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Viktoria Rebeka Mary Velo Departed EP

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18 March 2013 Affin 136 Vinyl*/Digital

Info Berlin-based Viktoria Rebeka appears with Departed EP, an impressing piece of Techno music. Developing her own idea of depth and atmosphere for half a decade now, Departed is a watershed, reflecting emotions with harmonic patterns. Departed remix from Mary Velo (also appears on Frozen Border, Gynoid Audio, Coincidence Records) hammering with ultra bass and hall cubes, amazing floor filler. Radiation Manu continues with delayed waves and unreal melodic lines, escalating. Melodramatic is full of warmth, Dissapear closes. Awesome! Tracklist 1 Viktoria Rebeka - Departed 2 Viktoria Rebeka - Departed (Mary Velo Remix) 3 Viktoria Rebeka - Radiation Manu* 4 Viktoria Rebeka - Melodramatic 5 Viktoria Rebeka - Dissapear

FEEDBACK LIST: Ben Klock Hallo VR ;) Warst du eigentlich auch da, als ich einen Track von dir gespielt habe? Den mit der tiefen Stimme. LG

Audio Injection / Truncate Hey thanks for sharing, sounds pretty nice. I'll test some tracks out. Jeroen Search (A & S, Gynoid Audio, Figure SPC) cool release, I like Mary's remix and Radiation Manu Electric Indigo (Indigo Inc, Female Pressure) Super! Mattias Fridell (Gynoid Audio, Affin) sounds good. Especially Mary Velo remix and Dissapear. Cheers Unbalance (Unbalance, Mutex Recordings, Gynoid Audio) thanks a lot for promo, excellent release, radiation and melodramatic are best! Marcelus (Deeply Rooted House, Tresor) i really love the radiation, melodramatic, the last one also is very good! actually the all is very interresting! great work here! thank you for the music! Arnaud Le Texier (Safari Electronique) Listened yesterday and there is some nice tracks in this ep! Thanks for sending Chemie (Affin) great ep! departed is a monster track! met Rebeka last nye in Berghain, then we found out we are part of the same family! again last saturday we danced 12 h together (is one of my best "berghain" friends! ahaha) so, massive support to this ep!! Adam X i like Melodramatic on the release. Definitely will be playing these out. Hope all is well, best - Adam Norman Nodge (Ostgut Ton)

Thanks! Think I can use the one or other tune on it Material Object (Magnus) nice work!! Jon Hester (EDEC Music Outlet) Thank you for sending!! Melodramatic is my favorite, enjoying the hypnotic floating tones over the tough kick and moving percussion Charlton (LDN WHT) I Really like your release though its proper stuff will support it for sure production is pretty good Unam Zetineb (UZB) Melodramatic & Dissapear for me! huge ep! congratulations Miss Sunshine (Coincidence) the EP is on high level. great tracks and super remix. will be played Nicola Belligoli (Sonntag Morgen Records) Hey Vik! thanks for the promo....Nice music, like it! Cheers Thomas Hessler / Graphene Support for Radiation Manu, charted on RA chart. Mekas / Aula Magna Records, Woods N Bass danke dear!! i love your track dissapear, i have the whole ep in my ipod Substance aka DJ Pete / Scion Versions, Chain Reaction Melodramatic und dissapear gefallen mir am besten.

Christopher Milo

DJ Three / Hallucination / Crosstown Rebels (The Rebel

Agency) super good ... very german techno.... all of these will find play. thank you. Alex Cowles DFRNT / Echodub Pretty deep stuff - can't support live, but might find room on the podcast, thank you! Andrew Grant EDEC Dissapear is the exact sound I am looking for... deepness with punch and groove James Kumo Autoreply / Ann Aimee nice deep package! "Melodramatic" hits the right notes for me! support! JK Drumcell (Droid Recordings, LA) great record! good work

Orde Meikle Slam / Soma nice trax - will try out thanx guys Franco Cangelli Nowar strong package, like all of the tracks, nice balance between drama and deepness, thanks Colin Dale Some other-worldly techno the strings in Departed. Great package....made to hype up your dance floor. Marcel Heese


mary velo remix for me, thanks! Bren


quite interesting and atmostpheric techno. probably won't fit in many of my sets these days but I like melodramatic the best! Lee Jones My My / Playhouse / Simple / Just love this. will play departed. love those strings. Ali Shirazinia Dubfire / Deep Dish Downloading for Dubfire, thanks! Rino Cerrone (Drumcode, Unrilis, Analytic Trail) Download For Rino Cerrone ! Kirk Degiorgio Departed both mixes for me! Angel Molina I´ll try out Mary Velo remix. Thanks. Cosmin Nicolae

Cosmin TRG (Hessle / Immerse)

Nice and moody, really feeling all tracks, especially the Departed remix. Colin McBean

Mr G

solid ep Matt Edwards

Radio Slave

Downloading now. Will listen and feedback asap. Thanks, Matt x Tommy Four Seven


thanks, will try! Richie Hawtin M_Nus downloaded for r hawtin

Chris Stanford


Very nice release, for me its between the Mary Velo remix and Melodramatic. Will play some of these for sure ;) Jack Dunning Untold (Hemlock / Hotflush) Nice atmospheres but nothing here really grabbing me Jimmy Edgar Hotflush, Warp, No.19 will try outside of berghein haha Gianluca Pandullo


Melodramatic for me... I-Robots approved! Brendon Moeller

Beatpharmacy / Wave / Varioues

solid atmospheric techno. great stuff. Ben Westbeech

Breach (Strictly Rhythm, Brownswood Recordings)

really into this. so dark and dreamy... love breach Kristian


nice techno ep! Mosca Nice... just not nice enough for me this time. Keep em coming though please Peter Van Hoesen Melodramatic is ok. Adriana Lopez (Modularz) Really nice tracks. "Radiation Manu" is my favorite... Thanks for sharing. All the best from Barcelona.

Viktoria Rebeka - Departed EP (Affin 136)