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Before Deciding on How to Learn Spanish, Take into Account Different Aspects of Learning the Language! How to learn Spanish is an important question, but unfortunately there is no simple answer to it. When trying to find the best way to learn Spanish, you need to take into account many aspects of learning Spanish. First of all, you need to be aware of some facts about Spanish vocabulary. Although some authorities may have different opinions, it is widely stated that Spanish contains around 100.000 words. But the good news is that the number of daily words you need for basic conversations is not more than 1000 words. Therefore, I recommend you prioritize these 1000 daily words so that you can drastically increase the speed of your learning process. Another fact about learning Spanish is that you need to find an efficient way to memorize new words so that you can naturally use them in your conversations. So, when you are trying to decide on how to learn Spanish, think about a way that would work best for you to memorize new words. At the beginning of your studies, you may feel like the words you are trying to memorize are a bulk of meaningless terms. How you can solve this problem is through associating these words with a meaning and linking the Spanish word to a word in your native language and constantly repeating these pair of words over and over. For example, the word "bread" is "el pan" in Spanish. To memorize the word "el pan", you can link this word to another word or a word group in your native language such as to "bread on a frying pan". Due to this technique, you can easily memorize the new Spanish words you need to learn. You can not be wrong if you answer the question how to learn Spanish simply by saying "through practicing". As long as you practice what you study, you will make the new information your own forever and also will find out the areas you do not know but need to learn. In short, the best thing about practicing Spanish is that it makes you realize how much you know and what you need to know and study. Last but not least, your motivation level to study Spanish will drastically affect your answer to how to learn Spanish. If you have a high level of motivation to learn the language, then your time or money investment to study will increase. So your study schedule will be more intense than the schedule of somebody else who has less motivation. Also, you may be more willing to invest into Spanish learning tools or software programs to learn the language more efficiently

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