upon and enjoy. The SBPA are developing a complete range of policies, and one of the most important is to change the way Small and Medium size business is regulated and controlled. Without suitable policies to encourage economic growth it is little wonder our entrepreneurs are leaving for other countries and are taking their businesses with them, to the detriment of all Australians.

The SBPA are developing a complete range of policies, and one of the most important is to change the way Small and Medium size business is regulated and controlled. Without suitable policies to encourage economic growth it is little wonder our entrepreneurs are leaving for other countries and are taking their businesses with them, to the detriment of all Australians. BUT the SBPA needs to have political clout so that it can fight and win for Small Businesses and the ordinary Australians. First, we need to register as a Non-Parliamentary Party with the Australian Electoral Commission (“AEC”), and to do this we need a minimum of 500 financial members. YOU CAN HELP by: •




We have let our previous leaders run this country in such a manner there is NO accountability in Government. Look at the Pink Batts fiasco and unnecessary loss of life. Look at the current ICAC hearings where numerous members of the NSW State Government have fallen on their swords. The SBPA is seeking and will stand candidates for the Senate at the next Federal elections which are only two and half years away. The SBPA is determined to have its voice heard in all the parliaments of Australia, and to reap a FAIR GO FOR ALL.

We will be the “check and balance” so desperately needed in our parliaments; and each and every member of the SBPA will have a voice in our policies and platform. The SBPA wants your active participation. YOUR V O I C E I S I M P O R TA N T T O U S A N D T O AUSTRALIA. As a SPECIAL OFFER to the Affinity Alliance Members and Associates the SBPA is pleased to offer you a full Foundation Membership for just the Joining Fee of $22.00. Your Membership Fee of $55.00 will be subsidised by other existing Associates of the SBPA who wish to ensure that we are able to have the numbers to register with the AEC and to provide you an opportunity to experience your voice being heard. Should you wish to avail yourself to this offer you will need to type in the following Coupon Code on our Membership Joining Page “SBPA-AA14” and this will automatically adjust the pricing. Members of your family are also invited to partake of our special offer, which is open until end of May 2014 or until a maximum number of 550 financial members have joined. Don’t Delay, Join Today and Make a Difference Our Membership Joining Page: Coupon Code: SBPA-AA14 Our Web-Site: We welcome you to being a member of the SBPA and to helping all of us, together, make our lives in Australia strong, secure and vibrant. Please review our web-site for a list of other benefits in being a member of the Small Business Party of Australia.

SMA LL BU SINES AUST S PAR TY O P RALI ww w.s hone: F A ma 02 llbu


821 ess 2 3988 par ty.o rg



IL BUSI •A S NESS D THRO TRO UGH : NG AUS •A S T R ALIA ECU RE A USTR •A V ALIA IBRA NT W Fou ORK n ING privi dation AUS lege TRAL Mem mov k IA b n ers ow em

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A New Advertising Platform in your email signatures

PCO’s Advertise your business and services with interactive adverts on every single email your staff send, daily. CORPORATES Promote your upcoming events/functions/ launches with interactive adverts on every email your staff send. Recipients can easily click through to your registration or info page.

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Australian Society Of Clinical Hypnotherapy by Lyndall Higgs - President ASCH About ASCH The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) is a dynamic, progressive association at the cutting edge of new developments in hypnotherapy. We pride ourselves in representing the best hypnotherapists who meet our high professional standards. The ASCH was founded and incorporated in 1974 by a small group of clinical hypnotherapists and is one of the largest associations in Australia for health and mental health professionals who use clinical hypnosis. Membership has grown steadily, with representatives in every state of Australia, as well as in New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan, the USA, England, and Europe. Among our members are hypnotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counsellors, medical doctors, registered nurses and midwives, dentists, and chiropractors specialising in hypnosis. This diverse range of membership allows for cross-fertilisation of ideas and applications that blend neatly with current trends, such as mind-body health and integrative medicine. The ASCH encourages its members to participate in conferences, workshops and other specialist training

—all designed to foster ongoing professional development.

Focusing on strengths and abilities A skilled hypnotherapist knows how to develop a therapeutic approach for each client that will enable that client to use their own individual capabilities, resources, and experiences to realise personal therapeutic goals. In this sense, hypnotherapy is solution-focused and positive. Hypnotherapists know that what you focus on, you strengthen (Gendlin, 1997). It’s all in the power of suggestion. If someone says to you, “Don’t worry about it, put it out of your mind”, you are more likely to continue worrying about whatever “it” is. By contrast, hearing someone say, “Feel how good it is to just relax and drift” instils a feeling of comfort. Why is this relevant? Because hypnotherapists are trained to assess what they want a client to focus on and why. For example, when a hypnotherapist helps a client to discover the ability to manage pain without drugs, or move comfortably through a situation that used to cause panic, or get rid of a destructive habit, that hypnotherapist is boosting the strongest and healthiest parts of those clients (J.Barber, 1991)

Dispelling the myth of mind control Hypnotherapists spend much of their time educating their clients about hypnosis, and carefully addressing any preconceptions and misconceptions they may have about it. The most predictable misconception that people hold about hypnotherapy is that it is some form of mind control, where the client has no free will. In his book, Trancework, Dr. Michael Yapko recounts an experience he had where he was unable to convince an obstetrician that hypnosis would benefit his pregnant patient, who had requested hypnosis to help reduce stress and increase physical comfort. Although the obstetrician had no intellectual objections, his fears and doubts precluded him from allowing his patient to experience hypnosis, thereby denying her the relief from stress that she wanted. Almost every misconception is grounded in fear. The biggest culprits in perpetuating this fear are the stage hypnotists, who seem to make normal people do silly things, apparently against their free will. How a stage hypnotist gets volunteers to perform is not difficult to understand when you consider aspects of human behaviour described by social psychologists. First, the volunteers know what they are in for. They know that the audience and the hypnotist will expect them to perform.

hypnotisables” to “high hypnotisables”. In fact, everyone experiences hypnosis during their everyday “waking” state. For example, being engrossed in a task, a film or a book is a state of hypnosis where time and space may be distorted. Not remembering how you arrived at your destination as you drove along a familiar route is another example of having been in a hypnotic state.

Is hypnosis the same as relaxation? Relaxation is a pleasant experience and can facilitate a hypnotic state. However, relaxing a client and then expecting them to undergo painless surgery without deliberately structuring an anaesthetic experience is absurd. And while it is accepted that relaxation is not a prerequisite to hypnosis, most hypnotherapists include relaxation as part of the intervention, simply because it reduces stress and makes it easier for the client to access the hidden resources of their unconscious minds. When you are in hypnosis, your conscious mind—the busy, analytical part of the mind—takes a rest. While you are in that state, you are able to tap into the storehouse of information in the unconscious mind, in order to make positive changes to thought patterns, or habits, or the effects of traumatic incidents that are impacting on you negatively, either mentally or physically.

Second, the stage hypnotist knows how to weed out the entertainers from those who are there to prove that they can’t be controlled. He does this by administering a series of structured hypnotic suggestibility tests that the audience is not privy to. The most responsive volunteers remain on stage. Once they are chosen, the pressure on these volunteers to perform is very intense. It is important that clients understand that they are fully able to refuse to accept suggestions, if they choose to. At the same time, a hypnotherapist operates within a code of conduct, which compels them to apply hypnosis ethically and for the benefit of their clients. Some people deliberately seek hypnotherapy treatment because of what they have seen during stage hypnosis. They believe that the hypnotherapist has mysterious powers that will cause them to change a behaviour without them having to cooperate. This is an unrealistic and undesirable expectation, which a skilled hypnotherapist will deal with very quickly.

Can Everyone be Hypnotised? Theoretically, everyone can be hypnotised. Everyone can experience a state of focused attention. What differs is the degree, ranging from “low

Can hypnosis be used to uncover hidden memories? Hypnosis does not reveal truth. The mind does not take in experience and store it exactly so that it can be recalled later. Rather, memories are stored on the basis of perceptions and emotions, thereby subjecting them to distortions. It is entirely possible to remember things vividly that did not actually happen. When a hypnotherapist uses age regression, for example, in order to allow you to explore a past, negative incident, it is with the intention of developing new ways of looking at the situation, thereby helping you to release whatever is influencing and hindering you today. Your new understandings and insights help you to re-shape the memory and reach new conclusions about old experiences. This is just one of the many therapeutic benefits of hypnotherapy.

LEARN ABOUT THE AROMA! “Kajita is 100% Australian owned. We began as a result of our fascination of how good a fragrance could smell through the use of soy wax in a candle. That was 6 years ago and in that time we have expanded our range to also include products made using 100% pure essential oil. So whether you would like the popular scent of the beautiful Frangipani or wish to refresh your home with the uplifting Lemongrass Cochin we are likely to have a product to make your house feel more like a home. All of our products are hand poured in Melbourne. In both our candle and reed diffuser range we have over 25 different scented products to choose from. Our variety of glassware includes the traditional apothecary style to that of the more contemporary premium styled jar. If you love wax melts then you must check us out. With over 50 different scented wax melts we are sure to have something that tantalizes and covers your aromatic needs. Wax melts are a fantastic alternative to using regular oil and water as you don’t have to worry about remembering to top up the container when running low. The melts come in a handy plastic pack of 6 blocks that can be broken up separately and used as needed. We have recently included smaller mini melts for those wishing to try alternative scents they may not have considered before. Melts will tend to throw off a stronger scent than candles. Simply pop in your melt and enjoy the aroma. If you would prefer the ambiance and romance a candle creates, combining with an enjoyable aroma, then we have a variety of candle sizes ranging from 50g to 300g. All of our candles come with a lid to protect your candle from dust when not in use. The lid also makes for a handy snuffer when you wish to extinguish your candle. If you are not fond of candles or melts but would still like to make your bathroom smell nice then our reed diffusers have got you covered. The solid glass container holds 160ml and comes with 10 natural reeds long enough to last 3-6 months. They tend to throw off a more mild scent and are better suited to smaller rooms such as bathrooms, toilets and/or a study. Our new website allows for the shipping of goods to alternative addresses making it easier if you wish to send a gift to a friend. We have also introduced a rewards points system allowing you to accumulate points to use for future orders. For Facebook fans you need to be sure to check out our page with monthly prizes up for grabs. So what are you waiting for, come check us out and be sure to email us your affinity membership number so your account can be upgraded to receive 20% off online” - by Brad Pruscino owner KAJITA CANDLES


Are you protecting your members data? Some simple steps to remember… by Fiona McTaggart - Affinity Alliance Looking after our members’ data has been high up on any good marketers list for a long time. The Data Protection Act 1998 has ensured of that. But these days ‘data privacy’, as it’s becoming known, is vital to gaining and keeping new members. It’s simple – you want members’ data so you can market to them appropriately. But they’re not stupid anymore; they’re aware of their rights and what the implications are of handing over their contact details (and more). But that doesn’t mean no one wants to hand over personal details – quite the opposite actually! People are quite happy to share their information with you BUT you need to gain their trust first. “What’s in it for me?” – you need to tell them why you want the info and what you’ll do with it. They’re only too happy to share it if you’re going to personalise the emails you send them “Who else are you giving it to?” – be honest and transparent if you intend to share their details with anyone else. And give them the option to opt out.


“Show me your policy so I can trust you” –have your privacy policy easy to find on your website and make it easy and clear to understand. Here’s mine>> Personally I’d say it’s better not to sell details to other companies and this is borne out by the recent Customer Acquisition Barometer 2014, which found that 85% of people will only share their details if it’s made clear that only the company collecting them will use them. Wow, that’s a lot of people! 43% surveyed preferred email as their channel to sharing information, closely followed by the brand’s own website. So what does all this mean for you? • Acknowledge and embrace the fact that data privacy is not just a tick box n forget exercise •

Review your data emails and websites

Make sure your privacy policy is up to date, easy to understand, find and accurate

Make sure you’re clear when asking for information as to why and what you plan to do with it

Provide a preference centre for people to manage their data rather than a simple unsubscribe – people might not want to receive all your emails but if you don’t give them the option to select which ones they do want they’ll simply unsubscribe to everything

Only collect the data that you really need – I have bailed out of numerous forms recently because I got bored answering irrelevant questions. Do you really need to know their middle initial/title/ favourite colour?

Make sure what you’re offering members in return for their data really is of value to them

Your members’ data is precious, look after it. After all, how do you feel when your own data isn’t cared for?






Affinity LEGAL NETWORK Don’t Fight Like Cats and Dogs (or about them) by John Campbell from Mediation Matters Mediate Instead! All of our articles to date have been very much about commercial disputes and strategies to avoid conflict in commercial or workplace contexts.


However, disputes arise in almost every aspect of human existence and for that reason, it’s important to realise that the many benefits of mediation, also apply to personal disputes.


Neighbourhood disputes, separating spouses, disputes over Wills or Powersof-Attorney, members of not-for-profit organisations or charities arguing over the direction of the organisation and the list goes on. Wherever there is human interaction, there is the potential for opposing views and conflict.


At Mediation Matters, we have seen such a variety of disputes – it really is staggering what kinds of dispute or conflict people find themselves in and furthermore, that they are so entrenched, they need assistance to resolve those disputes.




Mediation We recently mediated a dispute that for the most part, was about a dog. A married couple had separated and were in dispute about the division of property and the ‘custody’ of their beloved Bulldog. There were no children to the marriage. Most of the property issues were reasonably easy to resolve, but the greatest challenge was in relation to their pet.


As the famous American wildlife p h o t o g r a p h e r, w r i t e r a n d t e l e v i s i o n personality, Roger Caras once said, “dogs are not our whole loves, but they make our lives whole”. This is true of our pets generally, whether they be dogs, cats, birds, horses, reptiles or any number of much loved creatures we take into our lives.


Writing for on-line publication ‘Perth Now’, Kaitlyn Offer reported on a survey conducted by law firm Slater and Gordon. Her article entitled “Pet custody disputes a growing problem” (15 July 2013) identified several interesting results from the survey, including that nearly 1 in 10 Australians have lost possession of a pet in a relationship breakdown and that about 15% of survey participants, wrongly believed that the Family Court would make ‘shared custody’ arrangements for their pets. Heather McKinnon, a solicitor with the firm that conducted the study, said “People often feel that pets are like children, but to a court they are generally treated as property.” In fact, according to McKinnon, “pets ranked behind real estate and money, but ahead of vehicles, boats and household furniture when survey respondents were asked to rank which jointly owned assets would be most difficult to divide following a separation”.


Similarly, an article appearing in the “Courier Mail” on 6-7 July 2013 also explored the real issue of pet ownership among separating couples. Entitled “Dogs of War: How pets have become the new battleground in divorce battles” the article reported that pets play a predominant role and can be a main feature of family disputes.


In some overseas jurisdictions, there is an emerging body of law in relation to the treatment of pets in separation disputes – using a similar language and approach as courts do when dealing with children. A fine example of that is a recent (November 2013) American decision (Travis v. Murray), coming out of the Supreme Court in New York. In that case, Judge Matthew Cooper found that the

arguments over the pet could not be held “to a strict property analysis.” He went on to say that the dog in that case “…is decidedly more than a piece of property, marital or otherwise.


”In Australia, the position remains one of property. As Federal Magistrate Joe Harman said, “there are profound limitations in our legislation as to how pets will be dealt with and that is essentially at law, they are personal property.” (reported in an article “Feathers fly as pets dragged into custody rows” appearing in “The Age”, 26 May 2012)


The RSPCA believes that animals should not be treated as merely objects and that we should not be ignorant to the fact that “animals have a sixth sense and are sensitive to the emotions of a marriage break”. (Courier Mail 6-7 July 2013, p.7)


At Mediation Matters, we recognise that for most people, their pets are very much part of their family and take a more ‘human’ approach to resolving disagreements about them. We have helped many couples resolve disputes arising from separation, including those involving family pets.


As a member benefit provider to Affinity Alliance, we do not limit our exclusive offering to disputes arising from your work or association-related activities. If you find yourself in situations of personal conflict or dispute – whether that arises from neighbourhood issues, club membership, family estate matters, spousal separation or any other issue – we are pleased to extend our exclusive rates to you individually.At the end of the day, remember that when you’re in a dispute (of any kind) you need not fight like cats and dogs, rather explore whether mediation might be the solution you seek.


On a lighter note, here is 30 seconds of pets fighting like cats and dogs (because they are) – achieving nothing but perhaps a couple of laughs! (especially for those of us who have owned or do own both a cat and a dog)




It's easy to look at a financial system and ask the government to make it fair. But what if our system was fair? What if the laws and regulations provided for an even playing field so everyone had an opportunity to build financial security for their family and create wealth for retirement?


Many people will tell you that Australia is indeed a land of equal opportunity. If this is the case the responsibility is not only on the government to ensure we build private wealth, but on ourselves. Lately I've written about the need for financial education in our schools, but we also have to educate ourselves as adults.


Most working-age Australians do not use financial advisers, even though people are contributing to a mandatory superannuation system that puts a percentage of their earnings into a range of investments.


Research over the years shows us that no more than 40 per cent of Australians use advisers on more than a one-off basis. This is low when you consider that individuals really should carry the responsibility of funding their own retirements.


According to a 2009 study by KPMG Econtech, Australians with financial advisers would save more than $1500 a year more than those without advisers.


A person with an adviser, if they started at age 30, would be at least $90,000 better off by age 65 than a person who was not advised. Those with an adviser had more life insurance and total and permanent disablement insurance than those without an adviser. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) goes further. In its 2010 report into financial advisers, ASIC says access to quality financial advice is part of ''confident and informed participation by Australians in the financial system''.


I agree with this assessment. I worry about uninformed Australians who lack the confidence to make decisions about investments, mortgages, insurance, superannuation and tax issues without expert advice.


There have been a few ideas floated on how to lift the use of financial advisers. One could be to make financial adviser fees tax deductible to a certain level. Another would allow advisers to give low-cost, basic advice. As far back as 2009, super fund trustees were allowed to give what they call intra-fund advice financial advice to their own members.

! !

Many fund managers have tried to introduce their members to the concept of advice. Many people tell me that they don't take advice because of deep-seated concerns about cost, scale, mistrust and access, and the issue that hangs over the entire discussion: the lack of financial literacy.


So this issue won't be resolved easily but we can make a start and make Australians more informed and confident in their financial decisions. What do you think? Talk to me on twitter @markbouris


Mark Bouris is executive chairman of wealth management company Yellow Brick Road, which sells financial advice: Read more:


Your Risk Adviser Fighting the Piracy Threat by Megan Oliver from Your Risk Adviser The latest Tom Hanks movie, Captain Phillips, tells the tale that many ship and cargo owners hate to think about. Despite some efforts from Hollywood to make piracy seem heroic or adventurous, there is nothing romantic or attractive to it. The eye-patches and treasure chests are make-believe for actual images of piracy – high speed boats boarding men carrying highpowered firearms and ready to plunder cargo and demand ransom for passengers. The seizure of vessels and detention of their crews is spreading in Somalia, the West African coast, and the Gulf of Aden. Nigerian pirates continue to expand their illegal operations in the Ivory Coast and Gabon. Over in Indonesian waters and the South China Sea, theft incidents have been reported although they are not as serious as the incidents off Africa. The Global Piracy report of the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) discloses that more than 300

people were held hostage last year alone, and 21 of those were injured with guns or knives. Also last year, 20 ships were anchored in Somalia as their crews waited to be released pending payment of their ransom which would have been sourced from insurers. Statistically, figures have gone down to their lowest in 2013, but fighting the stakes against loss of cargo ships, valuables and life is hugely dependent on geopolitical factors in the coastal states. A model has developed where vessels are illegally boarded for what thieves can get from the safe, valuables, cash, passports and possible hostages.

! Behind the Scenes In a situation where hostages are taken, negotiations could take as long as 18 months. Most recent figures put typical ransom payments to about US$2 million. Some Danish insurers have

reported ransom figures to have climbed as high as US$6 million! Expenses in a hostage situation include ransom, negotiation fees, legal fees, bank charges and adjusters’ fees. Cargo owners who are not knowledgeable about this type of threat and the dangers associated with it, may find themselves in an extremely difficult position if they have no insurance for their goods. From an insurance standpoint, a piracy attack would involve ship owners, operators, cargo owners, adjusters, brokers, lawyers, and insurance companies.

Distributing the Burden Ransom payments are generally advanced by hull and machinery insurers and the cost distributed among ship and cargo owners. A ship’s average adjuster is appointed to analyze the manifest and begin the tedious process of distributing expenses. Insurance typically covers piracy of cargo although marine policy clauses would state physical loss or damage without using the term piracy explicitly. One significant aspect in maritime law is that insurance is not just for the cargo. Actions that were taken to protect the cargo and the vessel from an attack of piracy are also insured under what is called general average contribution. This means a loss-sharing concept where any cargo thrown overboard to save the vessel should not be borne by the ship owner alone. Any sacrifices made against a peril at sea falls under the general average principle.

An adjuster would assess the value of goods and other property saved to estimate money spent and lost to proportionately distribute cost. Insurers generally will become involved the moment a phone call is received from a broker, on behalf of a client, regarding a piracy incident.

An average adjuster sends a formal letter representing owners and advising of the unfortunate incident and the measures needed. Heeding the Call Although figures are improving in the wake of better management practices to combat piracy and stricter laws against marine piracy, it is critical not to underestimate this

threat. It is almost impossible to predict what could happen in a year, let alone 5 years from now. Therefore a need exists for ship owners to take out insurance coverage for negotiation and ransom costs. This will do more to protect their vessels, Â cargo and

crew from piracy in the high seas. Your Risk Adviser are insurance experts, assisting both businesses and individuals to address their insurance needs. For your cost and obligation free consultation please contact 1300 815 344 to see how our staff can help. Your Risk Adviser is an authorised representative of NAS Insurance Brokers AFS Licence No.233750 General Advice warning
 This article contains general information only. It does not take into account any of your personal circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider the appropriateness of the information in light of your personal circumstances and seek proper advice prior to acting on this information.

Affinity HR/IR Time to Employ Someone - Now What? by Sharon Collitt from Employment Tool Kits Many business owners strive to expand and grow their business and sooner or later get to that point in time where they are ready to take on the second biggest challenge in the evolution of their business; an employee. SHARON COLLITT, Human Resources Consultant, will step employers through the process, highlighting the critical steps and the importance of getting it right.


Top:Many business owners strive to expand and grow their business and sooner or later get to the point in time where they are ready to take on the second biggest challenge in the evolution of their business; an employee.

1. Recruitment Don’t fall into the trap of automatically hiring your brother, best mate, or motherin-law, because she is good at administration and can type really fast! It may seem easier and cheaper to hire someone you know, but more often than not this quickly becomes your worst nightmare. TIP: Take your time to scope out the role you want your new employee to perform and write a proper job description. Then look at online employment advertising to place your advertisement. Lastly, make sure you interview and reference check your candidates before making your decision. The chances of success skyrockets when you apply an effective process in the recruitment phase, even if you mother-in-law ends up as your ideal first staff member.



Top:By following a well thought out process on employment, your likelihood of success in recruiting staff into your business elevates dramatically.


Employment Contracts A key element of the employment cycle is to ensure that you have formulated your terms and conditions in writing. Don’t leave the employment agreement open to assumptions. If it’s not in writing, you could end up defending your terms in court. TIP: Set out your terms and conditions in writing and have both parties sign off on them. In the event you are unsure, always seek the assistance of a professional.

3. On-boarding So you have selected your ideal candidate and it’s time to get to work. Don’t make the mistake of throwing them into the role and expecting them to know what you want and how you want it done. The onboarding or induction process is critical to the success of the person you have placed in the role. TIP: Take a few hours to educate your new employee on how you like to run things in your business. Train them on your expectations and how you will know if they have succeeded. Refer them to the job description and make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to meeting your expectations.


4. Performance Reviews Some managers rely on an annual review processes to give their employees feedback on their performance. It is important that employers have a mechanism for checking in on their employees on a regular basis. Most employees welcome regular feedback and not only when they have done something wrong. TIP: Make sure you reward and recognise good work, as and when it occurs, and, in the event your employee trips up and makes a mistake, let them know then and there, in the most constructive way possible. Most employees will want to know where they can improve and will strive to meet your expectations.


By following a well thought out process on employment, your likelihood of success in recruiting staff into your business elevates dramatically. This will allow you to get on with what you do best; running your business.


Experience something special on your next car purchase.




Call 1300 76 49 49 or visit Personalised Service

Impartial Advice

Right Price

No Stress

This is a free member service endorsed by your association and is available on all makes and models TDAVBS0001


Affinity TRAVEL !

Save up to 70% off by booking with Affinity Travel‌ Here are some of our valued partners. Call 1300 793 044



5 Social Media Tricks to Boost Your Business Social media offers diverse benefits for business owners. The evolution of different social media p l a t f o r m s s u c h a s T w i t t e r, Facebook and LinkedIn means that you need to be aware of general as well as channel-specific hacks to fulfill your social media marketing objectives.Here are five social media hacks that will enable you to save time and gain wider exposure, more followers, higher conversion rates and better engagement. 1. Know what’s hot. If you can post information that is current and relevant to your niche and most importantly your customer, you’ll give your audience a reason to read your posts on social media and from there visit your website. One really great search tool is Powered by Google custom search, it throws up results for Facebook, T witter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other platforms. is another search tool designed to allow users to check out how their chosen keywords are being treated by social media networks. It offers analytics data, revealing other folks you can follow online, sentiments associated with keywords, and the types of posts that are doing well. 2. Social media is speaking a new language. And the language is one of images, videos and infographics. These types of media are generating excellent engagement numbers for businesses that have made it standard practice to employ them in a pertinent and creative manner. Vine, the video sharing app for Twitter; Instagram; and Flipboard for iTunes are just some of the apps that enhance the appeal of your posts and make them stand out on your followers’ pages or timelines. Creative calls to action used with such media can help bridge the gap between entertainment,

information and lead generation. 3. Grow your base. Reaching followers, subscribers and "friends" is central to creating a successful and enjoyable social media campaign. One way to find new customers is to run paid ads on Facebook or Twitter as a way to increase "likes" and followers, promote blogs or make other offers; another is to tap the LinkedIn premium subscription that allows you the opportunity to reach out to potential prospects or partners via InMail. A fairly basic but often overlooked hack to attract more subscribers for your Facebook page is to immediately direct message the link to new followers on Twitter. Similar creative, crossfertilizing techniques should be employed on all social media platforms to capture the interest of members of your audience when you’re already on their radar. 4. Save time. Whether you’re running a one-man show or an enterprise-level social media operation with data being fed into customer-relationship management systems, you need to automate certain processes. If you don’t, then these will tend to become chores that you may begin to avoid, thereby decreasing your effectiveness. Some activities that you can place on auto mode include posting updates across platforms, sending email and SMS updates on favorite topics, and uploading social media content to remote storage. If This Then That offers handy solutions. 5. Embrace change and be in the know. When a social media platform changes its guidelines, you have two options. You can take the change in stride and adapt -- or give up. When you opt for the former approach, you give yourself an opportunity to occupy the space left vacant by those who gave up the fight. For example,

a recent Facebook update prohibited informing contest winners of results through Facebook; this restriction has since been relaxed, however. Last month, LinkedIn introduced enhancements such as the ability to block profiles and unwanted messages. These have clear benefits for popular LinkedIn groups that have had to deal with a lot of spam until now. It pays to be in the know.While most social media hacks are little more than common sense activities, the ones that may surprise you with their effectiveness are those that you come up with through

observation and lear ning. Entrepreneurs can become busy and can easily forget to allow time each week for creative thinking. Do some strategic thinking on a regular basis and keep coming up with ways to extract better results from your social media marketing. by Brett Relander - Digital Marketing Consultant



Affinity DINING Choose from over 6000 Restaurants across Australia & New Zealand….

Some exciting news… The exciting news is only the beginning, with the continued growth of our Dining & Wining Directory, Affinity Alliance is certainly expanding in leaps and bounds.

Adding up to 6000 more restaurants to our Dining Directory Thanks to our dedicated team members and the collaboration with Dining Out & Entertainment Guide, Affinity Alliance has been able to offer our members more value for money than we could ever imagine. The new Dining & Wining Directory will be available in your Generic Member Directory or to view online as of May 2014. With so many additions, it has been a work in progress,but we know you’re going to love it!

About the Dining Directory Restaurants, Cafes and Bistros from all over Australia & NZ have become involved in what we can only describe as colossal. It has been a huge work in progress but

we can now start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Members will be able to show their Affinity Alliance Membership Card or Virtual card at participating restaurants and venues to receive their discounted offer. The online directory will make it easier for members to search state by state and dine at their favourite little bistro, cafe or fine dining venue.

Become Involved If you own a restaurant or venue and you feel that this is an opportunity not to be missed, then you would be right. The Affinity Alliance team is awaiting your

We will even set up your webpage and directory page if required. Not only will you receive a full page in the AA Dining & Wining Directory, you will also receive a full page on all three of our websites and regular monthly advertisements in our Affinity EMAG and infinite exposure to our 400,000 strong member database. This is a FREE offer and one that is too good to refuse, so best you get in early as submissions will be closing at the end of April 2014.

“Add your Restaurant to our Dining Directory and get more exposure” submission. The requirements are simple and the return is great. There is no cost involved. All that we ask is that you can offer an exclusive discount/benefit or service to our members upon dining at your venue. It really is that simple.

For more information on how you can become a part of the Affinity Alliance Dining & Wining Directory, contact our head office on

1300 793 044 or email your request to and we will email you the requirements.




Affinity NETWORKING How to Network Successfully by Danielle Mayes from the Virtual Card Company Networking is a time-honored tradition that most people apply every day without knowing it. View it as making contacts, creating relationships, finding out about essentials, even as making friends. Networking is based on the premise that we’re all humans and need each other. This is as true in business as it is in other areas of your life. You may need to ask me for ideas or referrals about getting a job, but I’ll gladly reciprocate because I know that at some point, I may need to call on you for something. At that point, whether the help is for me or someone else, I’ll expect you to reciprocate. It’s that simple. You lob the ball over the net, and it comes back to you. Networking for a job can be fun. Consider it today’s answer to the lost art of conversation and its cousin, letter writing. It’s all about communicating—making phone calls, conducting infor mation interviews in person or writing letters—to learn if your contacts can refer you to anyone who might want to hire someone with your skills. The first step is to know what you want to do. Before you pick up the phone to begin networking, take a moment to collect your thoughts. Ask yourself, what do I want? If it’s help, be specific. Do you need ideas, names or introductions? Make a list of the items that will help you stay focused during your conversation. Most people really want to help you, a new graduate,

with your job search, but first, they must understand what you want. Then they can determine how best to help you. 2. Realize that you, too, have something to offer. When you’re just starting out in a career, it’s easy to be intimidated by the concept of networking. After all, you’re a new graduate and your knowledge of business may be limited, and your contacts are likely to be already established professionally. What do you have to offer that they might value and why would they make time for you? It’s simple. Most seasoned business people understand the concept of networking. They know that what goes around comes around. Everyone has had to start somewhere. We all remember the folks who took time to counsel, guide and direct us on our first forays into the business world. It’s a debt that’s never really repaid, unless it’s through helping someone else just starting a career. 3. Honor the networking code. Another way to say this is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you want to have your phone calls returned, return phone calls. If you want help with your career, you must be willing to help others. To be a successful networker, you also must take contacts’ suggestions. If someone provides a

lead—an idea or referral name— follow up on it, especially if the person has agreed to “pave the way” for you by making an introductory call. You aren’t obligated to accept a position from a referral, but you are expected to follow up. You’re also expected to report back to your original contact to say thanks. During that call, you can recount your progress and ask for additional leads. 4. Make networking a priority. If you’re in the throes of a job search, your first priority should be networking. Create a list of people you know and ask them for ideas, referrals and contacts. Generate a buzz about your abilities and your job search, and before you know it, people will be calling you for networking ideas. After you’ve accepted a job, it’s easy to heave a sigh of relief and assume your networking days are over—at least until your next job search. Think again. Every contact you make while working is a potential jewel in your networking crown. 5. Keep track of your contacts— and keep up with them. That means if you landed the job of your dreams, let networking contacts know that your search has ended and where you’re working, and thank them for their assistance. Add their names to your business holiday card list.


Call contacts occasionally to see how they’re doing with no agenda other than keeping in touch. Let them know what you’re up to and do a little self-promotion. This isn’t the time to complain or gossip. Maybe there’s something they need that you can help them with. Visualize yourself building a large bank of networking good will and making regular deposits. 6. Don’t wait until you’re desperate to network. Networking is a lot like flossing your teeth. For it to do you any good, you have to do it regularly. Keep your network alive and well so that if and when there’s a change in the wind, you’re ready for it. It takes time to rev up your network’s engine if it’s been cold or idle for too long. You want to keep it humming so you can quickly shift into high gear. Today’s job market is volatile and employees are changing jobs often; one of them could be your boss. You may need your network sooner rather than later. 7. Look for opportunities others might miss. Networking isn’t just about finding people who can help you locate a job. Sometimes the most valuable networking you can do is within

your company. Per haps your employer sponsors a charity ball. Other employees might consider this a real groaner, but it’s a great opportunity to meet senior managers and their spouses and to support a cause the company considers worthy. Or perhaps a senior executive from your firm is giving a luncheon speech to a local organization. Not only can you learn from this presentation, but you’ll be providing him or her with support and building a bond for the future. You’ll also be adding new contacts to your network. 8. Ask permission to use a name. Suppose you visited a contact to conduct an information interview —a short, friendly question-andanswer session designed to help you learn more about a profession or company. Your contact gives you the names of several referrals. Before you leave, ask permission to use your contact’s name as the original source.He or she may want to contact the referrals first, which will make your calls proceed more smoothly. But the main reason for asking permission is courtesy. When you mention names, you’re capitalizing on your contact’s rank and reputation within the business world, so you want to make sure

you have his or her knowledge and approval. 9. Never underestimate the power of a thank-you note. If a busy executive takes time to meet you and assist with your job quest, acknowledge the help you receive with a handwritten note. This lets him or her know that you understand and appreciate the his or her effort and contribution. It also allows you to provide a short progress report and feedback about the referrals. Last but not least, it paves the way for future contact. 10. Remember that you’re never too old or successful to network. Don’t think that executives or others in authority positions are uninterested or unreachable. Many senior executives are delighted to be contacted and want to share the knowledge they’ve acquired over the years. Because of their seniority, they may be isolated and appreciate the chance to impart wisdom or learn something new from a prospective graduate. And when you reach a pinnacle of your own career, remember to keep your network fresh and alive. It’s fun, plus you never know when it may come in handy.

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AFFINITY FUNDRAISING The Power of Wishlists in Fundraising… There are plenty of things your school or community group will need at any given point in time. There will obviously be the big things you are fundraising for, but there will also be a large list of 'little things' that you normally would just go out and buy without thinking about it much. Never forget that a penny saved is a penny earned. Your Wish List might include things like: • a meeting table or other furniture that is needed (someone might have a second-hand one) •

office equipment - if you need something like a photocopier, many offices are now going paperless so may have one spare to donate.

digital cameras (many people use their phones now so have them spare)

everyday office supplies - make a list and see what people are happy to donate

incentive prizes for upcoming fundraisers

60 pizzas for the upcoming disco night

dollar amounts for specific investments, eg $3,000 for new year 2 readers, $600 for a sheltered bike rack, $400 for a bench seat (you never know who will think this is a fantastic way to spend their money)

volunteer requirements - not everyone will have 'stuff' or money to donate, but might be able to say yes to a request to 'donate 2 hours to to a stocktake in the uniform shop or 2 hours to help defrost the freezer in the canteen'

sponsorship opportunities available (you never know who will see this list!)

Once you have a little list together (it doesn't need to be huge but it is important to keep it current), you can get creative for how you spread the word. Initially, put it in your newsletter, post it on facebook and get the word out that way, but you can also keep it 'out there' in various ways. Keep a current list on your website. If the list is short enough, you can add it as a footer to your emails. If you have a noticeboard area, you can post a fresh list every month. You can put a copy on the back of the toilet doors at your clubhouse :-) If you have a good relationship with your local cafe, you can post a copy on their wall. Does your local real estate agent produce a list of weekly open-houses? If so, chances are they have a reverse side that is blank - ask them to produce your list on the back. There are all sorts of ways to get it 'out there' and you just never know where your support might come from :-) Mandy Weisman


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Affinity Alliance remains dedicated to its members in providing the best there is in exclusive benefits and services across a wide range of Industries. If you feel that your business or company can offer our members an exclusive benefit and you want to be added to our long list of professionals and receive FREE advertising to our complete database, contact our HEAD OFFICE today 1300 793 044 Building our Provider List Our capability to deliver high quality, tailored and customised benefit programs with dedicated and personalised service, sets us apart. We appreciate that organisations today need to be flexible, innovative and affordable without compromising quality and value.

Who do we serve? Affinity Alliances has been built on strong values of innovation and integrity. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of service for our people. We work hard to establish strong relationships with our clients and members by undertaking regular surveys and feedback reviews. Our member base is made up of professionals across a wide range of industries such as Architecture & Engineering, Medical and Dental, Finance, Information Technology, to name just a few.

What are the Benefits of an AA Provider

• Affinity Alliance invests in the marketing of your service via an integrated communications and marketing strategy. To maintain our quality standards and to deliver sustainable benefits, we enter into supplier Agreements will all of our partners. If you would like a copy of our Partner Agreement, please contact Head office on 1300 793 044 or email


This Agreement outlines a differentiated offer (must be national and preferably in New Zealand too); which represents a genuine benefit for our members when compared with an equivalent public offer, and any other service, marketing or management information. Click on the link below to view the requirements of becoming an Affinity Alliance provider. CLICK HERE TO VIEW


• Expose your brand to our market • Increased traffic to your business through Affinity Alliance channels • Introduce your business to our stakeholder network • Access our fast growing member base • Your product information is promoted and marketed on Affinity Alliance’s website - saving you time and money • Increased number of sales, and in turn, revenue for your business • Brand recognition by association with our existing partners


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Affinity SHOPPER !



AFFINITY SHOPPER Big Brands, Low Prices… As you are all abundantly aware, Affinity Shopper is going gangbusters with traffic and sales. Our members are shopping up an absolute storm on a host of everyday and specialty items. The best part about it is everything is up to 70% off! Non-members can shop as well, so don’t be shy to visit our site, but in addition to the great savings, members get to enjoy additional rewards points which go towards their next spend, so there is even more to celebrate. So dust off that wallet, prepare your credit card and go shopping. If you missed it, the new site is of course aptly named and as previously mentioned, will save you bucket loads on everyday items as well as specialty goods. Take a trip down Affinity Shopping Lane today and see what bargains you can grab. Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook so you can keep updated on daily specials…

Save up to 70% on well known brands and retailers across a huge range of categories including: • Fashion • Health & Beauty • Home & Outdoor • Pet Products • Printer Cartridges • Technology • Toys • Wine & Drink Accessories



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